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The Book Beating the Street
The Author Peter Lynch
The Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release Date2012-03-13
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 336
ISBN 9781451687064
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Legendary money manager Peter Lynch explains his own strategies for investing and offers advice for how to pick stocks and mutual funds to assemble a successful investment portfolio. Develop a Winning Investment Strategy—with Expert Advice from “The Nation’s #1 Money Manager.” Peter Lynch’s “invest in what you know” strategy has made him a household name with investors both big and small. An important key to investing, Lynch says, is to remember that stocks are not lottery tickets. There’s a company behind every stock and a reason companies—and their stocks—perform the way they do. In this book, Peter Lynch shows you how you can become an expert in a company and how you can build a profitable investment portfolio, based on your own experience and insights and on straightforward do-it-yourself research. In Beating the Street, Lynch for the first time explains how to devise a mutual fund strategy, shows his step-by-step strategies for picking stock, and describes how the individual investor can improve his or her investment performance to rival that of the experts. There’s no reason the individual investor can’t match wits with the experts, and this book will show you how.

The Book Beating the Street
The Author Burton P. Fabricand
The Publisher
Release Date1969
Genre Stock exchanges
Pages 176
ISBN LCCN:71079503
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Millionaire Traders
The Author Kathy Lien
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2010-03-01
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 367
ISBN 9780470452547
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Trading is a battle between you and the market. And while you might not be a financial professional, that doesn′t mean you can′t win this battle. Through interviews with twelve ordinary individuals who have worked hard to transform themselves into extraordinary traders, Millionaire Traders reveals how you can beat Wall Street at its own game. Filled with in–depth insights and practical advice, this book introduces you to a dozen successful traders–some who focus on equities, others who deal in futures or foreign exchange–and examines the paths they′ve taken to capture considerable profits. With this book as your guide, you′ll quickly become familiar with a variety of strategies that can be used to make money in today′s financial markets. Those that will help you achieve this goal include: Tyrone Ball: trades Nasdaq stocks almost exclusively, and his ability to change with the times has enabled him to prosper during some of the most treacherous market environments in recent history. AShkan Bolour: one of the earliest entrants into the retail forex market, he trades in the direction of the major trend, rather than trying to find reversals. Frank Law: a technician at heart, identifies a trading zone, commits to it, and scales down as long as the zone holds. Paul Willette: has mastered a method that allows him to harvest some profits right away, while ensuring that he can still benefit from an occasional extension run in his favor. Order your copy today and beat the Street.

The Book The Prudent Investor s Guide to Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game
The Author John J. Bowen
The Publisher McGraw Hill Professional
Release Date1998-07-21
Genre Technology & Engineering
Pages 178
ISBN 0071367446
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Timely and practical. This book brings the leading edge of investment information to the prudent investor in an understandable way." - Charles Schwab, Chairman, Charles Schwab Corporation. "to write a book like this on Modern Portfolio Theory and make it understandable would be a very difficult job. John Bowen went ahead and did it. Congratulations." - Merton Miller, Nobel Laureate in Economics. Individual investors today must fend for themselves as they seize control of their own portfolios. In this authoritative and ill-researched book, investors learn how to simply and effectively use popular asset allocation strategies - in combinations with mutual funds - to greatly increase their returns. The reader is walked step-by-step through a low-risk, high-return approach using model portfolios and case histories, plus timely information on emerging markets, tax-saving moves, annuity products, and more.

The Book Rigged Money
The Author Lee Munson
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2011-12-06
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 204
ISBN 9781118099681
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Challenging accepted theories about the best ways to safeguard wealth and arguing that the diversification effect of asset classes is gone, a portrait of today's changed financial world counsels investors on current dynamics, how to recognize misleading information and how to avoid unprofitable trends.

The Book The power of the heart
The Author Baptist de Pape
The Publisher Kosmos Uitgevers
Release Date2014-10-08
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 9789021557861
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: LET OP!: Dit e-book is NIET geschikt voor zwart-wit e-readers The Power of the Heart brengt de kracht, de wijsheid, de liefde en de intelligentie van ons hart op een volkomen vernieuwende wijze onder de aandacht. Wat hebben Paulo Coelho, Isabel Allende, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra en Maya Angelou met elkaar gemeen? Ze onderkennen de noodzaak van het luisteren naar je hart. Auteur Baptist de Pape sprak met hen en nog vele anderen. Hij creëerde een boek met een verrassende wetenschappelijke en spirituele onderbouwing dat aan het begin staat van een onstuitbare internationale beweging: laat je hart je gids zijn. Vind je ware potentie en je geluk, leef dichter bij je intuïtie. Coelho, Allende, Tolle, Chopra en Angelou inspireren, De Pape overtuigt.

The Book Follow the Fed to Investment Success
The Author Douglas S. Roberts
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2008-07-25
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 224
ISBN 0470288329
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book One Up On Wall Street
The Author Peter Lynch
The Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release Date2012-02-28
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 304
ISBN 9781439126158
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: More than one million copies have been sold of this seminal book on investing in which legendary mutual-fund manager Peter Lynch explains the advantages that average investors have over professionals and how they can use these advantages to achieve financial success. America’s most successful money manager tells how average investors can beat the pros by using what they know. According to Lynch, investment opportunities are everywhere. From the supermarket to the workplace, we encounter products and services all day long. By paying attention to the best ones, we can find companies in which to invest before the professional analysts discover them. When investors get in early, they can find the “tenbaggers,” the stocks that appreciate tenfold from the initial investment. A few tenbaggers will turn an average stock portfolio into a star performer. Lynch offers easy-to-follow advice for sorting out the long shots from the no-shots by reviewing a company’s financial statements and knowing which numbers really count. He offers guidelines for investing in cyclical, turnaround, and fast-growing companies. As long as you invest for the long term, Lynch says, your portfolio can reward you. This timeless advice has made One Up on Wall Street a #1 bestseller and a classic book of investment know-how.

The Book The Escape Artists
The Author Noam Scheiber
The Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release Date2012-02-28
Genre Political Science
Pages 368
ISBN 9781439172421
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: FACING THE WORST ECONOMY SINCE THE 1930S, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA HIRED A CRACK TEAM OF ESCAPE ARTISTS: financial wizards who had pulled off numerous white-knuckle getaways during the Clinton era and who were ready to do it all over again. Three years later, with the economy still in a rut, it’s clear that they fell far short. This is the inside story of what went wrong. The Escape Artists features previously undisclosed internal documents and extensive, original reporting from the highest levels of the administration. Star White House journalist Noam Scheiber reveals the mistakes and missed opportunities that kept the president’s pedigreed team from steering the economy in the right direction. He shows what responsibility the president bears for those missteps, what bold actions his brain trust refused to take despite its preternatural confidence, and how the White House was regularly outmaneuvered by Republicans in Congress. Tracking the administration’s efforts deep into the fall of 2011, The Escape Artists provides a gripping look inside the meeting rooms, in-boxes, and minds of the men who tried to manage the defining crisis of the Obama presidency: how the very qualities that made these men and women escape artists in the 1990s ultimately failed them. *** THREE YEARS INTO THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY, THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE WAS PAINFULLY HIGH, THE GAP BETWEEN RICH AND POOR HAD WIDENED, AND THE STIMULUS HAD NOT DONE ENOUGH TO BRING JOBS BACK. WHAT WENT WRONG? A PRESIDENT WITH OTHER PRIORITIES . . . Barack Obama hadn’t run for president just so he could clean up someone else’s mess, however urgent the task. He’d run for president to usher in once-in-a-generation achievements like health care reform—“to change the trajectory of America.” Timothy Geithner remarked to President-elect Obama that “your signature accomplishment is going to be preventing a Great Depression.” Obama’s response was slightly jarring. “That’s not enough for me,” he said. It dawned on Geithner that he and his colleagues were a sideshow rather than the main attraction. “If you don’t do that, nothing else is possible,” Geithner protested. “Yeah,” Obama repeated, “but that’s not enough.” AN ECONOMIC TEAM RELUCTANT TO TAKE BOLD ACTION . . . David Axelrod was preparing Christina Romer, Obama’s chief economist, for a Sunday talk show. Many experts were voicing doubts about the size of the original package, and so Axelrod asked, “Was the stimulus big enough?” Without hesitating, Romer responded, “Abso-f---ing-lutely not.” She said it half-jokingly; Axelrod did not seem amused. AND A BRAIN TRUST THAT BELIEVED IT KNEW BETTER . . . It was the worst of all worlds for the Obama administration: a country that took one look at the languishing economy and another at the recovery on Wall Street and concluded that its government had put big banks ahead of ordinary people. Generously, the S&P officials didn’t point out any of this. Instead, the leader of the group confessed that the agency was mostly concerned about the prospects for bipartisan compromise. At this, Geithner became dismissive. His message was unmistakable: TRUST US, WE’VE DONE THIS BEFORE.

The Book Investing from Scratch
The Author James Lowell
The Publisher Penguin
Release Date2007-01-30
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 432
ISBN 9781101042113
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Fully updated—the popular guide for young investors who want to take control of their financial future A lot has changed since Investing from Scratch first appeared, and this revised edition takes it all into account for those in their 20s and 30s who are hoping to invest their way to wealth. In a straightforward style backed by useful charts and graphs, finance expert James Lowell makes it clear that you don’t need to be rich to become that way in the market. Readers will learn how to: • create a budget they can live and invest with • select the most appropriate investments • design a mutual fund portfolio, and much more With easy-to-understand definitions of essential terms, up-to-date post–“Internet bubble” strategies, and fully revised charts and graphs, Investing from Scratch is an invaluable resource for future investors.

The Book De wolf van wall street
The Author Jordan Belfort
The Publisher Singel Uitgeverijen
Release Date2013-12-19
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 542
ISBN 9789021450773
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: ‘Je wordt veel makkelijker rijk als je je niet aan de regels houdt,’ zei Jordan Belfort tegen een verslaggever van The New York Post. En hij wist waarover hij sprak: de voormalige effectenmakelaar bracht tweeëntwintig maanden in de gevangenis door, nadat hij was veroordeeld wegens een grootscheepse verzekeringsfraude die meer dan 200 miljoen dollar opleverde. In De wolf van Wall Street vertelt Jordan Belfort het verhaal van corrupte bankiers en maffiabazen, en van beurshandelaren die zichzelf verrijken zodra de gelegenheid zich voordoet. Zijn autobiografie, die zich laat lezen als een spannende roman, verschijnt in veertig landen in vertaling en is verfilmd door topregisseur Martin Scorsese.

The Book The Harriman House Book of Investing Rules
The Author Philip Jenks
The Publisher Harriman House Limited
Release Date2007-01-01
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 500
ISBN 9781905641222
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: For the first time, the tactics, strategies and insightsrelied on by 150 of the world's most respected financialexperts are revealed in a concise, digestible form. Learnhow you really make money in the markets from: fundmanagers of billion-pound equity funds; traders in theoptions and futures markets; industry-rated analysts;economists ......

The Book Reading Minds and Markets
The Author Jack Ablin with
The Publisher FT Press
Release Date2009-06-19
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 240
ISBN 0137032404
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: “Read Jack Ablin’s ‘five factor’ approach to investing and you not only will sleep better at night, you’ll be a smarter, wiser human being. Ablin takes you on his twenty-year journey toward a unified, rational approach to investing that can help you weather even the most turbulent financial storms. This book may be one of the best investments you will ever make.” --John Callaway, Senior Correspondent, WTTW, Public Television “This book is based on verifiable data trends and years of experience with a broad array of economic and market numbers. Regret over investment losses need not lead investors to disengage their brains or to be robbed again by schemes hawked as ‘new and improved.’ Reading Minds and Markets will help jump-start an honest investment dialogue that has been sidetracked by excesses of greed and fear.” --Bill Barnhart, Former Financial Editor and Columnist for the Chicago Tribune “The author has taken the complex world of investing and provided an extremely practical approach to success where others have failed miserably. His grasp of the financial markets makes him eminently qualified to develop an extremely sound and practical approach in order to protect and enhance wealth for investors.” --Edward (“Ned”) Riley, Jr., Former Chief Investment Officer for State Street Global Advisors and Chief Investment Officer, Riley Asset Management “With nearly three decades of experience, Jack Ablin’s superb intellectual thinking is reflected in Reading Minds and Markets. This is great reading for the motivated investor.” --Professor Israel Shaked, Finance and Economics Department, Boston University, School of Management You can do more to protect yourself from market risks and down markets. The secret: Understand the big picture and know when to shift money toward more promising industry groups, sectors, or asset classes. This strategy is called “global macro investing”--and, as Chief Investment Officer for Harris Private Bank, Jack Ablin has used it to deliver results for many of the world’s wealthiest families and individuals. In Reading Minds and Markets, Ablin distills his techniques into a remarkably simple, commonsense five-step plan that any investor can use. You’ll discover how to anticipate some of the more significant shifts in global markets and move investments toward areas that are more likely to grow. Equally important, you’ll learn how to overcome bad habits that inevitably lead to failure--habits all too often reinforced by the financial media. In today’s unforgiving markets, you need to make smarter high-level decisions and fewer mistakes: This book will help you do both. Why you must take a top-down view of the market--and how to do it Avoid getting caught off-guard in choppy, highly volatile markets Respond to the market’s powerful signals about relative risk Master strategies for improving return without increasing risk Discover the five factors that consistently tell you where to invest Cut through the clutter of irrelevant data: find what matters and use it Stop being your own worst enemy Overcome the #1 obstacle to structuring your best portfolio: human nature

The Book De Zwarte Zwaan
The Author
The Publisher Uitgeverij Nieuwezijds
Release Date2008
Pages 401
ISBN 9789057122675
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Essay over de onzin van economische en andere voorspellingen en onze gebrekkige perceptie van de werkelijkheid.

The Book Boomerang
The Author Michael Lewis
The Publisher Business Contact
Release Date2012-03-08
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 9789047005100
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Lewis wil de ziel blootleggen van de financiële crisis en gaat op reis. Hij spreekt met IJslandse vissers die naïef en zonder opleiding bankier werden (en nu weer visser zijn); hij praat met de Griekse premier over de onuitroeibare neiging om te frauderen en te sjoemelen; en hij leert in Ierland waarom de doorgaans pessimistische Ieren vanaf 2000 enthousiast huizen gingen bouwen zonder zich af te vragen wie die huizen moest gaan kopen. Terug in Amerika beschrijft hij een hilarische en surreële fietstocht met Arnold Schwarzenegger, die in hoog tempo over zijn schouder uitlegt waarom hij de staat Californië met zo'n grote schuld moest achterlaten. Net als Geert Mak maakt Lewis in persoonlijke verhalen de grote lijnen van de (recente) geschiedenis zichtbaar.

The Book Street Smart Franchising
The Author Joe Mathews
The Publisher Entrepreneur Press
Release Date2011-05-01
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 256
ISBN 9781613080238
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Experienced franchisees and franchisors tell entrepreneurs what they need to know before they buy a franchise. Second edition includes a sample copy of the entire UFOC plus 40% new and updated examples. This straight-shooting franchise guide goes beyond the “how to” to teach potential franchisees what to expect when starting a franchise. Real life stories from the trenches illustrate how to cope with the difficulties a franchise presents. The author reveals the personality types most likely to succeed at franchising, and identifies entrepreneurial traits that may increase risk of failure. Plus, it takes an in-depth look at the research and investigation of a franchise, something glossed over in most franchise books.

The Book Wizards of Wall Street
The Author Kirk Kazanjian
The Publisher Aspen Publishers
Release Date2000
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 359
ISBN 0735201544
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Eighteen of the world's most successful mutual fund managers explain how they consistently outperform the S&P 500 index, tracing their careers and offering a candid look at their stock-picking strategies.

The Book Forbes Best Business Mistakes
The Author Bob Sellers
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2010-06-17
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 208
ISBN 0470768339
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Today's top business leaders reveal how to make even the biggest mistakes work for you Forbes Best Business Mistakes reveals practical lessons from some of today's most successful business leaders to show you how to turn a bad business situation into a success. Based on exclusive sit-down interviews with some of today's most successful men and women, author Bob Sellers shares their stories to provide valuable insights and lessons that can help you can learn from their mistakes. Those profiled in Forbes Best Business Mistakes include the likes of Wall Street guru Peter Lynch, larger-than-life media personalities Jim Cramer and Suze Orman, legendary CEO Jack Welch, and newcomer Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu, who is poised to change the movie and TV industry landscape as we know it forever. Other names include PIMCO's Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian and Home Depot Founder Arthur Blank. Reveal how top business and financial leaders turned their biggest mistakes into success stories Based on exclusive interviews with some of today's most successful professionals, from Jason Kilar of Hulu to Suze Orman Contains practical lessons on how you can turn a bad business situation around As Malcolm Forbes put it, "Failure is success if we learn from it." Forbes Best Business Mistakes shares the missteps of others so you can learn from them, be inspired by them, and succeed where you may not have seen opportunity before.

The Book Guerrilla Investing
The Author Peter Siris
The Publisher Longstreet Press
Release Date2000
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 378
ISBN 1563526018
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Reveals the secrets of Wall Street insiders to individual investors so they can compete with the professionals and win.

The Book The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett George Soros
The Author Mark Tier
The Publisher St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date2013-09-17
Genre Business & Economics
Pages 368
ISBN 9781466852778
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, and George Soros all started with nothing---and made billion-dollar fortunes solely by investing. But their investment strategies are so widely divergent, what could they possibly have in common? As Mark Tier demonstrates in this insightful book, the secrets that made Buffet, Icahn, and Soros the world's three richest investors are the same mental habits and strategies they all practice religiously. However, these are mental habits and strategies that fly in the face of Wall Street's conventional mindset. For example: -Buffett, Icahn, and Soros do not diversify. When they buy, they buy as much as they can. -They're not focused on the profits they expect to make. Going in, they're not investing for the money at all. -They don't believe that big profits involve big risks. In fact, they're far more focused on not losing money than making it. -Wall Street research reports? They never read them. They're not interested in what other people think. Indeed, Buffett says he only reads analyst reports when he needs a laugh. In The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett & George Soros you can discover how the mental habits that guided your last investment decision stack up against those of Buffett, Icahn, and Soros. Then learn exactly how you can apply the wealth-building secrets of the world's richest investors to transform your own investment results.