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The Book Out of Africa
The Author Karen Blixen
The Publisher Marmer
Release Date2015-04-13
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9789460688638
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Achterflap “Als ik een lied van Afrika ken – zo peinsde ik – van de giraffe en van de Afrikaanse nieuwe maan, van de ploegen in het veld en de bezwete gezichten van de koffieplukkers, kent Afrika dan ook een lied van mij?” Out of Africa is een onwaarschijnlijk mooi geschreven roman over het leven op een koffieplantage in Afrika. In 1937 schreef Karen Blixen haar memoires en daarin doet ze hartstochtelijk verslag van haar avonturen in Kenia. Over de natuur van de Highlands, de mentaliteit van de verschillende stammen, de gewoontes van de Kikoejoe, de Somali en de Masai. De roman is een veelstemmig lied van prachtige verhalen, de moeite waard door zowel de mooie schrijfstijl als de diepe interesse voor de inheemse bevolking en de liefde voor de natuur. Karen Blixen hield van het Afrikaanse landschap met zijn rijke plant- en diersoorten. Zij voelde zich thuis bij de oorspronkelijke bewoners, voor wie zij raadgeefster, dokter, rechter en lerares was. ‘Onbevooroordeeldheid, zelfspot en waardering voor ironie van het lot zijn eigenschappen die Blixen met de Afrikanen deelt en daarop is hun wederzijdse verstandhouding op gebaseerd. Deze eigenschappen geven aan Blixens lyrische schildering van een verloren paradijs een onbevangen en lichtvoetig karakter.’ – Manet van Montfrans in NRC Handelsblad ‘Haar verslag van haar avonturen in Afrika, geschreven nadat ze haar geliefde plantage moest opgeven en teurgkeerde naar Denemarken, is dat van een meesterverteller. Een vrouw die door John Updike “een van de meest pittoreske en tevens flamboyante literaire persoonlijkheden van de eeuw werd gekarakteriseerd.' – The Times ‘Karen Blixen schrijft prachtig. Een aanrader om te lezen. Een ware klassieker.’ – The New York Times Karen Blixen, barones von Blixen-Finecke (Rungsted, 17 april 1885 – 7 september 1962), schreef onder het pseudoniem Isak Dinesen en publiceerde in het Deens en het Engels. Naast het semi-autobiografische Out of Africa, over haar tijd in Kenia, publiceerde ze nog zeven andere boeken. De roman werd in 1985 onder de oorspronkelijk titel Out of Africa verfilmd door Sydney Pollack, met Meryl Streep en Robert Redford in de hoofdrollen.

The Book Images Out of Africa
The Author Virginia Garner
The Publisher University Press of America
Release Date2011
Genre Literary Collections
Pages 260
ISBN 9780761853800
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In 1938, Virginia and Ray Garner began making films in the Belgian Congo and French Cameroons. This book features Virginia Garner's diaries, which highlight the challenges of making films in Africa in the 1930s and include rich descriptions of cross-cultural interactions and micro-negotiations with chiefs, headmen, and villagers.

The Book Out of Africa
The Author Isak Dinesen
The Publisher Penguin UK
Release Date2001-09-27
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 336
ISBN 9780141913872
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: From the moment Karen Blixen arrived in Kenya in 1914 to manage a coffee plantation, her heart belonged to Africa. Drawn to the intense colours and ravishing landscapes, Karen Blixen spent her happiest years on the farm and her experiences and friendships with the people around her are vividly recalled in these memoirs. Out of Africa is the story of a remarkable and unconventional woman and of a way of life that has vanished for ever.

The Book Not Out of Africa
The Author M. Lefkowitz
The Publisher Рипол Классик
Release Date1998
Genre History
ISBN 9785872965046
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Out of Africa
The Author Jens Kargaard
The Publisher Kargaard
Release Date2004
Genre KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)
Pages 190
ISBN 0620326204
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Out of Africa The Breakaway Anglican Churches
The Author Ross Lindsay
The Publisher Xulon Press
Release Date2011-08-01
Genre Religion
Pages 176
ISBN 9781613796054
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Out of Africa: The Breakaway Anglican Churches tells the remarkable story of the emergence of a new religious movement within the Anglican Communion. The movement, made up of theologically conservative Anglican churches, began in Pawleys Island, South Carolina in January 2000 and, with assistance from the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Africa, has spread throughout the United States and into Canada. Every Episcopalian and Anglican should read Out of Africa: The Breakaway Anglican Churches. Ross Lindsay has done the church a huge favor by telling this compelling story that many of us have lived for over a decade.David Virtue, VIRTUEONLINEIn Out of Africa: The Breakaway Anglican Churches, Ross Lindsay tells the story as it happened. I witnessed most of the events that he recounts, and he is spot-on in his recall and his analysis.Rev. Dr. Kevin Francis Donlon, Canon for Ecclesiastical Affairs, Anglican Mission in the AmericasRoss Lindsay chronicles well the realignment of Anglicanism that was birthed at All Saints Church in Pawleys Island, South Carolina in 2000. By tracing the movement from inception, he reminds us that our call is to both missiology and ecclesiology. Lindsay describes the current developments as a movement with a mission.The Most Rev. Emmanuel Kolini, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda (retired) ROSS M. "BUDDY" LINDSAY, III, C.P.A., J.D., L.L.M., Ph.D. is a tax attorney, CPA, and hotelier. He is the author of Building a Church to Last: The Miracle in Pawleys. He earned a Ph.D. in Church Growth from Brunel University and an L.L. M. in Anglican Canon Law from the Center of Law and Religion at Cardiff University Law School. Today he serves as President of Sonship Hospitality, Inc. and Sonship Ministries, Inc. where he coaches church planters and helps entrepreneurs move from empire building to Kingdom building.

The Book Out of Africa
The Author Pal Ahluwalia
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2010-04-05
Genre Political Science
Pages 208
ISBN 9781135161781
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: At the heart of this book is the argument that the fact that so many post-structuralist French intellectuals have a strong ‘colonial’ connection, usually with Algeria, cannot be a coincidence. The ‘biographical’ fact that so many French intellectuals were born in or otherwise connected with French Algeria has often been noted, but it has never been theorised. Ahluwalia makes a convincing case that post-structuralism in fact has colonial and postcolonial roots. This is an important argument, and one that ‘connects’ two theoretical currents that continue to be of great interest, post-structuralism and postcolonialism. The re-reading of what is now familiar material against the background of de-colonial struggles demonstrates the extent to which it is this new condition that prompted theory to question long-held assumptions inscribed in the European colonial enterprise. The wide-ranging discussion, ranging across authors as different as Foucault, Derrida, Fanon, Althusser, Cixous, Bourdieu and Lyotard, enables the reader to make connections that have remained unnoticed or been neglected. It also brings back into view a history of struggles, both political and theoretical, that has shaped the landscape of critique in the social sciences and humanities. This clear and lucid discussion of important and often difficult thinkers will be widely read and widely debated by students and academics alike.

The Book Out of Africa
The Author Mikael Parkvall
The Publisher
Release Date2000
Genre Africa
Pages 188
ISBN STANFORD:36105110210718
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book From Cameroon to Paris
The Author Steven Nelson
The Publisher University of Chicago Press
Release Date2007-03-15
Genre Architecture
Pages 247
ISBN 9780226571836
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The kind of extraordinary domed house constructed by Chad and Cameroon’s Mousgoum peoples has long held sway over the Western imagination. In fact, as Steven Nelson shows here, this prototypical beehive-shaped structure known as the teleukhas been cast as everything from a sign of authenticity to a tourist destination to a perfect fusion of form and function in an unselfconscious culture. And in this multifaceted history of the teleuk, thought of by the Mousgoum themselves as a three-dimensional symbol of their culture, Nelson charts how a singular building’s meaning has the capacity to change over time and in different places. Drawing on fieldwork in Cameroon and Japan as well as archival research in Africa, the United States, and Europe, Nelson explores how the teleuk has been understood by groups ranging from contemporary tourists to the Cameroonian government and—most importantly—today’s Mousgoum people. In doing so, he moves in and out of Africa to provide a window into a changing Mousgoum culture and to show how both African and Western peoples use the built environment to advance their own needs and desires. Highlighting the global impact of African architecture, From Cameroon to Paris will appeal to scholars and students of African art history and architectural history, as well as those interested in Western interactions with Africa.

The Book Into India Out of Africa
The Author Alistair Caldicott
The Publisher
Release Date2004-12-01
Genre Travel
Pages 292
ISBN 9781413741087
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: From the word go, the style and tenor of this book is set. And it doesn't take long before we realise we are in for a raunchy, realistic, roughish ride; so seat yourself comfortably. Be transported from the relentlessly chaotic assault on the senses that is India to the cool Himalayan magnificence of trekking to Everest Base Camp. Through the vastness of Australia, unable to escape the predictably painful experiences of England's cricket team, before plunging into the outdoor activity challenges of New Zealand. Then, perhaps most compelling of all, the continent of Africa from the bottom up. An ambitious journey overland encompassing Africa's most extreme tip right up to its snow-covered top, Mt Kilimanjaro. Here it is not so much the final destination as all that is entailed to get there that informs and entertains. With a refreshing attitude, this book doesn't try to be the great African travel book drowning you with its intensity; Bruce Chatwin it is not. But it is a breath of fairly fresh air (excluding a lot of dust and some graphically described indigenous odours). The tone is conversational and intimate; the author takes the reader along with him on his (slightly) bumpy travels, and there is a splendid lack of any sort of political correctness, although Alistair is actually broad-minded and unprejudiced (minus a few Australians). He understands the people he meets. Without wanting to be remotely serious-because he isn't-this is a book that is kind and understanding of different places and people. The author observes, records, and attempts to shed light on people, places and experiences that are not of the everyday variety. The traveller-both experienced and of the armchairvariety-could have many a worse companion than this book.

The Book I Am Justice
The Author Paul Kenyon
The Publisher Random House
Release Date2009-04-16
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 256
ISBN 9781409050278
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Eighty miles off the Libyan coast water is leaking rapidly into the bottom of a dilapidated wooden boat. Twenty-seven men, crammed in side-by-side, desperately attempt to bail it out, but the boat is sinking. In the distance one of their number spots a ship and, forcing the last moments of life from the engine, they move towards it. But the crew refuses to allow them on board. Instead the men scramble onto the floats of a huge industrial tuna net, and watch as their boat rolls over and disappears into the heaving Mediterranean. Like tens of thousands of others Justice set off from his rural village with an idealised vision of an new life in England - the 'home' country - desperate just to earn his way and help his orphaned brother and sister left behind. During his long journey to the African coast, he's captured, jailed and tortured, before escaping and heading northwards again. Once in Tripoli he's duped into handing over his life savings for a trip in a wreck of a boat across miles of open sea to almost certain death. But there is also compassion here and he meets old and wise souls along the way. The tuna net is not the end of Justice's story. It is an extraordinary tale of courage, and an important account of a life caught between cultures, on the edge of survival.

The Book Out of Africa I
The Author John G Fleagle
The Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date2010-08-20
Genre Social Science
Pages 294
ISBN 9048190363
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: For the first two thirds of our evolutionary history, we hominins were restricted to Africa. Dating from about two million years ago, hominin fossils first appear in Eurasia. This volume addresses many of the issues surrounding this initial hominin intercontinental dispersal. Why did hominins first leave Africa in the early Pleistocene and not earlier? What do we know about the adaptations of the hominins that dispersed - their diet, locomotor abilities, cultural abilities? Was there a single dispersal event or several? Was the hominin dispersal part of a broader faunal expansion of African mammals northward? What route or routes did dispersing populations take?

The Book Shakespeare in and Out of Africa
The Author Jane Plastow
The Publisher Boydell & Brewer Ltd
Release Date2013
Genre Drama
Pages 194
ISBN 9781847010803
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A key volume for Shakespeare, African theatre and the postcolonial cultural scholars, promoting debate on the role of Western cultural icons in contemporary postcolonial cultures.

The Book Out of Africa
The Author C. Peter Wagner
The Publisher Baker Books
Release Date2003-12-04
Genre Religion
Pages 224
ISBN 9781441269010
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Nigeria, once a hopelessly beleaguered society, has risen from the ashes and is a spiritually revived nation. One of the main contributors to this book states: "It is safe to say that the Church and effectual prayers have kept our nation from complete anarchy and genocide. The impact of Christianity is evident wherever you go. If you look a little deeper, listen a little closer, you will see and hear the myriad changes that are subtlety transforming our nation into a nation that truly fears the Lord." The miraculous is evident in the church of Nigeria. Out of Africa offers the testimony of numerous Nigerian pastors who are making a difference for God all over the world. Learn from churches who are experiencing a radical move of God.

The Book Longing for Darkness
The Author Kamante
The Publisher
Release Date1990
Genre Aesop's fables
Pages 264
ISBN UCSC:32106018602539
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Kamante, hero of Isak Dineson's Out of Africa, relates autobiographical tales and his rendering of European fables. Illustrated in bandw by his water colors and photographs by Dineson and Peter Beard, who collected and translated the tales (from Swahili) and had Kamante's son hand write them for the book. 8x12". Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Book Out of Africa
The Author Emory Ross
The Publisher
Release Date1936
Genre Africa
Pages 216
ISBN UCAL:$B689400
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Out of One Many Africas
The Author William G. Martin
The Publisher University of Illinois Press
Release Date1999
Genre History
Pages 237
ISBN 0252067800
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Even as symbols of Africa permeate Western culture in the 1990s, centers for the academic study of Africa suffer from a steady erosion of institutional support and intellectual legitimacy. Out of One, Many Africas assesses the rising tide of discontent that has destabilized the conceptions, institutions, and communities dedicated to African studies. In vibrant detail, contributors from Africa, Europe, and North America lay out the multiple, contending histories and perspectives that inform African studies. They assess the reaction against the white-dominated consensus that has marked African studies since its inception in the 1950s and note the emergence of alternative approaches, energized in part by feminist and cultural studies. They examine African scholars' struggle against paradigms that have justified and covered up colonialism, militarism, and underdevelopment. They also consider such issues as how to bring black scholars on the continent and in the diaspora closer together on questions of intellectual freedom, accountability, and the democratization of information and knowledge production. By surveying the present predicament and the current grassroots impulse toward reconsidering the meaning of the continent, Out of One, Many Africas gives shape and momentum to a crucial dialogue aimed at transforming the study of Africa.

The Book News Out of Africa
The Author Paul Harrison
The Publisher Hilary Shipman Limited
Release Date1986
Genre Africa
Pages 147
ISBN UOM:39015011337436
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Out of Africa
The Author Marco Langbroek
The Publisher British Archaeological Reports Ltd
Release Date2004
Genre Social Science
Pages 128
ISBN UOM:39015061764935
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In this work, the author aims to arrive at a meaningful frame of reference for the earliest occupation of Eurasia. The basis for this endeavour, and the subject of the first part of this study, is a solid chronology of occupation founded on a critical assessment of the evidence. This chronology is then compared to that of various events in and aspects of the evolution of global and regional climates and ecologies, as well as various events in and aspects of hominin evolution itself. Archaeological and biological clues to changing behaviour in Africa and Eurasia over the timespan of 2.5-0.3 Ma are assessed against the background of changing climate and environments in the second part of this work. These form the background against which an attempt is made to provide a context of behavioural and cognitive evolution leading to these earliest colonizations. The primary goal of this discussion of the earliest occupation of Eurasia therefore is not to present the earliest dates with as many dots as possible in remote corners of the World map: the primary goal is to understand how, because of which factors of change, these dots appeared.

The Book Out of Africa Fashola
The Author John M. O. Ekundayo
The Publisher AuthorHouse
Release Date2013-04
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 322
ISBN 9781481790406
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book focuses on the Servant Leadership practice as exemplified by Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos State, Nigeria. Lagos State is the most populated (about 21 million people) in Nigeria. Trasformational strides have been witnessed by the people of Lagos State which are showcased in this book. Dr Ekundayo, John, did his PhD, on the Governor's leadership style conducting both quantitative and qualitative research studies spanning three years. The outcome is the production of this book.