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The Book Pivot
The Author Jenny Blake
The Publisher Penguin
Release Date2016-09-06
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 288
ISBN 9780698406704
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: “Looking to make a career change? Pivot is a book you will turn to again and again.”—Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell Is Human and Drive If you've got the perfect job or business, congratulations. But if you are even a little bit uncertain that your current gig is the right one, it is time to start thinking about your next move. In the new world of work, it's the only move that matters. What's next? is a question we all have to ask and answer more frequently in an economy where the average job tenure is only four years, roles change constantly even within that time, and smart, motivated people find themselves hitting professional plateaus. But how do you evaluate options and move forward without getting stuck? Jenny Blake's solution: it's about small steps, not big leaps—and the answer is already right under your feet. This book will teach you how to pivot from a base of your existing strengths. Pivoting is a crucial strategy for Silicon Valley tech companies and startups. Jenny Blake—a former training and career development specialist at Google who now runs her own company as a career and business consultant and speaker—shows how pivoting can also be a successful strategy for individuals looking to make changes in their work lives, whether within their role, organization or business, or setting their sights on bigger shifts. When you pivot, you double down on your existing strengths and interests to move in a new, related direction, instead of looking so far outside of yourself for answers that you skip over your hard-won expertise and experience. It empowers you to navigate changes with flexibility and strength—now and throughout your entire career. Much like the lean business principles that took Silicon Valley by storm, pivoting is the crucial skill you need to stay agile, whether or not you are actively looking for a new position. No matter your age, industry, or bank account balance, Jenny's advice will help you move forward strategically. Her Pivot Method will teach you how to: · Double down on existing strengths, interests, and experiences. Identify what is working best and where you want to end up, then start to bridge the gap between the two. · Scan for opportunities and identify new skills without falling prey to analysis paralysis or compare and despair. Explore options by leveraging the network and experience you already have. · Run small experiments to determine next steps. Do side projects to test ideas for your next move, taking the pressure off so you don't need to have the entire answer up front. · Take smart risks to launch with confidence in a new direction. Set benchmarks to decide when the time is right to go all-in on your new direction. Pivot also includes valuable insight for leaders who want to have more frequent career conversations with their teams to help talented people pivot within their roles and the broader organization. No matter your current position, one thing is clear: your career success and satisfaction depends on your ability to determine your next best move. If change is the only constant, let's get better at it. From the Hardcover edition.

The Book Pivot politics
The Author
The Publisher Het Spinhuis
Release Date1994
Genre Political anthropology
Pages 295
ISBN 9055890073
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Pivot Earned Purposeful Designed Surprises in Training
The Author Bruce Bullock
The Publisher
Release Date2013-02-01
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 60
ISBN 9781456607821
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Pivot" is a proven process for trainers to convert participants into followers.

The Book Pivot of the Universe
The Author Abbas Amanat
The Publisher Univ of California Press
Release Date1997
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 536
ISBN 0520083210
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "In this book, the first in English about Nasir al-Din Shah, Abbas Amanat gives us both a biography of the man and an analysis of the institution of monarchy in modern Iran. Amanat poses a fundamental question: how did monarchy, the center-piece of an ancient political order, withstand and adjust to the challenges of modern times, both at home and abroad? Nasir al-Din Shah's life and career, his upbringing and personality, and his political conduct provide remarkable material for answering this question.

The Book Pivot
The Author Chris Colclough
The Publisher
Release Date1991
Genre Photographers
Pages 94
ISBN UOM:39015034873656
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The Pivot
The Author Kurt Campbell
The Publisher Hachette UK
Release Date2016-06-07
Genre Political Science
Pages 432
ISBN 9781455568963
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: From former assistant secretary of state Kurt M. Campbell comes the definitive analysis and explanation of the new major shift in American foreign policy, its interests and assets, to Asia. There is a quiet drama playing out in American foreign policy far from the dark contours of upheaval in the Middle East and South Asia and the hovering drone attacks of the war on terror. The United States is in the midst of a substantial and long-term national project, which is proceeding in fits and starts, to reorient its foreign policy to the East. The central tenet of this policy shift, aka the Pivot, is that the United States will need to do more with and in the Asia-Pacific hemisphere to help revitalize its own economy, to realize the full potential of the region's dramatic innovation, and to keep the peace in the world's most dynamic region where the lion's share of the history of the twenty-first century will be written. This book is about a necessary course correction for American diplomacy, commercial engagement, and military innovation during a time of unrelenting and largely unrewarding conflict. While the United States has intensified its focus on the Asia-Pacific arena relative to previous administrations, much more remains to be done. THE PIVOT is about that future. It explores how the United States should construct a strategy that will position it to maneuver across the East and offers a clarion call for cunning, dexterity, and ingenuity in the period ahead for American statecraft in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Book Pivot How One Turn in Attitude Can Lead to Success
The Author
The Publisher Greenleaf Book Group
Release Date2011
Genre Attitude (Psychology)
ISBN 9781937125028
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading Triggers
The Author John L. Person
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2011-01-19
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 368
ISBN 9781118046487
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In his first book, A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics, John Person introduced traders to the concept of integrating candlestick charting with pivot point analysis. Now, in Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading Triggers, he goes a step further and shows you how to devise your own setups and triggers—in the stock, forex, and futures markets—based on a moving average approach. Note: Website and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

The Book The Pivot of Civilization in Historical Perspective
The Author Margaret Sanger
The Publisher Inkling Books
Release Date2003-09
Genre History
Pages 428
ISBN 1587420082
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Today's heated debates over social issues such as abortion, birth control, ethnicity, immigration, race, religion, sexual behavior, and welfare did not begin in the 1960s. They began in the last years of the nineteenth century and reached their zenith in the 1920s, when this book sold over 200,000 copies. Here is all the text of Margaret Sanger's 1922 best-seller along with 31 chapters by her contemporaries to set what she advocated in historical perspective. This is not history told after the fire and passion have died out. These are words spoken in the heat of battle, at a time when Sanger and others believed that the fate of civilization depended on their ideas winning acceptance here and around the world.

The Book Excel Pivot Tables Recipe Book
The Author Debra Dalgleish
The Publisher Apress
Release Date2006-11-21
Genre Computers
Pages 332
ISBN 143020141X
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Pivot Tables are a huge growth area. This book gives people the fast-answers they need to succeed The book is far more detailed than any competing title. Readers of this book will be able to do more, and more quickly The book goes beyond basic explanations and includes real-world troubleshooting, performance and security information not provided elsewhere

The Book Pivot Table Data Crunching
The Author Bill Jelen
The Publisher Pearson Education
Release Date2010-10-20
Genre Computers
Pages 384
ISBN 9780789746689
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: PivotTables may be Excel's most powerful feature, but Microsoft has estimated that only 15% of Excel users take advantage of them. That's because PivotTables (and their companion feature, PivotCharts) have a reputation for being difficult to learn. Not any more! In this book, Excel legends Bill Jelen ("MrExcel") and Michael Alexander teach PivotTables and PivotCharts step-by-step, using realistic business scenarios that any Excel user can intuitively understand. Jelen and Alexander go far beyond merely explaining PivotTables and PivotCharts: they present practical "recipes" for solving a wide range of business problems. Drawing on more than 30 combined years of Excel experience, they provide tips and tricks you won't find anywhere else, and show exactly how to sidestep common mistakes. Coverage includes: " Creating PivotTables, customizing them, and changing the way you view them " Performing calculations within PivotTables " Using PivotCharts and other visualizations " Analyzing multiple data sources with PivotTables " Sharing PivotTables with others " Working with and analyzing OLAP data " Making the most of Excel 2010's powerful new PowerPivot feature " Using Excel 2010's Slicer to dynamically filter PivotTables " Enhancing PivotTables with macros and VBA code This book is part of the new MrExcel Library series, edited by Bill Jelen, world-renowned Excel expert and host of the enormously popular Excel help site, Teaches PivotTables, PivotCharts, and Excel 2010's new PowerPivot feature through real-world scenarios that make intuitive sense to users at all levels Includes proven PivotTable recipes for instant on-the-job results Helps Excel users avoid common pitfalls and mistakes Part of the brand-new MrExcel Library series, edited by Excel legend Bill Jelen

The Book Diep werk
The Author Cal Newport
The Publisher Business Contact
Release Date2016-03-22
Genre Psychology
ISBN 9789047009337
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Cal Newport gebruikte de term ‘diep werk’ voor het eerst op zijn populaire blog. Hij doelde daarmee op de noodzaak van geconcentreerd werken om maximaal te kunnen presteren, een vaardigheid die we langzaam zijn kwijtgeraakt. Hij raakte een zenuw: Newports artikelen over dit onderwerp werden honderdduizenden keren gelezen en overgenomen. De meeste mensen laten zich gemakkelijk onderbreken en besteden een groot deel van de dag aan oppervlakkige werkzaamheden. Dit boek bevat talloze inspirerende verhalen en praktische adviezen over hoe je je werk anders kunt organiseren om diep werk een vaste plek te geven en hoe je door oefening je focus kunt terugbrengen. Want alleen door iets met volle aandacht te doen, ontwikkel je je denkkracht en bereik je meer in minder tijd. Het toepassen van diep werk is de beste beslissing die je kunt nemen in een wereld waarin je wordt afgerekend op de waarde die je toevoegt, maar waarin afleiding nog te veel van je tijd opslokt. Diep werk maakt je beter in wat je doet en geeft je meer voldoening.

The Book Pivot Patterns in the Former Prophets
The Author Nathan Klaus
The Publisher A&C Black
Release Date1999
Genre Religion
Pages 310
ISBN 185075912X
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The 'pivot pattern' is a unique type of chiasmus, a linguistic pattern characterized by an inversion of the internal order of a phrase or passage. The main idea is found primarily at its pivot, while its elements, normally of an uneven number, are distributed on both sides of the pivot in a mirrored symmetry. Klaus undertakes here to compile a 'grammar' of the pattern, and to characterize, exemplify and differentiate its various forms.

The Book The Pivot Point
The Author Victoria M. Grady
The Publisher Morgan James Publishing
Release Date2012-06-01
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 136
ISBN 9781614483014
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Resistance to change is a flawed description of the challenge that we all face as employees. The Pivot Point offers a unique perspective on organizational change and the nature of its impact on individual employees that is not new in its origin, but in its application. The problem with change is not necessarily the addition of a new, but the threatened loss of the existing---the removal of the support we ALL lean on to complete our daily work tasks.

The Book Excel 2013 Pivot Tables
The Author Tim Hill
The Publisher Questing Vole Press
Release Date2012-10-11
Genre Computers
Pages 74
ISBN 9781937842055
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The jargon associated with Microsoft Excel's pivot tables ("n-dimensional cross tabulations") makes them look complex, but they're really no more than an easy way to build concise, flexible summaries of long lists of raw values. If you're working with hundreds (or hundreds of thousands) of rows, then pivot tables are the best way to look at the same information in different ways, summarize data on the fly, and spot trends and relationships. This handy guide teaches you how to use Excel's most powerful feature to crunch large amounts of data, without having to write new formulas, copy and paste cells, or reorganize rows and columns. You can download the sample workbook to follow along with the author's examples. - Create pivot tables from worksheet databases. - Rearrange pivot tables by dragging, swapping, and nesting fields. - Customize pivot tables with styles, layouts, totals, and subtotals. - Combine numbers, dates, times, or text values into custom groups. - Calculate common statistics or create custom formulas. - Filter data that you don't want to see. - Create and customize pivot charts. - Unlink a pivot table from its source data. - Control references to pivot table cells. - Plenty of tips, tricks, and timesavers. - Fully cross-referenced, linked, and searchable. Contents 1. Pivot Table Basics 2. Nesting Fields 3. Grouping Items 4. Calculations and Custom Formulas 5. Filtering Data 6. Charting Pivot Tables 7. Tricks with Pivot Tables

The Book Excel 2013 Pivot Table Data Crunching
The Author Bill Jelen
The Publisher Que Publishing
Release Date2013-01-07
Genre Computers
Pages 432
ISBN 9780133259339
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: CRUNCH ANY DATA, FROM ANY SOURCE, QUICKLY AND EASILY, WITH EXCEL 2013 PIVOT TABLES! Use Excel 2013 pivot tables and pivot charts to produce powerful, dynamic reports in minutes instead of hours… understand exactly what’s going on in your business… take control, and stay in control! Even if you’ve never created a pivot table before, this book will help you leverage all their amazing flexibility and analytical power. In just the first seven chapters, you learn how to generate complex pivot reports complete with drill-down capabilities and accompanying charts. Then, you go even further, discovering how to build a comprehensive, dynamic pivot table reporting system for any business task or function. Learning advanced pivot table and pivot chart techniques for Excel 2013 or the newest Office 365 has never been easier. You’ll find simple, step-by-step instructions, real-world case studies, even complete, easy recipes for solving your most common business analysis problems. • Create, customize, and change your pivot tables and pivot charts • Transform gigantic data sets into crystal-clear summary reports • Summarize and analyze data even faster with new Excel 2013 recommended pivot tables • Instantly highlight your most (and least) profitable customers, products, or regions • Quickly filter pivot tables using slicers • Use dynamic dashboards using Power View to see exactly where your business stands right now • Revamp analyses on the fly by simply dragging and dropping fields • Build dynamic self-service reporting systems your entire team can use • Use PowerPivot or the Data Model to create pivot tables from multiple data sources and worksheets • Work with and analyze OLAP data, and much more About MrExcel Library: Every book in the MrExcel Library pinpoints a specific set of crucial Excel tasks and presents focused skills and examples for performing them rapidly and effectively. Selected by Bill Jelen, Microsoft Excel MVP and mastermind behind the leading Excel solutions website, these books will • Dramatically increase your productivity—saving you 50 hours a year or more • Present proven, creative strategies for solving real-world problems • Show you how to get great results, no matter how much data you have • Help you avoid critical mistakes that even experienced users make CATEGORY: Spreadsheets COVERS: Microsoft Office Excel 2013

The Book Smartcuts
The Author Shane Snow
The Publisher Lev.
Release Date2014-11-25
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 9789044971620
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Persoonlijk succes wordt niet alleen bepaald door opleiding en werkervaring, maar vooral door het momentum. Hoe grijp je dat? Ondernemer en journalist Shane Snow onderzoekt in dit boek de carrières van mensen en bedrijven die ongelooflijke dingen in onwaarschijnlijk korte tijd doen. Hoe gaan sommige start-ups in no time van niks naar miljoenenomzetten? Hoe konden Alexander de Grote, YouTube-sensatie Michelle Phan en Tonight Show-presentator Jimmy Fallon naar de top klimmen in minder tijd dan het de meesten van ons kost om promotie te maken? Wat hebben snelgroeiende bedrijven en mensen die out of the blue succesvol zijn gemeen? Hun geheim: ze opereren als computerhackers. Ze bezitten het vermogen om gebaande paden om te denken en nieuwe regels te introduceren. Smartcuts is een verhalend avontuur dat laat zien hoe nieuwe iconen en innovators het onmogelijke mogelijk maken door slimmer te werken.

The Book Pivot
The Author Remy Arteaga
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2013-09-24
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 320
ISBN 9781118559840
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A proven approach to achieving entrepreneurial success in new corporate ventures and startups Every day, business and corporate startups take action based on assumptions. Yet these assumptions are based largely on guesswork that leads to everything from costly mistakes to the failure of ventures. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these issues and excel in your business endeavors—and this book will show you how. Engaging and informative, Pivot provides entrepreneurs with practical guidance for achieving success in corporate ventures as well as new startups. Based on more than fifteen years of academic research and many more years of experience in business and corporate startups, this book skillfully addresses topics ranging from resources and organizational uncertainties to the scope and scale of new business opportunities. Reveals how to successfully conceptualize new business opportunities, pivot as required to experiment with these opportunities, and accelerate to the marketplace Captures the capabilities needed to quickly build a business by understanding and systematically reducing uncertainties from market landscape and technology to talent and organizational positioning The digital component of this book includes a world-class strategic innovation methodology that is in demand from corporations worldwide Written with today's serious entrepreneur in mind, Pivot will provide you with the tools you'll need to get ahead of the competition and achieve consistent success.

The Book Pivot
The Author Suzanne 9lb Hammer Samples
The Publisher
Release Date
ISBN 9781257008124
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Dashboarding and Reporting with Power Pivot and Excel
The Author Kasper de Jonge
The Publisher Tickling Keys, Inc.
Release Date2014-07-01
Genre Computers
Pages 195
ISBN 9781615470273
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Microsoft’s revolutionary Power Pivot is a tool that allows users to create and transform data into reports and dashboards in new and much more powerful ways using the most-used analytical tool in the world: Excel. This book, written by a member of Microsoft’s Power Pivot team, provides a practical step by step guide on creating a financial dashboard. The book covers in detail how to combine and shape the relevant data, build the dashboard in Excel, providing layout and design tips and tricks, prepare the model to work with fiscal dates, and show values used in many financial reports, including year-to-date, variance-to-target, percentage-of-total, and running totals reports. Accessibly written, this book offers readers a practical, real-world scenario and can be used as a day-to-day reference. Though the guide focuses on Power Pivot for Excel 2010, a chapter that discusses Power View—compatible with Excel 2013— and Power BI is also included.