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The Book At Our Table
The Author Roxie Kelley
The Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing
Release Date2010-09-14
Genre Cooking
Pages 176
ISBN 9781449400217
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: With their fifth collaboration, At Our Table, Roxie Kelley and Shelly Reeves Smith set out to create a cookbook seasoned with their insights gleaned over 30 years as friends and business partners. The result is both a cookbook and a celebration of the abundance of people and things around our table, waiting for us to acknowledge them. Offering 125 simple, delicious recipes, At Our Table emphasizes how the experience of gathering for meals can energize us and help us recognize the richness and fullness of our lives. Ideal for home cooks who savor the simple life, At Our Table magically combines Kelley's conversational writing style and Smith's beautiful illustrations to inspire us all to return to our tables.

The Book Come To Our Table
The Author Anita Lustrea
The Publisher Moody Publishers
Release Date2007-11-01
Genre Cooking
Pages 112
ISBN 1575674572
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Welcome to our table! The Midday Connection family is large and we have lots of chairs at our table, so pull up a chair and join us for a while. I don't know what the table signifies for you, but for me it means family, warmth, community, learning, growth, and satisfaction." And so we are introduced to the first cookbook Moody Publishers has ever had the privilege of producing. But as a famous TV cook used to proudly proclaim, "you gonna love it. I gar-on-tee!" Filled with tasty appetizers to desserts, from your favorite authors like Dannah Gresh, Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Liz Curtis Higgs, as well as radio personalities across the Moody Broadcasting network, Come to Our Table will be a collectible in and out of MBN's listening audience. Its easy-to-follow two-color interior and its lay-flat binding will make it the perfect companion for any kitchen.

The Book Blessed Be Our Table
The Author Neil Paynter
The Publisher Wild Goose Publications
Release Date2003-05-21
Genre Religion
Pages 100
ISBN 9781849520331
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Resources for expressing gratitude for food, integrating thankfulness with a burning passion for justice.

The Book A Place at Our Table
The Author Amy Clipston
The Publisher Zondervan
Release Date2017-11-14
Genre Fiction
Pages 336
ISBN 9780310349037
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Kayla Dienner has suffered her fair share of heartache, which is why she vows to protect her heart at all costs . . . until she meets Jamie Riehl. Along with his volunteer work at the local fire department, running his Amish farm keeps Jamie Riehl busy. He barely has time to eat at the family table, never mind find someone to date. But when he meets Kayla Dienner, he is smitten. Kayla tries hard to deny her attraction to Jamie. After all, she’s spent the last year discouraging her younger brother, Nathan, from becoming a firefighter. The death of their older brother in a fire a year ago is fresh in her mind—she can’t bear the idea of putting her heart on the line every time the sirens blare. Then tragedy strikes, and Jamie wants to extinguish any flame between him and Kayla. Can Kayla set aside her own fears to save the love she was determined to deny? The first book in the Amish Homestead series, A Place at Our Table invites us to a quiet community in Lancaster County where love burns brightly no matter the cost.

The Book From Our Table to Yours A Collection of Filipino Heirloom Recipes Family Memories
The Author Angelo Comsti
The Publisher Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd
Release Date2013-07-15
Genre Cooking
Pages 145
ISBN 9789814516907
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: From Our Table to Yours: A Collection of Filipino Heirloom Recipes & Family Memories is not just a cookbook of time-tested recipes, but also a treasure trove of stories from some of the country’s most influential foodies. This showcase of generations-old, time-honoured dishes, many of which have been forgotten, are embellished with photographs and personal narratives that make the dishes all the more special and worth sharing. About the Author: Angelo F. Comsti has long been working with food. He is a food writer, food stylist, recipe developer and demo cook. He recently added more titles to his credentials—as a bona fide chef, graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney and becoming a deli owner, heading the kitchen operations of The Food Barn, a neighbourhood snack bar serving gourmet sandwiches. He turns down no opportunity for more adventures as long as they deal with food.

The Book At Our Table
The Author Delicious Magazine
The Publisher HarperCollins Australia
Release Date2017-10-01
Genre Cooking
Pages 320
ISBN 9781460707371
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The ultimate cookbook for anyone who loves cooking for friends and family as much as they appreciate beautiful packaging and design. AT OUR TABLE is the brand new cookbook from the award-winning team behind Australia's leading premium food lifestyle magazine delicious. and hugely successful website With gorgeous photography, stunning design and more than 100 impressive but effortless recipes, this hardcover book marks an elegant new direction for delicious. publishing. Each chapter offers a flexible menu, as well as brilliant ideas for drinks matching and expert advice for setting the scene - including styling the table, colour palette inspiration, flowers, lighting and downloadable party invitations. From an elegant simple approach to pulling out all the stops, AT OUR TABLE will inspire budding and experienced cooks alike. With food for every occasion, from relaxed Sunday brunch to the ultimate birthday party, a winter fireside feast, showstopping dinner parties and beachside long weekends, this is a cookbook for anyone who loves fabulous food and great company.

The Book Our Table
The Author Renee Muller (Food writer)
The Publisher
Release Date2016
Genre Jewish cooking
Pages 272
ISBN 1422617602
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "In Our Table, food stylist and recipe columnist Renee Muller invites you to partake of her family's favorite dishes, each vividly presented with an art-quality full-color photo. Refreshingly simple, distinctively delicious, and crafted from common ingredients, the time-tested recipes in Our Table are sure to find a welcome place at your table -- every day of the year. Through heartwarming stories and culinary wisdom, Our Table is as readable on the couch as it is useful in the kitchen. Renee will become your personal guide, walking you through subtle suggestions that turn good food into great food"--Page 4 of cover.

The Book Women Men and Language
The Author Jennifer Coates
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2014-01-09
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
Pages 264
ISBN 9781317868880
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Women, Men and Language, 3rd Ed provides an up-to-date account of gender differences in language to answer the question: "Do women and men talk differently?" The book takes the reader from an initial "men talk like this; women talk like that" approach to a more nuanced idea of women and men performing gender in their everyday interactions. It covers a range of sociolinguistic research, looking at grammatical and phonological features a well as at aspects of conversation such as compliments or swearing, and the growing use of the word ‘like’ by younger speakers. Written in a clear and accessible manner, the book explores: the idea that gender is not a given but is socially constructued the linguistic strategies used by male speakers to dominate female speakers the characteristics of language use in same-sex groups the way children develop gender-appropriate speech the role played by gender in language change the social consequences of gender differentiated language in the workplace and in the classroom This updated third edition concludes with a new chapter summarising new developments and assessing possible future trends for the area. Using both historical record and contemporary sociolinguistic research, Women, Men and Language succinctly demonstrates that women and men do talk differently.

The Book Gathering at the Table
The Author Elizabeth Hoffman Reed
The Publisher LiturgyTrainingPublications
Release Date1999
Genre Cooking
Pages 44
ISBN 1568543379
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This wonderful book is a simple praise of dining. Brief essays and reflections about food and dining are interspersed with quotations from a variety of sources.

The Book Welcome to Our Table
The Author Shirley Dobson
The Publisher
Release Date2013-10-01
Genre Cooking
Pages 128
ISBN 0736959440
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: As the wife of Focus on the Family founder, Dr. James Dobson, Shirley has devoted her life to the ministry and embraced many opportunities to entertain guests. From dignitaries to backdoor neighbors to the family, Shirley has opened her heart and spread the table for all. Danae, James and Shirley's daughter, remembers the gatherings and lovingly recalls what her mother taught her about being kind and extending hospitality. Now mother and daughter have gathered the stories of those celebrations and get-togethers to inspire others. They've collected time-honored family recipes and dreamed up more than a dozen seasonal parties to share with readers. Award-winning photographer Julie Johnson has artfully photographed each one with special attention to the delicious dishes and lovely table settings. This beautiful book, as much a family memoir as it is a cookbook and a lesson in blessing others through the art of hospitality, will captivate readers, cooks, and party planners alike.

The Book Basic Biogeography
The Author N V Pears
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2014-06-06
Genre Science
Pages 368
ISBN 9781317885269
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: First published in 1985. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Book An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics
The Author Graeme Kennedy
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2014-09-19
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
Pages 328
ISBN 9781317892588
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The use of large, computerized bodies of text for linguistic analysis and description has emerged in recent years as one of the most significant and rapidly-developing fields of activity in the study of language. This book provides a comprehensive introduction and guide to Corpus Linguistics. All aspects of the field are explored, from the various types of electronic corpora that are available to instructions on how to design and compile a corpus. Graeme Kennedy surveys the development of corpora for use in linguistic research, looking back to the pre-electronic age as well as to the massive growth of computer corpora in the electronic age.

The Book Favorites from Our Table
The Author
The Publisher
Release Date2010
Genre Cookbooks
Pages 156
ISBN OCLC:953198337
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book From Tablet to Table
The Author Leonard Sweet
The Publisher NavPress
Release Date2015-01-01
Genre Religion
Pages 192
ISBN 9781612917801
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Worship Leader magazine has named From Tablet to Table one of the five best books of 2015! What if the Bible were seen less as a tablet of ink than as a table of food? From Tablet to Table invites readers to explore the importance of The Table in biblical theology, and what it might mean for us to bring back the table to our homes, our churches, and our neighborhoods. The table pictures the grace of God’s provision for all aspects of our lives, a place of safe gathering, of finding identity in shared stories, of imparting food and faith, of playing host and finding satisfaction as a guest. Sweet explores how our failure to understand and appreciate “the most sacred item of furniture in every home” has created such a deficit in our fast-food, take-what-you-like-smorgasbord, together-but-separate society.

The Book The Lord s Table Meeting
The Author Witness Lee
The Publisher Living Stream Ministry
Release Date1994-04
Pages 48
ISBN 9780870835636
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Health Economics
The Author Jay Bhattacharya
The Publisher Macmillan International Higher Education
Release Date2013-10-30
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 624
ISBN 9781137029973
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Health Economics introduces students of economics, public health, and medicine to the modern field of health economics. The book emphasizes the link between economic theory and health policy, and covers both the established models of health insurance and the dilemmas that policy makers currently face. Features include: * Broad scope, featuring comparative health policy and empirical examples from around the world * Topical issues such as the obesity epidemic, economic epidemiology, socioeconomic health disparities, and behavioral economics * The latest research including the Oregon Medicaid Experiment and the potential impacts of US health reform Student-friendly, Health Economics is written in an engaging, lively style, enhanced by cartoons and images that relate the principles of health economics to everyday life. It also offers hundreds of exercises to help solidify and extend understanding.

The Book Biltmore
The Author Favorite Recipes Press
The Publisher Favorite Recipes Press
Release Date2007-01-01
Genre Cooking
Pages 184
ISBN 1885378203
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Historically, the Biltmore has been known for hospitality. Today, this tradition continues with its commitment to the table as a place to gather and creates memories. This collection of recipes from the Biltmore Chefs reflects the diversity of Biltmore's past and present, with menus fit for a Vanderbilt guest.

The Book The Ground is Our Table
The Author
The Publisher
Release Date1966
Genre Mexicans
Pages 141
ISBN UTEXAS:059172014995024
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Account of the plight of migrant farmers and of their struggle for improwed working conditions and union representation.

The Book Abby s Song Riffing It for Our Girl
The Author William M. Hanson
The Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date2008-07-21
Genre Fiction
Pages 199
ISBN 1453506861
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: “Yes, but later, when they speak of her, what do they say?” I asked. “Oh hell, I don’t know. I just fill the glasses. Man, this is the kind of talk that makes a barkeep like me goofy. Mostly, I keep the customers on the other side of the counter, but she, she can’t be stopped – comes over the top and just rips your spleen.” “Fill the glasses. Mop the bar. You probably know, they’re closing this place next month, and I’m out of work with no prospects, because the urban renewal wrecking ball is knocking down, not just this joint, but the whole Avenue, and, and all I’m doing is worrying what’s going to happen to Abby, but damn it, I can’t help it, this place connect her to Whitey, and all the rest of us to her.” “Ahhh ...” He let out a deep sigh, and then leaned over the bar and used his big whisper. “Ah, but this woman did it all ... And so they ... They tell of the things she did for Whitey. They tell of her exploits, of her saving his life, and her avenging his death – of her thrusting that heavy auger. And they make up things, sensitive, personal things – lavender baths, rose petal pillows – things no one could possibly know, but we all listen and nod our approval. And now the wrecking ball is coming. And now they ask what will happen ...” “Look, that’s her, she comes now. Just look at her. My, oh my,” he slowly shakes his head. “Ah, I’ll tell you what they, they ... they tell of her honor, grace, and beauty. See how she moves, how she takes that stool.” He stood to his full height and hurried down the counter to pour her drinks. I sipped mine, listening, waiting ....

The Book Orientation a Journey
The Author Wallace B. Collins
The Publisher iUniverse
Release Date2004-05-10
Genre Fiction
Pages 468
ISBN 9780595758913
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Orientation: A Journey is an autobiographical account of a group of African American tourists who traveled on a tour to Europe, Asia and North Africa. The writer inserts fictional situations in the book to enable the reader to view the bareback narrative in relation to, or as a divergence from the autobiographical portions of the book. As a reality, these segments in the book are its core that lends itself to the fiction he creates, which propels the writer's rush of awareness, and bares his accelerated consciousness, enabling him to carry the fictitious segments of the book on a non-liner, narrative, course.