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The Book Beginning Android Programming with ADT Bundle
The Author Alfa Satyaputra, M.Sc,Eva
The Publisher Elex Media Komputindo
Release Date2014-03-08
Genre Computers
Pages 192
ISBN 9786020234403
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: """Seperti diketahui, sejak android dirilis 2007,54% pangsa pasar sudah dikuasai android. Bahkan terdapat 900 juta perangkat android telah di aktifkan di seluruh dunia dan 48 miliar aplikasi telah dipasang di google play hingga Mei 2013. Itu artinya, sistem operasi ini terlihat tidak akan padam menguasai pasar, terutama ketika akhirnya aplikasi BBM dapat di unduh secara gratis lewat smartphone android. Lalu, apa pengaruhnya untuk para programmer newbie? Tentu saja ada, Inilah saatnya anda menggunakan kesempatan ini untuk belajar dan membangun aplikasi yang dapat di pasarkan lewat google play. Bahkan ini juga kesempatan anda dalam merancang dan membangun aplikasi android sebagai bahan tugas akhir anda. Lalu bagaimana cara memulainya? Buku di tangan anda inilah jawabannya. Buku ini akan mengajak anda mengenal android dan java lebih dalam menggunakan ADT Bundle. Dan yang paling penting adalah anda akan di ajarkan bagaimana membuat beberapa aplikasi sederhana pada android. Pembahasan dalam buku mencangkup: *Pengenalan android *Dasar-dasar Java *Download, Instalasi, dan Setup Kebutuhan Software *Compile & Build Emulator *Compile & Build Device Android *Distribusi Aplikasi pada Google Play *Membuat Aplikasi Sederhana Android pada Eclipse *Menambahkan Tools untuk Mempercanggih Aplikasi *Mendapatkan Keuntungan dari Aplikasi"""

The Book Footloose Bundle
The Author Leanne Banks
The Publisher HQN Books
Release Date2006-09-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 384
ISBN 9781552545713
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Designing footwear is Jenny Prillaman's life, so getting the plum assignment to create a socialite's wedding shoes is a dream come true. Dealing with the heiress is another story. So is staying away from her dreamy new boss, a man too hot to deny for long, despite Jenny's best intentions of keeping her business away from his pleasure. Making Bellagio, Inc. an international success is executive Marc Waterson's career ambition. But his life's desire is to find the right woman and settle down. Too bad Jenny would rather follow in his corporate footsteps than try on the glass slippers of a company wife. At least Marc's got one thing going for him#nbsp;— the way to a woman's heart is through a really great pair of shoes!

The Book Basic Bundle Theory and K Cohomology Invariants
The Author Dale Husemöller
The Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date2007-12-18
Genre Mathematics
Pages 340
ISBN 9783540749554
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Based on several recent courses given to mathematical physics students, this volume is an introduction to bundle theory. It aims to provide newcomers to the field with solid foundations in topological K-theory. A fundamental theme, emphasized in the book, centers around the gluing of local bundle data related to bundles into a global object. One renewed motivation for studying this subject, comes from quantum field theory, where topological invariants play an important role.

The Book The Billionaires Brides Bundle
The Author Sandra Marton
The Publisher Harlequin
Release Date2009-05-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 192
ISBN 9781426833298
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Take three incredibly wealthy European princes and match them with three beautiful, spirited women. Add large helpings of intense emotion and passionate attraction. Result: three unexpected pregnancies--and three possible princesses, if those princes have their way. Get Sandra Marton's Billionaires' Brides trilogy in one download! Bundle includes The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride, The Greek Prince's Chosen Wife, and The Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride.

The Book Little Bundle
The Author Jodie Benveniste
The Publisher Bravenewword
Release Date2006
Genre Newborn infants
Pages 112
ISBN 9780975822500
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Royal and Ruthless Bundle
The Author Robyn Donald
The Publisher Harlequin
Release Date2009-08-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 192
ISBN 9781426838651
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Royal and Ruthless Bundle by Robyn Donald,Trish Morey,Sabrina Philips,Lucy Gordon released on Aug 1, 2009 is available now for purchase.

The Book The Billionaire s Convenient Wife Bundle
The Author Kim Lawrence
The Publisher Harlequin
Release Date2009-03-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 192
ISBN 9781426830532
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The Billionaire's Convenient Wife Bundle by Kim Lawrence,Margaret Mayo,Daphne Clair,Amanda Browning released on Mar 1, 2009 is available now for purchase.

The Book Unwrapping the Sacred Bundle
The Author Daniel A. Segal
The Publisher Duke University Press
Release Date2005-04-14
Genre Social Science
Pages 184
ISBN 9780822386841
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Lively, forceful, and impassioned, Unwrapping the Sacred Bundle is a major intervention in debates about the configuration of the discipline of anthropology. In the essays brought together in this provocative collection, prominent anthropologists consider the effects of and alternatives to the standard definition of the discipline as a “holistic” study of humanity based on the integration of the four fields of archaeology, biological anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology. Editors Daniel A. Segal and Sylvia J. Yanagisako provide a powerful introduction to the volume. Unabashed in their criticism of the four-field structure, they argue that North American anthropology is tainted by its roots in nineteenth-century social evolutionary thought. The essayists consider the complex state of anthropology, its relation to other disciplines and the public sphere beyond academia, the significance of the convergence of linguistic and cultural anthropology, and whether or not anthropology is the best home for archaeology. While the contributors are not in full agreement with one another, they all critique “official” definitions of anthropology as having a fixed, four-field core. The editors are keenly aware that anthropology is too protean to be remade along the lines of any master plan, and this volume does not offer one. It does open discussions of anthropology’s institutional structure to all possible outcomes, including the refashioning of the discipline as it now exists. Contributors. James Clifford, Ian Hodder, Rena Lederman, Daniel A. Segal, Michael Silverstein, Sylvia J. Yanagisako

The Book An Introduction to Fiber Optics
The Author Ajoy Ghatak
The Publisher Cambridge University Press
Release Date1998-06-28
Genre Science
Pages 565
ISBN 0521577853
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Textbook on the physical principles of optical fibers - for advanced undergraduates and graduates in physics or electrical engineering.

The Book Bertrand Russell s Bundle Theory of Particulars
The Author Gülberk Koç Maclean
The Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Release Date2014-03-13
Genre Philosophy
Pages 184
ISBN 9781472507327
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Winner of the 2015 Bertrand Russell Society Book Award Bertrand Russell's Bundle Theory of Particulars presents and evaluates Russell's arguments for two competing theories on the nature of particulars at different stages in his career: the substratum theory of particulars (1903-1913) and the bundle theory of particulars (1940-1948). Through its original focus on Russell's little known metaphysics in the later part of his career, this study explains why Russell's theory of particulars is relevant today. It argues that a Russellian realist bundle theory is indeed the best explanation of similarities and differences that we observe around us thanks to the ontological economy such a theory provides and its strength and completeness as a theory of the nature of reality. Tackling the major criticisms levelled against the realist bundle theory - the problem of individuation, the problem of necessity, and the problem of analyticity - this study presents and defends a tenable Russellian bundle theory which can answer the objections. Bertrand Russell's Bundle Theory of Particulars is a novel and significant contribution to Russell scholarship.

The Book Prayer Bundle
The Author Toon Hermans
The Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date1993-01-01
Genre Religion
Pages 75
ISBN 1556124597
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: To find more information about Rowman & Littlefield titles please visit us at

The Book The Trope Bundle Theory of Substance
The Author Márta Ujvári
The Publisher Walter de Gruyter
Release Date2013-05-02
Genre Philosophy
Pages 251
ISBN 9783110320664
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book supports a version of the trope-bundle view of individual substances matching also with a coherent account of change, individuation and individual essences. In particular, it is argued that qualitative individuation and qualitative individual essences can be tackled within the frames of a trope account. The adoption of a trope BT together with the individuation of tropes via the bearer substance might create the feeling of circularity since tropes and substances seem mutually to individuate each other. The novel solution to the problem developed here consists in showing that the individuation of concrete individual substances is independent, in crucial respects, from the fact that they are construed as bundles of tropes. Apart from metaphysician colleagues, the book is recommended for advanced students in analytic metaphysics.

The Book Analysis of the QUENCH 12 Bundle Experiment with the ATHLET CD2 2A Code KIT Scientific Reports 7622
The Author Yoto G. Georgiev
The Publisher KIT Scientific Publishing
Release Date2012
ISBN 3866449097
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Numerical study of void drift in rod bundle with subchannel and CFD codes
The Author Pang, Bo
The Publisher KIT Scientific Publishing
Release Date2014-07-23
Pages 142
ISBN 9783731502197
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Results of the QUENCH 16 Bundle Experiment on Air Ingress KIT Scientific Reports 7634
The Author Juri Stuckert
The Publisher
Release Date2013
ISBN 9783731500087
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Medicine Bundle
The Author Joshua David Bellin
The Publisher University of Pennsylvania Press
Release Date2008
Genre Literary Criticism
Pages 264
ISBN 9780812240344
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: From the 1820s to the 1930s, Christian missionaries and federal agents launched a continent-wide assault against Indian sacred dance, song, ceremony, and healing ritual in an attempt to transform Indian peoples into American citizens. In spite of this century-long religious persecution, Native peoples continued to perform their sacred traditions and resist the foreign religions imposed on them, as well as to develop new practices that partook of both. At the same time, some whites began to explore Indian performance with interest, and even to promote Indian sacred traditions as a source of power for their own society. The varieties of Indian performance played a formative role in American culture and identity during a critical phase in the nation's development. In Medicine Bundle, Joshua David Bellin examines the complex issues surrounding Indian sacred performance in its manifold and intimate relationships with texts and images by both Indians and whites. From the paintings of George Catlin, the traveling showman who exploited Indian ceremonies for the entertainment of white audiences, to the autobiography of Black Elk, the Lakota holy man whose long life included stints as a dancer in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, a supplicant in the Ghost Dance movement, and a catechist in the Catholic Church, Bellin reframes American literature, culture, and identity as products of encounter with diverse performance traditions. Like the traditional medicine bundle of sacred objects bound together for ritual purposes, Indian performance and the performance of Indianness by whites and Indians alike are joined in a powerful intercultural knot.

The Book McKettricks Bundle
The Author Linda Lael Miller
The Publisher HQN Books
Release Date2007-04-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 384
ISBN 9781426800672
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Can't get enough cowboys? Hooked on the McKettrick Men? Now get three McKettricks—Jesse, Rance, and Keegan—for one low price with the McKettricks Bundle! Bundle includes McKettrick's Heart, McKettrick's Pride, and McKettrick's Luck.

The Book Wedlocked Bundle
The Author Sara Craven
The Publisher Harlequin
Release Date2007-01-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 192
ISBN 9781552548301
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: First comes marriage, then, then love. Enjoy three passionate tales--His Wedding-Night Heir by Sara Craven, The Antonides Marriage Deal by Anne McAllister and Wife Against Her Will by Sara Craven--for one low price!

The Book Bloodrunners Bundle
The Author Rhyannon Byrd
The Publisher Silhouette
Release Date2008-05-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 288
ISBN 9781426817465
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Bloodrunners Bundle by Rhyannon Byrd,Rhyannon Byrd,Rhyannon Byrd released on May 1, 2008 is available now for purchase.

The Book Bundle of Joy
The Author Ariella Papa
The Publisher Harlequin
Release Date2012-06-15
Genre Fiction
Pages 295
ISBN 9781459246089
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Voula Pavlopoulos won't be planning a big fat Greek wedding anytime soon. After a turbulent childhood and two-and-a-half former boyfriends—if you can call them that—Voula's content to have alone time in her crowded apartment and drinks with her best friend, Jamie (who's never been one of those married people who ditches her pals). Voula doesn't see it coming when Jamie says the two grossest words in the English language Voula can possibly imagine—"We're trying." Of course, after "We're trying" comes "We're pregnant." Now, Jamie's busy with Lamaze class and besieged by swollen ankles, while Voula is becoming an expert on what to expect when your former wild-and-crazy girlfriend is expecting. Well, Voula's tired of sitting on the sidelines of life and has decided she'd better start living it. First step: Stop being her mother's doormat. Second step: Stop being so picky and give a guy a chance. But most importantly: It's time to say goodbye to Armando, her Italian stallion roommate, and whoever else is living in their third bedroom. That's right—she is going to buy a place. There are three and a half million apartments in Manhattan. Finding the right one can't be that hard. Can it?