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The Book You Have It Made
The Author Ellie Krieger
The Publisher HMH
Release Date2016-01-05
Genre Cooking
Pages 352
ISBN 9780544579323
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: James Beard Award Winner: Make-ahead recipes from the Food Network star and New York Times–bestselling author. For those who are always short on time when it comes to cooking, Ellie Krieger is here to help. Her recipes—which include breakfast bakes, soups, salads, casseroles, and more—can all be prepared ahead of time, making putting food on the table that much easier. Each recipe includes instructions for refrigerating and/or freezing as well as storing and reheating directions. With exciting dishes like the Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats in Jars and the Herbed Salmon Salad, you’ll be able to have meals ready days in advance. As with her other books, all of Ellie’s recipes are healthy and come complete with nutrition information. But that doesn’t mean they taste like diet food! Just look at the Creamy Tomato Soup, Chicken Enchilada Pie, and Smoky Smothered Pork Chops, to name a few. You Have It Made helps you turn your fridge and freezer into a treasure chest of satisfying, good-for-you, make-ahead meals. “Makes truly nourishing food more accessible to the average household . . . Trendy superfoods such as chia seeds and farro make appearances, but the majority of recipes hew to more mainstream flavors and ingredients: herbed ham and cheese bread pudding; grilled steak and broccoli salad; and almond-crusted chicken tenders with apricot-mustard dipping sauce. In addition to casseroles and stews, Krieger includes prebaked flat bread and pre-simmered bouillabaisse broth. This well-crafted book provides solid inspiration for better eating.” —Publishers Weekly

The Book You ve Got it Made
The Author Diane Phillips
The Publisher
Release Date2010-05-07
Pages 592
ISBN 9781458757708
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Even if a hectic schedule leaves you with no time to think about what's for dinner, you don't have to resort to leftovers or take-out! Getting a wholesome, homemade meal on the table after a busy day can be easy, and Diane Phillips shows you how in You've Got It Made. This book features 150 recipes that can be prepped and assembled ahead of time, refrigerated or frozen, and baked right before serving. Dishes include everything from appetizers to entrees to desserts, with casseroles, quiches, gratins, pasta and grain dishes, potpies, breads, fruit cobblers, cookies, and more. Recipes include Prosciutto Palmiers, Honey-Teriyaki Chicken Wings, Asian Braised Short Ribs, Pork Osso Buco with Parmesan Polenta, Tuscan Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Old-Fashioned Mac and Cheese with Variations, Seafood Florentine, Bananas Foster French Toast, and Chocolate Lava Cakes. For each recipe, Phillips gives you tips on do-ahead preparation and how best to freeze/refrigerate your meals, and her thorough introduction covers all the basics of making food in advance, including ingredients, equipment, food safety, and technique.

The Book We ve Got it Made in America
The Author John Ratzenberger
The Publisher Hachette UK
Release Date2009-06-27
Genre Social Science
Pages 300
ISBN 9781599953038
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The host of the Travel Channel's "John Ratzenberger's Made in America" presents a collection of thought-provoking essays on what makes America the great nation that it is today.

The Book It Made You Think of Home
The Author Deward Barnes
The Publisher Dundurn
Release Date2004
Genre History
Pages 318
ISBN 1550025120
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "I am writing my own diary to myself, which is true and not exaggerated. It is impossible to give people the least idea of what war is if they were never through one." This is the voice of Deward Barnes, a Canadian soldier who fought in the major battles of WWI. This is his story, in his words, written as the events of the Great War were unfolding. Illustrated with Deward's sketches and contemporary photos, It Made You Think of Home takes us into the mind of this ordinary Canadian soldier, trapped in a world in which he had to pay a terrible price in order to survive. In 1917, Deward was assigned to the firing squad that was to take the life of Private Harold Lodge, who had been convicted of desertion by a court martial. Lodge was one of 23 Canadians executed during the war by their own brothers in arms. It was an experience that changed Deward forever.

The Book You Have It In You
The Author Sheryl Brady
The Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release Date2013-07-02
Genre Religion
Pages 256
ISBN 9781451681901
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Offers guidance to reveal your hidden talents, abilities and gifts that are waiting to be discovered in yourself.

The Book How To Be Happy and Successfully Single
The Author Tina A. Swain, MA, LPC, NCC
The Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date2012-12-26
Genre Self-Help
Pages 80
ISBN 9781479747344
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: It seems like a lot of single people are not happy. Why is that? They either long to be married, are tired of the dating scene, are divorced but still unfulfilled, or a wearing a mask to hide the pain of loneliness. It is easy to desire or expect for others to make us happy, but that does not work. Even if it seems to happen, it is only temporary. How To Be Happy and Successfully Single will assist you in finding happiness within yourself. It gives insight that will aid in increasing your self-awareness and authenticity. This book will help you: Focus on You, Define “It” for Yourself, and Stop Repeat Relationship Cycles. Included is an Action Plan that provides thought provoking questions and exercises. If you give attention to the areas in your life in which you can improve or make changes, it is anticipated that you will be on your way to being Happy and Successfully Single.

The Book Chester Gould
The Author Jean Gould O'Connell
The Publisher McFarland
Release Date2007
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 225
ISBN 9780786428250
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "In 1931, Gould was hired as a cartoonist with the Chicago Tribune and introduced cultural icon Dick Tracy, continuing to draw the comic strip for the next 46 years"--Provided by publisher.

The Book Babe you got this
The Author Emilie Sobels
The Publisher Spectrum
Release Date2017-06-20
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 9789000357338
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Van meisje met dromen naar vrouw met succes Steeds meer vrouwen zijn op jonge leeftijd al heel succesvol. Ze hebben een eigen bedrijf, een droombaan, een geweldige partner en een druk sociaal leven. Al die successen worden continu met de hele wereld gedeeld via social media. Je vraagt je vaak genoeg af: wanneer ga ík al die successen bereiken: die dijk van een carrière en een fantastisch privéleven? In Babe, you got this. begrijpen Emilie Sobels (29, oprichter van Hashtag Workmode) en Martje Haverkamp (23, aan het begin van haar carrière) je vragen. Zij hebben voor dit boek meer dan twintig inspirerende, succesvolle, vrouwelijke ondernemers en zakenwonders om advies gevraagd. Hoe wisten zij waar hun kracht lag en hoe hebben zij hun doelen bereikt? Welke misstappen maakten ze en hoe blijven ze trouw aan zichzelf en hun idealen? Hoe verkoop je jezelf of jouw ideeën aan anderen? Hoe bouw je een ultiem netwerk op? En bovenal: hoe combineer je al je ambities met je sociale leven zonder knettergek te worden? Vanuit de verschillende adviezen van deze vrouwen bouwden Emilie en Martje dit boek op. Een boek met handvatten die kunnen helpen met het verwezenlijken van je dromen. Want succesvolle vrouwen helpen elkaar: ‘Babe, you got this.’ Emilie Sobels begon in 2015 haar bedrijf Hashtag Workmode in Amsterdam, waar ze werkruimtes verhuurt aan vrouwelijke creatieven en online influencers. Haar doel: mensen samenbrengen zodat netwerken worden vergroot en krachten worden gebundeld. Inmiddels telt Amsterdam twee locaties en is er recent in Rotterdam een vestiging geopend. Martje Haverkamp is een girlboss pur sang. Zo jong als ze is heeft ze al gewerkt voor bladen als Fashionista en Glamour. Ze is ambitieus, succesvol, maar zag ook de keerzijdes van deze tomeloze ambitie: waarom ging het niet nóg sneller? In Babe, you got this. neemt ze de lezer mee in haar zoektocht naar de levenslessen van vrouwen die een succesvol en gelukkig leven leiden.

The Book How I Made 1 000 000 in Mail Order and You Can Too
The Author E. Joseph Cossman
The Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release Date1993-09-01
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 272
ISBN 9780671872762
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Catalogs, coupons, special offers in the mail--today's busy and cost-conscious consumers are depending more and more on the convenience and choice mail-order companies provide. In this revised edition of his 1964 classic, self-made millionaire Cossman details mail-order techniques and opportunities.

The Book Hashish Dreaming
The Author Elias Sassoon
The Publisher
Release Date2012-03
Genre Education
Pages 168
ISBN 9781105619304
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A novel that isn't a real novel; a novel that really is the rambling of a disjointed 21st century dude exhibiting cerebral symptoms caused by inhaling the hashish haze overhead. Being stoned to release the inner self; reaching that higher state of consciousness, and then gaining a real understanding, that's what that's what we have. We also have the opportunity to dig deep into the tender bowels of an individual's psyche and unearth the inner dimensions of the idea. Unearthing it all, unearthing the mind's fertile crescent in which action transpires and action inspires to set an action hero into orbit. Who is this action hero? Merely the neurotic who sits alone in a corner thinking thoughts about modern life and exactly where they fit into it. Experimentation with the mind, by letting the mind go, by not trying to contain it, by letting it be honest and forthright, that is what Hashish Dreaming is all about. It's nothing more, and nothing less than that.

The Book 366 Days of Recovery My First Year in Recovery
The Author Rozelle F. White
The Publisher AuthorHouse
Release Date2008-07-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 388
ISBN 9781434394538
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: I thank God for the ability to write from my heart,something I have never been able to do before. The death of my son,John,has definitely given me a whole different perspective about life and death.So many emotions I've had to deal with these last five years, so draining, mentally and physically. By publishing my poetry and messages from God, I call my "GodWinks" I'm sharing my heart with the world.This book is about my love for my son, my heartbreak from his death,my healing and what I have gained in my life because of the love from my son and God.My relationship with God is so wonderful and I give to him all the Praise and Glory to where I am today.God continues to direct my path, he has shown me that I still have my son but in a different way. I pray that "WORDS FROM GOD THROUGH A GRIVING MOTHER'S HEART" will show you that "time" and "God" will give your heart comfort,peace and joy once again in your life.

The Book Caius Crispus Sallustius the Historian Made English
The Author Sallust
The Publisher
Release Date1709
Genre Jugurthine War, 111-105 B.C.
Pages 256
ISBN PRNC:32101073248633
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Senate documents
The Author
The Publisher
Release Date1877
ISBN BSB:BSB11354498
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Live in Total Peace after Death
The Author Eral
The Publisher WestBowPress
Release Date2013-10-03
Genre Religion
Pages 174
ISBN 9781490805160
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: -Why is this world the only planet that has air we can breathe? -Why is this world the only planet to be controlled by time? -Th is planet was covered with water 6,000 years ago, what happened? -How long will people live on earth? -Will this earth last forever? -Why was this earth made? -Death means separation. Your spirit will leave this body. Question: Where will you live forever? Death means separation. You will be separated from your earthly body. There are two places you will live after you die Heaven or Hell. It is not enough to believe in Jesus. Even Satan and his demons believe and tremble in Hell at the name of Jesus. So what good does it do to know Jesus? None—if you do not believe His word. Read this book to find what His promises are and how to use them. Are you able to return from the grave and live forever? A lot of people have come alive again. My question is: how many live that resurrection life forever? Do you know who you will live with forever? Do you believe you will meet your loved ones after you die? If you are in Hell, you will be hurting to the point that you will be saying, “just let me die.” But you have died for the last time. To answer the question, you will be hurting so much you will not care what or who is around you. Please believe what I write and stay out of Hell. This is my blessing to you.

The Book The Little Book of Big Excuses
The Author Addie Johnson
The Publisher Conari Press
Release Date2007-05-01
Genre Humor
Pages 160
ISBN 9781609251239
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Nobody ever said being an adult was easy. But it's easier with The Little Book of Big Excuses, with hundreds of excuses for things you did, things you didn't do, things you did wrong, and things you never want to hear about again. First things first: "Fake Don't Flake." In here are your excuses for being late for or not showing up to any number of places for any number of reasons--grandma's birthday party, work, home, weddings, dentists appointments. "Excusez-Moi, si'l vous plait" is where to look when you're caught wearing a halter top to a black tie event. Or forget your boss's spouse's name--again. Or don't want to pick up the tab. The French have a word for everything. If you need to learn how to say "I'd Love to, but"--the art of articulating just why you can't do most anything you don't want to do--in any language, this is the book for you. Demonstrate your incompetence. When someone asks you to bring those complicated hors d'oeuvres, show up half an hour late with half the ingredients. Bonus section here: how to get someone else to do all the work while you still get the credit. "Delivery Subsystem Failure--Mailboxes, Messages, Missives Gone Awry, Oh My!" Never, ever again will you want for an excuse for not writing, calling, IMing, or emailing. Fake communication breakdowns make fail-safe excuses for a myriad of don't wannas and didn't do its. "All's Fair in Love" contains excuses for not calling, not going on the second date, forgetting the birthday or anniversary of the one you love. Plus how to retreat with remorse, even from the altar steps. Hint: You could have your mother or your manager phone it in. That's what Julia Roberts did. * Hundreds of excuses for thousands of situations, plus "The Excuse Clinic: How to Make Lame Excuses Walk and Okay Excuses Sing."* Life is serious business, people, so pay attention. Let Addie help you off the hook.

The Book Get Ready Get Set
The Author Harvey L. Saxton
The Publisher University Press of America
Release Date1993
Genre Medical
Pages 198
ISBN 0819191914
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book is an extensive, instructive account of what psychotherapy is all about, how it works, and what the psychotherapist and patient need to do to make it all happen. It not only serves to promote the preparation and readiness essential to successful psychotherapy, but it is also a training guide for those preparing to become mental health providers. The author's insights have the potential to help thousands of people who seek solutions to a variety of disturbing or even debilitating problems. Highly instructive and written in a user-friendly style, his unique presentation not only prepares but encourages the reader to experience success in working toward a happier life. Contents: Brief Answers to Typical Questions about Psychotherapy; Necessary Ingredients for 'Getting Yourself Together'; Seeking Professional Help: When? What? Who? Where?; Psychotherapy Using a 'Whole'-istic Approach; Areas of 'Whole'-istic Psychotherapy Needing Attention; Kinds and Degrees of Psychological Afflictions; Examples of Current Approaches to Doing Psychotherapy; Examples of Helpful Adjuncts to Psychotherapy; Which Psychotherapeutic Approach Is for Me? Degrees of Psychotherapist Participation; Psychological Stumbling Blocks and Reasonable Expectations; Preparation and Readiness for Terminating Psychotherapy; How to Continually Profit from Your Psychotherapeutic Experience; Closing Comments.

The Book A Practical Guide for Building a Simple Pit Latrine How to Build Your Latrine and Use It Hygienically for the Dignity Health and Well Being of Your Family
The Author
The Publisher Catholic Relief Services
Release Date
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book A Course in Miracles
The Author
The Publisher
Release Date2008-06
Genre Self-Help
Pages 664
ISBN 9780981597164
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This volume contains the original "Course in Miracles" text, as well as the "Course for Miracles for Teachers" and "The 360 Lessons."

The Book Survival of the Nicest
The Author Stefan Klein
The Publisher The Experiment
Release Date2014-01-21
Genre Science
Pages 272
ISBN 9781615191819
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2014 This revelatory tour de force by an acclaimed and internationally bestselling science writer upends our understanding of “survival of the fittest”—and invites us all to think and act more altruistically The phrase “survival of the fittest” conjures an image of the most cutthroat individuals rising to the top. But Stefan Klein, author of the #1 international bestseller The Science of Happiness, makes the startling assertion that altruism is the key to lasting personal and societal success. In fact, altruism defines us: Natural selection favored those early humans who cooperated in groups, and with survival more assured, our altruistic ancestors were free to devote brainpower to developing intelligence, language, and culture—our very humanity. Klein’s groundbreaking findings lead him to a vexing question: If we’re really hard-wired to act for one another’s benefit, why aren’t we all getting along? He believes we’ve learned to mistrust our instincts because success is so often attributed to selfish ambition, and with an extraordinary array of material—current research on genetics and the brain, economics, social psychology, behavioral and anthropological experiments, history, and modern culture—he makes the case that generosity for its own sake remains the best way to thrive.

The Book The Correspondence of John Stuart Mill and Auguste Comte
The Author John Stuart Mill
The Publisher Transaction Publishers
Release Date
Genre Social Science
Pages 403
ISBN 1412820413
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This volume presents eighty-nine letters exchanged between John Stuart Mill and Auguste Comte between 1841 and 1847. They address important issues of the mid-nineteenth century in philosophy, science, economics, and politics. Cumulatively, these letters provide a humanistic view of Western Europe and its social problems. They add valuable perspective to what we know about the work of Mill and Comte, in a critical period of English and French thought. The correspondence begins with an admiring letter from Mill who considers himself a positivist at the tune and writes to Comte as to an elder colleague. A close friendship developed, in the course of which they discussed matters of common concern. Their understanding extends to personal experiences, including their respective mental crises at an early age. The opinions expressed about their contemporaries are significant and include comments on Thomas Carlyle, John and Sarah Austin, and Alexander Bain, on philosophers and major authors in France, Germany, and Italy. Mill and Comte eventually encountered issues on which they could not come to consensus, especially the equality of women. While Mill was an ardent defender of women's rights, Comte supported the traditional hierarchy that endowed men with social and political superiority. According to Jerome H. Buckley, Gurner Professor of English Literature Emeritus at Harvard University, "The correspondence of Mill and Comte, now available for the first time in English translation, is a remarkable intellectual exchange, a dialogue of real significance in the history of ideas." This volume will be of great interest to philosophers, historians, economists, women's studies scholars, and political scientists.