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The Book Headstrong
The Author L. Carl
The Publisher iUniverse
Release Date2004-12
Genre Juvenile Fiction
Pages 340
ISBN 9780595335701
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: It's September 1975, and fifteen-year-old Matt Jerue is in for the fight of his life: surviving high school. He has two youthful desires: to play in a band with his three best friends and to see Taryn McIntyre, a girl he's had a crush on since eighth grade. But despair, anger, and frustration control him during his sophomore year as he struggles to get to know Taryn despite his feelings of inadequacy and her own insecurities and misperceptions. When a rumor spreads through school that he plans to get even with Taryn after he's suspended, it results in his own beating, expulsion, and, ultimately, a temporary restraining order. But when Taryn approaches him for help, Matt knows it's his chance to prove he's not the person she thinks he is. So he agrees to help her, under one condition... "Headstrong" is a bittersweet love story where love and hate are emotions wrapped so tightly together that their incompatible proximity creates impassioned words, heated arguments, and intense looks. But regardless of whether love fails or prevails, the passion, the heat, and the intensity remain... in perhaps the best experience of all.

The Book Headstrong
The Author Rachel Swaby
The Publisher Broadway Books
Release Date2015-04-07
Genre Science
Pages 288
ISBN 9780553446807
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Fifty-two inspiring and insightful profiles of history’s brightest female scientists. In 2013, the New York Times published an obituary for Yvonne Brill. It began: “She made a mean beef stroganoff, followed her husband from job to job, and took eight years off from work to raise three children.” It wasn’t until the second paragraph that readers discovered why the Times had devoted several hundred words to her life: Brill was a brilliant rocket scientist who invented a propulsion system to keep communications satellites in orbit, and had recently been awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Among the questions the obituary—and consequent outcry—prompted were, Who are the role models for today’s female scientists, and where can we find the stories that cast them in their true light? Headstrong delivers a powerful, global, and engaging response. Covering Nobel Prize winners and major innovators, as well as lesser-known but hugely significant scientists who influence our every day, Rachel Swaby’s vibrant profiles span centuries of courageous thinkers and illustrate how each one’s ideas developed, from their first moment of scientific engagement through the research and discovery for which they’re best known. This fascinating tour reveals these 52 women at their best—while encouraging and inspiring a new generation of girls to put on their lab coats. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Book Head Strong
The Author Michael D. Matthews
The Publisher Oxford University Press
Release Date2013-12
Genre Political Science
Pages 262
ISBN 9780199916177
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Changes in the world's political landscape coupled with radical advances in the technology of war will greatly alter how militaries are formed, trained, and led. In Head Strong: Psychology and Military Dominance in the 21st Century, Michael D. Matthews explores the many ways that psychology will make the difference for wars yet to come.

The Book Headstrong
The Author Bonnie Bryant
The Publisher Open Road Media
Release Date2014-09-30
Genre Young Adult Fiction
Pages 233
ISBN 9781497654129
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Callie’s determination to win is admirable . . . and possibly dangerous With the holidays fast approaching, Stevie is searching for the perfect gift for her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Carole and Lisa each find romance in unexpected places. With their attention focused elsewhere, they don’t realize that their friend Callie Forester is galloping into trouble. On her road to recovery, all Callie can think about is being a champion rider once again. She won’t let anything get in her way—not even the warning signs. Every day, she spends hours in the wooded trails behind Pine Hollow—just her and her horse. At least, she thinks they’re alone . . .

The Book Headstrong II
The Author L. Carl
The Publisher iUniverse
Release Date2005-08
Genre Fiction
Pages 252
ISBN 9780595366194
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Fourteen months ago, Matt Jerue made a decision that seemed so harmless at the time: to attend a high school football game. The result of that choice led him down a tortured path where anger, confusion, and self-doubts were intricately woven into every wrong move, making his sophomore year nearly unbearable. But eventually it seemed that the agony had a purpose, when he heard the words "I love you" as he lay with the most beautiful girl in the world in his arms.The adults in his life, however, had a different plan, and he was forced to leave his friends behind, move to a new town, and enroll in his third high school in less than two years.As Matt struggles with bitterness, resentment, and the consequences of his past, he finds unexpected friendships and a reawakening of his dream to form a rock band. And through it all are enduring thoughts of Taryn McIntyre.Headstrong II is the continuing story of a young man's emotional war between his troubled past and achieving his dreams. The message of hope transcends high school and touches anyone who has faced challenges and setbacks, and still strives to reach their goals.

The Book Headstrong Ward
The Author Jane Ashford
The Publisher Sourcebooks, Inc.
Release Date2014-10-07
Genre Fiction
Pages 320
ISBN 9781402276958
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Lady Anne Tremayne is coming to Town Anne was not best pleased when her godmother's family dealt with their troublesome ward by shipping her off to school. After years of being ignored by the aristocratic young Debenham brothers, a bit of revenge may be in order. Especially that arrogant, overbearing, insufferable Charles needs a lesson, and Anne is determined to teach it to him. And London may never be the same Charles, Laurence, and Edward Debenham are steeling themselves to do their duty and guide the rebellious young miss through her first London season. They are completely unprepared for the fact that the wild, gawky girl has grown into a dazzling beauty-and she's about to turn all of their lives upside down. •• Praise for Once Again a Bride: A delightfully fast-paced read [with] the right touches of humor and sensuality." -RT Book Reviews, 4 stars "Superb writing...and gentle wit make this a romance that shouldn't be missed." -Library Journal

The Book Will And The Headstrong Female
The Author Marie Ferrarella
The Publisher Harlequin
Release Date2011-07-15
Genre Fiction
Pages 192
ISBN 9781459267343
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: THE CUTLERS OF THE SHADY LADY RANCH Damsel in Distress What happens when a spitfire little lady driving a big rig runs a confirmed cowboy off the road? Fireworks! But no way was single mother Denise Cavanaugh going to swoon at the feet of some gorgeous, rugged wranglin' man, not when she had her family and business to worry about—and a jaded heart to protect. But try as she might, Denise just couldn't run Will Cutler out of her mind. And if she wasn't careful, the convincing cowboy just might succeed in sweet-talking her into his arms—and his life. The Cutlers of the Shady Lady Ranch: These five siblings find love in the most unexpected places.

The Book Head Strong
The Author Dave Asprey
The Publisher HarperCollins
Release Date2017-04-04
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 352
ISBN 9780062652430
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: From the creator of Bulletproof Coffee and author of the bestselling The Bulletproof Diet comes a revolutionary plan to upgrade your brainpower—in two weeks or less. For the last decade, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey has worked with world-renowned doctors and scientists to uncover the latest, most innovative methods for making humans perform better—a process known as "biohacking." In his first book, The Bulletproof Diet, he shared his biohacking tips for taking control of your own biology. Now, in Head Strong, Asprey shows readers how to biohack their way to a sharper, smarter, faster, more resilient brain. Imagine feeling like your mind is operating at its clearest and sharpest, and being able—possibly for the first time in your life—to do more in less time? What it suddenly became easier to do the very hardest things you do? Or if you could feel 100% confident about your intellect, and never again fear being the person in the room who just isn’t smart enough, or can’t remember something important? How would you treat people if the mood swings, short temper, and food cravings that disrupt your day could simply disappear? In Head Strong, Asprey shows us that all of this is possible—and more. Using his simple lifestyle modifications (or "hacks") to take advantage of how the structure of your brain works, readers will learn how to take their mental performance to the next level. Combining the latest findings in neuroscience and neurobiology with a hacker-inspired "get it done now" perspective, Asprey offers a program structured around key areas of brain performance that will help you: Power the brain with exactly what it needs to perform at its best all day long Eliminate the sources of "kryptonite," both nutritional and environmental, that make the brain slower. Supercharge the cellular powerhouses of our brains, the mitochondria, to eliminate cravings and turn up mental focus. Reverse inflammation to perform better right now, then stay sharp and energized well into your golden years. Promote neuron growth to enhance processing speed and reinforce new learning—hotwiring your brain for success. Asprey’s easy to follow, two-week program offers a detailed plan to supercharge brain performance, including: which foods to eat and which ones to avoid, how to incorporate the right kinds of physical activity into your day, a detox protocol for your home and body; meditation and breathing for performance, recommended brain-boosting supplements; and how to adjust the lighting in your home and work space to give your brain the quality light it thrives on. A better brain—and a happier, easier, more productive life—is within reach. You just need to get Head Strong.

The Book Headstrong
The Author Tim Tyrell-Smith
The Publisher Createspace Independent Pub
Release Date2011-04-01
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 266
ISBN 1461063965
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A positive attitude says something about you. It says that you have an inner confidence that is not easily shaken. And while we may feel good about ourselves when employed, a job search can test our mind's ability to maintain that feeling. During job search, you will experience disappointment, frustration and negative feedback. Perhaps for the first time in your career. And when a job search extends beyond your expected re-hire date, there is potential for a downward spiral. A loss of confidence. And, worse, a desperation about your situation. This book is a step-by-step guide through the job search process with a focus on helping you to build and maintain a confident and positive attitude. Specifically learn how to: Prepare for and thrive in tough times - Write powerful accomplishment statements - Become a person of influence - Market yourself with confidence - Signal strength in a job interview - Be yourself and find the right job - Turn small wins into victories - Celebrate your arrival in a new job - Enable a positive attitude in life

The Book Charlie Bear
The Author B.J. Taylor
The Publisher Inspiring Voices
Release Date2012-04-11
Genre Pets
Pages 226
ISBN 9781462401178
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: When B.J. Taylor first read about rescue dog Charlie Bear, she gazed at his photograph and knew right away he was the dog for her. She just hoped her husband, Roger, would agree. Thankfully, he did, and in the subsequent year, both B.J. and Roger soon discovered that Charlie Bear was brought into their world for a very special reasonto teach them about life, love, and second chances. Charlie Bear shares an intimate look at the first year in the life of a dog nearly labeled unadoptable by his foster mother due to his long list of behavioral issues. As he begins his new life, Charlie Bear ferociously guards his food and toys, throws temper tantrums, and is sensitive to touch. Although B.J. doubts their sanity in adopting Charlie Bear after he repeatedly attacks their other dog, Rex, she is determined to make it work for the sake of her husband, who has fallen in love. But when B.J.s world begins to fall apart, she shares how time, patience, and faith helped her realize that Charlie Bear was not the only one who needed a second chanceshe did, too. Charlie Bear offers a loving tribute to a rescue dog that eventually sheds his headstrong ways, becomes a loving member of a family, and ultimately changes three lives forever.

The Book Headstrong
The Author Meg Maguire
The Publisher Samhain Publishing
Release Date2012
Genre Fiction
Pages 301
ISBN 1609288203
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: After half a lifetime rebelling against her privileged family's expectations, Libby hopes her biological research trip to New Zealand will cut the cord for good. It doesn't take long to spot the hopelessly amateurish spy her overprotective father has hired. Fortunately, Reece Nolan's desperation to save his family's pub makes it easy to convince him to turn double-agent. Yet there's something different about him, and his icy reserve sets her on fire…and ignites a secret yearning. Where Reece is a glacier of cool self-control, his brother Colin is a hot-blooded, unpredictable volcano. Libby's instant friendship with Colin is more satisfying than anything she's ever known—and traps her in completely foreign territory. She's caught between one man determined to hold her at arm's length, and another who offers her the intense connection she's worked so hard to avoid. Something's got to give or the fallout could tear them all apart…and put the Nolan's family future in serious jeopardy.

The Book The World Through Real Eyes
The Author Headstrong
The Publisher Trafford Publishing
Release Date2012-05
Genre Poetry
Pages 56
ISBN 9781466923041
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In this book, I have taken everyday feelings from my life dealing with depression, bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis, and Marfan's syndrome and channeled them into words. I also write about my life after a divorce and the ups and downs of dealing with an ex for the sake of taking a productive role in your child's life. I talk too about life without a father and how my mother has always been there for me and never led me astray, and the struggles we faced in life with her not only as a single parent but also as a lesbian before it was socially accepted.

The Book Hawk s Way Callen Zach
The Author Joan Johnston
The Publisher HQN Books
Release Date2010-04-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 384
ISBN 9781426851728
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Watch tempers rise and sparks fly as the Whitelaws of Hawk's Way meet their matches in these two unforgettable classics! The Headstrong Bride Callen Whitelaw had one surefire way to soften up a rugged rancher out for revenge against her beloved clan. The headstrong bride would marry him! The Disobedient Bride Zach Whitelaw chose his "convenient" wife for one reason only—to provide him with a brood of little Whitelaws. But no matter how many long, lazy days they spend in their marriage bed, his disobedient bride refuses to get pregnant.

The Book Hawk s Way Brides
The Author Joan Johnston
The Publisher Silhouette
Release Date2007-01-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 384
ISBN 9781552548325
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A true master of Western romance, Joan Johnston has lassoed readers with her delightful Hawk's Way series. Now three best-loved favorites from the popular family saga—The Unforgiving Bride, The Headstrong Bride and The Disobedient Bride—are available in one convenient download!

The Book Headstrong Performance
The Author Marcel Daane
The Publisher Marcel Daane
Release Date2015-02-15
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 298
ISBN 9789810931001
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This breakthrough book challenges traditional views about business, leadership, and performance by linking the benefits of nutrition and exercise with the power of neuroscience to optimize executive performance. In today’s dynamic business climate, despite technological advances, executives spend more time at work than ever before. Faster-moving markets, shorter deadlines, constant change, and tighter budgets all mean greater pressure and increased energy demands. Headstrong Performance explores the research behind the deterioration of executive performance as a result of stress mismanagement and reveals the neuroscience behind stress and poor health behaviors commonly witnessed in the workplace. These misguided coping strategies ultimately result in employee disengagement, decreased business performance, and subsequently, a suffering bottom line. Armed with the latest science, this book provides numerous highly effective health strategies that will enable today’s professionals to work toward improved, sustainable business performance—and remain at the top of their game for years to come. Colin Sampson, senior vice president of SAP, says: “Headstrong Performance is a life-changing message about healthy work-life balance, good nutrition, rest, and regular exercise, all leading to an improvement in performance, individually and as a team. A great way to bring about real, positive, and productive change.”

The Book Headstrong
The Author Luke Heavner
The Publisher Warren Publishing, Incorporated
Release Date2018-07-06
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 68
ISBN 1943258864
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: After sustaining two separate concussions in two weeks, Luke's life took a dramatic turn as he suddenly suffered from headaches, panic attacks, nausea, and other terrifying symptoms while struggling to recover. Join Luke and his mother as they share Luke's story and provide tips for preventing and identifying concussions.

The Book Headstrong microform a Computer based Cognitive behaviorabl Intervention for Recurrent Pediatric Headache
The Author Connelly, Mark Andrew
The Publisher Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms International
Release Date2004
Pages 294
ISBN OCLC:57003133
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Headstrong
The Author Dame Sally Coates
The Publisher
Release Date2015-02-23
Genre Educational leadership
Pages 280
ISBN 1909717266
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Drawing on 40 years of working in challenging schools, and a decade of leading some of the toughest schools in London, this book shows Heads, aspiring leaders, teachers and governors how to create vibrant centres of learning in our most broken communities. Headstrong will resonate with ambitious leaders beyond education. It consists of 11 chapters, each exploring one aspect of the challenge of leadership. "I've seen Sally Coates up close, shadowed her on the job for weeks on end, and she's something to behold. She's a phenomenon, sweeping through school corridors like a tornado, making improvements wherever she goes. It's not just her wealth of knowledge, but her sheer force of personality. If she'd gone into politics, I have no doubt she would have risen to the top. But she didn't. Thankfully, she became a headteacher and tens of thousands of schoolchildren have had their lives transformed as a result. If we could only clone her, we'd have the best public education system in the world." --Toby Young, founder of the West London Free School "Dame Sally Coates book is a must read for all those involved in improving standards in inner city schools - exceptionally readable." --Richard Garner, The Independent "The narrative of Headstrong is not just one of school improvement by an inspiring headteacher. Importantly it is a tale of the joy and fulfilment which the role brings." --Roy Blatchford, director of the National Education Trust About the Author Dame Sally Coates is currently named in Britain's 500 most influential people by Debrett's. She became principal of Burlington Danes Academy in London in 2008, when just 35% of students gained the national benchmark of five A*-C grades at GCSE. This figure now stands at nearly 80%, and the school has won national awards in recognition of this transformation. In 2013 she was made Dame Commander of the British Empire in the Queen's New Year's Honours List. In September 2014 Dame Sally joined United Learning, the largest chain of academies in England, as director of its southern academies. She regularly speaks at educational conferences in the UK and overseas and appears frequently on national news media discussing educational policy.

The Book Headstrong And Headlong
The Author
The Publisher
Release Date
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Headstrong
The Author Tessa Woodward
The Publisher
Release Date2006-01-01
Genre Mental discipline
Pages 166
ISBN 0954762118
Language English, Spanish, And French