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The Book It s Time to Sleep My Love
The Author Nancy Tillman
The Publisher Feiwel & Friends
Release Date2013-07-30
Genre Juvenile Fiction
Pages 32
ISBN 9781466825543
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: It's time to sleep, it's time to sleep, the fishes croon in waters deep. The songbirds sing in trees above, "It's time to sleep, my love, my love." As children prepare for bed, the world around them is also settling down for the night. Animals who live in the jungle, the forest, the sea—all whisper to their babies a soft refrain: It's time to sleep, my love. As comforting as a soft blanket and warm as a goodnight hug, Eric Metaxas's lullaby is lovingly brought to life by bestselling artist Nancy Tillman (On the Night You Were Born) , whose illustrations celebrate the wonders of the natural world, and the bonds of family. It's Time to Sleep, My Love is a 2009 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.

The Book My Life My Love My Poems
The Author Melissa Ann Sizer
The Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date2013-06-21
Genre Poetry
Pages 316
ISBN 9781483621913
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book is my survival guide. I have written about abuse, my MS, family, other people and nature in the many ways they have and do effect me. I write as I feel and see. These writings have freed me and may they guide you too.

The Book Sleep My Love
The Author
The Publisher Dorrance Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 9781434943842
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Forever Love
The Author Deborah Armstrong
The Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date2012-04-25
Genre Fiction
Pages 324
ISBN 9781469193915
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Does love at first sight really happen? Is there a difference between love at first sight and obsession? Davina Stuart, farmer and bestselling author of Second Harvest, shares a flight to Los Angeles with Hollywood's latest heartthrob, Quinn Thomas. Three hours of in-flight speed dating and Quinn's in love. Davina is not so sure. She's older and wiser. She'll settle for a one-night stand but he wants more. Davina's cows and her children are her life. She's not so sure about Hollywood and its glamour. Blue jeans, cowboy boots and her pickup truck are more her style. Quinn is tired of the plastic starlets, his empty bed and his lonely heart. Hed give up everything, including his career, for the love of a woman, his woman. Forever Love follows their whirlwind romance as the widow of two years, who thought her time for romance was over, finds love with a man who has to have her in his life, to love her forever.

The Book Bonhoeffer Student Edition
The Author Eric Metaxas
The Publisher Thomas Nelson
Release Date2015-05-05
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
Pages 256
ISBN 9780718022440
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy In his New York Times bestseller Bonhoeffer,author Eric Metaxas presents the fullest account of Bonhoeffer's heart-wrenching 1939 decision to leave the safe haven of America for Hitler's Germany. Now abridged and adapted in student-friendly language, Bonhoeffer, Student Edition tells the story of one of Christianity’s most courageous heroes. The student edition will share Bonhoeffer’s inspirational testimony with children in a compelling and relatable way. Young readers will enjoy learning about the fascinating life of the man who had the courage to follow his convictions into Nazi Germany and stand up for others because of his radical faith. Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.375

The Book In The Arms Of An Earl
The Author Alexia Praks
The Publisher Alexia Praks Media
Release Date2017-08-17
Genre Fiction
Pages 325
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Worldly and influential, Merrick William Hasting, Earl of Huntingdon, is the catch of the season. It is expected of him to propose to the belle of the ton. On his way to his country estate, Merrick saves a youth name Chris from being beaten to death and takes him to his grand home. Suddenly, Merrick begins to feel an undercurrent of emotions toward Chris, emotions he has lost since the mysterious death of his wife. Not to mention an attraction of the sexual type so powerful, he thinks he has gone mad. The desire is entirely unnatural and against God's rule of nature, and he must, at all cost, annihilate his sinful craving. Shy and loyal to her boots, Christine Smith is disguising herself as a lad in order to protect herself and her family. After Merrick has saved her and fostered her in his home, her devotion and love for him knows no bounds. She, however, is very confused and hurt when he starts pushing her away after the arrival of his guests. She knows those vile, scheming, beautiful women are competing for his hand in marriage, and she uses her wits and tricks to protect him. Trying to convince the stubborn man so, however, is very hard indeed, especially where his heart is concerned.

The Book Sins of the Fetus Man
The Author Stuart Lethe
The Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date2012-06-15
Genre Drama
Pages 363
ISBN 9781477128961
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Sins of the Fetus Man is a novel based on the Authors vivid nightmares and schizophrenic tendencies. Its a collection of accounted atrocities and sins that the being he has titled The Fetus Man has committed and lived through, the man that haunts Lethe when his eyes are closed. Its also an accumulation of Sins that the author puts claim to have personally experienced, not committed; but seen, showing and dedicating his triumphant struggle not over but through depression and how he was able to use the pages as a listening friend, a trusted ally, and an un-judgmental companion. The Fetus Man, a man who wants nothing more than to be a man of Christ finds himself the exact opposite through the experiences he is pre-ordained to live through.

The Book Poetry and Love Letters
The Author Carol Bird
The Publisher FriesenPress
Release Date2012-07
Pages 96
ISBN 9781770978607
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Love, pain, sadness, happiness, life experience. Before she got married, she was a truck driver's common law girlfriend. She spent many days and nights alone, so much in love. She wrote poetry and love letters to keep from being so lonely. Six years of living together and twenty-nine years married. Love really does exist.

The Book Big Magic
The Author Elizabeth Gilbert
The Publisher Mizan Kaifa
Release Date2017-10-05
Genre Self-Help
Pages 280
ISBN 9786020851846
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Menyingkap fakta: o Kehidupan kreatif lebih aneh daripada pekerjaan duniawi mana pun. o Tidak ada jaminan di dunia kreativitas. Bahkan kerja keras. o Ketidakpastian adalah apa yang kita sepakati saat kita bersedia menjalani kehidupan kreatif. o Lama sebelum internet dan teknologi digital ditemukan-seniman adalah karier yang payah. o Dunia kreativitas-seperti dunia sesungguhnya-adalah tempat yang jahat dan tidak adil. Apa lagi yang akan kau lakukan dengan hidupmu di dunia ini-tidak mewujudkan sesuatu? Tidak melakukan hal-hal yang menarik? Tidak mengikuti rasa suka dan keingintahuanmu? [Mizan, Kaifa, Best Seller, Imagination, Magic, Indonesia ]

The Book Love Letters
The Author Sandra Leigh Savage
The Publisher iUniverse
Release Date2011-09-26
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 248
ISBN 9781462050697
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: When author Sandra Leigh Savages husband committed suicide in 1997, she went into isolation for a year. In this memoir, she shares her journey from the grief she experienced to her vision of a great new life. Love Letters, a collection of letters begun in September 2010, provides a snapshot of Savages sorrows, joys, and reflections. Through these vignettes, she says her good-byes, notes her thanks, and provides advice for those who may have experienced the death of a spouse. This collection provides insight into how she survived the death of her husband, came to know and believe in the saving grace of God, and made the decision to stay on this earth to fulfill Gods wishes. Emotional and self-disclosing, Love Letters shares Savages personal message of living each day with no regrets. Through her life events, she expresses how placing your trust in the Lord can guide you through lifes bad moments and help you to full appreciate lifes good moments.

The Book Garis Waktu
The Author Fiersa Besari
The Publisher MediaKita
Release Date2016-07-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 216
ISBN 9789797945251
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Pada sebuah garis waktu yang merangkak maju, akan ada saatnya kau bertemu dengan satu orang yang mengubah hidupmu untuk selamanya. Pada sebuah garis waktu yang merangkak maju, akan ada saatnya kau terluka dan kehilangan pegangan. Pada sebuah garis waktu yang merangkak maju, akan ada saatnya kau ingin melompat mundur pada titik-titik kenangan tertentu. Maka, ikhlaskan saja kalau begitu. Karena sesungguhnya, yang lebih menyakitkan dari melepaskan sesuatu adalah berpegangan pada sesuatu yang menyakitimu secara perlahan. -mediakita-

The Book I d Know You Anywhere My Love
The Author Nancy Tillman
The Publisher Feiwel & Friends
Release Date2013-08-27
Genre Juvenile Fiction
Pages 32
ISBN 9781466844889
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: There are things about you quite unlike any other. Things always known by your father or mother. So if you decide to be different one day, no worries... I'd know you anyway. Every child is special and unique, but every child also loves to dream of being something different. In I'd Know You Anywhere, My Love, bestselling author and artist Nancy Tillman has created another heartfelt masterpiece celebrating the joys of imagination, and the comfort of always knowing that "you are loved."

The Book Lolita
The Author
The Publisher Penerbit Serambi
Release Date2008
Genre Love stories
Pages 529
ISBN 979111286X
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Happy Birthday
The Author Letícia Kartalian
The Publisher Babelcube Inc.
Release Date2014-10-27
Genre Fiction
Pages 51
ISBN 9781633394537
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Both are actors in love, famous people with a very busy schedule, but there are some dates on which they do everything possible to be together...Their birthdays are two of them.Following the male and female points of view, Happy Birthday is about the intense relationship of two people, friendship, work, and, especially, love.

The Book Come Back My Love
The Author Jackie Vann
The Publisher iUniverse
Release Date2004-04-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 152
ISBN 9780595313204
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Robert Michaels is involved in a terrible automobile accident on I-20 in Alabama. When he awakens in Anniston's Hospital, he remembers he had a considerable sum of money in his pocket. His name and circumstances of the accident are a complete blank. The nurse caring for him is angelic compared to other women he has known. Head nurse, Sue Ellen Barns is smitten with her patient before he awakens from head trauma. She calls him Robert, and he is everything her current friend Charlie Bedford is not. Sue Ellen receives a pledge of love from Robert at the hospital. She offers her guest room upon hospital discharge. Robert sees the skyline of Atlanta on a television commercial and believes he will find answers about who he is in downtown Atlanta. Impatient, he hitchhikes to Atlanta where he is robbed, and then lives on the streets. Sue Ellen believes Robert discovered who he was and decided he didn't want her. She turns again to Charlie. Robert believes he made a mistake by leaving Sue Ellen and this may have cost him the love of his life. Can lost love be rekindled?

The Book My Dearest Love
The Author J.B. Carpenter
The Publisher AuthorHouse
Release Date2009-08-12
Genre Fiction
Pages 512
ISBN 1467846007
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: My Dearest Love is a Romance and Adventure Novel that is based on a true story. The main character Rob is working aboard ship, and while sailing around the world he is searching for his Soul Mate, or what he calls "My Dearest Love". There are many types of relationship discussed in this book, such as Shipmates, Co-Workers, Romantic Encounters, and how an American Black Man is received in many of the Third World Countries. Just how far a person would go just to find "True Love" is clearly expressed in this story. What it feels like to be betrayed in several way is also expressed, the harsh reality of how cold and lonely the heart feels when being it feels to always just miss when it comes to Love & Happiness. Our story brings to life the empty feeling of never being able to find that which you search after the most, "True Love". The dailystruggle of the women and girls of the Third World Countries is expressed. Most of them are jobless, homeless, and dreamingof a better life. Rob don't mind looking for hisDearest Lovein these Countries, he feels that all women of the world should be treated like the most precious gift that God ever made just for man.Rob treats these women with the same respect that he has for all the women of the world. The thrill of visiting a country for the very first time is expressed inour story, andhow people are all the same no matter their color or what country they live in. There are so many thoughts that goes through a Sailor's mind while spending weeks at sea, with nothing to make you smile but memories of the good times in the last port.

The Book Spread the word
The Author Stefan Isaiah
The Publisher epubli
Release Date2013-05-30
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9783844256253
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The author tells his story which happened from October 2012 till February 2013. He is online on Skype and meets the woman of his dreams. Both feel immediately a deep connection (soul mates), and share the same belief as Christians. They are chatting and mailing daily, and after some weeks of falling in love she asks him for some help and support, and in full belief and blind in love he almost sacrifices his life. How he survives, how their relationship changes, and how his belief in God helps him through; that's what the story is about.

The Book My Enemy My Love
The Author Ellie Lynn
The Publisher Deslisle Publications
Release Date2018-05-12
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9781775349167
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Melissa Simmons—Lissa to her friends—is a young woman with many talents. A former field engineer with the Canadian Armed Forces, demolitions is just one of her military skills. When her childhood friend Fernando asks for Lissa's help, she doesn’t think twice, but hops a plane to his tiny island country. Alexander Demitrius is the reigning prince of a once influential Mediterranean island paradise. Warring rebels, headed by Fernando, have torn the prince's world apart. Alex is strong-willed, a powerful and charismatic leader with no intentions of allowing rebels to usurp his rule. He dreams of a unified island and being taken seriously by the world. When he meets what appears to be a guileless female tourist—the intrepid Melissa—his thoughts of warring are interrupted by dreams of her seduction. Alex is no stranger to the game of love, but meets his match in this evasive young woman. When a serious illness almost takes her life, Prince Alexander must decide which is more important: love or war.

The Book Miles to Go Before I Sleep
The Author Pikomoku
The Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date2010-04-23
Genre Poetry
Pages 121
ISBN 9781465325181
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The poems Miles To Go Before I Sleep. were written after the author suffered a close to death experience on massive radiation of a large tumor his pelvis. The liver, riddled with cancer, had begun to fail due to the toxicity of the radiation. The experience has been recorded in his book Dont tell me Im Going to Die: Reflections on my Terminal Cancer Scraps and pieces of previous scribblings that were to going to be consigned to the wastepaper basket were retrieved and magically transformed themselves into what has been described as a wondrous journal. None of these poignant poems in celebration of Love, Life and Death would have come to light if it had not been for the cancer eliciting in an intense and penetrating light on a foreshortened life. The book also contains a short story of the authors search for his own blindness--his inability to see things as they are, and his work with the blind farmers in India that gave him an insight into his own limitations. The photographs he took accompanied by short poetic phrases make this living experience a fit sequel to the poems that illumine a unique vision and way of life.

The Book A garland of love wreathed of pleasant flowers gathered in the field of English poesy
The Author Garland
The Publisher
Release Date1836
Pages 14
ISBN BL:A0019715731
Language English, Spanish, And French