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The Book Sail
The Author James Patterson
The Publisher Random House
Release Date2008-09-04
Genre Fiction
Pages 464
ISBN 9781407005461
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A sensational summer thriller from bestselling author James Patterson. As Peter Carlyle, a smooth-talking, super-successful lawyer, waved his family off on a sailing holiday, all they had in mind was lying back and relaxing. But as a violent storm broke out, an explosion caused the boat to vanish without a trace and the family were lost, presumed dead. Until now. When a message in a bottle is washed up on a shore, it becomes apparent that there must have been at least one survivor. But all is not as it seems. The race is on to rescue the Carlyles, but does everyone looking for the family really want to find them alive? Survival may be the least of their concerns. In fact, being found may be the last thing they should be hoping for.

The Book Sail Better
The Author Roger Marshall
The Publisher Macmillan
Release Date1996-03-15
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 208
ISBN 9781466826786
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Designed for sailors who know the basics, Sail Better will help you master your general skills, operate and protect your boat more efficiently, learn the fundamentals of racing, and much more, you'll find detailed sections on: -Cruising: sailing with children, dropping anchor, dinghies, sails and sail control, techniques, working the boat, maintenance and storage -Performance Sailing: turning a boat, planning a race -Emergency Procedures: signals and equipment to summon help, rescue techniques, and a first aid checklist

The Book Reversing Sail
The Author Michael A. Gomez
The Publisher Cambridge University Press
Release Date2005
Genre History
Pages 236
ISBN 0521806623
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book examines the global unfolding of the African Diaspora, the migrations and dispersals of people of African, from antiquity to the modern period. Their exploits, challenges, and struggles are discussed over a wide expanse of time in ways that link as well as differentiate past and present circumstances. The experiences of Africans in the Old World, in the Mediterranean and Islamic worlds, is followed by their movement into the New, where their plight in lands claimed by Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French and English colonial powers is analyzed from enslavement through the Cold War. While appropriate mention is made of persons of renown, particular attention is paid to the everyday lives of working class people and their cultural efflorescence. The book also attempts to explain contemporary plights and struggles through the lens of history.

The Book The art of sail making
The Author Art
The Publisher
Release Date1843
ISBN OXFORD:590034501
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Sail and Rig Tuning
The Author Ivar Dedekam
The Publisher *Wiley Nautical
Release Date2000-04-07
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 80
ISBN 1898660670
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A guide to tuning the sails and rigs of yachts and small keelboats, featuring step-by-step instructions and more than 150 illustrations.

The Book From Sail to Steam
The Author Richard V. Francaviglia
The Publisher University of Texas Press
Release Date1998
Genre History
Pages 324
ISBN 0292725035
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "The maritime history of Texas is a critical but overlooked topic. This book is a significant contribution, a very nice new synthesis. It will be very useful for a general audience." —J. Barto Arnold III, State Marine Archeologist, Texas Historical Commission The Gulf Coast has been a principal place of entry into Texas ever since Alonso Alvarez de Pineda explored these shores in 1519. Yet, nearly five hundred years later, the maritime history of Texas remains largely untold. In this book, Richard V. Francaviglia offers a comprehensive overview of Texas' merchant and military marine history, drawn from his own extensive collection of maritime history materials, as well as from research in libraries and museums around the country. Based on recent discoveries in nautical archaeology, Francaviglia tells the stories of the Spanish flotilla that wrecked off Padre Island in 1554 and of La Salle's flagship Belle, which sank in 1687. He explores the role of the Texas Navy in the Texas Revolution of 1835-1836 and during the years of the Texas Republic and also describes the Civil War battles at Galveston and Sabine Pass. Finally, he recounts major developments of the nineteenth century, concluding with the disastrous Galveston Hurricane in 1900. More than one hundred illustrations, many never before published, complement the text.

The Book Sail
The Author Timothy Jeffery
The Publisher Aurum Press Limited
Release Date2016-10-27
Pages 288
ISBN 9781781316580
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Whether it is to test the high seas on around-the-world events in the glory of 49er yachts, to cut through choppy coastal waters on a Lazer racing for Olympic Gold or to set team against team in the great cup challenges, Sail is a celebration of the adventure and skill of one of mankind's oldest sports. Including chapters on the greatest races and their class divisions and the incredible and inspirational stories of the world's greatest sailors — from Ellen MacArthur to Seve Jarvin, Tony Bullimore to Vinny Lauwers — homage is paid to those who have mastered their boats and set out to conquer the seas. Sail also includes detailed technical analysis and intricate illustrations on each classification of racing boat, explained by the experts in their field, to give a complete account of the world of sailing competition.

The Book Sail druk 1
The Author Arendo Joustra
The Publisher
Release Date2010-07
Pages 98
ISBN 9068829386
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book A Ship Without A Sail
The Author Gary Marmorstein
The Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release Date2013-07-16
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 544
ISBN 9781416594260
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Lorenz Hart, together with Richard Rodgers, created some of the most beautiful and witty songs ever written. Here is the story of the strikingly unromantic life of this songwriting genius. His lyrics spin with brilliance and sophistication, yet at their core is an unmistakable wistfulness. Rodgers and Hart, who wrote approximately thirty Broadway musicals and dozens of songs for Hollywood films, were an odd couple. Rodgers was precise, punctual, heterosexual, handsome, and eager to be accepted by society. Hart was barely five feet tall, alcoholic, homosexual, and more comfortable in a bar or restaurant than anywhere else. His lyrics are all the more remarkable considering that he never sustained a romantic relationship, living his entire life with his mother, who died only months before his own death at 48. Biographer Marmorstein superbly portrays the life of this exuberant yet troubled artist.--From publisher description.

The Book Learning to Sail
The Author H. A. Calahan
The Publisher Courier Corporation
Release Date2012-05-04
Genre Transportation
Pages 346
ISBN 9780486149585
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: One of the best guides ever written for the novice sailor. Expert coverage of boat selection, mooring, knots, bending and hoisting sail, much more. 111 black-and-white figures.

The Book Earth s Magnetism in the Age of Sail
The Author A. R. T. Jonkers
The Publisher JHU Press
Release Date2003-04-16
Genre History
Pages 300
ISBN 0801871328
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "A fascinating tale at the interface of geophysics, maritime history, and the history of science... A remarkable blend of scientific and historical scholarship." -- Choice

The Book Sail Trim
The Author Peter Hahne
The Publisher A&C Black
Release Date2010-08-04
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 128
ISBN 9781408123386
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Explains the art of good sail trim with the aid of superb colour diagrams and photographs.

The Book Sail on
The Author Allan Nevins
The Publisher
Release Date1946
Genre Merchant marine
Pages 103
ISBN UVA:35007002644437
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book All Sail Set
The Author Armstrong Sperry
The Publisher David R. Godine Publisher
Release Date1995
Genre Juvenile Fiction
Pages 175
ISBN 0879235233
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: When his father loses his fortune, a boy is taken on by a famous shipbuilder and eventually makes a maiden, record-breaking trip around Cape Horn on the "Flying Cloud."

The Book The New Book of Sail Trim
The Author Ken Textor
The Publisher Sheridan House, Inc.
Release Date1995-01-01
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 228
ISBN 0924486813
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Editor Ken Textor is a writer and sailing enthusiast.

The Book Black Jacks
The Author W. Jeffrey. Bolster
The Publisher Harvard University Press
Release Date2009-06-30
Genre History
Pages 352
ISBN 9780674028470
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Few Americans, black or white, recognize the degree to which early African American history is a maritime history. W. Jeffrey Bolster shatters the myth that black seafaring in the age of sail was limited to the Middle Passage. Seafaring was one of the most significant occupations among both enslaved and free black men between 1740 and 1865. Tens of thousands of black seamen sailed on lofty clippers and modest coasters. They sailed in whalers, warships, and privateers. Some were slaves, forced to work at sea, but by 1800 most were free men, seeking liberty and economic opportunity aboard ship. Bolster brings an intimate understanding of the sea to this extraordinary chapter in the formation of black America. Because of their unusual mobility, sailors were the eyes and ears to worlds beyond the limited horizon of black communities ashore. Sometimes helping to smuggle slaves to freedom, they were more often a unique conduit for news and information of concern to blacks. But for all its opportunities, life at sea was difficult. Blacks actively contributed to the Atlantic maritime culture shared by all seamen, but were often outsiders within it. Capturing that tension, "Black Jacks" examines not only how common experiences drew black and white sailors together--even as deeply internalized prejudices drove them apart--but also how the meaning of race aboard ship changed with time. Bolster traces the story to the end of the Civil War, when emancipated blacks began to be systematically excluded from maritime work. Rescuing African American seamen from obscurity, this stirring account reveals the critical role sailors played in helping forge new identities for black people in America. An epic tale of the rise and fall of black seafaring, "Black Jacks" is African Americans' freedom story presented from a fresh perspective.

The Book A Sweet Taste of Africa
The Author Ivy Newton-Gamble
The Publisher ivy newton-gamble
Release Date2008-11-01
Genre Cooking
Pages 144
ISBN 9780615224688
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The good news is you can find all the ingredients for the recipes in A Sweet Taste of Africa at your local grocery store. Sugar translates into "sweet" on the tongue of almost every human being. Whether sugar is in the form of honey, sugar cane, beets or refined sugar it is a universal and versatile ingredient. The cakes, pies, cookies, brittles, fritters, fruit salads, beverages and preserves in this book will surely satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. A Sweet Taste of Africa takes you on a culinary voyage though the sweet culinary explorations of the entire continent of Africa. You will find that "sweet is sweet" no matter what continent you happen to live on. The thought of Africa's sweet culinary inclinations may raise your eyebrows at first but as you read and prepare the recipes, the tastes are familiar and delicious. Also, learn simple African words with ten African Languages 101 tutorials.

The Book Rough Medicine
The Author Joan Druett
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2013-01-11
Genre History
Pages 256
ISBN 9781136762659
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Using diaries, journals, and correspondences, Druett recounts the daily grind surgeons on nineteenth-century whaling ships faced: the rudimentary tools they used, the treatments they had at their disposal, the sorts of people they encountered in their travels, and the dangers they faced under the harsh conditions of life at sea.

The Book Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die
The Author Chris Santella
The Publisher Abrams
Release Date2012-11-16
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 224
ISBN 9781613120637
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Landlubbers joke that sailors are always wanting to head off to the ends of the earth, but Chris Santella takes that life-changing desire very seriously. In this, the third installment in his immensely successful ôFifty Placesö series, Santella assembles a crew of the worldÆs greatest championship racers and professional adventurers and persuades them to disclose their favorite destinations around the globe. Interviewees include some of the best-known men and women in the sport: Tom Whidden and Gary Jobson (members of the winning 1987 AmericaÆs Cup crew), Jeff Johnstone (of J-Boats), award-winning sailing writer Lin Pardy, and many others. The amazingly diverse places theyÆve selected range from clubby East Coast ports (Marblehead, Annapolis), to idyllic tropical refuges (Ilha Grande, Brazil; the Polynesian atoll of Mopelia), to some of the most hair-raisingly treacherous waters on earth (Cape Horn). Coastlines around the worldùeven Antarctica and the Arcticùare represented, and the chosen spots include some spectacular inland waters, such as the Bras dÆOr Lakes and the North Channel of Lake Huron. For each of the 50 places, the sailor recommending the venue spins an entertaining yarn about his or her experience there, and each description is accompanied by a make you want to go there now photograph.

The Book Sail South Till the Butter Melts
The Author Geoff Stewart
The Publisher Sail South till the butter m
Release Date2004
Genre Transatlantic voyages
Pages 171
ISBN 9780975232811
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Target audience armchair adventurer. Second edition includes a chapter on preparing for an ocean crossing.