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The Book Lyndon Johnson and the American dream
The Author Doris Kearns Goodwin
The Publisher Signet
Release Date1977
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 463
ISBN PSU:000027206416
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream
The Author Doris Kearns
The Publisher Signet Book
Release Date1977-05
ISBN 0451121856
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book De trotse toren druk 8
The Author Barbara Wertheim Tuchman
The Publisher
Release Date2007-06
Pages 678
ISBN 9029565411
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The Great Society and the High Tide of Liberalism
The Author Sidney M. Milkis
The Publisher Univ of Massachusetts Press
Release Date2005
Genre History
Pages 490
ISBN 1558494936
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: These essays examine the policies and programs of LBJ's Great Society, and the ideological and political shifts that changed the nature of liberalism. Some essays focus on Lyndon Johnson himself and the institution of the modern presidency, others on specific reform measures, and others on the impact of these initiatives in the following decades.

The Book Planet Neptune and the Modern Us Presidents Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama
The Author Suzanne Angioli
The Publisher Balboa Press
Release Date2016-04-05
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
Pages 468
ISBN 9781504351829
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: While studying the astrological birth charts of all the US presidents, I discovered that those of the thirteen modern US presidents, from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama, all had the natal Sun (the planet most associated with ones basic identity) making an aspect (certain designated degrees between two planets) to their natal Neptune. This was surprising since I would have thought that politicians, particularly those aspiring to the presidency, would have an overwhelming emphasis on the Sun-Mars aspect, but not on the Sun-Neptune aspect. What I discovered in my research was that good politicians are not warriors (Sun-Mars) per se who use the techniques of warfare to muscle their way through adversity. Rather, they are good actors (Sun-Neptune) who are essentially chameleons (Sun-Neptune) operating in the foggy (Neptune) realm of subtlety (Neptune) and seduction, using their sensitivity (Neptune) and charm (Neptune) to serve their intuitive (Neptune) sides to try to achieve their goals. It became apparent that a good politician is excellent at assuming different roles in order to fit a given political situation and move his agenda forward. The Sun in aspect to Neptune is not unusual, but there is no aggregate population that has 100 percent of its members with this aspect like the modern presidents. I was intrigued with this occurrence and thus set out to research their individual biographies to see just how this aspect played out in their lives. After all, it seemed to be almost a prerequisite for being elected to the modern Oval Office.

The Book Lyndon B Johnson
The Author Charles Peters
The Publisher Macmillan
Release Date2010-06-08
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 224
ISBN 1429948248
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The towering figure who sought to transform America into a "Great Society" but whose ambitions and presidency collapsed in the tragedy of the Vietnam War Few figures in American history are as compelling and complex as Lyndon Baines Johnson, who established himself as the master of the U.S. Senate in the 1950s and succeeded John F. Kennedy in the White House after Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963. Charles Peters, a keen observer of Washington politics for more than five decades, tells the story of Johnson's presidency as the tale of an immensely talented politician driven by ambition and desire. As part of the Kennedy-Johnson administration from 1961 to 1968, Peters knew key players, including Johnson's aides, giving him inside knowledge of the legislative wizardry that led to historic triumphs like the Voting Rights Act and the personal insecurities that led to the tragedy of Vietnam. Peters's experiences have given him unique insight into the poisonous rivalry between Johnson and Robert F. Kennedy, showing how their misunderstanding of each other exacerbated Johnson's self-doubt and led him into the morass of Vietnam, which crippled his presidency and finally drove this larger-than-life man from the office that was his lifelong ambition.

The Book Lyndon Johnson the American Dream
The Author Doris Kearns
The Publisher
Release Date1976
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book America Divided
The Author Maurice Isserman
The Publisher Oxford University Press
Release Date1999-11-18
Genre History
Pages 368
ISBN 019802522X
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In America Divided, Maurice Isserman and Michael Kazin provide the definitive history of the 1960s, in a book that tells a compelling tale filled with fresh and persuasive insights. Ranging from the 1950s right up to the debacle of Watergate, Isserman (a noted historian of the Left) and Kazin (a leading specialist in populist movements) not only recount the public and private actions of the era's many powerful political figures, but also shed light on the social, cultural, and grassroots political movements of the decade. Indeed, readers will find a seamless narrative that integrates such events as the Cuban Missile Crisis and Operation Rolling Thunder with the rise of Motown and Bob Dylan, and that blends the impact of Betty Friedan, Martin Luther King, and George Wallace with the role played by organizations ranging from the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee to the Campus Crusade for Christ. The authors' broad ranging approach offers us the most sophisticated understanding to date of the interaction between key developments of the decade, such as the Vietnam War, the rise and fall of the Great Society, and the conservative revival. And they break new ground in their careful attention to every aspect of the political and cultural spectrum, depicting the 1960s as a decade of right-wing resurgence as much as radical triumph, of Protestant apocalyptic revivalism as much as Roman Catholic liberalism and rising alternative religions. Never before have all sides of the many political, social, and cultural conflicts been so well defined, discussed, and analyzed--all in a swiftly moving narrative. With America Divided, the struggles of the Sixties--and their legacy--are finally clear.

The Book JFK and His Enemies
The Author Thomas J. Whalen
The Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date2014-05-23
Genre History
Pages 256
ISBN 9781442213760
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: It is impossible to live the kind of life that John Fitzgerald Kennedy lived – one of privilege, power, and pain – and not acquire a few enemies along the way. Yet few figures in American history have as oddly conflicted relationships with their political foes as did our 35th President. Historian Thomas Whalen’s book sheds light on each of Kennedy’s enemies, detailing the ways in which Kennedy’s more fractious relationships evolved over time, affected his Presidency, and his personal life.

The Book Guns or Butter The Presidency of Lyndon Johnson
The Author Los Angeles (Emeritus) Irving Bernstein Professor of Political Science University of California
The Publisher Oxford University Press, USA
Release Date1996-01-11
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 656
ISBN 9780199874316
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The presidency of Lyndon Johnson was a pivotal moment in twentieth-century American history. From the decisive social programs of the Great Society, to the triumph of the Civil and Voting Rights Acts, to the catastrophe of the Vietnam War and domestic unrest, it was an era of dramatic accomplishment and wrenching tragedy. In Guns or Butter, renowned historian Irving Bernstein brings those five climactic years of the sixties vividly to life, from the moment Lee Harvey Oswald aimed a rifle from the window of the Texas School Depository to the tense ballot-counting that put Richard Nixon in the White House in 1968. Bernstein's book is a narrative masterpiece, filled with sharply drawn character sketches and swiftly moving accounts of events that range from deals cut in the Senate cloakroom, to police charging after protesters on the streets of Selma, to Vietcong commandos bursting into the American embassy in Saigon. We see Johnson ordering aides Bill Moyers and Richard Goodwin to strip and join him for a skinny-dip in the White House pool, where they formulate the Great Society. And we see a tired, distracted president pacing in his bathrobe around a table model of the besieged Khe Sanh garrison, examining aerial photographs and casualty reports. Equally important, Bernstein offers a deft assessment of Johnson's successes and failures, from his legislative programs to his futile pursuit of the war in Vietnam to his failure to boost Hubert Humphrey's presidential campaign in 1968. The author not only retells the maneuvering that brought the president's plans into law, he also analyzes and explains their impact, from the Voting Rights Act to Medicare. The Great Society, Bernstein concludes, was a triumph, but Johnson's attempt to have both guns and butter, to pursue massive domestic initiatives together with a bitter undeclared war, led to runaway inflation that ultimately undermined his presidency. From the dark moments after Kennedy's assassination in 1963, to the heady days of legislative victories of 1965, to the bloody crescendo of riots, assassinations, and military battles in 1968, Johnson's administration was a defining moment in modern American history. In Guns or Butter, Irving Bernstein brilliantly captures both the events and the meaning of those momentous years. Aside from its historical value, this book has major current significance. The legislative program Newt Gingrich and his Republican colleagues introduced in 1995 was designed to repeal the Great Society. Before doing so, members of Congress and the interested public should understand Lyndon Johnson's vision and the legislation that was enacted during the sixties. Guns or Butter provides that critical information.

The Book Who Is Who in American Literature
The Author
The Publisher PublishAmerica
Release Date
ISBN 9781627722971
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Striving for the Great Society
The Author Charles Haar
The Publisher
Release Date2016-08-10
Pages 244
ISBN 1537042157
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Charles M.Haar's account of Lyndon Johnson's "Striving for the Great Society" is written with the insight of one who played an active role in the LBJ administration. Professor Emeritus of Harvard Law School, Charles M. Haar was a pioneer in land-use law whose scholarship focused on laws and institutions of city planning, urban development, and environmental issues. He was the chair of Johnson's newly formed National Task Force on the Preservation of Natural Beauty and also an organizer of the first White House conference on the environment. Haar was appointed by President Johnson to chair a commission on the formation and organization of a housing department and was a primary architect of the Model Cities Program. He was the first assistant secretary for metropolitan development in an initiative developed by the Johnson administration as a response to the urban riots the newly formed Department of Housing and Urban Development. As an author, he wrote the award-winning Suburbs under Siege. Mastering Boston Harbor: Courts, Dolphins, and Imperiled Waters and chronicled his involvement in a major 1982 environmental case, City of Quincy v. Massachusetts District Commission, which eventually led to the creation of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and the successful cleanup of Boston Harbor.

The Book To Reason Why
The Author Jeffrey P. Kimball
The Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release Date2005-08-11
Genre History
Pages 374
ISBN 9781597523875
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book is about the past and continuing debate over the causes of United States involvement in the Vietnam War. It brings together readings that best exemplify the widely varying answers that historians, political scientists, social scientists, policymakers, journalists, and novelists have given to the essential question of American involvement: why did the U.S. intervene diplomatically and militarily in Vietnam between 1945 and 1975?Ó --from the Preface To Reason Why breaks new ground in covering and analyzing this issue. Kimball has gathered together thirty-eight readings -- including speeches, interviews, and articles -- that best exemplify the conflicting ideas and theories about the U.S. intervention in Vietnam. Among these thirty-eight readings are excerpts from David Halberstam, Daniel Ellsberg, Frances FitzGerald, Henry Kissinger, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon.

The Book Judgment Days
The Author Nick Kotz
The Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release Date2006-01
Genre History
Pages 522
ISBN 0618641831
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The first comprehensive account of the relationship between President Johnson and Martin Luther King uses FBI wiretaps, Johnson's taped telephone conversations, and previously undisclosed communications between the two to paint a fascinating portrait of this important relationship. Reprint.

The Book Law and Order
The Author Michael W. Flamm
The Publisher Columbia University Press
Release Date2005-08-05
Genre History
Pages 312
ISBN 9780231509725
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Law and Order offers a valuable new study of the political and social history of the 1960s. It presents a sophisticated account of how the issues of street crime and civil unrest enhanced the popularity of conservatives, eroded the credibility of liberals, and transformed the landscape of American politics. Ultimately, the legacy of law and order was a political world in which the grand ambitions of the Great Society gave way to grim expectations. In the mid-1960s, amid a pervasive sense that American society was coming apart at the seams, a new issue known as law and order emerged at the forefront of national politics. First introduced by Barry Goldwater in his ill-fated run for president in 1964, it eventually punished Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats and propelled Richard Nixon and the Republicans to the White House in 1968. In this thought-provoking study, Michael Flamm examines how conservatives successfully blamed liberals for the rapid rise in street crime and then skillfully used law and order to link the understandable fears of white voters to growing unease about changing moral values, the civil rights movement, urban disorder, and antiwar protests. Flamm documents how conservatives constructed a persuasive message that argued that the civil rights movement had contributed to racial unrest and the Great Society had rewarded rather than punished the perpetrators of violence. The president should, conservatives also contended, promote respect for law and order and contempt for those who violated it, regardless of cause. Liberals, Flamm argues, were by contrast unable to craft a compelling message for anxious voters. Instead, liberals either ignored the crime crisis, claimed that law and order was a racist ruse, or maintained that social programs would solve the "root causes" of civil disorder, which by 1968 seemed increasingly unlikely and contributed to a loss of faith in the ability of the government to do what it was above all sworn to do-protect personal security and private property.

The Book Lone Star Rising
The Author Robert Dallek
The Publisher Oxford University Press on Demand
Release Date1991
Genre Medical
Pages 721
ISBN 0195054350
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Discusses the contradictions of Johnson's early life and career, including his years as congressman, senator, and majority leader

The Book The Sixties
The Author David Farber
The Publisher UNC Press Books
Release Date2012-12-01
Genre History
Pages 342
ISBN 9781469608730
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This collection of original essays represents some of the most exciting ways in which historians are beginning to paint the 1960s onto the larger canvas of American history. While the first literature about this turbulent period was written largely by participants, many of the contributors to this volume are young scholars who came of age intellectually in the 1970s and 1980s and thus write from fresh perspectives. The essayists ask fundamental questions about how much America really changed in the 1960s and why certain changes took place. In separate chapters, they explore how the great issues of the decade--the war in Vietnam, race relations, youth culture, the status of women, the public role of private enterprise--were shaped by evolutions in the nature of cultural authority and political legitimacy. They argue that the whirlwind of events and problems we call the Sixties can only be understood in the context of the larger history of post-World War II America. Contents "Growth Liberalism in the Sixties: Great Societies at Home and Grand Designs Abroad," by Robert M. Collins "The American State and the Vietnam War: A Genealogy of Power," by Mary Sheila McMahon "And That's the Way It Was: The Vietnam War on the Network Nightly News," by Chester J. Pach, Jr. "Race, Ethnicity, and the Evolution of Political Legitimacy," by David R. Colburn and George E. Pozzetta "Nothing Distant about It: Women's Liberation and Sixties Radicalism," by Alice Echols "The New American Revolution: The Movement and Business," by Terry H. Anderson "Who'll Stop the Rain?: Youth Culture, Rock 'n' Roll, and Social Crises," by George Lipsitz "Sexual Revolution(s)," by Beth Bailey "The Politics of Civility," by Kenneth Cmiel "The Silent Majority and Talk about Revolution," by David Farber

The Book The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture
The Author Charles Reagan Wilson
The Publisher UNC Press Books
Release Date2014-02-01
Genre Reference
Pages 408
ISBN 9781469616551
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Providing a chronological and interpretive spine to the twenty-four volumes of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, this volume broadly surveys history in the American South from the Paleoindian period (approximately 8000 B.C.E.) to the present. In 118 essays, contributors cover the turbulent past of the region that has witnessed frequent racial conflict, a bloody Civil War fought and lost on its soil, massive in- and out-migration, major economic transformations, and a civil rights movement that brought fundamental change to the social order. Charles Reagan Wilson's overview essay examines the evolution of southern history and the way our understanding of southern culture has unfolded over time and in response to a variety of events and social forces--not just as the opposite of the North but also in the larger context of the Atlantic World. Longer thematic essays cover major eras and events, such as early settlement, slave culture, Reconstruction, the New Deal, and the rise of the New South. Brief topical entries cover individuals--including figures from the Civil War, the civil rights movement, and twentieth-century politics--and organizations such as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Daughters of the Confederacy, and Citizens' Councils, among others. Together, these essays offer a sweeping reference to the rich history of the region.

The Book The Music Has Gone Out of the Movement
The Author David C. Carter
The Publisher UNC Press Books
Release Date2012-09-01
Genre History
Pages 384
ISBN 9781469606576
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: After the passage of sweeping civil rights and voting rights legislation in 1964 and 1965, the civil rights movement stood poised to build on considerable momentum. In a famous speech at Howard University in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared that victory in the next battle for civil rights would be measured in "equal results" rather than equal rights and opportunities. It seemed that for a brief moment the White House and champions of racial equality shared the same objectives and priorities. Finding common ground proved elusive, however, in a climate of growing social and political unrest marked by urban riots, the Vietnam War, and resurgent conservatism. Examining grassroots movements and organizations and their complicated relationships with the federal government and state authorities between 1965 and 1968, David C. Carter takes readers through the inner workings of local civil rights coalitions as they tried to maintain strength within their organizations while facing both overt and subtle opposition from state and federal officials. He also highlights internal debates and divisions within the White House and the executive branch, demonstrating that the federal government's relationship to the movement and its major goals was never as clear-cut as the president's progressive rhetoric suggested. Carter reveals the complex and often tense relationships between the Johnson administration and activist groups advocating further social change, and he extends the traditional timeline of the civil rights movement beyond the passage of the Voting Rights Act.

The Book Dromen van mijn vader
The Author Barack Obama
The Publisher Atlas Contact
Release Date2017-08-26
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9789045035604
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In ‘Dromen van mijn vader’ vertelt Barack Obama helder, meeslepend en zonder vals sentiment hoe hij als zoon van een zwarte Afrikaanse vader en een witte Amerikaanse moeder probeert een betekenisvol Amerikaans leven te leiden. Hij is opgevoed door zijn moeder; zijn vader was de grote afwezige, een figuur in verhalen. Wanneer hij hoort dat zijn vader is omgekomen bij een verkeersongeluk, besluit Obama op zoek te gaan naar zijn wortels. Via Kansas en Hawaï reist hij uiteindelijk naar Kenia, waar hij zijn Afrikaanse familie ontmoet. Daar leert hij over de familie waaruit hij is voortgekomen, en hij neemt zich voor het zelf anders te doen. Dat was het begin van een fenomenale carrière als advocaat, senator en uiteindelijk: president.