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The Book Solo in the New Order
The Author James T. Siegel
The Publisher Princeton University Press
Release Date1993
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
Pages 338
ISBN 0691000859
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In this brilliant ethnography of contemporary Java, James Siegel analyzes how language operates to organize and to order an Indonesian people. Despite the imposition of Suharto's New Order, the inhabitants of the city of Solo continue to adhere to their own complex ideas of deference and hierarchy through translation between high and low Javanese speech styles. Siegel uncovers moments when translation fails and compulsive mimicry ensues. His examination of communication and its failures also exposes the ways a culture reconstitutes itself. It leads to insights into the "accidents" that precede the formulations of culture as such.In this brilliant ethnography of contemporary Java, James Siegel analyzes how language operates to organize and to order an Indonesian people. Despite the imposition of Suharto's New Order, the inhabitants of the city of Solo continue to adhere to their own complex ideas of deference and hierarchy through translation between high and low Javanese speech styles. Siegel uncovers moments when translation fails and compulsive mimicry ensues. His examination of communication and its failures also exposes the ways a culture reconstitutes itself. It leads to insights into the "accidents" that precede the formulations of culture as such.

The Book Working for the New Order
The Author Joachim Lund
The Publisher Copenhagen Business School Press DK
Release Date2006
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 192
ISBN 8763001861
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: During the Second World War, the collaboration dilemma regarding Europe's business life came to the forefront as business leaders were faced with the necessity of cooperating with the German enemy in order to maintain production and survive as economic units. Working for the New Order examines Europeâ??s corporate survival in a highly unstable business environment during this period of time. Cooperation with the dominant European power aimed to secure the future for business, national economies, and the nation states of Europe. With this point of reference, Europe's business life, of working for the New Order, contributed substantially to the Nazi German war effort.

The Book The New Order of War
The Author Bob Brecher
The Publisher Rodopi
Release Date2010
Genre History
Pages 258
ISBN 9789042029415
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Far from hearalding a time of unprecedented peace, the end of "actually existing communism" served to usher in new conflicts, new wars and new reasons for war. That much goes without saying. What is controversial, however; is how we might understand and respond to these new wars. This book offers a new approach. Its distinctive and multidisciplinary range of perspectives, offering quite different views. is based on the conviction that if we are to begin to get to grips with this central feature of our 21st Century lives, we have to go beyond an unhelpful moralism on the one hand and a defeatist appeal to "human nature" on the other. Bob Brecher is Director of the Centre for Applied Philosophy Politics & Ethics (CAPPE) at the University of Brighton, UK. He is author of Forture and The Ticking Bomb (Wiley 2007). Getting What You Want? (Roudedge 1997), editor of several volumes and has published numerous articles in moral and applied philosophy, liberalism and higher education. At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries seeks to encourage and promote cutting edge interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary projects and inquiry. By bringing people together from differing contexts, disciplines, professions, and vocations, the aim is to engage in conversations that are innovative, imaginative, and creatively interactive Inter-Disciplinary dialogue enables people to go beyond the boundaries of what they usually encounter and share in perspectives that are new, challenging, and richly rewarding. This kind of dialogue often illuminates one's own area of work, is suggestive of new possibilities for development, and creates exciting horizons for future conversations with persons from a wide variety of national and international settings By sharing cross-disciplinary insights and perspectives, ATI/PTB publications are designed to be both exploratory examinations of particular areas and issues, and rigorous inquiries into specific subjects. Books in the series are enabling resources which will encourage sustained and creative dialogue, and become the future resource for further inquiries and research

The Book Substance Inside New Order
The Author Peter Hook
The Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release Date2016-10-06
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 768
ISBN 9781471132438
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: ‘This book will delight both New Order-ites and general rock readers’ Mojo A ROLLICKING, NO-HOLDS-BARRED ACCOUNT OF NEW ORDER'S ENTIRE HISTORY. Two acclaimed albums and an upcoming US tour – Joy Division had the world at their feet. Then, on the eve of that tour, the band’s troubled lead singer, Ian Curtis, killed himself. The next time they got together, they were a new band. That band was New Order – their label was Factory Records, their club The Haçienda. Their distinctive sound paved the way for the dance music explosion that followed, earning them the reputation as one of the most influential bands of their generation, and changing the course of popular music. Following on from his bestselling titles The Haçienda and Unknown Pleasures, Peter Hook has written a rollicking, no-holds-barred account of the band's entire history. Substance is packed with never-before-seen detail, discographies and technical information. This is possibly the most entertaining memoir ever written by a British musician. ‘There are stories here that make Ozzy Osbourne looks like Mother Teresa’ Sunday Express ‘A rollicking read’ Record Collector ‘Rock writing rarely tells us properly what a band treading water or in slow decline feels like from the inside. Hook does so memorably’ Guardian ‘As mammoth and downright idiotic as the band deserves … something hilariously daft happens on nearly all of Substance’s 750 pages’ Classic Pop

The Book Alternative World Scenarios for a New Order of Nations
The Author Charles William Taylor
The Publisher DIANE Publishing
Release Date1993
Genre Geopolitics
Pages 133
ISBN 0788108344
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This futures book reflects the global trends and events of the recent past of today that are bringing about change to the world's political, economic, social, technological, and military environments. Provides a set of plausible scenarios against which users can build policies and decisions while anticipating and judging their consequences before implementation. Useful for strategic planning through active and reserve components of the U.S. military. Also useful for long-range planning by business, industry, academia, and other private and governmental organizations. Charts, tables and drawings. Also includes a 21-page study, "Creating Strategic Visions."

The Book China s New Order
The Author Hui Wang
The Publisher Harvard University Press
Release Date2003
Genre History
Pages 239
ISBN 0674009320
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: As the world is drawn together with increasing force, our long-standing isolation from--and baffling ignorance of--China is ever more perilous. This book offers a powerful analysis of China and the transformations it has undertaken since 1989. Wang Hui is unique in China's intellectual world for his ability to synthesize an insider's knowledge of economics, politics, civilization, and Western critical theory. A participant in the Tiananmen Square movement, he is also the editor of the most important intellectual journal in contemporary China. He has a grasp and vision that go beyond contemporary debates to allow him to connect the events of 1989 with a long view of Chinese history. Wang Hui argues that the features of contemporary China are elements of the new global order as a whole in which considerations of economic growth and development have trumped every other concern, particularly those of democracy and social justice. At its heart this book represents an impassioned plea for economic and social justice and an indictment of the corruption caused by the explosion of "market extremism." As Wang Hui observes, terms like "free" and "unregulated" are largely ideological constructs masking the intervention of highly manipulative, coercive governmental actions on behalf of economic policies that favor a particular scheme of capitalist acquisition--something that must be distinguished from truly free markets. He sees new openings toward social, political, and economic democracy in China as the only agencies by which the unstable conditions thus engendered can be remedied.

The Author Collin Robert Bowling
The Publisher iUniverse
Release Date2011-08-01
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
Pages 476
ISBN 9781462039951
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Evil has been discharged hither and thither, and as a result a war is being waged between the Light and the Dark. Powerful occult reptilian bloodlines have commandeered the corporate-mass-media and the military-industrial complex, the everyman no longer a free entity. Why these torturing gifts, and wherefore lent to the people? No reason except for the desire to dominate and suppress. It is an inkling the beasts of prey within man and reptile cannot control. Secret societies are the gatekeepers to a much greater secret that encompasses extraterrestrials and cultures spanning across dimensions. The labyrinth has already been entered - next stop, a closer inspection at money and the big business of Big Brother. Are there more cards up the magician’s sleeve? Only one, and that is the possibility for enlightenment.

The Book Chapter and Verse New Order Joy Division and Me
The Author Bernard Sumner
The Publisher Random House
Release Date2014-09-18
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 352
ISBN 9781448171323
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Founding member and guitarist of Joy Division and the lead singer of New Order, Bernard Sumner has been famous over the years for his reticence. Until now... An integral part of the Manchester music scene since the late 1970s, his is the definitive version of the events that created two of the most influential bands of all time. Chapter and Verse includes a vivid and illuminating account of Bernard’s Salford childhood, the early days of Joy Division, the band’s enormous critical and popular success, and the subsequent tragic death of Ian Curtis. Bernard describes the formation of New Order, takes us behind the scenes at the birth of classics such as 'Blue Monday' and gives his first-hand account of the ecstasy and the agony of the Haçienda days. Sometimes moving, often hilarious and occasionally completely out of control, this is a tale populated by some of the most colourful and creative characters in music history, such as Ian Curtis, Tony Wilson, Rob Gretton and Martin Hannett. Others have told parts of the story, in film and book form. Now, for the first time, Bernard Sumner gives you chapter and verse.

The Book A New Order of the Ages
The Author Collin Robert Bowling
The Publisher iUniverse
Release Date2011-11-15
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
Pages 356
ISBN 9781462037179
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: For millennia, the human race has been controlled and manipulated by forces beyond our own dimension or awareness. A carefully managed human/extra-dimensional breeding program has produced a hybrid slave race that isn’t aware of its true origins or fate. Few know that these shadow puppeteers are actually in control—or that they even exist. They are not human ... but then again, neither are we. As the epic battle of consciousness expands into the outer dimensions, we know that one thing is for certain: When the Liberty Bell rings once again, their empire will be reduced to a heap of ashes. There will be an army of forces, backed by the highest of forces in the heavens, which will conduct this re-awakening of the masses. This story recounts the takeover of planet Earth by the Snake of Zion and shares everything you need to know to be truly free. The battleground is within each of us, and our captors are but a reflection of humanity. Unless we change ourselves, how will the reflection be changed? Hopefully, after this enduring encounter deep into the rabbit hole, you will realize how this reality has been manipulated by forces in the fourth dimension. In order to succeed, we must propel ourselves through the heart chakra and into the fifth dimension, where the beloved Terra will find the peace and dignity that she deserves. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. All we have to do now is make a choice.

The Book The Blue Monday Diaries
The Author Michael Butterworth
The Publisher Plexus Publishing
Release Date2016-09-01
Genre Music
Pages 300
ISBN 9780859658669
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A firsthand account of the studio sessions for the fastest selling 12" single ever, 'Blue Monday', New Order's classic dance track, and Power, Corruption and Lies, their acclaimed second album. Compiled from the diary/journals of Michael Butterworth, the trusted friend of New Order who lived and worked with the band throughout the recording sessions. Three decades on, author Michael Butterworth breaks the silence to reveal exactly what went into the recording of this classic track, as well as the Power, Corruption and Lies album. Drawn from Butterworth's meticulous journal entries, Blue Monday provides a uniquely personal insight into the creative personalities of the band.

The Book The world peace and the new order
The Author Salig Ram Nigam
The Publisher
Release Date1947
Genre Political Science
Pages 215
ISBN UCAL:$B590771
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book South Africa
The Author Marina Ottaway
The Publisher Brookings Institution Press
Release Date2010-12-01
Genre Political Science
Pages 262
ISBN 0815720467
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The unbanning of the African National Congress and the release of Nelson Mandela in February of 1990 cleared the way for negotiations toward a new, post-apartheid political order in South Africa. But three years later, the main parties have made little progress toward a compromise, while violence escalates in the townships. In this revealing study, Marina Ottaway examines the new conflicts emerging in South Africa, the factors influencing them, and the probable outcome. She shows that the black-on-white conflict that has made the country a pariah in the past has evolved into a much more complex state of affairs and explains that the transition is likely to take an unprecedented form. Beginning with a brief history of the events since Mandela's release, Ottaway provides a vivid account of the evolving conflict over apartheid. She discuses the complexity of conflict resolution in a country where internal and external currents work against each other, and where the struggle for power transcends any strides toward peace. Ottaway thoroughly addresses the issues involved in South Africa's transition from apartheid. She explains that the abolition of the pervasive system has more far-reaching implications than originally thought. South Africa explores the effects that the international climate of the 1990s has had on the county’s transition. Ottaway contends that the international community rejects apartheid but is unsympathetic to black demands for redistribution, and has condemned the white government’s vision of separate development but accepts ethnic nationalism as inevitable. She describes the dramatic effects the new world order has had on South Africa and assesses what those changes will mean to the country’s difficult transition.

The Book The new order
The Author Arthur Szyk
The Publisher
Release Date1941
Genre Fascism
Pages 40
ISBN WISC:89054772025
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The Press in New Order Indonesia
The Author David T. Hill
The Publisher Equinox Publishing
Release Date2006-12-01
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
Pages 188
ISBN 9793780460
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The Press in New Order Indonesia is the most comprehensive book available in English on the print media during the Suharto presidency. Based on detailed and investigative research, it provides a succinct introduction to the political and economic forces shaping this dominant sector of the Indonesian media at a pivotal time in its development. The study documents the history of the press prior to the rise of President Suharto, surveys the changing New Order policies to the media, and analyses the various modes of control exercised through powerful government agencies and industry bodies. Throughout this critical historical period of political tension and economic transition, The Press in New Order Indonesia traces the development of huge media conglomerates which began to rival military muscle in shaping the media landscape of Indonesia. This study explains how the student press spilled off the campuses to play a unique political role. By contrast, a distinctly Islamic press achieved only very modest success. Focusing on Indonesian-language national daily newspapers, it also discusses news weeklies, periodicals and magazines, as well as publications in regional languages, English and Chinese. Brought back to life in Equinox Publishing's Classic Indonesia series, The Press in New Order Indonesia is required reading for students of Indonesian languages and cultures, Asian studies, Southeast Asian studies, media studies, journalism, and contemporary politics. David T. Hill is Professor of Southeast Asian Studies and Fellow of the Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia.

The Book Dawn of a New Order
The Author Rein Mullerson
The Publisher I.B.Tauris
Release Date2017-06-30
Genre History
Pages 240
ISBN 9781786722256
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The most significant development in global politics following the end of the bi-polar Cold War era has been the rise of a multi-polar state system. This has led to the emergence of major potential super-powers, global rivalry, international terrorism and the gradual weakening of the one remaining hegemonic, uni-polar state after the Cold War – the US. The idealistic hopes following the collapse of communism have evaporated and Cold War competition between liberal capitalism and communism has been replaced by multi-polar global rivalry that can only be resolved by a balance of power buttressed by international law. In this ambitious and thought-provoking book, Professor Rein Müllerson outlines the challenges associated with the new geopolitics of the twenty-first century. Based on in-depth research over several decades it is an essential tool for understanding the new world order and the ensuing crises in global politics.

The Book Taking Liberties
The Author Howard Brown
The Publisher Manchester University Press
Release Date2002
Genre History
Pages 210
ISBN 0719064317
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The transition from the French Revolution to Napoleon is often described in terms of social chaos, ineffectual government and democratic disappointment. This book explores the ambiguities and continuities between 1794 and 1814, offering insights into theproblems of a post-revolutionary order.

The Book New Order and Progress
The Author Ben Ross Schneider
The Publisher Oxford University Press
Release Date2016-02-12
Genre Political Science
Pages 336
ISBN 9780190462918
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Ben Ross Schneider's volume, New Order and Progress takes a thorough look at the political economy of Brazil. The distinctive perspective of the 11 chapters is historical, comparative, and theoretical. Collectively, the chapters offer sobering insight into why Brazil has not been the rising economic star of the BRIC that many predicted it would be, but also documents the gains that Brazil has made toward greater equality and stability. The book is grouped into four parts covering Brazil's development strategy, governance, social change, and political representation. The authors -18 leading experts from Brazil and the United States - analyze core issues in Brazil's evolving political economy, including falling inequality, the new middle class, equalizing federalism, the politicization of the federal bureaucracy, resurgent state capitalism, labor market discrimination, survival of political dynasties, the expansion of suffrage, oil and the resource curse, exchange rates and capital controls, protest movements, and the frayed social contract.

The Book InterstellarNet New Order
The Author Edward M. Lerner
The Publisher FoxAcre Press
Release Date2010-09-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 316
ISBN 9781936771691
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The next chapter in Edward M. Lerner’s InterstellarNet saga is a startling adventure of Second Contact, up-front and in-person. Humanity is about to discover that meeting aliens face to face is very different—and a lot more dangerous—than sending and receiving messages. Good fences, said the poet, make good neighbors … and interstellar distances made very good fences. Or so we thought.... Earth and its interstellar neighbors have been in radio contact for a century and a half. A vigorous commerce in intellectual property has accelerated technical progress for all the species involved. Ideas, riding on radio waves, routinely cross interstellar space-almost like neighbors chatting over the interstellar back fence. But there is a way over, or under, or around, almost any fence. Sooner or later, when we least expect it, the neighbors, friendly or otherwise, are going to pay a call....InterstellarNet: New Order chronicles the startling events of SECOND Contact, upfront and personal, as humanity discovers that meeting aliens face to face is very different-and a lot more dangerous-than sending and receiving messages. Praise for InterstellarNet: Origins from Gregory Benford, author of Timescape: "Edward Lerner takes us from a first SETI detection to full scale interstellar net economics, with thrills along the way. No one had thought through what a working interstellar net would be like. Lerner has the professional heft to make sense of it, tell a story, and make us care. Good stuff, told in clear, quick prose. A groundbreaking job!"

The Book Cultural and Class Politics in New Order Indonesia
The Author R. William Liddle
The Publisher Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Release Date1977
Genre Indonesia
Pages 21
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Examines the aliran (streams, ways of life, comprehensive patterns of social integration with a political party as organizational core) theme from the perspective of how it helps in understanding the dynamics of the present New Order regime - the nature of the power structure on which the New Order rests, the patterns of conflict within the regime and between it and its opponents, and the probability of its continuation in power.

The Book Indonesian cinema
The Author Krishna Sen
The Publisher
Release Date1995-01-01
Genre History
Pages 188
ISBN UOM:39015032248455
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Indonesia's quasi-military dictatorship has sought since 1965 to mould Indonesian society into a male-oriented, capitalist, Javanese-dominated national framework. Cinema and television are the most closely-controlled mass media in Indonesia, and films for mass consumption have played an important role in the government's vast socio-political engineering project. Krishna Sen describes the background and present-day Indonesian film industry and explores how the country's society and history are represented in its film culture. From a critique of four films, she concludes that Indonesian cinema privileges the military against the civilian, the middle class against the popular classes, and men against women. Backed by careful documentation from cinema literature, this is a radical, in-depth perspective on film - its implications, its vulnerability to manipulation and its artistic and propagandist value.