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The Book Too Much Glue
The Author Jason Lefebvre
The Publisher Flashlight Press
Release Date2017-08-01
Genre Juvenile Fiction
Pages 32
ISBN 9781936261321
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This enhanced eBook features read-along narration. Although Matty's art teacher has warned him that too much glue never dries, Matty loves glue. After all, he and his dad make oodles of glue projects at home. One day during art class, Matty finds the fullest bottles of glue, and the fun begins. With a squeeze and a plop, Matty pours a lake of glue before belly-flopping right in the middle and finds himself stuck to the desk. When Matty's dad arrives at the school, instead of being mad, he celebrates his son's creativity and calls him a work of art. With vibrant language and artwork and a wild, silly plot, Too Much Glue is sure to appeal to all children who love to get messy.

The Book
The Author Ирвин Уэлш
The Publisher Азбука-Аттикус
Release Date2016-09-11
Genre Fiction
Pages 576
ISBN 9785389121973
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Уэлш — ключевая фигура современной британской прозы, мастер естественного письма и ниспровергатель всяческих условностей, а клей — это не только связующее желеобразное вещество, вываренное из остатков костей животных. «Клей» — это четырехполосный роман воспитания, доподлинный эпос гопников и футбольных фанатов, трогательная история о любви и дружбе.

The Book Egg Tempera Painting Tempera Underpainting Oil Emulsion Painting A Manual Of Technique
The Author Vaclav Vytlacil
The Publisher Read Books Ltd
Release Date2013-04-16
Genre Art
Pages 84
ISBN 9781446545164
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

The Book Card Art
The Author Susan S. Terry
The Publisher C&T Publishing Inc
Release Date2010-11-05
Genre Crafts & Hobbies
Pages 80
ISBN 9781571208941
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Beautiful Cards That Leave a Lasting Impression. Over 50 original card designs and a dozen gift tags. Great for quilters, scrappers, and anyone who loves to create keepsakes. Fuse fabric to paper to make “papric” - a striking foundation for your cards. Like little gifts, these cards will be treasured by your friends and family. Expand your artistic boundaries by combining paper crafts with beautiful fabrics to make one-of-a-kind cards. Susan offers tips for including special quotes, adding a variety of embellishments, and adapting cards for any occasion. All cards fit standard envelopes and may be mailed.

The Book Building Your Chambered Wood Surfboard
The Author Chad Stone
The Publisher Chad Stone
Release Date2011-11
Genre Crafts & Hobbies
Pages 38
ISBN 9781105087844
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A complete guide to building a chambered wood surfboard using cedar two by fours or similar stock. This book includes layout, assembly, shaping, and chambering instructions to build your own 8' CedarGlide(r) Mini Longboard. This particular method is a very classic way to build a hand-tooled wooden surfboard, with a few modern ideas and a slew of tips and tricks to make the process easy for the beginner using just a few tools, or the handyman who has everything. They are more rigid and durable than most modern surfboards and, with proper care, they will be a truly Timeless design than can be cherished for many, many year

The Book The Craft of Bookbinding
The Author Manly Banister
The Publisher Courier Corporation
Release Date2012-08-03
Genre Crafts & Hobbies
Pages 160
ISBN 9780486152455
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Profusely illustrated step-by-step guide to binding books, paperbacks, periodicals. Instructions for sewing, making endpapers, attaching headbands, adding covers, titling, much more. Updated list of suppliers. 254 illustrations.

The Book Basic Box Making
The Author Doug Stowe
The Publisher Taunton Press
Release Date2007
Genre Crafts & Hobbies
Pages 153
ISBN 9781561588527
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Learn the art of box making from one of the foremost experts of the craft. Through Doug Stowe's decades of experience, you'll learn the basic techniques to get started, as well as more advanced ways to approach finely crafted boxes"--Publisher website (publisher website (December 2007).

The Book Cool Collage
The Author Anders Hanson
The Publisher ABDO
Release Date2010-09-01
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
Pages 32
ISBN 9781616137304
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Kids love to make art! This fun and informative book introduces young readers to basic concepts of creating a collage in an easy to read format with accompanying photographs.

The Book Cut and Make a Dinosaur Skeleton
The Author A. G. Smith
The Publisher Courier Corporation
Release Date1989-01-01
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
Pages 16
ISBN 0486258424
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Simple instructions and diagrams help youngsters create a 20-inch long, 8-inch high sturdy paper model of a gigantic prehistoric creature. Entertaining, educational project for home or school.

The Book The Durability of Adhesive Joints
The Author
The Publisher ASTM International
Release Date1988
Genre Adhesive joints
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Wine East
The Author
The Publisher
Release Date1998
Genre Wine and wine making
ISBN CORNELL:31924077313181
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Assault With a Deadly Glue Gun
The Author Lois Winston
The Publisher Lois Winston
Release Date2015-01-28
Genre Fiction
Pages 300
ISBN 9781940795041
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: When Anastasia Pollack’s husband permanently cashes in his chips at a roulette table in Vegas, her comfortable middle-class life craps out. She’s left with two teenage sons, a mountain of debt, and her hateful, cane-wielding Communist mother-in-law. Not to mention stunned disbelief over her late husband’s secret gambling addiction, and the loan shark who’s demanding fifty thousand dollars. Anastasia’s job as crafts editor at American Woman magazine proves no respite when she discovers a dead body glued to her desk chair. The victim, fashion editor Marlys Vandenburg, collected enemies and ex-lovers like Jimmy Choos on her ruthless climb to editor-in-chief. But when evidence surfaces of an illicit affair between Marlys and Anastasia’s husband, Anastasia becomes the prime suspect. Book of the Year nominee, ForeWord Reviews Readers' Choice Award nominee, Salt Lake City Library System Keywords: women sleuths, amateur sleuth mystery, cozy mystery, crafting mystery, crafts & hobbies, murder mystery, pet mystery, workplace mystery

The Book Amazing Automata Pirates
The Author Kath Smith
The Publisher Courier Corporation
Release Date2013-04-17
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
Pages 24
ISBN 9780486499802
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Features all the parts and instructions to build movable pirate models, along with fun facts about pirates.

The Book Goose Girl
The Author Joy Dettman
The Publisher Pan Australia
Release Date2007-11-10
Genre Fiction
Pages 408
ISBN 9781743345658
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: From the bestselling author of Mallawindy and the Woody Creek series comes a moving story about being set free. "Dettman knows how to tell a story" The Sunday Age Sally De Rooze is almost thirty. She survived the accident that killed her father and brothers. Her mother never forgave her for that. But she survived her mother too. Surviving is what she does best. Farmer Ross Bertram, who offers her his acres and safety, is the answer for a while. Until he starts pushing for a wedding. Sally wants ... wants more. Wants to know great love. Wants to find herself. One year. That's what she wants. One year of freedom in the big, bad city. Her survival skills are tested in the urban sprawl and she discovers more about herself than she had ever dared to imagined. Fans of Rosalie Ham's The Dressmaker will love Joy Dettman.

The Book The Star Crossed Stone
The Author Kenneth J. McNamara
The Publisher University of Chicago Press
Release Date2010-11-15
Genre Science
Pages 280
ISBN 9780226514710
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Throughout the four hundred thousand years that humanity has been collecting fossils, sea urchin fossils, or echinoids, have continually been among the most prized, from the Paleolithic era, when they decorated flint axes, to today, when paleobiologists study them for clues to the earth’s history. In The Star-Crossed Stone, Kenneth J. McNamara, an expert on fossil echinoids, takes readers on an incredible fossil hunt, with stops in history, paleontology, folklore, mythology, art, religion, and much more. Beginning with prehistoric times, when urchin fossils were used as jewelry, McNamara reveals how the fossil crept into the religious and cultural lives of societies around the world—the roots of the familiar five-pointed star, for example, can be traced to the pattern found on urchins. But McNamara’s vision is even broader than that: using our knowledge of early habits of fossil collecting, he explores the evolution of the human mind itself, drawing striking conclusions about humanity’s earliest appreciation of beauty and the first stirrings of artistic expression. Along the way, the fossil becomes a nexus through which we meet brilliant eccentrics and visionary archaeologists and develop new insights into topics as seemingly disparate as hieroglyphics, Beowulf, and even church organs. An idiosyncratic celebration of science, nature, and human ingenuity, The Star-Crossed Stone is as charming and unforgettable as the fossil at its heart.

The Book Easy to Make Plains Indians Teepee Village
The Author A. G. Smith
The Publisher Courier Corporation
Release Date1990-03-01
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
Pages 12
ISBN 9780486262710
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Five decorated tepees; 20 "action figures" of Indians riding horses, cooking, hunting buffalo, dancing, playing lacrosse, more.

The Book Home Sweet Quilt
The Author Jill Finley
The Publisher Martingale
Release Date2012-09-11
Genre Crafts & Hobbies
Pages 96
ISBN 9781604682533
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Give your home that Jillily look! Known for designs that are pretty and fresh, Jill Finley, owner of Jillily Studio, presents a terrific assortment of 12 all-new quilt patterns for the whole house. Gift ideas abound! Create everything from an inviting table runner to dish towels, lap quilts, queen-size quilts, and pillows Get beautiful results as you combine cotton or wool appliqué with traditional patchwork quilts Explore a range of projects easy enough for confident beginners and appealing enough for experts

The Book Acoustic Guitar Owner s Manual
The Author String Letter Publishing
The Publisher Hal Leonard Corporation
Release Date2000
Genre Music
Pages 111
ISBN 1890490210
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: (String Letter Publishing). Acoustic guitarists can now better understand their instruments, preserve and protect their value, and get the sounds they really want, thanks to this new book from the experts at Acoustic Guitar magazine. This indispensable guide begins by acquainting players with their instruments and laying to rest some pervasive guitar myths, then proceeds through various aspects of basic care, setup, common repairs, and pickup installation. Whether it's cleaning and polishing a beloved guitar, protecting it from theft or changes in humidity, selecting a case, or performing diagnostics, readers will become more savvy acoustic guitar owners and repair-shop customers and can forego dubious advice from well-meaning friends and anonymous "experts" on the Web. Includes a primer and glossary of terms.

The Book Methods in Pulmonary Research
The Author S. Uhlig
The Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date1998
Genre Science
Pages 541
ISBN 3764354275
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Methods in Pulmonary Research" presents a comprehensive review of methods used to study physiology and the cell biology of the lung. The book covers the entire range of techniques from those that require cell cultures to those using in vivo experimental models. Up-to-date techniques such as intravital microscopy are presented. Yet standard methods such as classical short circuit techniques used to study tracheal transport are fully covered. This book will be extremely useful for all who work in pulmonary research, yet need a practical guide to incorporate other established methods into their research programs. Thus the book will prove to be a valuable resource for cell biologists who wish to use organs in their research programs as well biological scientists who are moving their research programs into more cell related phenomena.

The Book Taunton s Complete Illustrated Guide to Using Woodworking Tools
The Author Lonnie Bird
The Publisher Taunton Press
Release Date2004
Genre Crafts & Hobbies
Pages 280
ISBN 9781561585977
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Provides instructions and techniques for operating hand and power tools used in woodworking.