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The Book Yoga
The Author Alix Johnson
The Publisher Allen & Unwin
Release Date2004-06
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
Pages 232
ISBN 1741153220
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Yoga: The Essence of Life is a collection of interviews with eight thought-provoking and prominent teachers of yoga. These modern yogis reflect candidly on their personal experience of the eternal quest to know the Self. From the mighty Shandor to the deity-like Muktanand, each of these teachers has walked a spiritual path that is unique. Whichever the path - on the mat performing demanding poses or at the guru's feet in silent meditation - each has confronted notions of ego and Self, of separateness and unity, of purpose and pain, and of ultimate liberation. This book gives the dedicated yoga student and curious reader alike the chance to listen to the wisdom of these teachers. To hear their inner-most thoughts, and to glimpse a little of the essence of life according to the philosophy of yoga from those who have lived it.

The Book To Grasp the Essence of Life
The Author R. Hausmann
The Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date2013-06-29
Genre Science
Pages 332
ISBN 9789401735407
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: 50 years of DNA double helix; what was before, and afterwards The present book, although written mainly for science students and research scientists, is also aimed at those readers who look at science, not for its own sake, but in search of a better understanding of our world in general. What were the fundamental questions asked by the early pioneers of molecular biology? What made them tick for decades, trying to elucidate the basic mechanisms of heredity and life itself? In each chapter, the development of a particular aspect of modern biology is described in a historical and logical context, not missing to take into account human aspects of the protagonists of the story. At the end of each chapter, there are some excursus with additional information, technical and otherwise, which can be read separately. The book is enriched with many illustrations, including facsimile reproductions from the original descriptions of key experiments.

The Book The Essence of Life
The Author Bee G. Gwynn M.D
The Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date2012-02-09
Genre Science
Pages 96
ISBN 9781469163765
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book is a synopsis of paleontology. It has not been written for scientists. Their contributions are herein utilized. It has been written primarily for the young, perhaps middle school to high school as well as for adults who are young at heart. Adults who have chosen other pathways for accruing a livelihood and who might just now begin to wonder how earth, life, all this, began and evolved. The work has been simplified in order to render it more likely to be read and understood by the non-scientist.

The Book Lao Cooking and the Essence of Life
The Author Xaixana Champanakone
The Publisher BookBaby
Release Date2014-03-06
Genre Cooking
Pages 240
ISBN 9781483522609
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The Lao Way of Living, so intimately in touch and in tune with nature, will lead you to an understanding of the Lao Way of Cooking. The chapter LAOS Today is a start; after that get into details with Cooking Meditation. Here I make an attempt at interpreting, i.e. translating into and explaining in English, Lao cooking terminology and the characteristics of various dishes. These terms are forever fluid, overlapping and interchanging, truly reflecting the easygoing way of Lao life, the unimportant-ness of it all. The Lao music will put you in the mood and the slideshow will put you in the picture.

The Book The Essence of Life
The Author Madonna Grace Beston
The Publisher
Release Date2006-12
Genre Poetry
Pages 84
ISBN 1425956297
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In Search of Green provides the nuts and bolts of the things you need to do to start and maintain a successful investment club. We want to make your journey as easy as possible. We think of forming a club very much in the same way as planting a garden which will bear fruit. Your story begins when you form your club.

The Book The essence of life
The Author
The Publisher Krishna Prakashan Media
Release Date2002*
Genre Life
Pages 152
ISBN 817933127X
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The Essence of Life
The Author M. Azizur Rahman
The Publisher Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency
Release Date
Pages 248
ISBN 9781631359866
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The poems in The Essence of Life are didactic. Most are written about proverbs and aphorisms, and provide a realistic view of life. They take a look at the world with keen observations based on the author’s experience and understanding of various issues. Proverbs and aphorisms are compact descriptions of experience. As such, the poems elaborate these compact descriptions, asking the reader to go beyond the proverbs and clichés to understand life as we live it. Readers will find interesting explanations and advice on numerous topics. Expectations from the poems are met with theoretical rhetoric. Those wanting to know full details of the proverbs are shown the sayings as explanations of life. This incisive book of poetry looks at life from all perspectives and accomplishes it quite wisely.

The Book Nourishing the Essence of Life
The Author Eva Wong
The Publisher Shambhala Publications
Release Date2004-03-02
Genre Religion
Pages 112
ISBN 0834826488
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The teachings of Taoism, China's great wisdom tradition, apply to every aspect of life, from the physical to the spiritual—and include instruction on everything from lifestyle (a life of simplicity and moderation is best) to the work of inner alchemy that is said to lead to longevity and immortality. Here, Eva Wong presents and explains three classic texts on understanding the Tao in the macrocosm of the universe and the microcosm of the body that provide an excellent overview of the three traditional levels of the Taoist teachings—Outer, Inner, and Secret. The Outer teachings are concerned with understanding the Tao as manifested in nature and society. They are easily accessible to the layperson and consist of the Taoist philosophy of nature and humanity, advice on daily living, and a brief introduction to the beginning stages of Taoist meditation. The Inner teachings familiarize the practitioner with the energetic structure of the human body and introduce methods of stilling the mind and cultivating internal energy for health and longevity. The Secret teachings describe the highest level of internal-alchemical transformations within the body and mind for attaining immortality.

The Book The Essence of Santa Fe
The Author Jerilou Hammett
The Publisher Gibbs Smith
Release Date2005-01-18
Genre Architecture
Pages 247
ISBN 9781586854065
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: An exploration of the developments that took a unique and sustainable way of life and turned it into the style of modern-day Santa Fe blends historic and contemporary photographs to unveil the undeniable magic of this charming city.

The Book JUPO
The Author Jacob B. Cowling
The Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date2013-03-27
Genre Self-Help
Pages 69
ISBN 9781483615523
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This story is a recount of a young man’s life over a period of five days. From the constraints of his own mind, Sam Thomas manages to find a way to open up to the mysteries around him through a series of meditative practices. Each day is a new discovery, until he finally uncovers JUPO - the essence of life.

The Book Water the Essence of Life
The Author Robert A. Bakish
The Publisher
Release Date1981
Genre Saline water conversion
ISBN OCLC:35377788
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Emotion The Essence Of Life
The Author Kuldip Kumar Dhiman
The Publisher Unistar Books
Release Date2008-01-01
Genre Emotions
Pages 160
ISBN 8189899767
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Tham Khwan
The Author Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Publisher
Release Date1982
Genre Animism
Pages 172
ISBN UCSC:32106015107805
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The Essence of Life
The Author Verna E. Penn
The Publisher
Release Date1976
Genre British Virgin Islands poetry
Pages 17
ISBN UTEXAS:059173022980938
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Ain Al Hayat the Essence of Life
The Author Allamah Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi
The Publisher Lulu Press, Inc
Release Date2014-09-23
Genre Religion
ISBN 9781312538757
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Allama Muhammad Al-Baqir Majlisi was a scion of a very erudite family. His ancestor was Maqsood ‘Ali Majlisi who migrated from Jabal Aamil to Isfahan city in Iran. He had two sons, Muhammad Taqi and Muhammad As-Sadiq. Both of them received instruction in Islamic Studies from Allama Abdallah Shustari. Allama Muhammad Taqi Majlisi, himself an erudite Islamic Scholar, was the father of Allama Muhammad Al-Baqir Majlisi. Allama Al-Baqir was born in the year 1037 H (1616 AD). He opened his eyes in a scholarly atmosphere. His two elder brothers, Mulla Azizullah and Mulla Abdallah were scholars of high repute and his sisters too were ladies of high learning. Within no time, the young Muhammad Al-Baqir acquired mastery in logic, philosophy, mathematic

The Book My Extraordinary Experiences
The Author Viviana Verheesen
The Publisher Balboa Press
Release Date2016-09-19
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
Pages 366
ISBN 9781504304252
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: From as young as eight years of age and continuing throughout her life, Viviana has experienced events that fall way beyond the parameters of normal everyday life. Her astonishing experiences have shown her that you are not yourself, you are not what you think you are. You are far greater and far more than you could ever possibly imagine. Vivianas experiences will challenge your views on reality, science, spirituality, and just about everything you believe is true. Through sharing her story with you, you will be offered a fresh new look at the world around you and how you operate within it. This book will inspire a powerful shift in perception as you discover just how equally amazing, unique, and important you are, in the greater scheme of things.

The Book Sacrifice
The Author John W. Abell
The Publisher WestBow Press
Release Date2013-04
Genre Religion
Pages 210
ISBN 9781449789923
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The concept of sacrifice has been part of the human condition since before recorded time. Dating back to the earliest civilizations, sacrifices have been made for personal, religious, or social reasons. From archaeological records, evidence of the sacrifice of food, grains, animals, and even humans is well documented. From Mesopotamia to Egypt, from the Mayans to the Aztecs, they all exhibited some forms of sacrifice for a variety of reasons. As citizens of the United States, we have a unique perspective on the concept of sacrifice. Sacrifice has been engrained into the minds of Americans for over three hundred years, resulting in the forging of an American culture and eventually a nation based on the principles of freedom, justice, and liberty. Then there are those Americans who have given the last full measure of sacrifice for our country, our way of life, and the ideals upon which this country was founded. In his first published work, John Abell has taken a fresh look at the concept of sacrifice. In "Sacrifice, the Essence of Life, " John Abell gives numerous examples of heroic personal sacrifices made throughout American history. There are many true stories. From the American Revolution to modern-day acts of sacrifice, Abell helps us to be reminded that our country exists today because there have been literally millions throughout our nation's history who made extreme sacrifices that were the foundation for the blessings of liberty that we experience every day. Finally, Abell brings the reader to a predetermined place of reckoning, focusing on the concept of sacrifice and the mystery behind it all. What is the greatest example of sacrifice that we can learn from history? Is sacrifice a basic, fundamental, or even necessary ingredient to the human experience? John Abell believes sacrifice is fundamental to human existence, and in "Sacrifice, the Essence of Life, " he will explain why.

The Book Essence of Life
The Publisher
Release Date2017-10-19
ISBN 8854412031
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The expressive power of words is sometimes underestimated. They can change or mark a life. Proofs of this are the words that were spoken by celebrities and prominent people: they immediately became part of the patrimony of thousands of people, transforming into essential sources of inspiration. This new series collects precisely these quotes. It is characterised by an original, communicative and colorful design, in which words become shape and graphic elements and they melt with elegant illustrations. Words and drawings become one, a single strong communicative message that opens to various interpretations. Each page will be able to inspire the reader, who will be captured by the words and attracted by the illustrations and colors that he/she will observe. The pursuit of happiness, the essential experiences of life, the serenity that is acquired while being in Nature: three topics for three titles that surely will amaze and inspire. AUTHOR: Studio Ianus is an indipendent studio based in Milan, born from the meeting of two creative souls. Founded in 2015 by Stefano Agabio and Stefano Pietramala, it is specialised in illustration and animation for art direction, branding, packaging, editorial design and advertising.

The Book The Essence of Life s Journey
The Author Kayan Smith
The Publisher WestBow Press
Release Date2012-06
Genre Religion
Pages 202
ISBN 9781449753603
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Have you found and experienced the essence of life's journey? In all your pursuits, you can never find any greater reason for living than this. Outside of this experience, you can never really possess endless, boundless joy and fulfillment. All that gives life its true meaning, purpose, and value is wrapped up in The Essence of Life's Journey. This book unlocks the very key to our existence on Earth and throughout eternity. It points to the solution that will unleash spiritual blessings beyond even what your human mind can now conceive. It offers the very solution to living life at its highest altitude and exploiting the very best that life can ever offer. Isn't this everybody's greatest need and desire? Isn't this truly your heartfelt desire? Isn't it what your life demands and need? Why not take this opportunity to explore the essence of your life's journey?

The Book The Essence of Life
The Author Lisa Rogers
The Publisher Page Publishing Inc
Release Date2015-11-05
Genre Poetry
Pages 36
ISBN 9781682133798
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The Essence of Life is meant to be a bit of a mystery. Life as you know it holds many mysteries yet to be discovered. God inspired me to put this title of my poetry book to draw attention to what it means—the essence of life. The essence of life is all around us, drawing us closer to God Almighty, who has created us in his image. Now, I am aware that everybody has their own religious and/or spiritual beliefs, but the purpose of the title is to challenge your own beliefs. It is meant to challenge you on a deeper level of your own conscious mind. As you read my poetry book, I strongly suggest you read it at a park, sitting on a bench, with the wind flowing through your hair, or by the beach when the waves come crashing to and fro. Opening your heart and soul to what these poems mean to you will enrich your life in such a profound way. These poems will touch you in such a personal and profound way that you will surprise yourself. What is the essence of life? What will you discover about yourself by reading one or all of the poems in my poetry? God knows you will find out things about yourself and others that you did not know before.