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The Book Writing about Movies
The Author Karen Gocsik
The Publisher W. W. Norton
Release Date2018-10-15
ISBN 0393664902
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The only writing guide a film student will ever need

The Book Writing about Movies
The Author Karen M. Gocsik
The Publisher
Release Date2006
Genre Cinematography
Pages 53
ISBN 0393935094
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The Secret Life of Movies
The Author Jason Horsley
The Publisher McFarland
Release Date2009-07-08
Genre Performing Arts
Pages 299
ISBN 9780786454624
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Film blurs the line between myth and reality better than any other artistic medium, one could argue. Using movies to explore the unconscious realms of society in order to reach a better understanding of what drives it, this book examines filmmakers and films that center on schizophrenic themes of alienation, paranoia, breakdown, fantasy, dreams, dementia and violence, and that address—as entertainment—the schizophrenic experience. The loss of individual identity as reflected in the films is investigated, as well as the shamanic potential inherent in the broader theme.

The Book The Reel Deal
The Author Betty Jo Tucker
The Publisher Long Story Short, Inc.
Release Date2007-06-01
Genre Education
Pages 32
ISBN 9780979608018
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Writing Movies
The Author Gotham Writers Workshop
The Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Release Date2008-12-19
Genre Reference
Pages 400
ISBN 1596919833
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: To break into the screenwriting game, you need a screenplay that is not just good, but great. Superlative. Stellar. In Writing Movies you'll find everything you need to know to reach this level. And, like the very best teachers, Writing Movies is always practical, accessible, and entertaining. The book provides a comprehensive look at screenwriting, covering all the fundamentals (plot, character, scenes, dialogue, etc.) and such crucial-but seldom discussed-topics as description, voice, tone, and theme. These concepts are illustrated through analysis of five brilliant screenplays-Die Hard, Thelma & Louise, Tootsie, Sideways, and The Shawshank Redemption. Also included are writing assignments and step-by-step tasks that take writers from rough idea to polished screenplay. Written by Gotham Writers' Workshop expert instructors, Writing Movies offers the same winning style and clarity of presentation that have made a success of Gotham's previous book Writing Fiction, which is now in its 7th printing. Named the "best class for screenwriters" in New York City by MovieMaker Magazine, Gotham Writers' Workshop is America's leading private creative writing school, offering classes in Manhattan and on the Web at The school's interactive online classes, selected as "Best of the Web" by Forbes, have attracted thousands of aspiring writers from across the United States and more than sixty countries.

The Book Looking at Movies
The Author Richard Meran Barsam
The Publisher W W Norton & Company Incorporated
Release Date2010
Genre Performing Arts
Pages 600
ISBN PSU:000067591237
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Looking at Movies, Third Edition is an accessible and visually dynamic introduction to film studies that offers more media support and a lower price than all of its competitors. The Third Edition of Looking at Movies is as visually engaging and fun to read as previous editions, and now contains new material on film history, film genre, and cultural contexts, and even more help with film analysis. Supplementary materials, conceived and created by the authors, integrate seamlessly with the text. Two DVDs contain nearly four hours of film clips, frame sequences, short films, and animations to show what the text describes. The Looking at Movies student website provides an abundance of review and ancillary materials, including the Writing About Movies guide. FEATURES Always accessible and interesting; now comprehensive, too. Looking at Movies is a visually dynamic introduction to the elements of film form, and with the addition of new material, it’s a comprehensive introduction as well. The Third Edition adds in-depth (but jargon-free) coverage of three areas: film history, film genres, and the connections between film and culture. More help with film analysis than any other text. Every element of the Looking at Movies package features pedagogy to help students in their critical viewing and analytical writing, including model analyses, end-of-chapter materials, DVD tutorials, and the Writing About Movies guide. The most visually dynamic text on the market. The four-color design of Looking at Movies is easy on the eyes and fun to read. But, more importantly, it shows students what the text describes. Two DVDs (packaged with all new copies of Looking at Movies) provide nearly four hours of moving-image content. The most useful, best-integrated media package. The two DVDs and student website offer an abundance of pedagogically useful and visually dynamic multimedia content. Conceived, directed, hosted, edited, and narrated by coauthor and filmmaker Dave Monahan, each DVD tutorial directly relates to and complements the content in the book. The student website features multimedia quizzes, printable screening worksheets, and other review materials linked to an easy-to-use gradebook, as well as the Writing About Movies guide.

The Book Projecting Politics
The Author Terry Christensen
The Publisher M.E. Sharpe
Release Date2005-07-18
Genre Social Science
Pages 336
ISBN 0765631733
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This fascinating work examines in detail the relationship between American politics and films, from Birth of a Nation to Fahrenheit 9/11. It provides a decade-by-decade survey of politics and films of all types - comedies and dramas to biographies and documentaries - as well as a helpful framework that students and general readers can use to analyze the political content of films. The book also features an examination of film techniques as they relate to political films, an exploration of the effects of real-world politics on Hollywood, and a practical guide to writing film analysis, as well as a guide to web-based film resources and an extensive "Political Filmography." Throughout the book, the authors emphasize both the political messages transmitted through films and the political values that are reflected in them.

The Book De vrouw in het raam
The Author A.J. Finn
The Publisher Cargo
Release Date2018-02-06
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9789403111100
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Anna Fox woont alleen, ze verlaat haar huis in New York bijna nooit. Ze drinkt de hele dag door, kijkt oude films en bespioneert haar buren. In het huis tegenover Anna woont sinds kort een gezin: vader, moeder en tienerzoon. Alles lijkt bij hen perfect, maar op een nacht ziet Anna uit haar raam iets wat ze beter niet had kunnen zien. De twijfel slaat meteen toe: heeft ze het wel goed gezien? Wat is waarheid? Wat is verzonnen? Dreigt er gevaar? Niets is wat het lijkt in deze verslavende en volkomen onvoorspelbare psychologische thriller die doet denken aan het beste van Alfred Hitchcock.

The Book Minding Movies
The Author David Bordwell
The Publisher University of Chicago Press
Release Date2011-04-15
Genre Performing Arts
Pages 292
ISBN 9780226066998
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson are two of America’s preeminent film scholars. You would be hard pressed to find a serious student of the cinema who hasn’t spent at least a few hours huddled with their seminal introduction to the field—Film Art, now in its ninth edition—or a cable television junkie unaware that the Independent Film Channel sagely christened them the “Critics of the Naughts.” Since launching their blog Observations on Film Art in 2006, the two have added web virtuosos to their growing list of accolades, pitching unconventional long-form pieces engaged with film artistry that have helped to redefine cinematic storytelling for a new age and audience. Minding Movies presents a selection from over three hundred essays on genre movies, art films, animation, and the business of Hollywood that have graced Bordwell and Thompson’s blog. Informal pieces, conversational in tone but grounded in three decades of authoritative research, the essays gathered here range from in-depth analyses of individual films such as Slumdog Millionaire and Inglourious Basterds to adjustments of Hollywood media claims and forays into cinematic humor. For Bordwell and Thompson, the most fruitful place to begin is how movies are made, how they work, and how they work on us. Written for film lovers, these essays—on topics ranging from Borat to blockbusters and back again—will delight current fans and gain new enthusiasts. Serious but not solemn, vibrantly informative without condescension, and above all illuminating reading, Minding Movies offers ideas sure to set film lovers thinking—and keep them returning to the silver screen.

The Book The Screenwriter Activist
The Author Marilyn Beker
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2013
Genre Social Science
Pages 186
ISBN 9780415897143
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Hotel Rwanda. Philadelphia. Silkwood. Some of the most important films ever made have tackled real-world social issues, from genocide to homophobia to corporate greed. As storytellers, activist screenwriters recognize that social issues make great stories that can be gut-wrenching, heart-tugging, funny, tragic, and interesting to watch. The Screenwriter Activist helps screenwriters tell those stories in compelling, non-preachy, and inspiring ways. The Screenwriter Activist is an in-depth, practical guide, appropriate for students in intermediate or graduate screenwriting courses in Film and English Programs as well as professionals who want to write a movie that can make a difference in the world. Using examples from classic and recent popular films, The Screenwriter Activist: Explores the motivation and sensibility a screenwriter needs to embark on a social issue project Gives techniques for choosing compelling subjects Provides historical context for social issue movies Explains how characters legitimize social issue themes Puts forward specific models for structuring advocacy screenplays Lays out a roadmap for how screenwriters can get a social issue movie made If you care deeply about social issues and recognize that films can be highly effective platforms for motivativng audiences to civic involvement and social action, this is the one screenwriting book you need to read.

The Book Books Movies Rhythm Blues
The Author Nick Hornby
The Publisher Penguin UK
Release Date2013-09-26
Genre Literary Collections
Pages 64
ISBN 9780241968925
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Books, Movies, Rhythm, Blues is the companion volume to Fan Mail, Nick Hornby's collection of writings on football. This second collection brings together the best of his other non-fiction pieces, on film and tv, writers and painters and music, and including one exceptional fragment of autobiography. With subject matter ranging from the Sundance Festival to Abbey Road Studios, from P.G. Wodehouse to The West Wing, these are pieces that 'were written for fun, or because I felt I had things to say and time to say them, or because the commissions were unusual and imaginative, or because ... I was being asked to go somewhere I had never been before.'

The Book Writing Movies for Fun and Profit
The Author Thomas Lennon
The Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release Date2012-07-03
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 336
ISBN 9781439186763
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The writers of Reno 911! and several other feature films trace their haphazard experiences in the movie industry, revealing the process through which they worked on script development with executives and stars, pacified exploitative decision makers and fought to be paid for their work.

The Book De geniale vriendin
The Author Elena Ferrante
The Publisher Wereldbibliotheek
Release Date2015-05-08
Genre Fiction
Pages 334
ISBN 9789028440494
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Deel 1 van de Napolitaanse romans Lila en Elena groeien samen op in een volkswijk in het Napels van de jaren vijftig, een tijd waarin het ondenkbaar is dat meisjes hun tijd verspillen met leren. De intelligente Lila moet van school om te gaan werken. Ze probeert aan haar milieu te ontsnappen door jong te trouwen. Haar beste vriendin Elena mag wél verder leren, maar beseft maar al te goed hoeveel slimmer Lila is. En mooier. De geniale vriendin is de eerste van Ferrantes vier Napolitaanse romans, waarin zij met groot inlevingsvermogen en in een onnavolgbare stijl vertelt over twee vrouwen en hun levenslange vriendschap, die even sterk om liefde als om rivaliteit draait. Ferrante vertelt met het verhaal van Lila en Elena ook het verhaal van een wijk, een stad en een land in een tijd vol veranderingen. ‘De momenten waar het echt om draait in het leven, dat zijn er maar een paar. De gebeurtenissen waardoor we zijn geworden wie we zijn, staan als een brandmerk in onze ziel geschroeid. We kunnen er nooit van loskomen. Hooguit kunnen we ze beschrijven. Dat is het verhaal van de Napolitaanse romans van Elena Ferrante.’ De Groene Amsterdammer ‘Als ik Elena Ferrante lees, kan ik niet meer stoppen.’ The New Yorker ‘Zoveel beter dan goed. *****’ De Standaard ‘Een prachtig beschreven vriendschap.’ VROUW ‘Ferrante weet met rake typeringen elk personage tot mens van vlees en bloed te maken. ****’ Leeuwarder Courant ‘Net zo heftig als een uitbarsting van de Vesuvius.’ La Repubblica ‘Ferrante concentreert zich op een postzegel die ze uitvergroot tot wereldformaat. ****’ NRC Handelsblad ‘Zadie Smith is fan – en wij ook.’ Vogue

The Book Carry On
The Author Rainbow Rowell
The Publisher Van Goor
Release Date2016-04-20
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9789000349401
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Simon Snow wil gewoon relaxen en genieten van zijn laatste jaar op de Watford School of Magicks, maar iedereen valt hem lastig. Zijn vriendin heeft het uitgemaakt, zijn beste vriend is een plaaggeest, en zijn mentor probeert hem in de bergen te verstoppen, waar hij misschien veilig zal zijn. Simon kan niet eens blij zijn met het feit dat zijn kamergenoot en oude rivaal spoorloos verdwenen is, omdat hij zich zorgen blijft maken over het kwaad. En er zijn spoken. En vampiers. En verschrikkelijke, duivelse dingen die proberen om Simon neer te halen. Als je 's werelds krachtigste magiër bent, kun je nooit even relaxen en genieten.

The Book Marketing to Moviegoers
The Author Robert Marich
The Publisher CRC Press
Release Date2005-04-18
Genre Performing Arts
Pages 312
ISBN 9781136068621
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Marketing to Moviegoers" is the essential guide to film marketing. Although there are many resources available about how to make a film, there are few about how to get your film seen once it's made and none that reveal the closely-guarded marketing secrets of the major motion picture studios. The author goes right to the source and provides data, quotes, and insights from high profile industry professionals and information on market research that the major studios don't want the moviegoing public to know. This book will be indispensable for film marketing executives, consumer product marketers, students, and people new to the filmmaking field. It provides practical data, such as templates for advertising campaigns of different sizes, solutions, and an insight into the complicated movie marketing process. Armed with the strategies that Hollywood professionals would prefer not to share, film professionals and marketing professionals alike will have a leg up in this complicated business.

The Book The Thing Happens
The Author Terrence Rafferty
The Publisher Grove/Atlantic
Release Date1993-01-01
Genre Drama
Pages 399
ISBN 0802114857
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Discusses the work of Scorsese, De Palma, Forsyth, Truffaut, Huston, Kubrick, and Kaufman, and reviews over fifty movies

The Book Wonder
The Author R.J. Palacio
The Publisher Singel Uitgeverijen
Release Date2013-02-14
Genre Fiction
Pages 380
ISBN 9789021447018
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: `Ik heet August, en ik ga niet beschrijven hoe ik eruitzie. Wat je ook denkt, ik weet bijna zeker dat het erger is. Auggie Pullman is geboren met een gezichtsafwijking, en ook na veel operaties ziet hij er nog heel ongewoon uit. Hij doet zijn best niet op te vallen, maar mensen schrikken als ze hem zien, en ze staren of kijken weg. Als hij tien is gaat hij voor het eerst naar een gewone school. Auggie is bang dat hij niet geaccepteerd zal worden, en hij krijgt gelijk. Zijn klasgenoten negeren hem en sommigen beginnen hem te pesten. Maar er is één meisje dat zich niet door Auggies uiterlijk laat afschrikken... Wonder is het eerste boek van R.J. Palacio en het is meteen een enorm succes. In Amerika was Wonder hét boek van het jaar en begonnen lezers campagnes tegen pesten. Het boek verschijnt in meer dan vijfentwintig landen. `Wonder heeft de kracht om het hart te raken en gedachten te veranderen. The Guardian `Een prachtig en grappig verhaal dat je soms ook tot tranen roert. The Wall Street Journal `Een zeldzaam pareltje, prachtig geschreven en met personages die zich nestelen in je geheugen en in je hart.

The Book Ready player one
The Author Ernest Cline
The Publisher Singel Uitgeverijen
Release Date2014-01-28
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9789021449760
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: ALLES STAAT OP HET SPEL DE JACHT OP DE ULTIEME PRIJS ARE YOU READY? In 2045 leeft een aanzienlijk deel van de wereldbevolking in diepe armoede. De enige manier waarop Wade Watts aan alle misère kan ontsnappen, is de OASIS: een online virtuele wereld waar miljarden mensen tegelijk in kunnen vertoeven. Wanneer James Halliday, de excentrieke uitvinder van de OASIS, overlijdt, laat hij een zoektocht achter vol puzzels die te maken hebben met zijn obsessie met de popcultuur van de jaren tachtig. Degene die de jacht als eerste voltooit, zal het vermogen van Halliday erven én de volledige controle krijgen over de OASIS. Wanneer Wade als allereerste een van de puzzels oplost, wordt hij van alle kanten opgejaagd door nietsontziende rivalen. Vanaf dan is er voor Wade nog maar één manier om te overleven: winnen.

The Book Writing Producing and Directing Movies
The Author Geoffrey M. Horn
The Publisher Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP
Release Date2006-12-15
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
Pages 32
ISBN 9780836868418
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Describes how a movie is made, from how the screenplay is written, through casting and filming, and finally to post-production efforts such as editing.

The Book De Boekendief
The Author Markus Zusak
The Publisher Overamstel Uitgevers
Release Date2007-09-14
Genre Fiction
Pages 558
ISBN 9789044326192
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Duitsland, 1939. Liesel is pas negen jaar oud wanneer ze door haar moeder naar een pleeggezin wordt gebracht. Een van haar geliefde bezittingen is een zwart boekje, dat ze vond op het graf van haar broertje. In de jaren dat Liesel bij de Hubermanns woont, wordt ze een gewiekste boekendief. Tijdens de verwoestende bombardementen klampt ze zich in de schuilkelder vast aan haar schatten. Dit is een verhaal over moed, vriendschap, liefde en overleven, dood en verdriet, verteld door de ogen van de Dood, een toepasselijke verteller. Maar zal hij haar ook sparen? De boekendief is een imponerende oorlogsroman en verdient een plaats naast Het dagboek van Anne Frank. 'Zó mooi geschreven. Hoe kan De boekendief géén succes worden?' De Volkskrant 'Dit is het soort boek dat je leven kan veranderen.' The New York Times