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The Book Shaping space
The Author Marjorie Senechal
The Publisher Birkhauser
Release Date1988
Genre Art
Pages 284
ISBN UOM:39015017292759
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Shaping Space
The Author Marie Brennan
The Publisher
Release Date1997
Genre Architecture
Pages 295
ISBN 0950462845
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Shaping Space
The Author Paul Zelanski
The Publisher Wadsworth Publishing Company
Release Date1995
Genre Art
Pages 269
ISBN 0030765463
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: As a guide to introductory three-dimensional design or sculpture, SHAPING SPACE offers an in-depth exploration of the aesthetic and practical considerations of working in three dimensions. Discussions of technique cover a range of media, including assorted fibers, ceramics, and even virtual design using the computer as a tool. Suggested studio projects provide structured assignments that relate directly to textual materials.

The Book The Houses of Roman Italy 100 B C A D 250
The Author John R. Clarke
The Publisher Univ of California Press
Release Date1991
Genre Architecture
Pages 411
ISBN 0520084292
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Extensively documented with well-chosen, good quality photographs, Clarke's book effectively surveys these representative examples from the Late Republic to the Late Empire, illustrating the shift in the agendas of decoration as well as in the patterns of the lives played out behind closed doors within these highly charged domestic interiors."--Richard Brilliant, author of Visual Narratives: Storytelling in Etruscan & Roman Art "An enlightening and engaging walk through Roman cultural history. . . .This book will be essential to anyone interested in the classical past, in artistic ensembles, or in the experience of architecture."--Diane Favro, University of California, Los Angeles "Real experts in Roman painting are few. This book should be very welcome to Roman art historians and social historians wanting to present this material to their students."--Eleanor Winsor Leach, author of The Rhetoric of Space

The Book Shaping of Space Structures
The Author Janusz Rębielak
The Publisher
Release Date2005
Genre Space frame structures
Pages 298
ISBN 8370858651
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Working Space
The Author Frank Stella
The Publisher Harvard University Press
Release Date1986
Genre Art
Pages 177
ISBN 0674959612
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A prominent abstract painter, through the use of illustrations, draws a parallel between the sixteenth-century crisis in figurative painting and the current pivotal status of abstract art

The Book American Architectural History
The Author Keith Eggener
The Publisher Psychology Press
Release Date2004
Genre Architecture
Pages 449
ISBN 0415306957
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book presents a collection of recent writings on architecture and urbanism in the United States, with topics ranging from colonial to contemporary times.

The Book Narrative Art in the Bible
The Author Shimeon Bar-Efrat
The Publisher A&C Black
Release Date1989-01-01
Genre Bible
Pages 295
ISBN 9781850751335
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "This new series is designed with the needs of introductory level students in mind. It will also appeal to general readers who want to be better informed about the latest advances in our understanding of the Bible and of the intellectual, political and religious world in which it was formed." "The authors in this series bring to light the methods and insights of a whole range of disciplines - including archaeology, history, literary criticism and the social sciences - while also introducing fresh insights and approaches arising from their own research."--BOOK JACKET.

The Book Hypercrime
The Author Michael McGuire
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2007-12-06
Genre Law
Pages 400
ISBN 9781135330989
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Hypercrime develops a new theoretical approach toward current reformulations in criminal behaviours, in particular the phenomenon of cybercrime. Emphasizing a spatialized conception of deviance, one that clarifies the continuities between crime in the traditional, physical context and developing spaces of interaction such as a 'cyberspace', this book analyzes criminal behaviours in terms of the destructions, degradations or incursions to a hierarchy of regions that define our social world. Each chapter outlines violations to the boundaries of each of these spaces - from those defined by our bodies or our property, to the more subtle borders of the local and global spaces we inhabit. By treating cybercrime as but one instance of various possible criminal virtualities, the book develops a general theoretical framework, as equally applicable to the, as yet unrealized, technologies of criminal behaviour of the next century, as it is to those which relate to contemporary computer networks. Cybercrime is thereby conceptualized as one of a variety of geometries of harm, merely the latest of many that have extended opportunities for illicit gain in the physical world. Hypercrime offers a radical critique of the narrow conceptions of cybercrime offered by current justice systems and challenges the governing presumptions about the nature of the threat posed by it. Runner-up for the British Society of Criminology Book Prize (2008).

The Book Space Transportation
The Author Walter Edward Hammond
The Publisher AIAA
Release Date1999
Genre Astronautics
Pages 711
ISBN 1600861105
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Companion CD-ROM contains software for mission and life cycle cost analysis (OSAMS).

The Book Space and Security
The Author Peter L. Hays
The Publisher ABC-CLIO
Release Date2011
Genre Technology & Engineering
Pages 289
ISBN 9781598844214
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This thorough examination of the roots and motivations for U.S. national security space policy provides an essential foundation for considering current space security issues. * Provides a succinct analysis of key current national security space issues that includes all key national security space policy statements from 1955 to the present day * Presents an extensive chronology of events from the mid-20th century to the present * Contains 45 biographies of politicians, NASA officials, and military personnel who have shaped U.S. space policy * Includes a descriptive directory of government and private organizations, including advocacy groups, government agencies, and advisory committees

The Book Aerospace Robotics II
The Author Jerzy Sąsiadek
The Publisher Springer
Release Date2015-02-14
Genre Technology & Engineering
Pages 198
ISBN 9783319138534
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book presents a selection of conference contributions from CARO’13 (Conference on Aerospace Robotics), which was held in Warsaw from July 1 to 3, 2013. It presents the most important and crucial problems of space automation in context of future exploration programs. These programs could involve such issues as space situational awareness program, planetary protection, exploitation of minerals, assembly, manufacturing, and search for new habitable location for next human generations. The future exploration of Space and related activities will involve robots. In particular, new autonomous robots need to be developed with high degree of intelligence. Such robots would make space exploration possible but also they would make space automation an important factor in variety of activities related to Space.

The Book Handbook for Liturgical Studies Liturgical time and space
The Author Anscar J. Chupungco
The Publisher Liturgical Press
Release Date2000
Genre Religion
Pages 420
ISBN 0814661653
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The final volume in the Handbook for Liturgical Studies series, Volume V: Liturgical Time and Space contains the concluding material for an integral study of the liturgy. It opens with a preliminary notion of time and space, before discussing in detail three types of liturgical celebrations on which time and space have a direct and particular bearing. The first of these is the Liturgy of the Hours. This topic is developed in the light of the early Christian tradition until the fourth century and its subsequent forms in both East and West. The second is the Liturgical Year, traditionally called the anni circulas. The development of the Liturgical Year during the first four centuries is reviewed. This is followed by adetaled study of the Byzantine, Roman, and non-Roman Western tradition. It concludes with the theology and spirituality of the Liturgical Year wherein the mystery of Christ as a saving event is made present in time, so that the faithful may lay hold of it through the Word and the sacraments. The theology of liturgical space is drawn from the mutual interaction between the assembled community, which gives meaning to the place of assembly, and the place itself, which upholds and signifies community. Articles and their contributors in Part I: Liturgy of the Hours are Liturgy of the Hours in the First Four Centuries," by Ruben Leikam, OSB; "Liturgy of the Hours in the East," by Robert Taft, SJ; "Liturgy of the Hours in the Roman Rite," by Ruben Leikam, OSB; "Liturgy of the Hours in the Non-Roman West," by Ruben Leikam, OSB; and "Theology of the Liturgy of the Hours," by Robert Taft, SJ Articles and their contributors in Part II: The Liturgical Year are "The Liturgical Year in the East," by Matias Auge, CMF; "The Liturgical Year in the East," by Elena Velkova Velkovska; "The Liturgical Year in the Roman Rite," by Matias Auge, CMF; "The Liturgical Year in the Non-Roman West," by Gabriel Ramis; "The Cult of Mary in East and West," by Ignacio Calabuig, OSM; "The Cult of Saints in East and West," by Philippe Rouillard, OSB; and "Theology of the Liturgical Year," by Matias Auge, CMF Articles and their contributors in Part III:Liturgical Space are "Dedication of the Church in East and West," by Ignacio Calabuig, OSM; "Liturgical Architecture in East and West," by Crispino Valenziano; and "Theology of Liturgical Space," by Cettina Militello. Anscar J. Chupungco, OSB, is the director of the Paul VI Institute of Liturgy in the Philippines and professor of liturgical inculturation at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute in Rome. Among his publications are Liturgies of the Future: The Process and Methods of Inculturation andLiturgical Inculturation: Sacraments, Religiosity, and Catechesis, published by The Liturgical Press. "

The Book Young People and the Shaping of Public Space in Melbourne 1870 1914
The Author Simon Sleight
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2016-02-11
Genre History
Pages 294
ISBN 9781134789979
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Baby booms have a long history. In 1870, colonial Melbourne was ’perspiring juvenile humanity’ with an astonishing 42 per cent of the city’s inhabitants aged 14 and under - a demographic anomaly resulting from the gold rushes of the 1850s. Within this context, Simon Sleight enters the heated debate concerning the future prospects of ’Young Australia’ and the place of the colonial child within the incipient Australian nation. Looking beyond those institutional sites so often assessed by historians of childhood, he ranges across the outdoor city to chart the relationship between a discourse about youth, youthful experience and the shaping of new urban spaces. Play, street work, consumerism, courtship, gang-related activities and public parades are examined using a plethora of historical sources to reveal a hitherto hidden layer of city life. Capturing the voices of young people as well as those of their parents, Sleight alerts us to the ways in which young people shaped the emergent metropolis by appropriating space and attempting to impress upon the city their own desires. Here a dynamic youth culture flourished well before the discovery of the ’teenager’ in the mid-twentieth century; here young people and the city grew up together.

The Book Architecture Urban Space and War
The Author Mirjana Ristic
The Publisher Springer
Release Date2018-08-22
Genre Social Science
Pages 260
ISBN 9783319767710
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book investigates architectural and urban dimensions of the ethnic-nationalist conflict in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, during and after the siege of 1992–1995. Focusing on the wartime destruction of a portion of the cityscape in central Sarajevo and its post-war reconstruction, re-inscription and memorialization, the book reveals how such spatial transformations become complicit in the struggle for reconfiguration of the city’s territory, boundaries and place identity. Drawing on original research, the study highlights the capacities of architecture and urban space to mediate terror, violence and resistance, and to deal with heritage of the war and act a catalyst for ethnic segregation or reconciliation. Based on a multi-disciplinary methodological approach grounded in architectural and urban theory, the spatial turn in critical social theory and assemblage thinking, as well as techniques of spatial analysis, in particular morphological mapping, the book provides an innovative spatial framework for analyzing the political role of contemporary cities.

The Book Shaping the Post Soviet Space
The Author Laure Delcour
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2016-04-01
Genre Political Science
Pages 194
ISBN 9781317055808
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: While the European Union (EU) is widely perceived as a model for regional integration, the encouragement of regional co-operation also ranks high among its foreign policy priorities. Drawing on a wealth of sources and extensive fieldwork conducted in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Laure Delcour questions the pursuit of this external objective in EU policies implemented in the CIS and the existence of an EU regional vision in the post-Soviet area. She asks does the recent compartmentalization of EU policies correspond to a growing fragmentation of the former Soviet Union that cannot be considered as a region anymore? Does it rather reflect the EU's own interests in the area? Interested in exposing why the EU has not pursued a strategy of 'region-building' in the post-Soviet area, Delcour examines the disintegration dynamics affecting the area following the collapse of the USSR, the interplay between different actors and levels of action in EU foreign policy-making and the role of other region-builders. She takes a closer look at the strategic partnership with Russia, European Neighbourhood Policy, Eastern Partnership and Black Sea Synergy as a capability test for the European foreign policy to promote its foreign policy priorities and to raise a distinctive profile in the international arena.

The Book Shaping the Discourse on Space
The Author Teresita Martínez-Vergne
The Publisher University of Texas Press
Release Date1999
Genre Social Science
Pages 235
ISBN 0292752210
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: As an inchoate middle class emerged in Puerto Rico in the early nineteenth century, its members sought to control not only public space, but also the people, activities, and even attitudes that filled it. Their instruments were the San Juan town council and the Casa de Beneficencia, a state-run charitable establishment charged with responsibility for the poor. In this book, Teresita Martínez-Vergne explores how municipal officials and the Casa de Beneficencia shaped the discourse on public and private space and thereby marginalized the worthy poor and vagrants, "liberated" Africans, indigent and unruly women, and destitute children. Drawing on extensive and innovative archival research, she shows that the men who comprised the San Juan ayuntamiento and the board of charity regulated the public discourse on topics such as education, religious orthodoxy, hygiene, and family life, thereby establishing norms for "correct" social behavior and chastising the "deviant" lifestyles of the working poor. This research clarifies the ways in which San Juan's middle class defined itself in the midst of rapid social and economic change. It also offers new insights into notions of citizenship and the process of nation-building in the Caribbean.

The Book Housing Transformations
The Author Bridget Franklin
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2006-08-21
Genre Social Science
Pages 320
ISBN 9781134306633
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Drawing together a wide range of literature, this original book combines social theory with elements from the built environment disciplines to provide insight into how and why we build places and dwell in spaces that are at once contradictory, confining, liberating and illuminating. This groundbreaking book deals with topical issues, which are helpfully divided into two parts. The first presents a conceptual framework examining how the built environment derives from a variety of influences: structural, institutional, textual, and action-orientated. Using illustrated case study examples, the second part covers new build schemes, including urban villages, gated communities, foyers, retirement homes and televillages, as well as refurbishment projects, such as mental hospitals and tower blocks. Multidisciplinary in its focus, Housing Transformations will appeal to academics, students and professionals in the fields of housing, planning, architecture and urban design, as well as to social scientists with an interest in housing.

The Book War on Sacred Grounds
The Author Ron E. Hassner
The Publisher Cornell University Press
Release Date2009-08-13
Genre Political Science
Pages 248
ISBN 0801460409
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Sacred sites offer believers the possibility of communing with the divine and achieving deeper insight into their faith. Yet their spiritual and cultural importance can lead to competition as religious groups seek to exclude rivals from practicing potentially sacrilegious rituals in the hallowed space and wish to assert their own claims. Holy places thus create the potential for military, theological, or political clashes, not only between competing religious groups but also between religious groups and secular actors. In War on Sacred Grounds, Ron E. Hassner investigates the causes and properties of conflicts over sites that are both venerated and contested; he also proposes potential means for managing these disputes. Hassner illustrates a complex and poorly understood political dilemma with accounts of the failures to reach settlement at Temple Mount/Haram el-Sharif, leading to the clashes of 2000, and the competing claims of Hindus and Muslims at Ayodhya, which resulted in the destruction of the mosque there in 1992. He also addresses more successful compromises in Jerusalem in 1967 and Mecca in 1979. Sacred sites, he contends, are particularly prone to conflict because they provide valuable resources for both religious and political actors yet cannot be divided. The management of conflicts over sacred sites requires cooperation, Hassner suggests, between political leaders interested in promoting conflict resolution and religious leaders who can shape the meaning and value that sacred places hold for believers. Because a reconfiguration of sacred space requires a confluence of political will, religious authority, and a window of opportunity, it is relatively rare. Drawing on the study of religion and the study of politics in equal measure, Hassner's account offers insight into the often-violent dynamics that come into play at the places where religion and politics collide.

The Book Paradigm Found
The Author Kristian Kristiansen
The Publisher Oxbow Books
Release Date2015-01-21
Genre Social Science
Pages 288
ISBN 9781782977704
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Paradigm Found brings together papers by renowned researchers from across Europe, Asia and America to discuss a selection of pressing issues in current archaeological theory and method. The book also reviews the effects and potential of various theoretical stances in the context of prehistoric archaeology. The 23 papers provide a discussion of the issues currently re-appearing in the focal point of theoretical debates in archaeology such as the role of the discipline in the present-day society, problems of interpretation in archaeology, approaches to the study of social evolution, as well as current insights into issues in classification and construction of typologies. Taking a fresh, and often provocative, look at the challenges contemporary archaeology is facing, the contributors evaluate the effects of past developments and discuss the impact they are likely to have on future directions in archaeology as an internationally connected discipline. In its final part the volume reflects on current thinking on prehistory, using case-studies from a number of European regions and the Mediterranean, from the Neolithic to the Roman Period. The volume represents a tribute to the lifetime achievements of Professor Ev_en Neustupn_, a distinguished Czech archaeologist who contributed to the advancement of prehistoric studies in Europe and to archaeological theory and method in particular.