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The Book Roots
The Author Diane Morgan
The Publisher Chronicle Books
Release Date2012-09-26
Genre Cooking
Pages 432
ISBN 9780811878371
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Contains information on familiar and exotic root vegetables and includes recipes featuring each vegetable, including horseradish vinaigrette, stir-fried lotus root and snow peas, and yuca chips.

The Book Roots
The Author Alex Haley
The Publisher
Release Date1989
Genre African American families
Pages 621
ISBN 9026971249
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: De geschiedenis van een Amerikaanse negerfamilie, beginnend in het 18e eeuwse Gambia wanneer een voorouder van de schrijver als slaaf naar Amerika wordt getransporteerd.

The Book Roots
The Author Sam Featherston
The Publisher Walter de Gruyter
Release Date2007-01-01
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
Pages 389
ISBN 9783110198621
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The renewed focus on the evidential base of linguistics in general, but particularly on syntax, is in to a large degree dependent on technological developments: computers, electronic storage and transmission. These factors have enabled a revolution in the accessibility of digitally stored language, both in sampled and organized corpora and in its raw unsampled form on the internet. But this technology has also allowed a step-change in experimental methods readily available to linguists. The new arrival of such enormous quantities of data in greatly increased detail has made information accessible which could previously not even have been dreamed of. This volume is a selection of research reports from linguists who are making use of this new information and trying to integrate the new insights into their analyses and theoretical assumptions.

The Book Roots Tubers Plantains and Bananas in Human Nutrition
The Author Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
The Publisher Food & Agriculture Org.
Release Date1990
Genre Banana
Pages 182
ISBN 9251028621
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Routes and Roots
The Author Elizabeth M. DeLoughrey
The Publisher University of Hawaii Press
Release Date2010
Genre Literary Criticism
Pages 334
ISBN 9780824834722
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Roots
The Author Melanie S. Mitchell
The Publisher LernerClassroom
Release Date2003-12-01
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
Pages 8
ISBN 9780822539193
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Simple text introduces different kinds of roots and how they function.

The Book The Roots of Dependency
The Author Richard White
The Publisher U of Nebraska Press
Release Date1988
Genre Social Science
Pages 433
ISBN 0803297246
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Richard White's study of the collapse into 'dependency' of three Native American subsistence economies represents the best kind of interdisciplinary effort. Here ideas and approaches from several fields--mainly anthropology, history, and ecology--are fruitfully combined in one inquiring mind closely focused on a related set of large, salient problems. . . . A very sophisticated study, a 'best read' in Indian history."--American Historical Review "The book is original, enlightening, and rewarding. It points the way to a holistic manner in which tribal histories and studies of Indian-white relations should be written in the future. It can be recommended to anyone interested in Indian affairs, particularly in the question of the present-day dependency plight of the tribes."--Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., Western Historical Quarterly "The Roots of Dependency is a model study. With a provocative thesis tightly argued, it is extensively researched and well written. The nonreductionist, interdisciplinary approach provides insight heretofore beyond the range of traditional methodologies. . . . To the historiography of the American Indian this book is an important addition."--W. David Baird, American Indian Quarterly Richard White is a professor of history at the University of Washington. He is the winner of the Albert J. Beveridge Award of the American Historical Asso-ciation, the James A. Rawley Prize presented by the Organization of Ameri-can Historians and the Francis Parkman Prize from the Society of American Historians. His books include The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650–1815, "It's Your Misfortune and None of My Own": A History of the American West and The Organic Machine: The Remaking of the Columbia River

The Book Roots
The Author Emily Cousins
The Publisher Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
Release Date2000
Genre Education
Pages 83
ISBN 0787276448
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: ... this anthology explores Expeditionary Learning's roots in the educational philosophy of Kurt Hahn. The founder of Outward Bound, Hahn started two schools and numerous educational initiatives. Through storytelling, scholarship, and first-person accounts, this book describes Hahn's schools, his views on service, challenge, adventure, and the belief that students have more in them than they realize.

The Book Islamic Roots of Capitalism
The Author Peter Gran
The Publisher Syracuse University Press
Release Date1979
Genre History
Pages 278
ISBN 0815605064
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Challenging the ethnocentric notion that a capitalist economy could only be transferred to the peripheral states through contact with Europe, this text argues that the capitalist transformation of the Egyptian economy was begun by Muslim merchants and Mamluk rulers in the 18th century.

The Book Roots of Realism
The Author Benjamin Frankel
The Publisher Psychology Press
Release Date1996
Genre Political Science
Pages 421
ISBN 0714646695
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Political realism, as a coherent tradition of explaining political behaviour, has focused on an understanding of politics as a permanent struggle for power and security. The essays here examine realism as it affects international relations.

The Book Plant Roots
The Author Amram Eshel
The Publisher CRC Press
Release Date2013-04-17
Genre Science
Pages 848
ISBN 9781439846483
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The decade since the publication of the third edition of this volume has been an era of great progress in biology in general and the plant sciences in particular. This is especially true with the advancements brought on by the sequencing of whole genomes of model organisms and the development of "omics" techniques. This fourth edition of Plant Roots: The Hidden Half reflects these developments that have transformed not only the field of biology, but also the many facets of root science. Highlights of this new edition include: The basics of root research and their evolution and role in the global context of soil development and atmosphere composition New understandings about roots gained in the post-genomic era, for example, how the development of roots became possible, and the genetic basis required for this to occur The mechanisms that determine root structure, with chapters on cellular patterning, lateral root and vascular development, the molecular basis of adventitious roots, and other topics Plant hormone action and signaling pathways that control root development, including new chapters on strigolactones and brassinosteroids Soil resource acquisition from agricultural and ecological perspectives Root response to stress, with chapters that address the impact of the genomic revolution on this topic Root-rhizosphere interactions, from beneficial microorganisms to detrimental nematodes Modern research techniques for the field and the lab Each chapter not only presents a clear summation of the topic under discussion, but also includes a vision of what is to be expected in the years to come. The wide coverage of themes in this volume continues the tradition that makes this work recognized as a fundamental source of information for root scientists at all levels.

The Book Tap Roots
The Author Mark Knowles
The Publisher McFarland
Release Date2002-05-20
Genre Performing Arts
Pages 283
ISBN 0786412674
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Tracing the development of tap dancing from ancient India to the Broadway stage in 1903, when the word "Tap" was first used in publicity to describe this new American style of dance, this text separates the cultural, societal and historical events that influenced the development of Tap dancing. Section One covers primary influences such as Irish step dancing, English clog dancing and African dancing. Section Two covers theatrical influences (early theatrical developments, "Daddy" Rice, the Virginia Minstrels) and Section Three covers various other influences (Native American, German and Shaker). Also included are accounts of the people present at tap's inception and how various styles of dance were mixed to create a new art form.

The Book Relativity and Its Roots
The Author Banesh Hoffmann
The Publisher Courier Corporation
Release Date1983
Genre Science
Pages 161
ISBN 0486406768
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Entertaining, nontechnical demonstrations of the meaning of relativity theory trace development from basis in geometrical, cosmological ideas of the ancient Greeks, plus work by Kepler, Galileo, Newton, others. 1983 edition.

The Book Roots of Creole Structures
The Author Susanne Michaelis
The Publisher John Benjamins Publishing
Release Date2008
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
Pages 425
ISBN 9789027252555
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book reflects an ongoing shift in the study of contact languages: After a period of history-free universalism, it directs the attention to the individual historical circumstances under which the pidgin and creole languages arose. The contributions deal with different areas of language structure including phonology, morphology, and syntax, providing a wealth of structural and sociohistorical data that any comprehensive theory of contact languages will have to account for. Each of the papers provides a thorough description of a structural phenomenon against the background of the sociohistorical contact situation. The languages covered in the book are: Guiné-Bissau Creole, Haitian Creole, Hawai'i Creole, Indo-Portuguese creoles, Jamaican Creole, Lingua Franca, North American French, Mauritian Creole, Santomense, Saramaccan, Seychelles Creole, Sranan, Surinamese Maroon creoles, Vincentian Creole, and Zamboangueño Chavacano.

The Book The Roots of Prosocial Behavior in Children
The Author Nancy Eisenberg
The Publisher Cambridge University Press
Release Date1989-08-25
Genre Psychology
Pages 195
ISBN 0521337712
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: What kinds of childbearing practices foster the development of helping, sharing, and other prosocial behaviours? What roles do biology and culture play in the development of prosocial behaviour? In this book, Nancy Eisenberg and Paul Mussen review and summarize scholarly research that has been devoted to the development of prosocial behaviour in children, and examine the variety of influences that contribute to children's prosocial development, including the media, parents, peers, biology, culture, personal characteristics, as well as situational determinants. The authors argue that prosocial behaviour can be learned and is modifiable, and they suggest ways that parents, teachers, and other can enhance prosocial development. In addition, the authors attempt to communicate the advances in the study of prosocial development that have taken place over the last decade. The book highlights some questions that have not yet been addressed adequately by researchers, and suggests areas for future work.

The Book Rastafari
The Author Barry Chevannes
The Publisher Syracuse University Press
Release Date1994
Genre Religion
Pages 298
ISBN 0815602960
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Traces the cultural development of the Rastafari movement from the slave trade in the sixteenth century, when it developed as a resistance reaction

The Book Modern Iran
The Author Nikki R. Keddie
The Publisher Yale University Press
Release Date2006
Genre Political Science
Pages 408
ISBN 0300121059
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In this updated edition of Nikki Keddie’s Modern Iran--itself a substantially revised and expanded version of her classic work Roots of Revolution--the author provides a new preface and a fully annotated and indexed epilogue, reviewing recent developments in Iran since 2003. Keddie provides insightful commentary on Iran’s nuclear and foreign policy, its relations with the United Nations and the United States, increasing conservative and hard-line tendencies in the government, and recent developments in the economy, cultural and intellectual life, and human rights. Reviews of the 2003 edition: "[An] essential book for one’s working library.”--L. Carl Brown, Foreign Affairs "Shifting her historical focus from the roots of the Iranian revolution to its consequences, Nikki Keddie has expanded her original classic to include a sharply probing and perceptive guide to more than two decades of tumultuous developments in the Islamic Republic of Iran.”--Gary Sick

The Book The Roots of Hinduism
The Author Asko Parpola
The Publisher Oxford University Press
Release Date2015-07-15
Genre History
Pages 432
ISBN 9780190226930
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Hinduism has two major roots. The more familiar is the religion brought to South Asia in the second millennium BCE by speakers of Aryan or Indo-Iranian languages, a branch of the Indo-European language family. Another, more enigmatic, root is the Indus civilization of the third millennium BCE, which left behind exquisitely carved seals and thousands of short inscriptions in a long-forgotten pictographic script. Discovered in the valley of the Indus River in the early 1920s, the Indus civilization had a population estimated at one million people, in more than 1000 settlements, several of which were cities of some 50,000 inhabitants. With an area of nearly a million square kilometers, the Indus civilization was more extensive than the contemporaneous urban cultures of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Yet, after almost a century of excavation and research the Indus civilization remains little understood. How might we decipher the Indus inscriptions? What language did the Indus people speak? What deities did they worship? Asko Parpola has spent fifty years researching the roots of Hinduism to answer these fundamental questions, which have been debated with increasing animosity since the rise of Hindu nationalist politics in the 1980s. In this pioneering book, he traces the archaeological route of the Indo-Iranian languages from the Aryan homeland north of the Black Sea to Central, West, and South Asia. His new ideas on the formation of the Vedic literature and rites and the great Hindu epics hinge on the profound impact that the invention of the horse-drawn chariot had on Indo-Aryan religion. Parpola's comprehensive assessment of the Indus language and religion is based on all available textual, linguistic and archaeological evidence, including West Asian sources and the Indus script. The results affirm cultural and religious continuity to the present day and, among many other things, shed new light on the prehistory of the key Hindu goddess Durga and her Tantric cult.

The Book Roots Too
The Author Matthew Frye JACOBSON
The Publisher Harvard University Press
Release Date2006-01
Genre History
Pages 483
ISBN 0674018982
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In the 1970s, white ethnics mobilized around a new version of the epic tale of plucky immigrants making their way in the New World through the sweat of their brow. Although this turn to ethnicity was for many an individual search for familial and psychological identity, Roots Too establishes a broader white social and political consensus arising in response to the political language of the Civil Rights movement.

The Book Roots
The Author Douglas B. Elliott
The Publisher Devin-Adair Pub
Release Date1976-08
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 128
ISBN UOM:49015000348343
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Line drawings supplement descriptions of the nutritional and medicinal uses of the subterranean parts of numerous wild plants