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The Book Fox on the job
The Author James Marshall
The Publisher
Release Date2000
Genre Foxes
Pages 48
ISBN 0590069071
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Fox tries to earn the money for a new bicycle in several different jobs.

The Book On the Job
The Author Craig Heron
The Publisher McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Release Date1986-01-01
Genre Law
Pages 360
ISBN 0773505997
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Every day millions of Canadians go out to work. They labour in factories, offices, restaurants, and retail stores, on ships, and deep in mines. And every day millions of other Canadians, mostly women, begin work in their homes, performing the many tasks that ensure the well-being of their families and ultimately, the reproduction of the paid labour force. Yet, for all its undoubted importance, there has been remarkably little systematic research into the past and present dynamics of the world of work in Canada.

The Book Great on the Job
The Author Jodi Glickman
The Publisher St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date2011-05-10
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 304
ISBN 1429923806
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A much-needed "people skills" primer and master class in all facets of workplace communication Do you know how to ask for help at work without sounding dumb? Do you know how to get valuable and useful feedback from your colleagues? Have you mastered your professional elevator pitch so that every time you meet someone, they remember and are impressed by you? If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you need Great on the Job. In 2008, Jodi Glickman launched Great on the Job, a communications consulting firm whose distinguished client list includes Harvard Business School, Wharton, The Stern School of Business, Merrill Lynch, and Citigroup. Now, Glickman's three-step training program is available in book form for the first time. With case studies, micro strategies, and example language, readers will learn communication skills that can be practiced and implemented immediately. In today's economy, it's not typically the smartest, hardest working or most technically savvy who succeed. Instead, the ability to communicate well is often the most important precursor to success in the workplace. So whether you're a star performer or a struggling novice, Great on the Job will give you the building blocks you need for every conversation you'll have at work.

The Book On the Job
The Author Wendi Halstead
The Publisher
Release Date2008-03
Genre Education
Pages 76
ISBN 9780615195919
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Readings and exercises designed to foster language acquisition, improve reading skills, and prepare readers for the US workplace.

The Book The Job
The Author Ellen Ruppel Shell
The Publisher Currency
Release Date2018-10-23
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 416
ISBN 9780451497260
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Critically acclaimed journalist Ellen Ruppel Shell uncovers the true cost--political, economic, social, and personal--of America's mounting anxiety over jobs, and what we can do to regain control over our working lives. Since 1973, our productivity has grown almost six times faster than our wages. Most of us rank so far below the top earners in the country that the "winners" might as well inhabit another planet. But work is about much more than earning a living. Work gives us our identity, and a sense of purpose and place in this world. And yet, work as we know it is under siege. Through exhaustive reporting and keen analysis, The Job reveals the startling truths and unveils the pervasive myths that have colored our thinking on one of the most urgent issues of our day: how to build good work in a globalized and digitalized world where middle class jobs seem to be slipping away. Traveling from deep in Appalachia to the heart of the Midwestern rust belt, from a struggling custom clothing maker in Massachusetts to a thriving co-working center in Minnesota, she marshals evidence from a wide range of disciplines to show how our educational system, our politics, and our very sense of self have been held captive to and distorted by outdated notions of what it means to get and keep a good job. We read stories of sausage makers, firefighters, zookeepers, hospital cleaners; we hear from economists, computer scientists, psychologists, and historians. The book's four sections take us from the challenges we face in scoring a good job today to work's infinite possibilities in the future. Work, in all its richness, complexity, rewards and pain, is essential for people to flourish. Ellen Ruppel Shell paints a compelling portrait of where we stand today, and points to a promising and hopeful way forward.

The Book The Job
The Author Charlie Bezzina
The Publisher Slattery Media Group
Release Date2011
Genre Crime
Pages 463
ISBN 1921778342
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Charlie Bezzina was one of Victoria's top homicide detectives. In his 17 years in the Homicide Squad, he investigated more than 300 suspicious deaths, including 150 murders - among them the crimes of serial killer Paul Denyer, the killing of Melbourne gangland figure Alphonse Gangitano, the baffling disappearances of Sarah McDiarmid and former gameshow model Jacquie Ramchen, and the death of former Test cricketer David Hookes. This is the never-before-told story of Bezzina's rise from a sheltered childhood in a Maltese family in Melbourne's western suburbs, to a widely respected senior detective who served Victoria Police with distinction and unquestioned integrity for 37 years, culminating in his acrimonious and highly controversial departure from the force. The Job is an explosive and intriguing account of what it takes to be a criminal investigator at the highest level.

The Book Asperger s on the Job
The Author Rudy Simone
The Publisher Future Horizons
Release Date2010
Genre Psychology
Pages 156
ISBN 9781935274094
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Up to 85% of the Asperger's population are without full-time employment, though many have above-average intelligence. Rudy Simone, an adult with Asperger's Syndrome and an accomplished author, consultant, and musician, created this insightful resource to help employers, educators, and therapists accommodate this growing population, and to help people with Asperger's find and keep gainful employment. Rudy's candid advice is based on her personal experiences and the experiences of over fifty adults with Asperger's from all over the world, in addition to their employers and numerous experts in the field. Detailed lists provide balanced guidelines for success, while Rudy's "Interview Tips" and "Personal Job Map" tools will help Aspergians, young or old, find their employment niche. There is more to a job than what the tasks are: from social blunders, to sensory issues, to bullying by coworkers, Simone presents solutions to difficult challenges. Readers will be enriched, enlightened, and ready to work--together!

The Book On the Job
The Author Lynn Metz
The Publisher Rosen Classroom
Release Date2001-01-01
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 23
ISBN 0823982505
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: An introduction to the short "O" sound via scenes of three different job possibilities.

The Book The Job
The Author William S Burroughs
The Publisher Penguin UK
Release Date2012-08-02
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 224
ISBN 9780141903583
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: William Burroughs’ work was dedicated to an assault upon language, traditional values and all agents of control. Produced at a time when he was at his most extreme and messianic, The Job lays out his abrasive, incisive, paranoiac, maddened and maddening worldview in interviews interspersed with stories and other writing. On the Beat movement, the importance of the cut-up technique, the press, Scientology, capital punishment, drugs, good and evil, the destruction of nations, Deadly Orgone Radiation and whether violence just in words is violence enough – Burroughs’ insights show why he was one of the most influential writers and one of the sharpest, most startling and strangest minds of his generation.

The Book On the job Training
The Author Harley Frazis
The Publisher Now Publishers Inc
Release Date2007-01
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 82
ISBN 9781601980021
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: On-the-Job Training surveys the recent literature from both a theoretical and empirical perspective. The analysis of how individuals obtain and are paid for their skills is fundamental to labor economics. The basic idea of human capital theory is that workers and firms invest in workers' skills in order to increase their productivity, much as persons invest in financial or physical assets to earn income. Workers develop many skills through formal education not tied to an employer, but an important part of their skills are learned on the job. On-the-Job Training focuses on recent literature including empirical research using direct measures of training and theoretical papers inspired by findings from this empirical work. The authors presents a theoretical model showing that costs and returns to general human capital may be shared if training increases mobility costs, if there are constraints on lowering wages, or if there is uncertainty about the value of training at competing employers. This model analyzes the choice of the amount of training, emphasizing the influence of whether the employer can commit to training prior to employment. In addition, the model implies that firms will attempt to match low-turnover workers with training opportunities, which is supported by the empirical literature.

The Book On the Job
The Author Larry Mikulecky
The Publisher Cambridge Book Co
Release Date1987
Genre Business
Pages 144
ISBN 0842801618
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The Job
The Author Sinclair Lewis
The Publisher The Floating Press
Release Date2012-02-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 335
ISBN 9781775456773
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: American writer Sinclair Lewis was interested in the social implications of the aggressive brand of capitalism that began to emerge in the U.S. the early twentieth century. In The Job, he focuses on the rising stature of women in the workforce, detailing the triumphs and travails of a young woman named Una Golden, who discovers that she has an inborn talent for real estate -- and that she must fight against the nearly overwhelming chauvinism in the industry to stake her claim.

The Book A D D on the Job
The Author Lynn Weiss
The Publisher Taylor Trade Publications
Release Date1996-04-01
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 232
ISBN 9780878339174
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Suggests that managers should be trained to spot ADD-type behavior and help those employees solve their particular work-related problems

The Book Landing the Job You Want
The Author William Byham
The Publisher Crown Business
Release Date2010-08-11
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 208
ISBN 9780307575746
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: You've looked at dozens of books that promise to help you get a job. This book is different. This book is written by an executive whose business is teaching managers how to interview job candidates. He knows what they're looking for--and how you can successfully prepare for landing that job you really want. Through interactive and easy-to-follow exercises, Landing the Job You Want equips you to make your next job interview one of the most positive experiences of your life. Whether you're a recent college grad searching for a first job, a corporate veteran looking for that big promotion, an at-home mom starting a new career, or an experienced worker looking to move in a totally new direction, you will walk into interviews prepared and confident because you know how to: identify the skills most important for a job decide whether a job is right for you present your skills with maximum impact respond to difficult questions perform well in simulations and tests handle an ill-prepared interviewer close an interview on a positive note critique your own interview performance Each exercise in Landing the Job You Want is designed to help you look within yourself to identify your strengths and your weaknesses. You'll learn how to quickly develop a portfolio of skills that match your ideal job, and you'll understand exactly what your interviewer is looking for in a candidate. You'll be ready to dazzle your interviewer with both your qualifications and your preparation. The result? The interview of a lifetime--one that leads to the job you've always wanted. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Book New Girl On The Job
The Author Hannah Seligson
The Publisher Citadel
Release Date2007-06-01
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 240
ISBN 9780806535906
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: What do Bobbi Brown, CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Soledad O'Brien, co-host of CNN's American Morning, and Jill Herzig, executive editor of Glamour magazine, all have in common? They've all been the New Girl on the Job, just like you. And in this book, you'll gain access to their hard-won wisdom and strategies for success. In New Girl on the Job, author Hannah Seligson blows the lid off of one of the most common--and least discussed--topics facing young women today: Surviving and thriving in the workplace. Through interviews with some of the best and brightest businesswomen in the country, meticulous research, and one-on-one chats with hundreds of New Girls starting out in their careers, New Girl on the Job provides you with all of the information you always wanted to know about workplace success but were afraid to ask. Inside, you'll find valuable tips and information you can put to use right away: • You never get a second chance--Making a killer first impression • Is this the "real me?"--Being "yourself" while maintaining a professional attitude • Dress for success--Think Ann Taylor, not Forever 21 • Just ask--Overcoming your fear of the dumb question--and getting the answers you need to succeed • It's just business--Developing a thick skin • X + Y--Navigating male-female dynamics at the office • Nice is the new mean--Building successful relationships with female coworkers Loaded with real-life advice, helpful lists, and quick take-away points to get you off on the right foot, New Girl on the Job gives you everything you need to take charge of your career--and climb the ladder to success.

The Book The Job
The Author Shem Bitterman
The Publisher Samuel French, Inc.
Release Date2001-01-01
Pages 64
ISBN 0573627371
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Power on the Job
The Author Michael Yates
The Publisher South End Press
Release Date1994
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 318
ISBN 0896084973
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book effectively deals with the legacy of the Reagan-Bush era: unemployment, underemployment, and the diminishing legal rights of union organizers.

The Book On the job
The Author Jerry E. White
The Publisher Navpress Pub Group
Release Date1988-04
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 297
ISBN 0891092390
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Publisher Notion Press
Release Date2018-02-12
Genre Self-Help
Pages 514
ISBN 9781642490626
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: One of the simple hacks shared in this book helped the author move from a $22,000 a year job to a $65,000 a year job in one month. Just one hack was worth $43,000! While such results are not typical or guaranteed, one of these hacks may be just what you need to kick start, boost, salvage or secure your career. Employment has turned into a high-speed roller coaster ride for employees over the last couple of years. And job automation is snatching away their safety restraints midway exposing them to the real threat of a dangerous plunge. Employees have to throw away the old rulebook and instead hack their way to success and security in a lopsided battle for jobs against intelligent machines in what is predicted to be an unprecedentedly competitive future. Over 2100 years of collective experiences of employees around the world are bundled into this comprehensive yet practical hack book! This indispensable book arms you with powerful hacks that you can apply to: Gain clarity on the fundamental reasons why you work or want a job Find your first or next dream job by confidently clearing interviews Transform your current job into a dream job by bridging the gap Become the master key that can unlock any type of Boss Recognize what your organization really expects from its employees Gain insight into what happens behind the scenes in management Determine if it’s time to consider a job or career change Ace your performance appraisals to receive the highest rating Get elevated to higher positions quickly Obtain the maximum hike percentages and bonuses Salvage and boost a stagnating career Minimize your chances of being fired or laid off Bounce back quickly from a job loss situation Adopt the right strategy to ride the job automation wave Minimize stress and achieve a better work-personal life balance Deal with a mid-life or mid-career crisis “If an employee will read only one book in an entire lifetime, it has to be this one!”

The Book Training on the Job
The Author Diane Walter
The Publisher American Society for Training and Development
Release Date2001
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 201
ISBN 1562863029
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This guide is essential for anyone who wants to set up a successful on-the-job training program. This book includes an eight-step model for setting up a structured, team-driven, training program, plus easy-to-understand templates, instructions, checklists, and case studies that any organization can apply. Whether you want to train employees in a single task or retrain an entire workforce, here's a book that ensures your on-the-job-training program empowers employees and gets bottom-line results.