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The Book Fashion and Its Social Agendas
The Author Diana Crane
The Publisher University of Chicago Press
Release Date2012-06-12
Genre Social Science
Pages 304
ISBN 9780226924830
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: It has long been said that clothes make the man (or woman), but is it still true today? If so, how has the information clothes convey changed over the years? Using a wide range of historical and contemporary materials, Diana Crane demonstrates how the social significance of clothing has been transformed. Crane compares nineteenth-century societies—France and the United States—where social class was the most salient aspect of social identity signified in clothing with late twentieth-century America, where lifestyle, gender, sexual orientation, age, and ethnicity are more meaningful to individuals in constructing their wardrobes. Today, clothes worn at work signify social class, but leisure clothes convey meanings ranging from trite to political. In today's multicode societies, clothes inhibit as well as facilitate communication between highly fragmented social groups. Crane extends her comparison by showing how nineteenth-century French designers created fashions that suited lifestyles of Paris elites but that were also widely adopted outside France. By contrast, today's designers operate in a global marketplace, shaped by television, film, and popular music. No longer confined to elites, trendsetters are drawn from many social groups, and most trends have short trajectories. To assess the impact of fashion on women, Crane uses voices of college-aged and middle-aged women who took part in focus groups. These discussions yield fascinating information about women's perceptions of female identity and sexuality in the fashion industry. An absorbing work, Fashion and Its Social Agendas stands out as a critical study of gender, fashion, and consumer culture. "Why do people dress the way they do? How does clothing contribute to a person's identity as a man or woman, as a white-collar professional or blue-collar worker, as a preppie, yuppie, or nerd? How is it that dress no longer denotes social class so much as lifestyle? . . . Intelligent and informative, [this] book proposes thoughtful answers to some of these questions."-Library Journal

The Book Fashion Culture and Identity
The Author Fred Davis
The Publisher University of Chicago Press
Release Date1994-09-01
Genre Social Science
Pages 226
ISBN 0226138097
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: What do our clothes say about who we are or who we think we are? How does the way we dress communicate messages about our identity? Is the desire to be "in fashion" universal, or is it unique to Western culture? How do fashions change? These are just a few of the intriguing questions Fred Davis sets out to answer in this provocative look at what we do with our clothes—and what they can do to us. Much of what we assume to be individual preference, Davis shows, really reflects deeper social and cultural forces. Ours is an ambivalent social world, characterized by tensions over gender roles, social status, and the expression of sexuality. Predicting what people will wear becomes a risky gamble when the link between private self and public persona can be so unstable.

The Book Fashion Desire and Anxiety
The Author Rebecca Arnold
The Publisher I.B.Tauris
Release Date2001
Genre Costume
Pages 144
ISBN 1860645550
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Fashion and the imagery surrounding it give us a vision of Western culture that is both enticing and alienating. It flaunts capitalism's euphoric emblems of glamour and success but it also represents the underside of modern life, with violence and decay becoming a theme dominating clothing design and photography. This provocative book sets examples from a diverse range of designers and photographers in their cultural and historical context in order to unravel the contradictory emotions of desire and anxiety they provoke.

The Book The Culture of Fashion
The Author Christopher Breward
The Publisher Manchester University Press
Release Date1995-05-15
Genre Design
Pages 244
ISBN 0719041252
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This illustrated survey of 600 years of fashion investigates its cultural and social meaning from medieval Europe to twentieth-century America. Breward's work provides the reader with a clear guide to the changes in style and taste and shows that clothes have always played a pivotal role in defining a sense of identity and society, especially when concerned with sexual and body politics.

The Book Fashion in Film
The Author Adrienne Munich
The Publisher Indiana University Press
Release Date2011
Genre Performing Arts
Pages 360
ISBN 9780253222992
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The vital synergy between dress and the cinema has been in place since the advent of film. Broaching topics such as vampires, noir, and Marie Antoinette looks, Fashion in Film uncovers the way in which the alliance of these two powerhouse industries use myriad cultural influences—shaping narrative, national identity, and all points in between. Contributor essays address international films from early cinema to the present, drawing on the classic and the innovative. This abundantly illustrated collection reveals that fashion in conjunction with film must be understood in a different way from fashion tout simple.

The Book Fashion as Communication
The Author Malcolm Barnard
The Publisher Psychology Press
Release Date2002
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
Pages 209
ISBN 0415260183
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In this fully revised and updated edition, Malcolm Barnard introduces fashion and clothing as ways of communicating and challening class, gender, sexual and social identities.

The Book Fashion
The Author DK
The Publisher Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Release Date2012-09-11
Genre Design
Pages 480
ISBN 9781409322412
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: 3,000 years of fashion history in one stylish visual guide Fashion is the definitive guide to the evolution of costume and style. Tracing 3,000 years from the early draped fabrics of ancient times to today's catwalk sensations, this is your own personal fashion show through history. Breathtaking in its scope, Fashion is packed with over 1,500 costumes from around the globe and lavishly illustrated with a mix of original fashion plates, archive images and commissioned photography. Plus features on famous trend-setters, fashion icons and designers from Jackie Onassis to Alexander McQueen bring the world of fashion to life. Fashion is guaranteed to add style to your bookshelf; with its luxurious textured fabric jacket and spine, it's the season's must-have for anyone with a passion for fashion.

The Book Chic Thrills
The Author Juliet Ash
The Publisher Univ of California Press
Release Date1992-01-01
Genre Design
Pages 250
ISBN 0520083393
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Designed to be as internationally relevant as the fashion it discusses, Chic Thrills extends fashion theory beyond the interpretation of style, and shows how it relates to the economic realities and motivations of those who create the clothing we buy and wear. Among the issues the contributors address are: Feminism and the politics of fashion * The relationship of non-European cultures to Western fashion * Fashion and the negotiation of identity * Recent trends in fashion photography and the media representation of fashion * Industrial conditions, production constraints and the relationship of garment workers to the clothes they make * Playing with a different sex: fashion and the lesbian couple * Fascism and fashion: Paris haute couture under Nazi occupation * Fashion and the postmodern body.

The Book Fast Fashion
The Author
The Publisher Emerald Group Publishing
Release Date2006
Genre Business logistics
Pages 122
ISBN 9781846630842
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Little black book
The Author Sofie Valkiers
The Publisher Lannoo Meulenhoff - Belgium
Release Date2014-03-21
Genre Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN 9789401416573
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Eerste boek van Belgiës bekendste modeblogster Sofie Valkiers droomde ervan haar eigen restaurant te openen en volgde een kookstage in Parijs. Zes maanden later keerde ze terug met een hart vol... mode! De elegante stijl van Parisiennes, de talloze winkeltjes, de fashion weeks, de ongelofelijke street wear, de eindeloze inspiratie... Sofie wilde haar passie met iedereen delen en startte haar fashion blog Fashionata. Intussen is deze blog een vaste waarde voor fashionista's. Sofie verklapt je de ins & outs van het modewereldje, toont je welke kledingstukken elke vrouw in haar kast moet hebben, vertelt hoe een dag tijdens de fashion weeks eruitziet én noemt haar favoriete adresjes in binnen- en buitenland waar je leuke en unieke stukken op de kop kunt tikken. Little Black Book. Fashion by Sofie Valkiers. is een boek boordevol inspiratie dat elke fashionista in huis má1⁄2?et hebben.

The Book Elements of Fashion and Apparel Design
The Author G. J. Sumathi
The Publisher New Age International
Release Date2007
Genre Clothing and dress
Pages 224
ISBN 8122413714
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The Book Is Designed To Provide Uninitiated Readers With The Background Necessary For An Understanding And Appreciation Of Fashion And Apparel Designing Theory. Topics Are Systematically Divided Into Two Sections; Origin Of Fashion, Elements And Principles Of Designing, The Biographies Of International Designers And Their Famous Labels And Fashion In Chinese Revolution Are Covered In Section I. The Second Section Has Been Devoted To The Treatment Of Prints And Basic Silhouettes, Knowledge Of Which Is Essential Before A More Comprehensive Study Of Fashion Concepts Can Be Undertaken.I Hope That This Work Would Be Useful For Students, Both At Degree And Diploma Levels, As Well As General Readers. It Should Stimulate, Inspire And Encourage Further Study.The Presentation Is Profusely Illustrated With A Large Number Of Suitable Figures And Sketches To Provide A Graphics Treatment Of The Subject.

The Book 100 Years of Fashion Illustration
The Author Cally Blackman
The Publisher Laurence King Publishing
Release Date2007-04-19
Genre Design
Pages 384
ISBN 1856694623
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A comprehensive, visual survey of fashion drawing in the twentieth century offers four hundred images illustrating the development of fashion as seen through the works of the greatest illustrators of the period.

The Book Fashion Design
The Author Sue Jenkyn Jones
The Publisher Laurence King Publishing
Release Date2005
Genre Costume design
Pages 240
ISBN 1856694364
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This is the first book to offer a thorough grounding in the principles of fashion design. It describes the qualities and skills needed to become a fashion designer, examines the varied career opportunities available and gives a balanced inside view of the fashion business today. Its broad, up-to-date approach unites history, theory and practice. Subjects covered include: how to interpret a project; building a collection; choosing fabric; fit, cutting and making techniques; portfolio presentation, and fashion marketing and economics. This new edition introduces many of the new technological developments impacting the fashion industry in the 21st century. There are expanded discussions of drawing and making techniques; how to assemble a portfolio; new careers in fashion; and extensive resource lists and glossaries, all rounded out with updated photographs and illustrations.

The Book Fashion
The Author Alexandra Palmer
The Publisher University of Toronto Press
Release Date2004
Genre Design
Pages 382
ISBN 0802085903
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Controversial and unconventional, this collection examines Canadian identity in terms of the fashion worn and designed over the last three centuries, and the internal and external influences of those socio-cultural decisions.

The Book On Fashion
The Author Shari Benstock
The Publisher Rutgers University Press
Release Date1994
Genre Architecture
Pages 317
ISBN 0813520339
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Until recently, fashion was considered the "F-word" in intellectual circles, dismissed as unworthy of serious attention. Yet no area of life, no individual moment, stands outside fashion's discourses. Intuitively, we all know that clothing is a language, incessantly communicating messages about its wearer. But who speaks this language, to whom is it addressed, what does it mean, and how are its meanings established and transformed? On Fashion explores the ways our material, political, psychological, sexual, even intellectual lives are woven into fashion's fabric. This stimulating collection of essays explores fashion's symbolic and figurative functions in photography, cinema, and video; in consumerism, postmodernism, and feminism; in political and material culture; and in self-definition and subjectivity. They demonstrate the pervasive reach of fashion and its expressions. This collection contains over sixty photographs and illustrations and includes essays by Barbara Brodman, Mary Ann Caws, Linda Benn DeLibero, Hlne Cixous, Diana Fuss, Cheryl Herr, Karla Jay, Deborah Jenson, Douglas Kellner, Ingeborg Majer O'Sickey, Leslie W. Rabine, Andrew Ross, Sonia Rykiel, Carol Shloss, Kaja Silverman, Maureen Turim, and Iris Marion Young.

The Book Fashion and Fancy
The Author Marieke de Winkel
The Publisher Amsterdam University Press
Release Date2006
Genre Art
Pages 398
ISBN 9053569170
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Until now dress has played only a subordinate role in the research of Rembrandt’s paintings, despite the fact that few artists are as intensively studied as this Dutch master. The lacuna is all the more surprising since Rembrandt obviously delighted in rendering clothes, which, for him, not only communicated the character and social status of his sitters but also clarified his narratives and heightened the drama in his historical pieces. Here, Marieke de Winkel offers a fascinating and much-needed study of dress and costume in the works of Rembrandt. De Winkel shows us how focusing on apparel opens a new line of inquiry into Rembrandt’s paintings, one which is symbolically and iconographically richer than previously imagined. This approach, which has not been fully acknowledged by art historians nor developed by dress historians, deepens our understanding of Rembrandt’s expression as well as the cultural and historical context of the Dutch seventeenth century. De Winkel proves the merits of the approach here with her close readings of Rembrandt’s paintings and the contemporaneous connotations of the clothes he depicted. She demonstrates convincingly that clothes do much more than help date the paintings; they are instead integral to the program of representation. No longer ancillary to art history, dress and costume here receive their full due in this study, leaving us with not only a better understanding of Rembrandt but of his wider world as well.

The Book Vrouwen kleren
The Author Sheila Heti
The Publisher Overamstel Uitgevers
Release Date2015-09-09
Genre Literary Collections
Pages 496
ISBN 9789048826193
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Wat gebeurt er als je ruim zeshonderd vrouwen een enquête laat beantwoorden over kleding? Het antwoord is Vrouwen & kleren; een volstrekt uniek boek, in essentie een gesprek met honderden vrouwen van alle nationaliteiten - beroemd en anoniem, gelovig en ongelovig, getrouwd en single, jong en oud - over kleding en de manier waarop die je leven definieert en vormgeeft. Het begon allemaal met een enquête, opgesteld door Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits en Leanne Shapton. Vijftig vragen die vrouwen moeten aanmoedigen dieper over hun persoonlijke stijl na te denken. De vragen gingen naar meer dan zeshonderd vrouwen toe, onder wie schrijfsters, activistes, actrices en beeldend kunstenaressen als Cindy Sherman, Kim Gordon, Kalpona Akter, Sarah Nicole Prickett, Tavi Gevinson, Miranda July, Sasha Grey, Lena Dunham en Molly Ringwald. En zij antwoordden met foto's, interviews, persoonlijke getuigenissen en illustraties. In deze Nederlandse editie zijn bijdragen toegevoegd van onder anderen Neelie Kroes, Isabelle Beernaert, Daphne Deckers, Gerdi Verbeet, Grietje Braaksma, Igone de Jongh en Evi Hanssen. Het resultaat is een prachtig, rijk geïllustreerd en afwisselend boek geworden, een intiem kijkje achter de schermen van de vrouwelijke stijl. Vrouwen & kleren laat zien dat zelfs de meest elementaire kledingkeuze zelfvertrouwen kan geven, het verband tussen uiterlijk en innerlijk laat zien, uiting geeft aan waarden en politieke overtuigingen, de band met de omgeving versterkt en als harnas of vermomming dient. Kleren zijn de instrumenten die we gebruiken om onszelf opnieuw uit te vinden en de blik van anderen te beïnvloeden. Vrouwen & kleren laat de complexiteit van kledingkeuzes zien en openbaart de soms grappige, soms vreemde, maar altijd veelzeggende impulsen achter het dagelijkse aankleedritueel. Een briljante, unieke verkenning van de vragen die we onszelf elke dag bij het aankleden stellen, met antwoorden van meer dan zeshonderd vrouwen.

The Book Fashion
The Author Kyoto Costume Institute
The Publisher Taschen
Release Date2002
Genre Art
Pages 735
ISBN 3822812064
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Illustrates a wide range of historical garments, underwear, shoes and fashion accessories dating from the eighteenth century to the present day.

The Book Luxury Fashion Branding
The Author U. Okonkwo
The Publisher Springer
Release Date2016-01-18
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 352
ISBN 9780230590885
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This groundbreaking fashion branding and management text brings an analytical business dimension to the marketing and corporate techniques of the luxury fashion goods industry. It will make engaging reading for anyone who wishes to learn about the captivating business of turning functional products into objects of desire.

The Book Fashion Marketing
The Author Mike Easey
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2009-03-16
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 280
ISBN 1444309560
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: ‘Clothing that is not purchased or worn is not fashion’ (to paraphrase Armani) Knowledge of marketing is essential to help ensure success and reduce the risk of failure in fashion. For the designer starting up in business, this book offers a guide to the major decisions that will enable you to fulfil your creative potential and be a financial success: What are the major trends we should be monitoring?; How should we set our prices?; What is the most effective way to get our message across about the new product range?; Which colour-wash will be the most popular with buyers? Marketing is now a firmly established element of most fashion and clothing courses. Fashion Marketing is written to meet students’ requirements and has many features making it essential reading for anyone involved in the fashion and clothing business: · deals with contemporary issues in fashion marketing · up-to-date examples of global good practice · exclusively about fashion marketing · a unique contribution on range planning with a practical blend of sound design sense and commercial realism · a balance of theory and practice, with examples to illustrate key concepts · clear worked numerical examples to ensure that the ideas are easily understood and retained · over 50 diagrams · a glossary of the main fashion marketing terms and a guide to further reading · a systematic approach to fashion marketing, not hyperbole or speculation. The new edition has been updated throughout with new material on different promotional media, visual marketing and international marketing research; and new coverage of internal marketing, supply chain management, international marketing communications as well as the role of the internet. See for supporting pack for tutors, including PowerPoint slides for each chapter plus ideas and exercises for seminars.