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The Book Season of Life
The Author Jeffrey Marx
The Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release Date2007-11-01
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 192
ISBN 9781416584810
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The bestselling inspirational book in which the author reunites with a childhood football hero, now a minister and coach, and witnesses a revelatory demonstration of the true meaning of manhood. Joe Ehrmann, a former NFL football star and volunteer coach for the Gilman high school football team, teaches his players the keys to successful defense: penetrate, pursue, punish, love. Love? A former captain of the Baltimore Colts and now an ordained minister, Ehrmann is serious about the game of football but even more serious about the purpose of life. Season of Life is his inspirational story as told by Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jeffrey Marx, who was a ballboy for the Colts when he first met Ehrmann. Ehrmann now devotes his life to teaching young men a whole new meaning of masculinity. He teaches the boys at Gilman the precepts of his Building Men for Others program: Being a man means emphasizing relationships and having a cause bigger than yourself. It means accepting responsibility and leading courageously. It means that empathy, integrity, and living a life of service to others are more important than points on a scoreboard. Decades after he first met Ehrmann, Jeffrey Marx renewed their friendship and watched his childhood hero putting his principles into action. While chronicling a season with the Gilman Greyhounds, Marx witnessed the most extraordinary sports program he’d ever seen, where players say “I love you” to each other and coaches profess their love for their players. Off the field Marx sat with Ehrmann and absorbed life lessons that led him to reexamine his own unresolved relationship with his father. Season of Life is a book about what it means to be a man of substance and impact. It is a moving story that will resonate with athletes, coaches, parents—anyone struggling to make the right choices in life.

The Book The Golden Thread
The Author Darlene Zschech
The Publisher Emanate Books
Release Date2018-11-06
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 224
ISBN 9780785219545
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Acclaimed worship artist Darlene Zschech walks readers through the valley of her cancer diagnosis, and shows us all how maintaining a posture of worship before the Lord can create an oasis in the storm. Storms are an inevitable part of life. Rain falls on both the godly and ungodly, but God is always present, always near. Darlene shares how storms are opportunities for us to go deeper in faith and call us to worship.

The Book Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life
The Author Charles R. Swindoll
The Publisher Zondervan
Release Date1994-08-01
Genre Religion
Pages 480
ISBN 9780310421412
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A devotional companion that helps you grow close to God through every season of life, in every condition of the heart.It challenges and encourages you to discover what's truly important in your own life.

The Book Edgar Cayce A Seer Out of Season
The Author Harmon Hartzell Bro
The Publisher ARE Press
Release Date2011-06-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 514
ISBN 9780876046043
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This biography of the psychic Edgar Cayce tells the story of an enigmatic farm boy with no formal education who became the soft-spoken seer who inspired so many and left a legacy of more than 14,000 documented readings behind.

The Publisher AuthorHouse
Release Date2012-05-31
Genre Religion
Pages 164
ISBN 9781468581447
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The Seasons Of My Life Inspirational Poetry is an autobiography of my life's journey from infant to adulthood in a poetry format. These autobiography events include individuals who are dear or known to me, places that I have been or hope to see, and things that have occurred or I hope to occurred in my life. For instance, I have already lived through the "Late Spring" years of my life; therefore, I have already received Christ as my Savior and Lord. In addition, I am indicating what I anticipate or would like for my final Senior years to be like. The Seasons Of My Life book is authentic and extraordinary in articulating my life in poetry format. It is a book that is exquisite for everyone (senior citizens, adults, teenagers, and children) to relate to during their four seasons of life. Its seasonal, and poetic events can or has occurred in everyone's life, and will stimulate everyone from all walks of life to live a prosperous life. This inspirational poetry book is intended to inspire and encourage us to reflect on God's grace and goodness, and to appreciate our individual uniqueness & self worth. In all of life's explicit wonders and woes, our life was not created by God to exist, but rather for us to exist by God to create beauty in our world.

The Book Seasons of a Dean s Life
The Author Walter H. Gmelch
The Publisher Stylus Publishing, LLC.
Release Date2012-03-12
Genre Education
Pages 100
ISBN 9781579227296
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: What are the demands of being a dean? What leadership development do deans need as they progress through their academic careers? How are their responsibilities changing? What are institutions looking for in applicants? This book identifies the range of leadership skills required, and illuminates the process of building leadership capacity, by drawing on interviews with over 50 sitting deans, both women and men; on the insights derived from conducting professional development seminars for several hundred deans; and on the authors’ 48 years of collective experience in eight different deanships. The abundant examples and accounts of individual deans’ leadership successes and failures, and the competences they developed along their career paths, give the reader a taste of what the deanship is really like—and how the role changes over time. In the process of gathering their data, and tracing their own and others’, administrative journeys, the authors found similarities in how deans progress as leaders, in the common rites of passage they encounter, and in the evolution of their role. They describe the stages or “seasons” of the deanship, ranging from getting started – the first three years of deanship (springtime), to hitting your stride – years four to seven of deanship (summer), and keeping the fire alive – eight years and beyond of deanship (fall), through to planning to step down and leaving the role (winter). What also emerged from the authors’ research is that most deans come to their positions without leadership training, without prior executive experience, without a clear understanding of the ambiguity of their new role, or its responsibilities. This book fills a void by offering guidance on applying for a deanship, preparing for the role, and purposefully building the needed skills and knowledge. For anyone considering taking on a deanship, this book offers a unique window into the role. For sitting deans, it offers a compass for shaping the trajectory of their careers.

The Book The Wind Chimes of Life
The Author D. A. MC Bride
The Publisher Xulon Press
Release Date2011-11
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
Pages 228
ISBN 9781619044616
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: THE WIND CHIMES OF LIFE is about life!In everyone 's personal journey there are light bulb moments of consciousness. When we come to realize that GOD is all we need Him to be in any given situation, life becomes thought-provoking, enlightening and inspiring. Life is a journey, oftentimes accompanied by the ravages of wind and rain storms or intense fog, but then the blessing of sunshine appears when finally arriving at a place of peace with GOD. He has a Word for us regardless of what we go through along the journey to our destiny.Thank GOD for Jesus!

The Book Brave
The Author Debbie Duncan
The Publisher Monarch Books
Release Date2018-03-23
Genre Religion
Pages 176
ISBN 9780857219008
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Absolute Individual Life in a Bubble
The Author Season Bubblegirl
The Publisher Fultus Corporation
Release Date2005-09-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 268
ISBN 9781596820401
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The official autobiography of Season BubbleGirl, the writer who hasn't left her home since 1997. A chemical accident left her with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), changing her life forever. Romance, challenges, medical battles, near-death experiences, achievements, and relationships: she explains in detail with nothing hidden. Learn how she turned a debilitating experience into a daily journey of hope. Find how she lives with MCS comfortably, while still achieving her goals. Read about the soul behind her harsh truth.

The Book Finding Life in the Last Season
The Author Diane Doering
The Publisher Dog Ear Publishing
Release Date2009-08
Genre Religion
Pages 172
ISBN 9781608440757
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: FINDING LIFE IN THE LAST SEASON Encouragement for the Aged and Those Who Care for Them This collection of short stories and devotions address the pain and loss of end of-life issues in a straightforward but encouraging way. With the youngest of the "baby boomers" now approaching the age of 50, the numbers of those caring for an aging loved one are growing at a staggering rate. With that grows the need for both to be understood, and to understand, this last season of life. While there is little material available to address these spiritual and emotional needs, God's word is most clear on the esteem He places on the elderly. With that in mind, Finding Life in the Last Seasonwas written to speak to the needs of this swiftly growing audience, and to impact the mission field of the elderly living in care facilities. This collection of devotions and short stories were written and shared in care facility outreaches for the aged, sick and dying over a decade of ministry, and have encouraged thousands with the truth that God's love is constant in changing circumstances; and that through Christ, there is life... even in the last season. DIANE DOERING has been a Bible teacher, retreat speaker, radio host, worship leader and is a Licensed Minister. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Diane has lived in Omaha, Nebraska since 1987. Diane and her husband, Bob, have been married for 23 years. They have two children; Matt, age 18 and Cassie, age 14. Diane and Bob Doering are the Directors of Threefold Cord Ministries, a ministry to the poor, the orphan and the widow; which ministers the gospel to the aged and dying in care facilities, and raises support for orphaned children in impoverished countries ( Threefold Cord Ministrieswas founded by Diane and Bob Doering in 2000 and they serve this work fulltime as a missionary family. This ministry is operated free from debt, with integrity, and with the sole purpose of reaching the poor, the orphan and the widow with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Book A Season in Dornoch
The Author Lorne Rubenstein
The Publisher Random House
Release Date2012-06-15
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 256
ISBN 9781780574950
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In 1977, Lorne Rubenstein, an avid golfer, travelled to Dornoch in the Scottish Highlands. Young and adrift in life, he was profoundly affected by the experience. As he writes, 'My week in Dornoch introduced me to a place with which I felt a connection. A week wasn't living there, but it was enough for Dornoch to imprint itself on my mind.' Twenty-three years later, in 2000, now an established golf writer, Rubenstein returned to Dornoch to spend an entire summer. He rented a flat close to the Royal Dornoch Golf Club and set out to explore the area on many levels. Rubenstein writes about the melancholy history of the Highland Clearances, which have left the beautiful landscape sparsely populated to this day. He writes about the friendly and sometimes eccentric people who love their town, their golf and their single malt whisky, and who delight in sharing them with visitors. But most of all he writes about a summer lived in a community where golf is king and the golf course is part of the common lands where townspeople stroll of an evening. Rubenstein is able to return to thinking of golf as play, as opposed to a game of analysis and effort. A Season in Dornoch is an affectionate portrait of a place and the people who live there, a fascinating look at golf and the spirit and skills it calls forth, and a perceptive and ultimately moving memoir of one man's quest to experience again the pure love of sport that he knew in his youth.

The Book Healing Liturgies for the Seasons of Life
The Author Abigail Rian Evans
The Publisher Westminster John Knox Press
Release Date2004
Genre Religion
Pages 486
ISBN 0664224822
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Are you looking for a new way to renew your worship, respond to the needs of the church and community, and connect with people in their passage of life--both chronological and crisis? This book offers a rich resource to you, both as a tool for worship and also devotionally as you face the deepest questions of life. Here you will find one way that the church can renew and rediscover its healing ministry. Abigail Evans, a leading specialist in bioethics and health ministries, explores how God's gift of healing is available during all seasons of a person's life and how the power of hope and healing are affirmed and redirected through liturgical services, sacraments, and rites. This distinctive resource features specific healing liturgies for injury, illness, death, separation, retirement, and a host of other major life events, from a wide variety of religious traditions.

The Book A Season in Purgatory
The Author Tony Moss
The Publisher U of Nebraska Press
Release Date2007
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 334
ISBN 9780803215962
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: At a school where basketball is king, the Villanova football team fights its opponents both on and off the field. This book tells the story of Villanova's 2005 season and of how coach Andy Talley and his team negotiate this thorny territory. It takes a broader view of the class system that exists in college football.

The Book The Seasons of God
The Author Richard Blackaby
The Publisher Multnomah Pub
Release Date2012-08-21
Genre Religion
Pages 272
ISBN 9781590529423
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Analyzes the seasons to discuss how God works in a person's life giving them good times and difficult times.

The Book Growing Season
The Author Arlene Bernstein
The Publisher Council Oak Books
Release Date2004-05
Genre Gardening
Pages 182
ISBN 1885171838
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: After losing three children, Arlene Bernstein retreated to the garden to escape her inner torment and grief - and there, in a small patch of land surrounded by the gentle rolling hills of her Napa Valley vineyard she discovered a series of remarkable insights. As she begins to feel grounded in the earth beneath her feet, her inner obstacles and challenges transform into opportunities for celebrating the joys of life. Growing Season is an invitation to live mindfully and reconnect with our deepest sources of creativity and nourishment. Reminiscent of A Gift From the Sea, this book teaches us how to slow down and notice what is right in front of us, and how to emerge from grief transformed and renewed.

The Book Fashionable Life or a Season at Cheltenham A play in five acts and in prose
The Author
The Publisher
Release Date1845
ISBN BL:A0019361868
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Season s of My Life
The Author Mary Ann Harring-Duhart
The Publisher
Release Date2012-01-01
Pages 112
ISBN 9781105440441
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book reveals the seasons of the world's greatest spiritual writer of this generation's life. In this, her tenth book, she brings you beautiful poetic style, through her true to life experiences and the feelings that she has lived. She holds nothing back; the poetry comes from within the inner depths of her soul. Mary Ann has a love of God which cannot be denied. She has great knowledge of Bible verses and displays some as she uses them in comments at the end of a poem. She also provides a full glossary of the poetic forms/styles used in the book. It comes as no surprise that she has created some of these forms herself. Learn about life and struggles and how Mary Ann is able to get through whatever is set before her through her faith in the Lord.

The Book The Boy s Summer Book Descriptive of the Season Scenery Rural Life and Country Amusements
The Author Thomas MILLER (Miscellaneous Writer.)
The Publisher
Release Date1846
ISBN BL:A0019895584
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Seasons of a Woman s Life
The Author Lois Evans
The Publisher Moody Publishers
Release Date2013-01-23
Genre Religion
Pages 144
ISBN 9780802484208
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Are you afraid that . . you'll never reach the end of dirty diapers? You'll never be free of carpool duty? Your teenager's rebellion will never end? The empty nest is just a little too empty? Fear not, seasons change. You blink twice and find yourself in another situation. Maybe longing for the "old days" or maybe grateful for the freshness of a new season. But like it or not, the seasons will come, each in its sequence and each in its own time. Using lively examples from her own life and those of other women - including Esther - Lois Evans challenges you to to discover the purpose of your life and to depend on Him as He teaches the lessons of each season. In this book, you will find helpful priniciples, recognize familiar emotions, and take to heart encouraging promises from the pages of God's Word. In this edition a new chapter on the grandparenting season has been added. And to help you dig deeper - whether alone or with friends - chapter study questions are included.

The Book A Word in Season or Review of the political life and opinions of M Van Buren By a Harrison Democrat
The Author Martin Van Buren
The Publisher
Release Date1840
ISBN BL:A0023255139
Language English, Spanish, And French