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The Book Will And The Headstrong Female
The Author Marie Ferrarella
The Publisher Harlequin
Release Date2011-07-15
Genre Fiction
Pages 192
ISBN 9781459267343
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: THE CUTLERS OF THE SHADY LADY RANCH Damsel in Distress What happens when a spitfire little lady driving a big rig runs a confirmed cowboy off the road? Fireworks! But no way was single mother Denise Cavanaugh going to swoon at the feet of some gorgeous, rugged wranglin' man, not when she had her family and business to worry about—and a jaded heart to protect. But try as she might, Denise just couldn't run Will Cutler out of her mind. And if she wasn't careful, the convincing cowboy just might succeed in sweet-talking her into his arms—and his life. The Cutlers of the Shady Lady Ranch: These five siblings find love in the most unexpected places.

The Book Headstrong
The Author Rachel Swaby
The Publisher Broadway Books
Release Date2015-04-07
Genre Science
Pages 288
ISBN 9780553446807
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Fifty-two inspiring and insightful profiles of history’s brightest female scientists. In 2013, the New York Times published an obituary for Yvonne Brill. It began: “She made a mean beef stroganoff, followed her husband from job to job, and took eight years off from work to raise three children.” It wasn’t until the second paragraph that readers discovered why the Times had devoted several hundred words to her life: Brill was a brilliant rocket scientist who invented a propulsion system to keep communications satellites in orbit, and had recently been awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Among the questions the obituary—and consequent outcry—prompted were, Who are the role models for today’s female scientists, and where can we find the stories that cast them in their true light? Headstrong delivers a powerful, global, and engaging response. Covering Nobel Prize winners and major innovators, as well as lesser-known but hugely significant scientists who influence our every day, Rachel Swaby’s vibrant profiles span centuries of courageous thinkers and illustrate how each one’s ideas developed, from their first moment of scientific engagement through the research and discovery for which they’re best known. This fascinating tour reveals these 52 women at their best—while encouraging and inspiring a new generation of girls to put on their lab coats. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Book Of Women Outcastes Peasants and Rebels
The Author Kalpana Bardhan
The Publisher Univ of California Press
Release Date1990-03-13
Genre Fiction
Pages 330
ISBN 0520067142
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "A powerful portrait of the oppressed and the forms of oppression that occur in India."—Theodore Riccardi, Jr., Columbia University

The Book Women of the Golden Age
The Author Els Kloek
The Publisher Uitgeverij Verloren
Release Date1994
Genre Sex role
Pages 190
ISBN 9065503838
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Shakespeare s Women
The Author William Shakespeare
The Publisher SIU Press
Release Date1986
Genre Drama
Pages 158
ISBN 0809312417
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Serves both as a script for performance and as a text for high school and college theater and English classes. This self-contained script brings together different scenes from Shake­speare’s plays to portray women “in all their infinite variety.” Two narrators, a man and a woman, introduce and com­ment on these scenes, weaving together the different characters and situations. This book combines literary and theat­rical techniques in examining Shake­speare’s women. Its promptbook format provides clear, helpful stage directions on pages facing each of the scenes. Also help­ful are concise glosses and footnotes to define difficult words and phrases plus a commentary to explain each scene in its dramatic context. Other features include sheet music for each song in the play, a bibliography on the topic of women in Shakespeare’s plays, and suggestions for directors who wish to stage the play.

The Book Mastermind
The Author Maria Konnikova
The Publisher Atlas Contact
Release Date2013-04-26
Genre Psychology
Pages 276
ISBN 9789045022390
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Sherlock Holmes, de eigenzinnige detective uit het werk van Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, staat bekend om zijn razendsnelle denkvermogen. Voordat hij zelfs maar weet wat het probleem in kwestie is, heeft hij al allerlei informatie ingewonnen en weet de juiste conclusie te trekken. Hoe doet s werelds bekendste detective dat? En, belangrijker nog, kunnen wij dat ook leren? Psychologe Maria Konnikova combineert zijn verhalen met hedendaags psychologisch onderzoek van klassieke modellen tot recente ontwikkelingen in de neurowetenschappen om inzichtelijk te maken welke stappen Sherlock Holmes zet in zijn denken, van observatie tot deductie. Geen ander personage is zo geschikt om als basis te dienen voor onderzoek naar het menselijk denken. Mastermind leert je misschien niet een meesterdetective te worden, maar wel om aandachtiger naar je omgeving te kijken en zorgvuldiger om te gaan met gedachten en beslissingen.

The Book A Lady of Letters Scandalous Secrets Series Book 2
The Author Andrea Pickens
The Publisher ePublishing Works!
Release Date2013-08-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 224
ISBN 9781614174561
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Articulate and intelligent, Augusta Peabody avoids Society's censure by secretly publishing her political essays under the pen name "Firebrand." But despite all outward efforts to behave like a proper lady, she's set off the Earl of Dunham with her latest article decrying the use of child labor in the northern coal mines. Bored with life as a rake, Dunham decides to take up Firebrand's cause, never dreaming that the reclusive writer is the headstrong young lady with whom he's constantly clashing. When the truth comes out, Augusta reluctantly allows Dunham to help her investigate the gentleman she suspects is kidnapping children, and accidentally ignites new passions that could destroy them both if their cunning enemy has his way. REVIEWS: "...cleverly plotted tale with sparkling wit and irresistible romance." ~RT magazine SCANDALOUS SECRETS SERIES, in order The Banished Bride Lady of Letters The Major's Mistake LESSONS IN LOVE, in series order The Defiant Governess Second Chances The Storybook Hero

The Book The Fall of the God of Money
The Author Keith McMahon
The Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date2002-01-01
Genre History
Pages 249
ISBN 0742518035
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In this first truly cross-cultural study of opium, Keith McMahon considers the perspectives of both smokers and non-smokers from China and the Euro-West and from both sides of the issue of opium prohibition. The author stages a dramatic confrontation between the Chinese opium user and the Euro-Westerner who saw in opium the image of an uncanny Asiatic menace. The rise of the opium demon meant the fall of the god of money, that is, Chinese money, and the irreversible trend in which Confucianism gave way to Christianity. The book explores early Western observations of opium smoking, the formation of arguments for and against the legalization of opium, the portrayals of opium smoking in Chinese poetry and prose, and scenes of opium-smoking interactions among male and female smokers and smokers of all social levels in 19th-century China. Visit our website for sample chapters!

The Book The Lazy Beaver
The Author Jeannette D. Guerrera
The Publisher AuthorHouse
Release Date2012-03-01
Pages 20
ISBN 9781468548617
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In that wonderful land of childhood, there still exists the dreams, hopes and adventures with animals. Where does a "blond beaver" go as he leaves his family one night as they all were sleeping? Will his color cause any problems? Will his lack of work ethic be a concern along the way? Follow this journey and be surprised at the end! The Illustrations by the author take you from reality to imagination where it is sure to delight the younger school age child!

The Book The Young Husband
The Author Mrs. Grey (Elizabeth Caroline)
The Publisher
Release Date1854
Pages 142
ISBN MINN:31951002104284U
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The Misogynean Club Expos d
The Author
The Publisher
Release Date1728
Genre Misogyny
Pages 12
ISBN STANFORD:36105026415211
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The British Workwoman Out and at Home
The Author
The Publisher
Release Date1863
Genre Women
ISBN OXFORD:590119938
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Wicked Women
The Author Chris Enss
The Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date2015-02-20
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 240
ISBN 9781493013920
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This collection of short, action-filled stories of the Old West’s most egregiously badly behaved female outlaws, gamblers, soiled-doves, and other wicked women by offers a glimpse into Western Women’s experience that's less sunbonnets and more six-shooters. Pulling together stories of ladies caught in the acts of mayhem, distraction, murder, and highway robbery, it will include famous names like Belle Starr and Big Nose Kate, as well as lesser known characters.

The Book Girl Meets God
The Author Lauren F. Winner
The Publisher Algonquin Books
Release Date2002-09-16
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 288
ISBN 9781565127456
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: “A passionate and thoroughly engaging account of a continuing spiritual journey within two profoundly different faiths” (The New York Times Book Review). The child of a Reform Jewish father and a lapsed Southern Baptist mother, Lauren Winner eventually chose to become an Orthodox Jew—but then, as she faithfully observed the Sabbath rituals and studied Jewish laws, she found herself increasingly drawn to Christianity. Taking a courageous step, she leaves behind what she loves, and converts. Now, the even harder part: How does one reinvent a religious self? How does one embrace the new without abandoning the old? How does a convert become spiritually whole? This appealingly honest memoir takes us through a year in a young woman’s search for a religious identity. Despite her conversion, she finds that her world is shaped by her Jewish experiences, and even as she rejoices in the holy days of the Christian calendar, she mourns the Jewish rituals she still holds dear. Attempting to reconcile the two sides of her religious self, Winner applies the lessons of Judaism to the teachings of the New Testament, hosts a Christian Seder, and struggles to fit her Orthodox friends into her new religious life. Ultimately Winner learns that faith takes practice, and that belief is an ongoing challenge. Her account of her journey is “unusually challenging and satisfying. . . . This book is a refreshing invitation to plumb our own spiritual depths” (The Roanoke Times). “[A] memoir, literary and spiritual, sharing Anne Lamott’s self-deprecating intensity and Stephen J. Dubner’s passion for authenticity . . . She reveals herself through abundant, concrete and often funny descriptions of her life, inner and outer. Winner’s record of her own experience so far is a page-turning debut by a young writer worth watching.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review “Her narrative’s real strength . . . is its addictive readability combined with the author’s deep knowledge of, delight in, and nuanced discussion of both Christian and Jewish teachings. Intriguing, absorbing . . . and very smart.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

The Book Battered Love
The Author Renita J. Weems
The Publisher Fortress Press
Release Date1995
Genre Family & Relationships
Pages 150
ISBN 1451416571
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Weems's pioneering study explores the puzzling ways in which the Hebrew prophets' portrayals of divine love, compassion, and conventional commitment often became associated with battery, infidelity, and the rape and mutilation of women. She wrestles with the prophets' rhetoric and sexual metaphors to uncover Israelite social structures, asking, "What is implied about women, men, and God by the language that the prophets use to describe the covenant between Yahweh and Israel?" This provocative work by a leading African American biblical scholar delves deeply into issues of intimacy and power, violence and control, seduction and betrayal, and is a searing indictment of the axial points of Israelite religion-its covenantal and prophetic traditions-and their authority today.

The Book Safe Zone
The Author Thomas G. Blacklock
The Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date2007-08-27
Genre Fiction
Pages 383
ISBN 9781469122977
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The premise of this work of fiction is that major Mexican drug traffickers can operate with impunity in Mexico enjoying the protection of the Mexican Government as they flood the United States with heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. The heroes of this work of fiction have likened the Mexican Government protection of drug traffickers to the protection the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong received from the governments of Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnamese War. As veterans of that war my heroes witnessed how these governments provided safe zones for the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong from the American Military and as Veteran DEA Special Agents can see how the same thing is happening in Mexico with major drug traffickers who have the financial means to buy off any government official. Using a Special Operations Team, originally assigned to Bolivia, to sneak into Mexico and do unilateral enforcement operations in Mexico my heroes not only hope to wreck havoc with the major traffickers but also hope to send a signal to those in the Mexican government who choose to protect these traffickers that they can not offer the traffickers a Safe Zone.

The Book Women in the Qur an Traditions and Interpretation
The Author Barbara Freyer Stowasser
The Publisher Oxford University Press
Release Date1994-08-18
Genre Religion
Pages 216
ISBN 9780199879694
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Islamic ideas about women and their role in society spark considerable debate both in the Western world and in the Islamic world itself. Despite the popular attention surrounding Middle Eastern attitudes toward women, there has been little systematic study of the statements regarding women in the Qur'an. Stowasser fills the void with this study on the women of Islamic sacred history. By telling their stories in Qur'an and interpretation, she introduces Islamic doctrine and its past and present socio-economic and political applications. Stowasser establishes the link between the female figure as cultural symbol, and Islamic self-perceptions from the beginning to the present time.

The Book Rosa s Land
The Author Gilbert Morris
The Publisher Barbour Publishing
Release Date2013-02-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 320
ISBN 9781620296967
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Join Lafayette Riordan as he chases his dream of becoming a Wild West marshal. Young Faye longs for an adventurous life protecting the frontier alongside Judge Isaac Parker’s famous marshals. But his upbringing has left him more prepared for a life as scholar and artist. When faced with the opportunity to realize his dream, can he summon the courage to hunt down the outlaws? Or will one headstrong female rancher capture his heart first? Western Justice Series: Book 1 - Rosa's Land Book 2 - Sabrina's Man - Available December 2013 Book 3 - Raina's Choice - Available June 2014

The Book One Final Season
The Author Elizabeth Beacon
The Publisher Harlequin
Release Date2011-07-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 288
ISBN 9781459208216
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Three years ago, Kate rejected Edmund, Lord Shuttleworth's impassioned marriage proposal in no uncertain terms. Now he's back, and it's Kate's final season. She needs a straightforward, paper-only marriage, yet her feelings for Edmund are anything but straightforward! Shocked by Edmund's reappearance at a lavish house party, Kate flees to the private study to compose herself. But her self-control doesn't last for long…. Caught in a compromising situation, the man she can't possibly marry is suddenly announcing their betrothal to the ton!

The Author Sue Robinett
The Publisher
Release Date
ISBN 9781257931699
Language English, Spanish, And French