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The Book Sail
The Author James Patterson
The Publisher Random House
Release Date2008-09-04
Genre Fiction
Pages 464
ISBN 9781407005461
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A sensational summer thriller from bestselling author James Patterson. As Peter Carlyle, a smooth-talking, super-successful lawyer, waved his family off on a sailing holiday, all they had in mind was lying back and relaxing. But as a violent storm broke out, an explosion caused the boat to vanish without a trace and the family were lost, presumed dead. Until now. When a message in a bottle is washed up on a shore, it becomes apparent that there must have been at least one survivor. But all is not as it seems. The race is on to rescue the Carlyles, but does everyone looking for the family really want to find them alive? Survival may be the least of their concerns. In fact, being found may be the last thing they should be hoping for.

The Book The Sail Book of Common Sense Cruising
The Author Patience Wales
The Publisher Sheridan House, Inc.
Release Date2001
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 208
ISBN 1574091212
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Editor Patience Wales is the editor of Sail magazine.

The Book Raising the Sail
The Author Nicole Johnson
The Publisher Thomas Nelson Inc
Release Date2011-10-17
Genre Fiction
Pages 64
ISBN 9781401605339
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The New Book of Sail Trim
The Author Ken Textor
The Publisher Sheridan House, Inc.
Release Date1995-01-01
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 228
ISBN 0924486813
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Editor Ken Textor is a writer and sailing enthusiast.

The Book Sail and Rig Tuning
The Author Ivar Dedekam
The Publisher *Wiley Nautical
Release Date2000-04-07
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 80
ISBN 1898660670
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A guide to tuning the sails and rigs of yachts and small keelboats, featuring step-by-step instructions and more than 150 illustrations.

The Book How to Sail on a Budget
The Author Alastair Buchan
The Publisher A&C Black
Release Date2011-04-26
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 144
ISBN 9780713688894
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This new Sailmate title looks at the major areas of expenditure and examines the range of options available to keep the costs of boating under control - and therefore keep owners still sailing/motorboating. A must for enjoying it while managing your budget.

The Book First Sail
The Author Richard Henderson
The Publisher Tidewater Pub
Release Date1993-09-01
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
Pages 42
ISBN PSU:000045377723
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Adam goes sailing with his cousin Beth, who teaches him about sailboats and how to handle them, safety at sea, and other things sailors need to know, just in time for him to put his knowledge to good use when a storm comes up

The Book Reversing Sail
The Author Michael A. Gomez
The Publisher Cambridge University Press
Release Date2005
Genre History
Pages 236
ISBN 0521001358
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This 2005 book examines the global unfolding of the migrations and dispersals of the African Diaspora.

The Book Red Star on the Sail
The Author Douglas E. Templin
The Publisher AuthorHouse
Release Date2010-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 432
ISBN 9781449056582
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Red Star on the Sail is a riveting pair of stories cleverly spun together by the author; packed with page-turning romance, thrills, spine-tingling adventure and esionage. Follow the path of a young California couple in search the sailboat of their dreams, and feel the problems arising in their marriage as plans to cruise the South Pacific become complicated and confused. Shiver in the midst of a bitter winter with an unruly Russian admiral, given commandd of his country's newest and most lethal nuclear submarine. Outbound with orders of ominous potential, America's CIA intervenes, throwing chaos at the commander, his wife and trusted executive officer. Become part of the characters' lives as they develop concurrently on opposite sides of the globe and take similar turns--while plotting and planning futures--laden with inevitable yet unexpected obstacles. What might occur, should their courses converge on the high seas?

The Book Learning to Sail
The Author H. A. Calahan
The Publisher Courier Corporation
Release Date2012-05-04
Genre Transportation
Pages 346
ISBN 9780486149585
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: One of the best guides ever written for the novice sailor. Expert coverage of boat selection, mooring, knots, bending and hoisting sail, much more. 111 black-and-white figures.

The Book The Best of Sail Trim
The Author Charles Mason
The Publisher Sheridan House, Inc.
Release Date2000-07-01
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 280
ISBN 1574091190
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: An anthology of authoritative articles from SAIL magazine--one of the world's major sailing magazines.

The Book Sail South Till the Butter Melts
The Author Geoff Stewart
The Publisher Sail South till the butter m
Release Date2004
Genre Transatlantic voyages
Pages 171
ISBN 9780975232811
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Target audience armchair adventurer. Second edition includes a chapter on preparing for an ocean crossing.

The Book Daily Life in the Age of Sail
The Author Dorothy Denneen Volo
The Publisher Greenwood Publishing Group
Release Date2002
Genre History
Pages 322
ISBN 0313310262
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Explore in detail the lives of those on the high seas during the age of sail and exploration, as well as those in seaport towns.

The Book From Sail to Steam
The Author Richard V. Francaviglia
The Publisher University of Texas Press
Release Date1998
Genre History
Pages 324
ISBN 0292725035
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "The maritime history of Texas is a critical but overlooked topic. This book is a significant contribution, a very nice new synthesis. It will be very useful for a general audience." —J. Barto Arnold III, State Marine Archeologist, Texas Historical Commission The Gulf Coast has been a principal place of entry into Texas ever since Alonso Alvarez de Pineda explored these shores in 1519. Yet, nearly five hundred years later, the maritime history of Texas remains largely untold. In this book, Richard V. Francaviglia offers a comprehensive overview of Texas' merchant and military marine history, drawn from his own extensive collection of maritime history materials, as well as from research in libraries and museums around the country. Based on recent discoveries in nautical archaeology, Francaviglia tells the stories of the Spanish flotilla that wrecked off Padre Island in 1554 and of La Salle's flagship Belle, which sank in 1687. He explores the role of the Texas Navy in the Texas Revolution of 1835-1836 and during the years of the Texas Republic and also describes the Civil War battles at Galveston and Sabine Pass. Finally, he recounts major developments of the nineteenth century, concluding with the disastrous Galveston Hurricane in 1900. More than one hundred illustrations, many never before published, complement the text.

The Book Solar Sailing
The Author Colin R. McInnes
The Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date2004-02-20
Genre Science
Pages 296
ISBN 3540210628
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Solar sailing offers the possibility of low-cost long-distance missions, impossible for any other type of conventional spacecraft. The book provides a detailed account of solar sailing, at a high technical level but in a way accessible to the scientifically informed layman. Solar sail orbital dynamics and solar radiation pressure form the foundations of the book, but the engineering design of solar sails is also considered, along with potential mission applications. This book introduces the subject and at the same time provides a technical reference source.

The Book Student Friendly Guide Sail Through Exams
The Author Levin, Peter
The Publisher McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
Release Date2004-09-01
Genre Education
Pages 100
ISBN 0335215769
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This lively, concise and to-the-point guide offers hints and practical sugestions to help you develop good exam-preparation skills and build your confidence, so that you can get results that do justice to the work you've put in.

The Book 19th Century Global Commerce Under Sail Volume 1
The Author Howard A. Mayo Jr.
The Publisher Dog Ear Publishing
Release Date2018-12-31
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 588
ISBN 9781457551727
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: 19th Century Multi-Tasking & Global Commerce is a three-volume transcription of John M. Mayo & Co. business letter books (1848-1856) {archived at The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA} including extensive research into sailing nomenclature, business practices and other terms, events and locations of historic interest. The 19th century merchant was challenged by what today would be considered slow communications, transportation, unstable banking and fi nicky insurance institutions and though we like to consider ourselves living in a complex and hectic business world, I am not sure we are that much different today. These business letters illustrate the real-world complexities faced by the shipping merchants and how creative, thrifty and resourceful these businessman were. Over thirty ships were owned or partially owned by John M. Mayo & Company during these years. In less than 9 business years this vertically integrated shipping business communicated with over a hundred vessel masters and almost a thousand business contacts. All this information was derived from 1300 business letters, laboriously transcribed from cursive, and many times with terminology obsolete to current business vernacular.

The Book Sail Better
The Author Roger Marshall
The Publisher Macmillan
Release Date1996-03-15
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 208
ISBN 9781466826786
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Designed for sailors who know the basics, Sail Better will help you master your general skills, operate and protect your boat more efficiently, learn the fundamentals of racing, and much more, you'll find detailed sections on: -Cruising: sailing with children, dropping anchor, dinghies, sails and sail control, techniques, working the boat, maintenance and storage -Performance Sailing: turning a boat, planning a race -Emergency Procedures: signals and equipment to summon help, rescue techniques, and a first aid checklist

The Book Full Sail Beyond the Three Capes
The Author Patrick Ahern
The Publisher Patrick Ahern
Release Date2008-01-01
Genre Merchant mariners
Pages 137
ISBN 9780980515503
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "The story of the French merchant mariners on the large sailing vessels that transported coal from Newcastle to North and South America and wheat from the Australian plains to Europe in the early twentieth century"--Provided by publisher.

The Book The art of sail making
The Author Art
The Publisher
Release Date1843
ISBN OXFORD:590034501
Language English, Spanish, And French