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The Book Building Instructional Quality
The Author Linda Darling-Hammond
The Publisher
Release Date2003
Genre Educational change
Pages 72
ISBN OCLC:54023397
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Instructional Leadership for Systemic Change
The Author Linda Darling-Hammond
The Publisher R&L Education
Release Date2005
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 212
ISBN 1578861675
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book aims to shed light on questions such as how leaders can develop and implement strategies to improve principals' and teachers' knowledge and skills in a systemic way, and how they can manage the process of reform in the complex environments that surround school systems today. The authors used for their example the study of a systemic reform initiative that was launched in San Diego, California in the late 1990's. The story presented in this book captures the early years of an ongoing reform.

The Book Quality Instruction
The Author Robert T. Hays
The Publisher Universal-Publishers
Release Date2008
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 312
ISBN 9781599429984
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book provides a theoretically- and empirically-based method to evaluate the instructional quality of computer-delivered courseware. The book is intended to help instructional developers, instructional procurement officials, instructors, and other individuals responsible for ensuring that the resources invested in courseware result in the highest instructional quality. The method can be applied throughout the instructional systems development process, from earliest requirements analysis to the delivery and implementation of the computer-delivered courseware.

The Book Building School based Teacher Learning Communities
The Author Milbrey Wallin McLaughlin
The Publisher Teachers College Press
Release Date2006-01-01
Genre Education
Pages 147
ISBN 0807746797
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Building on evidence that school-based teacher learning communities improve student outcomes, this book lays out an agenda to develop and sustain collaborative professional cultures. It provides an inside look at the processes, resources, and system strategies that are necessary to build vibrant school-based teacher learning communities.

The Book Measurement Issues and Assessment for Teaching Quality
The Author Drew H. Gitomer
The Publisher SAGE
Release Date2008-11-06
Genre Education
Pages 272
ISBN 9781452278735
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Offering perspectives focused on the meaningful goal of measuring and assessing teacher quality, Measurement Issues and Assessment for Teaching Quality brings together leading researchers and practitioners from the fields of education, economics and policy who contribute provocative, illuminating, and coherent articles that explore key issues surrounding this vital topic. Features: Provides an in-depth examination of three thematic sections: Measuring Teaching Quality for Professional Entry, Measuring Teaching Quality in Practice, Measuring Teaching Quality in Context Includes section summaries by Drew Gitomer that highlight key issues and common themes that tie the articles together Closes with a summary and call to action by Lee Shulman, President of The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Measurement Issues and Assessment for Teaching Quality is must reading for principals, educational administrators, and policymakers concerned with the dynamics of improving teacher quality.

The Book Mass Higher Education Development in East Asia
The Author Jung Cheol Shin
The Publisher Springer
Release Date2015-02-16
Genre Education
Pages 371
ISBN 9783319126739
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book discusses mass higher education development in East Asian countries by means of three main issues: the strategy for higher education development; the way professors and students in the region are experiencing the rapid developments; and the challenges imposed by mass higher education. These challenges include the quality of education as well as structural changes in the rapidly developing systems, funding sources for supporting mass higher education, and job markets for college graduates. Part I discusses how the East Asian countries have accomplished or are in the process of accomplishing the rapid development of higher education. Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong serve as case studies of mass higher education in the region. The case studies introduce and discuss national strategies to develop higher education, funding sources and mechanisms, and initiatives to assure quality of education in a period of rapid growth. Part II and Part III of the book focus on the phenomena of mass higher education in the region and the influence on academia. Mass higher education changes professors and students, who are different from those in elite higher education. Part III further discusses the challenges posed to Asian mass higher education. The Comparative and International Education Society Higher Education (HESIG) has awarded Mass Higher Education Development in East Asia the Higher Education SIG Best Book Award 2015.

The Book Improving Schools and Educational Systems
The Author Alma Harris
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2006-04-18
Genre Education
Pages 336
ISBN 9781134232376
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: School improvement has become a dominant feature of educational reform in many countries. The pressure upon schools to improve performance has resulted in a wide-range of improvement programmes and initiatives which can provide both inspiration and advice to everyone involved in school improvement. This book draws together the most effective school improvement projects from around the world in one comprehensive text, including detailed comparative analysis of a wide variety of initiatives. Drawing on examples from the UK, the USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia this book gives both an international snapshot and a coherent synthesis of initiatives that have given achievable results.

The Book Cases on Building Quality Distance Delivery Programs Strategies and Experiences
The Author Huffman, Stephanie
The Publisher IGI Global
Release Date2010-12-31
Genre Education
Pages 349
ISBN 9781609601133
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "This book targets pressing needs in distance education by connecting theory and practice, addressing emerging leadership issues, and identifying best practices in teaching and learning"--Provided by publisher.

The Book Building academic quality in distance higher education
The Author Fabio José Chacón-Duque
The Publisher
Release Date1985
Genre Education
Pages 63
ISBN UOM:39015011683524
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Building Trust for Better Schools
The Author Julie Reed Kochanek
The Publisher Corwin Press
Release Date2005-04-13
Genre Education
Pages 144
ISBN 9781483361543
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Kochanek links the growth of trust with positive outcomes that benefit schools, such as increased participation, greater openness to innovations, boosts in parent outreach, and higher academic productivity.

The Book Leadership Capacity Building and School Improvement
The Author Clive Dimmock
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2011-12-08
Genre Education
Pages 264
ISBN 9781136729263
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Leadership, Capacity Building and School Improvement provides a fresh and original perspective on the most important issues confronting today’s practitioners and academics in the field of educational leadership. New and exciting concepts are introduced such as the research-engaged school of the future. While its theoretical and evidence-based approach raises to a robust level the discussion on the most important leadership challenges of the day, the book is at the same time intensely practical in addressing everyday issues faced by contemporary policy makers and school practitioners. Underpinning the eleven chapters is a conceptual framework founded on the notion of leadership as capacity building, giving the book a coherence that many others on school leadership lack. Among the themes actively discussed are: Conceptualising and Contextualising Leadership – what is leadership? What distinguishes good from mediocre and poor leaders? What are the traits, dispositions and attributes that make for good leadership? How does context influence leadership? How appealing is leadership as a career? What are the components of capacity building leadership? Contemporary Leadership Themes – what is learning-centred leadership and how can it best promote good teaching and student learning? How can leaders distribute leadership across the school, and what are the pitfalls? How can leaders capitalise on the notion of the school as a professional learning community? How can leaders best be nurtured and developed? Policy, Leadership Practice and Impact – what new forms of leadership are presaged by the specialist schools policy as a means of school improvement? How can schools combine a focus on academic achievement with the need to prepare students for the changing twenty-first century workplace? Leadership, Capacity Building and School Improvement provides an up-to-date authoritative, critical and insightful account of school leadership. It combines advocacy and argument with evidence-based practice drawn from the most plausible and robust sources. This book will prove a valuable tool for those taking higher degrees in school leadership and management: school leaders on NPQH courses and school practitioners as a whole interested in interfacing with the latest empirical evidence and ideas, as well as academics teaching and researching in the area of educational leadership. Since the book adopts an international perspective, drawing its examples and evidence from both the Anglo-American and the Asian contexts, it will be found relevant to academics, policy makers and practitioners across these regions. Clive Dimmock is Visiting Professor at the National Institute of Education in Singapore and Professor Emeritus at the University of Leicester, UK.

The Book The Challenges of School District Leadership
The Author Daniel L. Duke
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2010-07-01
Genre Education
Pages 288
ISBN 9781136989414
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Despite the rising interest in school districts, there are relatively few comprehensive resources available for graduate students in educational leadership programs. The Challenges of School District Leadership takes the position that the best way to prepare the next generation of school district leaders is to make certain that they are prepared to address the unending challenges that characterize public education today. Drawing on the latest research as well as actual examples, the book spotlights ten of the perennial challenges facing superintendents and school boards. Among the challenges discussed in detail are balancing equity and excellence, accommodating demographic change, coping with the increasing politicization of district leadership, deciding how to organize (or reorganize) a school system, and meeting the demands of educational accountability. This text is appropriate for graduate students in educational leadership, education policy, and the politics of education as well as school district leaders.

The Book Instructional Coaches and the Instructional Leadership Team
The Author Dean T. Spaulding
The Publisher Corwin Press
Release Date2012-08-08
Genre Education
Pages 140
ISBN 9781452226385
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Help teachers improve their practice from day one! This unique companion provides an inside look at the daily work of an instructional coach and offers activities, materials, and data collection forms.

The Book Total Quality Management for Schools
The Author David Turner
The Publisher R&L Education
Release Date1994-12-28
Genre Education
Pages 232
ISBN 9781566761499
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This popular book and video present the principles and applications of TQM for transformation of schools. The author is recognized as the leading authority on this approach to school reform.

The Book Building Your School s Capacity to Implement RTI
The Author Patricia Addison
The Publisher ASCD
Release Date2011-01
Genre Education
Pages 380
ISBN 9781416611684
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The guide gives your leadership team all the tools it needs to plan RTI and determine how it will be implemented regardless of the RTI model being followed. --From publisher description

The Book Building a Professional Learning Community at Work
The Author Parry Graham
The Publisher Solution Tree Press
Release Date2009-09-22
Genre Education
Pages 167
ISBN 9781936765003
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Get a play-by-play guide to implementing PLC concepts. Each chapter begins with a story focused on a particular challenge. A follow-up analysis of the story identifies the good decisions or common mistakes made in relation to that particular scenario. The authors examine the research behind best practice and wrap up each chapter with recommendations and tools you can use in your school.

The Book Urban school reform
The Author Frederick M. Hess
The Publisher Harvard Educational Pub Group
Release Date2005
Genre Education
Pages 370
ISBN STANFORD:36105114514313
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book PE Connections
The Author Thomas M. Fleming
The Publisher Human Kinetics
Release Date2007
Genre Education
Pages 265
ISBN 0736059105
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: -Develop new instructional strategies that lead to positive growth in young people. -Blend instruction options to take the physical activity experience to another level. -Move toward a coordinated school health approach. -Provide 136 teacher-tested, developmentally appropriate, fun, and creative activities to foster a love of physical activity. Teachers want their students to be successful--not just in the classroom, but throughout their lives as well. Through PE Connections: Helping Kids Succeed Through Physical Activity, teachers can provide the experiences that help students succeed in a much broader sense than is usually associated with a physical education class. PE Connectionsaccomplishes this by offering teachers and after-school care providers three instructional approaches that expand the definition of student success: teaching quality physical education, building social and personal competencies through developmental assets, and creating the foundation for a coordinated school health program. The activities in the book are the integration of physical activity, development of social competencies, and health strategies. This multifaceted text -offers traditional teaching of movement patterns, fitness concepts, and social interaction skills; -provides 136 fun physical activities that meet the movement skill, fitness, and social competency objectives as outlined in NASPE standards 5 and 6; and -goes beyond the standards by exposing students to success-building strategies not normally offered in physical education classes. Some of the activities offer suggestions to encourage the partnering of parents, schools, and community organizations to provide the supportive environment that children need for healthy development. Others provide asset-building tools that either reinforce or build a particular asset or life skill, such as peaceful conflict resolution, personal power, and self-esteem. The result is a unique book that fosters a love of physical activity and spurs personal growth. PE Connectionsalso -groups activities by equipment type and suggests creative ideas for using existing equipment, -offers modifications for the activities; and -provides an appendix that helps teachers modify lessons for students with physical disabilities. PE Connectionscomes with easy-to-reproduce flash card masters and exercise pictures, an activity finder chart, and tips and guidelines for developing or improving coordinated school health programming. In addition, for each activity it lists specific developmental assets or teaching tips for developing the whole child. With its fresh approach, creative activities, and focus on building successful experiences, PE Connectionssheds new light on what it means to be successful in physical activity settings.

The Book Becoming a Better Science Teacher
The Author Elizabeth Hammerman
The Publisher Corwin Press
Release Date2006-06-23
Genre Education
Pages 216
ISBN 9781483361956
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The author provides teacher-friendly tools, insights, sample lessons, and strategies for delivering quality, standards-based science curriculum and instruction that ensures student achievement.

The Book Leading for Instructional Improvement
The Author Stephen Fink
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2011-02-17
Genre Education
Pages 304
ISBN 111803175X
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Leading for Instructional Improvement Educational experts agree that quality teaching is the single most important factor in improving educational outcomes for all students. Teaching is a highly sophisticated and complex endeavor requiring deep expertise on the part of teachers and school leaders. This book shows how teacher, school, and district leaders can cultivate the expertise of teachers to deliver high quality instruction for all students. Leading for Instructional Improvement captures the nationally acclaimed work conducted by the Center for Educational Leadership at the University of Washington in its effort to improve the quality of teaching and leadership in schools across the country. The book provides extensive practical guidance grounded in theory and research, along with powerful stories and examples from classrooms, schools, and districts. Many of the tools, protocols, and frameworks contained in this book can be accessed electronically by visiting the Center for Educational Leadership website at Praise for Leading for Instructional Improvement "This book offers insights that are invaluable to educators who seek to enhance teacher effectiveness now. The ideas presented are practical and applicable to schools in a variety of settings." —PEDRO A. NOGUERA, Ph.D., Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Development and executive director, Metropolitan Center for Urban Education "A deep and thoughtful look at how the issue of expertise is cultivated. Seizing upon their Center's research-based instructional framework, the authors provide important insights and tools." —DR. BEVERLY HALL, superintendent, Atlanta Public Schools "In this age of intense focus on how we evaluate teachers, we have to remember that any evaluation is only as good as the evaluator. This extremely useful book provides an excellent roadmap for how principals can become more effective in the most important aspect of their work, instructional leadership." —JERRY D. WEAST, Ed.D., superintendent of schools, Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland "Fink and Markholt offer practitioners a guide to effective teaching. Leading for Instructional Improvement asks us to heed the lessons within and support the kind of teacher education that will improve student achievement for today's schools and those of tomorrow." —BARNETT BERRY, president, Center for Teaching Quality