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The Book A Barrel Full of Pennies
The Author John Patrick
The Publisher Dramatists Play Service Inc
Release Date1971
Genre Drama
Pages 62
ISBN 0822200953
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: THE STORY: In the household of Adonis Samaritan, cab driver and lover of mankind, all homeless creatures, dogs, lame ducks and people--are welcome, much to the distress of daughter Alicia, who wishes she didn't have to be embarrassed at the thought

The Book Pennies from Heaven
The Author Andrea Faust
The Publisher Tate Publishing
Release Date2009-10
Genre Juvenile Fiction
Pages 30
ISBN 9781607990123
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Young Ben learns the legend of the lost and forgotten penny and how he can make a difference in the world.

The Book Operations and Algebraic Thinking Leveled Problems Grouping Pennies
The Author Linda Dacey, Ed.D.
The Publisher Teacher Created Materials
Release Date2014-07-01
Pages 4
ISBN 9781480786271
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Differentiate problem solving in your classroom using effective, research-based strategies. This lesson focuses on solving problems related to grouping pennies. The problem-solving mini-lesson guides teachers in how to teach differentiated lessons. The student activity sheet features a problem tiered at three levels.

The Book Lucky Pennies
The Author J. King
The Publisher Lulu Press, Inc
Release Date2014-11-08
Genre Reference
ISBN 9781326074319
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO SAVE YOURSELF RICH THROUGH PROPERTY INVESTING ... and to SAVE yourself FROM ... • Relying on a pension that may not exist and deciding between buying a tin of soup or heating your home aged 77! • The dreaded rat race and working for someone else! • Wave goodbye to being a slave to a stupid rota or some other type of really annoying schedule! • Working HARDER and LONGER for LESS and LESS! This is just plain nuts!• Missing precious family time! Your children are growing up without you while you sit at work all day trying to dodge your boss's stale coffee breath! • A life-time paying the Taxman (or as he’s better known in this book, old Scar Face!) far too many of your Lucky Pennies!

The Book Pennies from Heaven
The Author Gretchen Gibbons
The Publisher Martingale
Release Date2010-11-09
Genre Crafts & Hobbies
Pages 96
ISBN 9781604681246
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Combine cotton and wool in a fresh new look! With vibrant colors and a sophisticated touch, this collection features the stunning "Pennies from Heaven" design that quilters fell in love with at quilt shows across the country. The book also includes an array of smaller projects that incorporate the blocks from the main quilt. Find patterns for 10 applique blocks that add just the right touch of color and warmth Create table mats and wall hangings, as well as a table runner, pillow, and curtain valance Discover how easy, fast, and fun wool applique can be

The Book Operations in Base Ten Leveled Problem Problem Solving How Many Pennies
The Author Linda Dacey, Ed.D.
The Publisher Teacher Created Materials
Release Date2014-01-01
Pages 4
ISBN 9781425885434
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Differentiate problem solving in your classroom using effective, research-based strategies. The problem-solving mini-lesson guides teachers in how to teach differentiated lessons. The student activity sheet features a problem tiered at three levels.

The Book Picking up Pennies
The Author J. D. Wellander
The Publisher iUniverse
Release Date2014-07-31
Genre Fiction
Pages 114
ISBN 9781491739976
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Lucie and Avalon have just finished school, and it's time for summer break. They are ready for three months of fun and adventure. Little do they know, danger is about to spoil their plans. In their small town (where everybody knows everybody), three crimes shock the neighborhood and set everyone on edge. First, there is a liquor store robbery, followed quickly by an act of arson. In both of these cases, the criminal is brought to justice. It's none other than Bob Harden, a known villain and misfit. When local boy Charlie goes missing, though, Bob is not so easy to blame. It might take some sleuthing to solve this one Never ones to back down from adventure, Lucie and Avalon decide to search for the missing boy. The clues are sparse, beyond an odd trail of pennies leading down to the local lake. Soon, the girls are in dangerous circumstances they never expected. Still, they press on, brave as ever, in search of Charlie as they struggle to save summer.

The Book Pennies Fun Heaven
The Author Dr. Juan Trafton Schmeltanzinger
The Publisher AuthorHouse
Release Date2009-03-23
Genre Fiction
Pages 160
ISBN 1467050385
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: So, what would you do if a blow to the head ended your marriage, career, and middle class life, andleft youno choice but to retire to a trailer park by the beach next to Mexico, to become a rookie writer on a pittance? "Pennies-Fun-Heaven!" is the answer that turns poverty's grind into a satisfied grin. This book is the collaboration oftwo parts of mind divided by that blow. Gerald, the retired psychologist, gives the straight savings scoopin the chapters. Dr. Juan (Trafton Schmeltanzinger) appends one of his nonfriction twists, like this, to each: What to do in your trailer park daze. Self-sex and dating. Cruise writing treat trips. Verbal nuggets in the park gutter. Trailer Park Shrink Q & A. Healthy habits you can'tfind the time for. And zany ways to pinchpennies. "Pennies-Fun-Heaven!" wags the slap-happy tale of the priceless life ofa Trailer Park Shrink that you can apply to your present life anywhere.

The Book Nickels and Pennies
The Author Deborah Williams
The Publisher Kaeden Corporation
Release Date2005-01-01
Genre Money
Pages 12
ISBN 9781879835870
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Nonfiction, Reading Recovery Level 4, F&P Level C, DRA2 Level 3, Theme Money, Stage Emergent-Early, Character N/A

The Book Bad Pennies and Dead Presidents
The Author Jon Dietrick
The Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Release Date2012-11-15
Genre Performing Arts
Pages 155
ISBN 9781443842846
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This study closely analyzes key works by five pivotal playwrights: Sidney Kingsley, Arthur Miller, David Mamet, August Wilson, and Suzan-Lori Parks, in a comparison of the treatment of money in a range of American plays from the Great Depression to the early twenty-first century. Money emerges as a site of anxieties regarding the relation of signs to the real: a “monstrous” substance that seems to breed itself from itself; a dangerous abstraction that claims for itself a “hard” reality, transforming lived reality into an abstraction. At the same time, money’s self-generating properties have made it a serviceable metaphor for the American ideal of “self-making”; money’s ability to exchange means for ends, abstract for concrete, representation for real, has made it an emblem of our postmodern condition. Money has been conceived as a malevolent force robbing us of our natural relation to the world and to ourselves, and as an empowering one with which we may remake this relation. This ambivalence about money constitutes an important animating tension of American drama. Furthermore, anxieties surrounding money resemble in important ways anxieties surrounding theatre, and the plays’ treatment of money reveals interesting tensions between a persistent American dramatic realism and naturalism, and a philosophical and aesthetic postmodernism.

The Book Pennies Nickles Dimes
The Author Elizabeth Murphy-Melas
The Publisher Health Press
Release Date1999
Genre Juvenile Fiction
Pages 24
ISBN 0929173325
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Tells eight-year-old Ashley's story about waiting for her liver transplant operation, the surgery and recovery process, and her awareness that someone died to provide her with this organ.

The Book Hot Nickles Kool Pennies
The Author Kenny Attaway
The Publisher AuthorHouse
Release Date2008-12-17
Genre Juvenile Fiction
Pages 260
ISBN 1467860387
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Hot nickels is a book/ mood prepared as food for thought dishes. Everyone is welcome to a plate of intrigue, passion, love and shoe fly pie to dine from along with being a challenge for all to become better friends,citizens and never forget the essence of the Harlem Renaissance . Hot nickel.. is needed as much as the HR was in 1920. Many of the respectable cultures and attributes across the world are celebrated, however African American culture at times is overlooked and not fted and embraced. Hot nickel... is not only an attempt, but a haunting desire to commemorate the thoughts, lifestyles and food dishes of African Americans poetically. Every poem, abstract, story and haiku was carved, shaped and written to stick to the ribs of the mind and soul. Every piece was prepared for all to nibble, gnaw, sample, eat and digest in hopes of your mind becoming fat and filling. Hot nickels & kool pennies: khocolate happi vibin broken into three to five counterpart/ meanings. The subtitle/restaurant KHV (chocolate was ebonixed and spelled with a K instead of a C for Kenny (who is the leading chef of the vibe) and chocolate is the color of the African Americans people. Chocolate is deep, sweet and rich like the sonnets and writing of the vibe and designed to make you smile (mentally) as chocolate does for many. Happy is ebonixed like chocolate and spelled happi for I needed to emphasize. Happy defines celebration, triumph, and ending of sorrows and tough situation much like our lives. Vibe symbolizes the feeling of place and mood when creating a masterpiece through penmanship A deep, sweet and rich celebration of triumph, pain and overcoming feelings of everyday life in the worlds of all of us.

The Book Pennies from Heaven
The Author L. E. Ward
The Publisher iUniverse
Release Date2010-09-29
Genre Poetry
Pages 156
ISBN 9781450258111
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: L.E. Ward was born July 5, 1944, as Leon Edgar Ward. “Pennies from Heaven” is his seventh published book of poems, and ninth collection of poetry, containing over 100 poems, written since 2003. His books reflect his lifetime interests: Immersion in the past, both personal and cultural; a criticism of war, intolerance, and materialism; a love of the arts, eros, and human times and relationships, including family, friends, and lovers. “Pennies from Heaven,” like its predecessors, looks askance at violence, greed, and fanaticism, yet also concerns itself with beauty, art, and humanism. Ward, a former university teacher of literature, has also had a prolific prose writing career as an essayist and contributing editor to national film periodical, among others. His writing has received many honors, awards, and award nominations. His books are dedicated to the memory of his beloved parents, Leon Earl Ward (1898-1970) and Lillian Estelle Mager Ward (1908-1999). .

The Book Wishing with Pennies
The Author Cynthia Swain
The Publisher Benchmark Education Company
Release Date2006-01-01
Genre Wishes
Pages 16
ISBN 9781410860415
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In this book, animals make wishes by putting pennies in a fountain.

The Book Pennies from Heaven
The Author Marjorie Malinowski
The Publisher FriesenPress
Release Date2013-07-17
ISBN 9781460215937
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: As the sequel to Not Your Time, Amy Murray the head of cardiology is too busy saving the life of a total stranger to save her own mother, even though everyone at the hospital tells her differently. Carrying this guilt, Amy struggles to figure out how to move forward. Her mother Ann has left her a path through a series of to do lists. Are the pennies she keeps finding messages from her mother? With her family and friends encouraging her to move on with her life, Amy has no idea what that means or how to do it, much less figure out what her future holds. She wants the same love she saw her parents have, but she has no idea how to find it. While helping her neighbour handle a critical emergency Amy meets a strong, handsome police officer. Is he the one? Follow Amy's path as she learns about love and life.

The Book Pennies From Heaven
The Author Christopher Stillar
The Publisher BalboaPress
Release Date2011-07-25
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
Pages 208
ISBN 1452536376
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Only after your loved one’s heart stops beating does the real work begin. Pennies from Heaven is the true account of Christopher Stillar’s remarkable story of transformation from skeptic to acclaimed psychic medium. Pennies from Heaven takes readers on an emotional journey of inspiration, hope, and love through authentic glimpses of family members reuniting following shocking deaths. Learn how a mother copes with the unbelievable news from her murdered son that she is dying. Discover how his words of comfort bring her solace in knowing she will not die alone. Stillar shares candid and personal experiences with spirit and what it has taught him about the secrets of life. Self-empowerment is the overriding theme of this powerful book. Changing lives for the better is the mandate of Stillar’s work, and thanks to his inaugural book, Pennies from Heaven, many more will learn that true love never dies.

The Book Little Copper Pennies
The Author Susan Harris
The Publisher FriesenPress
Release Date2012
Genre Antiques & Collectibles
Pages 184
ISBN 9781460204689
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: It is laughable for many of us to imagine that we could buy a pony ride, ten minutes of parking time, three jawbreakers or perform repairs with a penny. We can't imagine it, but many of our older generation can. In fact, they do not have to imagine. They remember. Drawing on her experiences, interviews and research, Harris recounts stories of the Canadian penny that are both heartwarmingly nostalgic and pragmatic. little copper pennies portrays adventures of the soon-to-be-eliminated coin and its once-upon-a-time worth in trade and pastimes. Yet this book is more than just memories. It is a legacy with a message. Through the debates and facts, the author not only hones in the riches-to-rags life of the penny steeped in Canadian history, her experience as a school teacher also motivates us to acquire knowledge, to remember and to acquaint the new generations of the little coin's power. You'll be moved by the stories, conveyed to the past, and inspired to appreciate the penny through new eyes.

The Book TEN Little Pennies for Some Bubble Gum
The Author Loretta D. Haynes
The Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date2010-05-07
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
Pages 24
ISBN 9781469128306
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The fun of doing this story was brought about by the reaction when I told it to my preschoolers as well as pre kindergarten and up to the 2nd grade. The children really related to this story because it really explains one of the wonderful things that children enjoy, and that is wonderful, delicious, chewy bubblegum. Bubble gum is one of those things that bring action and creativity with it. Every child has a unique expression when they chew that wonderful bubble gum because of the way it brings smiles and laughter to children of all ages. You know I feel that if all of us look into our childhood, we can remember how some of our friendships were made by one of our classmates or friends when they offered that happy piece of bubble gum. Let us all keep some bubble gum around and blow bubbles together. POP!!!

The Book Hummingbirds Pennies and Hope
The Author Jeanne Lemmon Skinner
The Publisher BalboaPress
Release Date2012-03-30
Genre Fiction
Pages 148
ISBN 1452548358
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Anna is a typical high school student who is tired of writing boring research papers. When she decides to research angels, however, all that changes—in fact, her life changes. She learns that her grandmother and mother both know how to communicate with angels and that both have received signs from deceased loved ones. When she discovers her grandmother’s angel cards, she uses them to communicate with her own angels. After her presentation to her classmates, she reluctantly agrees to teach others how to use angel cards and is compared to a witch by the editor of the school paper. Anna faces the disapproval of her father, the vice-principal, and her best friend as her angels continue to leave her pennies as a sign of comfort. When she is asked to assist a famous author in teaching teens about angels, Anna is not sure can handle the pressure.

The Book A Two pennies Day
The Author James Brewbaker
The Publisher iUniverse
Release Date2006-12-06
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 116
ISBN 9780595420803
Language English, Spanish, And French