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The Book The Baseball Whisperer
The Author Michael Tackett
The Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release Date2016-07-05
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 288
ISBN 9780544386396
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: From an award-winning journalist, a real Field of Dreams story about a legendary coach and the professional-caliber baseball program he built in America's heartland, where boys come summer after summer to be molded into ballplayers — and men Clarinda, Iowa, population 5,000, sits two hours from anything. There, between the corn fields and hog yards, is a ball field with a bronze bust of a man named Merl Eberly, a baseball whisperer who specialized in second chances and lost causes. The statue was a gift from one of Merl’s original long-shot projects, a skinny kid from the ghetto in Los Angeles who would one day become a beloved Hall-of-Fame shortstop: Ozzie Smith. The Baseball Whisperer traces the remarkable story of Merl Eberly and his Clarinda A’s baseball team, which he tended over the course of five decades, transforming them from a town team to a collegiate summer league powerhouse. Along with Ozzie Smith, future manager Bud Black, and star player Von Hayes, Merl developed scores of major league players (six of which are currently playing). In the process, Merl taught them to be men, insisting on hard work, integrity, and responsibility. More than a book about ballplayers who landed in the nation's agricultural heartland, The Baseball Whisperer is the story of a coach who puts character and dedication first, and reminds us of the best, purest form of baseball excellence.

The Book Great Detroit Sports Debates
The Author Drew Sharp
The Publisher Sports Publishing LLC
Release Date2006-01
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 245
ISBN 9781596700482
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Natives of the Motor City, "Detroit Free Press" columnist Sharp and "Detroit News" feature writer and morning radio talk-show host Foster take on the top Detroit sports debates of all time.

The Book Ninety Percent Mental
The Author Bob Tewksbury
The Publisher Hachette UK
Release Date2018-03-20
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 256
ISBN 9780738234939
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Former Major League pitcher and mental skills coach for two of baseball's legendary franchises (the Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants) Bob Tewksbury takes fans inside the psychology of baseball. In Ninety Percent Mental, Bob Tewksbury shows readers a side of the game only he can provide, given his singular background as both a longtime MLB pitcher and a mental skills coach for two of the sport's most fabled franchises, the Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants. Fans watching the game on television or even at the stadium don't have access to the mind games a pitcher must play in order to get through an at-bat, an inning, a game. Tewksbury explores the fascinating psychology behind baseball, such as how players use techniques of imagery, self-awareness, and strategic thinking to maximize performance, and how a pitcher's strategy changes throughout a game. He also offers an in-depth look into some of baseball's most monumental moments and intimate anecdotes from a "who's who" of the game, including legendary players who Tewksbury played with and against (such as Mark McGwire, Craig Biggio, and Greg Maddux), game-changing managers and executives (Joe Torre, Bruce Bochy, Brian Sabean), and current star players (Jon Lester, Anthony Rizzo, Andrew Miller, Rich Hill). With Tewksbury's esoteric knowledge as a thinking-fan's player and his expertise as a "baseball whisperer", this entertaining book is perfect for any fan who wants to see the game in a way he or she has never seen it before. Ninety Percent Mental will deliver an unprecedented look at the mound games and mind games of Major League Baseball.

The Book The Tiger Whisperer
The Author Belea T. Keeney
The Publisher JMS Books LLC
Release Date2014-06-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 274
ISBN 9781611525908
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A man. A tiger. A tornado. Jared Montaine owns a big cat rescue in Florida and faces financial pressures, getting over his ex-wife, and the challenge of suburbia creeping ever closer to his enclave for the animals. But when a tornado wrecks part of the refuge, Jared's worst fear comes to life: his Siberian tiger, Sultan, escapes. It's a big cat handler’s nightmare: a tiger on the loose, confused, lost -- and hungry. Jared races against the police, the media, and the hysterical public, all of whom are clamoring for the tiger's hide. He must re-capture Sultan before the cat is killed -- by traffic, by SWAT, or by a civilian who just wants to shoot a tiger. With fellow wildlife handlers at his side, Jared fights desperately to find and capture Sultan before the tiger injures or kills a human. Because that would lead to his worst nightmare -- having to kill the tiger he hand-raised from a cub. Jared’s commitment is tested -- to his animals, his refuge, and his belief that saving the life of even one tiger is worth losing everything.

The Author Richard Droppo
The Publisher AuthorHouse
Release Date2011-10-21
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 544
ISBN 9781467035163
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: One morning I shared a flight to Montreal with a fallen Soldier on his final journey home from Afghanistan. It was a very powerful experience! Meanwhile, our entire Country is up in arms about the poor treatment of Detainees! But don’t despair – help is on the way. Religious leaders are parading around blessing people and praying that peace will soon be delivered by someone up above. That should work! Some things are just plain stupid or just plain wrong. I just can’t pass them by! Our Governments have legislated us right out of our jobs, and continue to deliberately outsource our work to low wage overseas Countries. They still just don’t get it! But there is a lot more to that story you haven’t heard yet! When I was a kid I asked Santa Claus for a new set of goalie pads and he came through for me. I also prayed every night for God to save my Granny and my Grandfather and my Father, and he failed me. Would bigger collection plates have helped? Now it’s time to put it all into perspective. What’s it all for? Someday in the near future, it’ll be me at the front of the church. They’ll all be there --- won’t they??? Forever! isn’t happening the way we hoped. As they close my lid Forever!, what will they all really think of my life? Was it really just – All about ME?

The Book Dog Whisperer The Rescue
The Author Nicholas Edwards
The Publisher Square Fish
Release Date2009-04-27
Genre Juvenile Fiction
Pages 224
ISBN 9781466817340
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: An adopted girl, an abandoned dog -- together, can they save lives? 12-year old Emily has dreams of drowning. Night after night, she's being sucked under -- until the third night. She realizes it's not just a dream. It's really happening to someone -- or something. On the rocky shore outside her house, Emily finds a large dog. He's barely alive, but she's determined to save him. She can feel his pain—and his determination to live. The dog is brought to the vet. And with Emily's help, he starts to improve. But is the bond between the girl and her dog something more? She can see what he sees, feel what he feels. And Zack seems to be able to read her mind, too. Is it possible that together, Emily and Zack can do more than read each other's minds? Can they turn their powers to helping other people? Part adventure, part animal story, Dog Whisperer: The Rescue explorers the connection one orphan can feel for another.

The Book The Teen Whisperer
The Author Mike Linderman
The Publisher Harper Collins
Release Date2009-10-13
Genre Family & Relationships
Pages 320
ISBN 9780061755286
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Mike Linderman is a teen therapist unlike any other. A real-life cowboy, he wakes up at the crack of dawn, works the cattle on his ranch, and then counsels some of the country's most troubled teens, approaching them with a unique blend of down-home honesty, straight-talk discipline, and pure intention that is rarely found in a therapist's office. Most of the teens Mike treats are angry, abused, violent, and dangerous, yet despite their difficult pasts, he has achieved extraordinary success with them, helping to turn their lives around and earning him the nickname the "Teen Whisperer." In this book, he shares the secrets behind his success with parents everywhere, demonstrating how his regimen of hard work, integrity, and effective communication has turned seriously at-risk kids into loving, well-balanced, and productive teens. More than just a plan to rein in bad behavior, The Teen Whisperer deconstructs the emotional barriers that adolescence has placed between you and your child, helping you work with teens on their level—instead of simply treating them as subordinates. With this straightforward and open perspective, both you and your teen will learn to offer each other mutual respect and kindness, as you work together to heal the troubled hearts of your family.

The Book Death of a Dog Whisperer
The Author Laurien Berenson
The Publisher Kensington Books
Release Date2014-08-26
Genre Fiction
Pages 304
ISBN 9780758284570
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "If you like dogs, you'll love Laurien Berenson's Melanie Travis mysteries!" --Joanne Fluke, New York Times bestselling author Between her boisterous sons and a house full of Poodles, there's never a dull moment for Melanie Travis. But no matter how hectic life gets, she can always pick up the scent of a howling good mystery--and she'll stop at nothing to dig up the truth. . . It's summer in Connecticut, and Melanie's life has become an endless string of dog shows, soccer camp, and the antics of her energetic toddler. She hardly has time to pay much attention to her Aunt Peg's new protégé, Nick Walden, a self-proclaimed "dog whisperer" with an uncanny gift for decoding dog-speak. The well-heeled dog owners of Fairfield County are lapping up his alleged talents, anxious to discover exactly what their pampered pets are thinking--that is until the pooches start spilling their secrets. When Nick is discovered dead in his home, his sister Claire enlists Melanie to help track down the killer. Now, as she juggles the demands of marriage and motherhood--not to mention her six beloved Poodles--Melanie can scarcely even begin to nose through the growing list of suspects. But just when she thinks she's barking up the wrong tree, she'll find herself face to face with a purebred murderer. . . Praise For Laurien Berenson And Her Melanie Travis Mysteries! "Laurien Berenson just keeps getting better and better." --Harlan Coben "Berenson throws dog lovers a treat they will relish." --Publishers Weekly "A wonderful reason to celebrate--Melanie Travis is back on the job in this always charming and clever series." --Earlene Fowler, author of The Road to Cardinal Valley and the Benni Harper mysteries "A special treat." --Library Journal "Delightful. . .Four paws for this one." --Carolyn Hart "Fun reading." --Dog News PRAISE FOR GONE WITH THE WOOF "A sprightly pooch-packed escapade. With unexpected twists, humor, and a wealth of information about the story's milieu, Berenson wraps up this caper in a tail-wagging finale." —Publishers Weekly "Berenson, who has a nose for balancing fun and fright, devises another story that will appeal to dog aficionados and cozy lovers alike." —Kirkus "Berenson's canine frame story will have dog lovers' tails wagging, and it doesn't detract from either the savvy heroine or the smart mystery." —Booklist "A wonderful novel. Even better if you read it with a dog on your lap." —Suspense Magazine

The Book De paardenfluisteraar
The Author Nicholas Evans
The Publisher Boekerij
Release Date2011-10-09
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9789460926518
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Een enorme truck met oplegger rijdt door een besneeuwd landschap. Niet ver van de weg rijdt een meisje op haar paard door de maagdelijk witte heuvels. De sneeuw knispert onder de hoeven, maar hier en daar, ook bij de kruising waar de truck nadert, is het verraderlijk glad. In enkele fatale seconden wordt het leven van een gezin verwoest. Hoewel de 13-jarige Grace en haar paard Pilgrim ernstig gewond zijn, overleven ze het ongeluk. Annie, de moeder van Grace, gaat voor hen beiden op zoek naar heling en genezing. Haar odyssee brengt haar bij een bijzondere man: Tom Booker, de paardenfluisteraar. In de weken die volgen zullen de levens van alle betrokkenen voor altijd veranderen.

The Book Fatwa
The Author Jacky Trevane
The Publisher Overamstel Uitgevers
Release Date2013-02-20
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 259
ISBN 9789044341263
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Jacky was 23 toen ze in Egypte aankwam voor een vakantie met haar vriend Dave. Ze kon onmogelijk vermoeden dat een onschuldige vakantie zou veranderen in een nachtmerrie. Terwijl ze Dave kwijtraakt in het gewoel van een drukke straat, valt Jacky en verzwikt ze haar enkel. Ze wordt geholpen door Omar, een galante, knappe Egyptenaar. Het is liefde op het eerste gezicht. Hij neemt haar mee naar huis, waar Jacky gastvrij door de familie wordt ontvangen. Binnen tien dagen trouwt ze met Omar. Daarna keert ze terug naar haar ouders in Engeland. Tegen het advies van haar ouders in reist ze terug naar Cairo en bekeert zich tot de islam. Hoewel ze hoopvol is en vol plannen zit, verandert Jackys droom in een verstikking. Zes jaar lang mishandelt Omar haar en pleegt hij emotionele chantage. Dan beslist Jacky met haar twee kleine dochters te ontsnappen, maar hoe? Jacky Trevane leeft in Engeland onder de schaduw van een doodsbedreiging. Ze moet zichzelf en haar dochters elke minuut van de dag beschermen, want de Fatwa houdt nog steeds stand. Vandaar dat ze haar waargebeurde, traumatische verhaal onder pseudoniem schreef. Fatwa is een huiveringwekkende leeservaring in de traditie van Not without my daughter.

The Book Future Sex
The Author Emily Witt
The Publisher Amsterdam University Press
Release Date2017-06-23
Genre Social Science
ISBN 9789048536948
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Liefde, vrouw zijn en seksualiteit, en de millennial dating cultuur. Vol onconventionele opvattingen over seks en de alleenstaande vrouw. Voor de lezers van 'I Love Dick' van Chris Kraus. Met voorwoord van Simone van Saarloos.

The Book Wisconsin footsteps
The Author Esther Menn
The Publisher
Release Date1989
Genre History
Pages 334
ISBN WISC:89064495989
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book App Inventor 2
The Author David Wolber
The Publisher "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Release Date2014-10-13
Genre Computers
Pages 362
ISBN 9781491907221
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Yes, you can create your own apps for Android devices—and it’s easy to do. This extraordinary book introduces you to App Inventor 2, a powerful visual tool that lets anyone build apps. Learn App Inventor basics hands-on with step-by-step instructions for building more than a dozen fun projects, including a text answering machine app, a quiz app, and an app for finding your parked car! The second half of the book features an Inventor’s Manual to help you understand the fundamentals of app building and computer science. App Inventor 2 makes an excellent textbook for beginners and experienced developers alike. Use programming blocks to build apps—like working on a puzzle Create custom multi-media quizzes and study guides Design games and other apps with 2D graphics and animation Make a custom tour of your city, school, or workplace Control a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT robot with your phone Build location-aware apps by working with your phone’s sensors Explore apps that incorporate information from the Web

The Book The Knight of Dark Wood
The Author Betty I. Ledbetter
The Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date2010-07-16
Genre Fiction
Pages 248
ISBN 9781477176900
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: River Dudek was born with a giftto hear the thoughts of trees. After befriending a giant oak tree named Old Man, he learns that civilization is on the fringes of environmental and psychological self-destruction. The messages he receives from Old Man takes him on a life-long journey of challenging and awakening adventures of truth and discovery. After a series of fortuitous meetings with some enigmatic characters, including a ventriloquist psychiatrist, an ex-panther kindergarten teacher, a pre-teen voodoo practitioner, and a flower-loving marine officer, he sets out on a mission to find Dark Wood, a mysterious tree that harbors the long lost secrets of our ancestors recorded in a vast biological network the trees call The Ring. As he begins to solve the clues leading up to the location of Dark Wood, he struggles with his sanity and uncovers the identity of the last tree whisperersomething that will change his life forever, and quite possibly the fate of the entire world.

The Book Cesar de leider van het roedel
The Author Cesar Millan
The Publisher Overamstel Uitgevers
Release Date2011-09-15
Genre Pets
ISBN 9789044333329
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In Cesar, de leider van het roedel gaat Cesar Millan verder in op de vaardigheden en inzichten die elke hondenbezitter nodig heeft om een echte ¿pack leader¿ te worden. Cesar geeft aan hoe belangrijk het is om kalme en zelfbewuste energie uit te stralen, dat vormt de basis van zijn methode. Hij laat zien hoe je die energie optimaal inzet en hoe dat niet alleen bij honden maar ook bij mensen werkt. In dit boek beantwoordt Cesar talloze vragen uit zijn praktijk en geeft een schat aan praktische tips. Met succesverhalen van Cesars cliënten, kijkers en fans, waaronder de familie Grogan, die bekend werd door het boek en de film Marley & Me.

The Book De kinderen van het armenhuis
The Author Jennifer Worth
The Publisher Ambo|Anthos
Release Date2014-05-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9789047204480
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Het vervolg op de bestseller Haal de vroedvrouw! en de basis voor de tv-serie Call the Midwife Jennifer Worth (in de tv-serie `Call the Midwife Jenny Lee), die in de jaren vijftig vroedvrouw was in de East End van Londen, vertelt in dit vervolg op `Haal de vroedvrouw! nog meer verhalen over de mensen met wie ze te maken kreeg. Zoals Peggy en Frank, wier ouders binnen zes maanden na elkaar stierven waarna er geen andere optie was dan het armenhuis. En zuster Monica Joan, de excentrieke oude non die wordt verdacht van winkeldiefstal. Het zijn verhalen van onvoorstelbare ontberingen, maar `De kinderen van het armenhuis is een boek over de veerkracht van de menselijke geest, en de moed en humor van de mensen die ondanks alles vastbesloten zijn een toekomst voor zichzelf op te bouwen.

The Book De gebroeders Wright
The Author David McCullough
The Publisher Spectrum
Release Date2015-09-04
Genre History
ISBN 9789000346851
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: ‘Met hen begon een nieuw tijdperk. McCullough prikkelt met deze dubbelbiografie de verbeelding.’ James Salter in The New York Review of Books Op een winterdag in 1903, in de afgelegen Outer Banks van North Carolina, schreven twee onbekende broers uit Ohio geschiedenis. Ze vlogen in een machine die zwaarder was dan de lucht, werd aangedreven door een motor en bestuurd door een piloot. Het was het begin van het tijdperk van de luchtvaart. David McCullough, tweevoudig winnaar van de Pulitzerprijs, vertelt het verrassende en ontroerende verhaal van Wilbur en Orville Wright. De gebroeders Wright openden in 1893 in Dayton, Ohio, een fietsenwinkel met werkplaats. De fiets was dé nieuwe rage. Hun eerste gezamenlijke onderneming was het bouwen van een eigen fiets, maar hun grote passie was vliegen. ‘Een mens vliegt niet en zal ook nooit vliegen’ was de overtuiging in 1900. De broers dachten daar anders over. Ze lazen alles wat er te lezen was over vliegen, bestudeerden de vleugelbewegingen van vogels en zetten in de fietsenwerkplaats hun eerste vliegtuig in elkaar. Vertrouwend op hun unieke talenten en technisch inzicht hielden zij vast aan hun droom ‘de lucht in te gaan’. Met buitengewoon veel moed, inventiviteit, doorzettingsvermogen en een onuitputtelijke nieuwsgierigheid overwonnen ze alle obstakels. Niets kon ze van hun doel afhouden. David McCullough baseerde zich onder meer op dagboeken, aantekeningen en meer dan duizend brieven van de familie Wright. De gebroeders Wright is een spannend avontuur, verteld door de meesterverteller van de Verenigde Staten, dat tegelijkertijd een prachtig tijdsbeeld geeft van het begin van de 20e eeuw. ‘Het fascinerende verhaal achter de geboorte van de luchtvaart. De gebroeders Wright waren zowel bevlogen als bescheiden en die zeldzame combinatie bracht ze tot nuchtere en cruciale inzichten.’ Benno Baksteen, voormalig gezagvoerder KLM en voorzitter Dutch Expert Group Aviation Safety (DEGAS)

The Book De kunst van het veldspel
The Author Chad Harbach
The Publisher Bezige Bij b.v., Uitgeverij De
Release Date2012-01-24
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9789023476344
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Westish College, een kleine universiteit aan de oever van Lake Michigan. De jonge, getalenteerde honkballer Henry Skrimshander is voorbestemd om een ster te worden. Maar wanneer tijdens een wedstrijd een routineworp van zijn hand verkeerd uitvalt, nemen vijf levens een andere wending. Henry's groeiende gebrek aan zelfvertrouwen lijkt zijn veelbelovende toekomst te ruïneren. Het hoofd van de universiteit, de eeuwige vrijgezel Guert Affenlight, wordt onverwacht verliefd. Owen Dunne, Henry's homoseksuele kamergenoot, raakt verwikkeld in een gevaarlijke affaire. Mike Schwartz, de aanvoerder van het honkbalteam en Henry's beste vriend, beseft dat zijn carrière in gevaar komt als hij Henry blijft steunen. En Pella Affenlight, Guerts dochter, keert na een mislukt huwelijk terug naar Westish, vastberaden een nieuw leven te beginnen. Tijdens het honkbalseizoen ontstaan nieuwe relaties tussen deze vijf onvergetelijke personages die elkaar uiteindelijk helpen hun weg te vinden. De kunst van het veldspel is een intelligente, warme roman over ambitie, familie, vriendschap en liefde en is de gedroomde entree van een groot schrijver.

The Book Het besef van een moeder
The Author Sue Klebold
The Publisher Lev.
Release Date2016-02-18
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 9789044974690
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: ‘**** Sue Klebold schreef een erg moedig boek. [...] eerlijk, [...] aangrijpend. IJzingwekkend relaas van de moeder van een van de jongens die 13 mensen doodden op Columbine High School. -NRC Handelsblad ‘Ontroerend en aangrijpend.’ -Trouw ‘Sue Klebold durft in Het besef van een moeder ambigu te zijn, en dat is wat haar boek zo boeiend maakt.’ -Vrij Nederland

The Book Television Guide
The Author
The Publisher
Release Date2007-01
Genre Television programs
ISBN IND:30000107289278
Language English, Spanish, And French