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The Book Basics of vocal pedagogy
The Author Clifton Ware
The Publisher McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
Release Date1997-07-01
Genre Music
Pages 310
ISBN STANFORD:36105011412223
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Basics of Vocal Pedagogy is a comprehensive introductory text for vocal pedagogy classes at the college and university level. Though written primarily for prospective teachers of singing, vocal music educators, choir directors, voice coaches and intermediate to advanced level singers will also find the text useful as a textbook, training manual, and general reference book.

The Book Adventures in singing
The Author Clifton Ware
The Publisher McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
Release Date2006-12-26
Genre Music
Pages 336
ISBN UOM:39015082685184
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Adventures in Singing combines a thorough introduction to the singing process with an anthology of 70 songs. It offers a clear introduction to the basics of how the voice works along with methodical voice-building techniques. The popular text takes a holistic approach throughout, reflecting the view that the study of singing helps students to develop greater self-awareness of body and mind. There is an additional CD available for purchase that provides piano accompaniments of the songs in the anthology. There is also an online learning Center at that provides additional student support.

The Book The Disciplines of Vocal Pedagogy Towards an Holistic Approach
The Author Karen Sell
The Publisher Routledge
Release Date2017-07-05
Genre Music
Pages 272
ISBN 9781351545020
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: If classical singers and vocal pedagogues are to be prepared adequately for performance, teaching and co-operation in inter-professional relations, then an holistic education entailing multi-disciplinary study is essential. In this important new book, Karen Sell examines the disciplines pertinent to vocal pedagogy, tracing the lineage of views from the ancient world to the present day. In the process important diverse roots are exposed, yielding differing and even conflicting tonal ideals which have a bearing on the consideration of different singing methods and the interpretation of songs and arias. Ethics and psychology are identified as central to the entire pedagogical process along with the scientific basis of singing: encompassing acoustics, anatomy and physiology, with special reference to the bearing of the latter two upon vocal health and hygiene. A detailed consideration of singing technique is the centrepiece of the book, and an understanding of good technique and scientific awareness is shown to be fundamental to good vocal pedagogical practice. This leads to a discussion on performance and aesthetics, contributing to the education of the fully equipped singer. No study to date has demonstrated the inter-relationships between all these individual disciplines and the ways in which they influence singing pedagogy. Sell?s holistic, multi-disciplinary approach will be of particular benefit to singers and voice teachers, and will also appeal to music educationalists and professionals in cognate disciplines.

The Book Zingen voor Dummies CD druk 1
The Author Pamelia S. Phillips
The Publisher
Release Date2007-12
Pages 311
ISBN 9043015245
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The Choral Director as Voice Teacher
The Author Samuel J. Eckberg
The Publisher
Release Date2018
Pages 102
ISBN OCLC:1048005557
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: " ... provide a high school choral director with a knowledge base in the basics of vocal pedagogy and compile a collection of vocalizes/exercises to teach these concepts ... posture, respiration, phonation, resonation and registration. Once each of these areas was defined, the author selected various exercises published by these leading pedagogues."--Abstract.

The Book Singing with Your Whole Self
The Author Samuel H. Nelson
The Publisher Scarecrow Press
Release Date2002
Genre Music
Pages 171
ISBN 9780810840492
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Singing with Your Whole Self teaches performers to use the Feldenkrais Method to ameliorate problems of tension, muscle strain, and illness in order to obtain optimal vocal performance. It contains an important and unique feature: modularized Feldenkrais "Awareness through Movement" lessons. These are specifically designed for liberating function in all musicians and in singers in particular. Modularized lessons allow the user to choose between functionally useful short segments or entire lessons. The first part of the book presents the theory explaining why this approach works in an easily understood and concrete fashion. The remaining chapters explore our anatomy by area and explain usage, problems and how these relate to singing; lessons throughout revolve around improving performance. Includes an index both by lesson and by problem, referring performers to the lessons most effective for a specific problem.

The Book The Craft of Singing
The Author Garyth Nair
The Publisher Plural Pub Incorporated
Release Date2007
Genre Music
Pages 846
ISBN 1597560510
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This is a new text with two principal aims: to provide a foundation of anatomical, physiological, acoustical and medical knowledge for students in the belief that one must know how something works before one can alter or repair it, and to carefully structure the learning of the foundational vocal skills necessary for real future development of each students technique past the end of the course. Borrowing from Voice Science but staying firmly centered in the studio or classroom, the text helps the reader with a raw vocal ability understand the function and care of their vocal instrument. In the second part, the book begins a carefully graduated approach to cement into place good singing habits. Three songs, comprising works in Italian, English and German, are used to produce exemplary vowels and consonants and wonderful songs. - Publisher.

The Book Jazz singer s handbook
The Author Michele Weir
The Publisher Alfred Music Publishing
Release Date2005
Genre Music
Pages 96
ISBN 0739033875
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A guide to jazz singing offers advice on such topics as communicating through emotion, coloring the melody, and phrasing, along with information on preparing for a performance and creating an arrangement.

The Book Basics of Singing
The Author
The Publisher Schirmer G Books
Release Date1998
Genre Folk songs, English
Pages 321
ISBN STANFORD:36105011423477
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This comprehensive teaching package offers a complete introduction to the art of singing. Suitable for all voices, the text is flexibly organized, providing a variety of pedagogical approaches to present the basic principles of voice production, musicianship, song interpretation, and vocal health.

The Book The Singer s Life
The Author Clifton Ware
The Publisher Birch Grove Publishing
Release Date2005-01-01
Genre Singers
Pages 257
ISBN 0974407119
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The Singer's Life: Goals and Roles is based on a series of essays written for the National Opera Association's Opera Journal, as a five-year ongoing column titled "High Notes". In 1998 president Arvid Knudsen approached me about writing a brief quarterly column for NOA's Opera Journal on a topic of interest to singers. At that time, having been a singer for fifty years and a voice teacher for forty years, I thought I might have some worthwhile information to share with vocal musicians, so I enthusiastically accepted the assignment. After giving serious consideration to potential topics, I settled on the idea of exploring the wide variety of roles played by singers (metaphorically speaking, the various hats worn by singers), both as vocal musicians and as human beings. So this series of essays focuses on the many complex challenges inherent in the voice profession, primarily from the point of view of classically trained singers, but also relevant to singers of non-classical music. To add a personal touch, throughout the book I've included some relevant anecdotes and experiences that relate to each role, as played out over my long career, beginning as a starry-eyed young singer and culminating as a teacher, mentor, and writer.

The Book Solutions for Singers
The Author Richard Miller
The Publisher Oxford University Press
Release Date2004-01-08
Genre Music
Pages 320
ISBN 9780199882847
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: While many texts and courses on the art of singing offer comprehensive overviews of technique and performance, few have time to delve into the specific questions they spawn. Solutions for Singers explores these unanswered questions, filling in gaps that professional performers, students of singing, and voice teachers have long sought to close. Fielding over 200 questions, distinguished teacher and performer Richard Miller tackles problems raised during hundreds of his master classes and pedagogy courses. He deliberately avoids abstract generalities, concentrating instead on specific, recurring questions: What are some good exercises to loosen or relax tension in the back of the tongue? Do you apply the same principles regarding breathing to a younger student that you do to older students? What is meant by voiced and unvoiced consonants? Is there a female falsetto? Through such specialized questions, Miller probes the very essence of artistic expression. The questions are organized under ten broad topics, which Miller considers from various angles. He couples traditional and modern philosophies to present the most relevant and precise solutions. The result is an invaluable handbook for singers, which, read either sequentially or selectively, provides a unique and pragmatic approach to vocal artistry and technique.

The Book Vocal Health and Pedagogy
The Author Robert T. Sataloff
The Publisher Plural Publishing
Release Date2017-09-07
Genre Music
Pages 984
ISBN 9781944883959
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Now in one convenient volume, Vocal Health and Pedagogy: Science, Assessment, and Treatment, Third Edition answers every question you've ever had about the voice, from the physics of sounds, to vocal technique, to medications, to performance anxiety. It presents anatomical, physiological, and neurological considerations, as well as covers critical issues related to patient history, laryngeal function, the physical examination, and historical perspectives of vocal pedagogy. The first part of the book introduces basic concepts of voice science, assessment, and training. It focuses on the science behind the common problems that afflict voice users and enables understanding of the medical approach to problem analysis. The second part of the book contains additional information on the specific health and performance conditions that affect the voice and their assessment and treatment. It considers the medical and nonmedical issues affecting the human voice, including diagnosis and treatment of voice problems, the effects of physical injury, posture, pollutants and irritants, psychological effects, voice therapy, medication, and more. New to this edition: New chapters on topics such as pedagogy for children, the importance of studying music, laryngeal issues involving wind instrument performance, high-speed digital imaging, the evolution of technology, pediatric voice disorders, thyroid disorders, the vocal effects of birth control medications, and autoimmune disorders.Many chapters have been extensively revised to update previous content and add new information on material such as choral pedagogy for geriatric singers, World Trade Center syndrome, and laryngeal effects of asbestos exposure.Chapters on medications for performers have been revised to delete medications no longer used frequently and to add various medications and drug classes that were not included previously, as well as information on alternative and complementary medicines.References have been updated throughout to include discussion of new studies and a review of the latest literature, while also retaining the classic literature.Includes the most recent practices and techniques, the latest information on surgical and adjunctive therapy, and important changes in criteria and strategy. Vocal Health and Pedagogy: Science, Assessment, and Treatment, Third Edition is ideal for courses in vocal pedagogy and speech-language pathology. Additionally, it is a valuable resource for professional and amateur performers and their teachers.

The Book How to Sing See
The Author Jean Callaghan
The Publisher
Release Date2004-01-01
Genre Music
Pages 292
ISBN 9780646429250
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Specially designed for people using Sing & See, "How to Sing and See: Singing Pedagogy in the Digital Era" is a comprehensive guide to using visual feedback software in ways that will foster both vocal and musical development. It includes explanation of the Sing & See on-screen visual displays, a discussion of vocal questions that need to be considered in the individual application of the software, and over 200 vocal training exercises. The exercises cover intervals, triads and a comprehensive range of scales and modes used in a range of vocal styles. A page is devoted to each exercise, with the same layout, giving musical notation of the exercise, a brief explanation of its purpose, a reproduction of the target display and instructions on how to achieve it. The manual begins with the most basic singing task and builds from there, so you can choose exercises to build a graded vocal and musical developmental program, or to answer specific needs of individual students, or to construct a personalized practice regimen. Although written with singing teachers in mind, the book is also proving to be very useful for singers (those who already have some basic singing skills) as a self-directed practice regime. The large variety of vocal techniques covered by the book give the advanced student of singing a valuable guide to systematically improving his or her vocal skill by making best use of the Sing & See software. This version of the book is a paperback bound replica of the original spiral-bound Teacher's Manual available from It is slightly smaller in size and is easier to hold - although without the lie-flat ability of the original spiral binding. And it's cheaper!

The Book Basics of Singing
The Author Jan Schmidt
The Publisher Schirmer Books
Release Date2002-12-01
Genre Music
Pages 340
ISBN 0534252370
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Suitable for all voices, this comprehensive introductory text uses a variety of pedagogical approaches to introduce students to the art and pleasure of singing. The text is flexibly organized, presenting the basic principles of voice production, musicianship, song interpretation, and vocal health in a format that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the classroom and the individual. The text consists of two parts. Part One discusses such topics as breathing, basic vocal health, learning to read music, how to learn a song, and performance techniques. Part Two is an anthology of 50 songs - folk, musical theater, art songs, and rounds (for group performance). A companion 2-CD Set includes all the melodies and accompaniments for the song anthology.

The Book The Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults
The Author James C. McKinney
The Publisher Waveland Press
Release Date2005-02-28
Pages 213
ISBN 9781478638810
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Popular for more than two decades among college voice teachers and their students, this outstanding, authoritative vocal pedagogy text is an invaluable manual. It thoroughly examines the vocal problems prospective voice teachers will encounter daily in the teaching studio and choral rehearsal. The author’s approach is a unique one, based in large part on diagnostic procedures similar to those used by doctors. As each vocal fault is presented, its identifying characteristics or symptoms are stated, its possible causes are discussed, and corrective procedures are suggested. An especially valuable feature is the book’s accompanying audio files (available here for download) that contains 14 male and female voice samples of the various vocal faults discussed in the text, enabling students to better identify basic characteristic sounds associated with each fault. Current and prospective choir directors and voice teachers who need help in improving the vocal sounds of choir members or students will find this practical guide-book to be an ever-present help in time of trouble.

The Book In evenwicht
The Author Mary Bond
The Publisher
Release Date2010
Pages 264
ISBN 9069638630
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Vanuit een holistische benadering worden oefeningen gegeven voor een gezonde lichaamshouding.

The Book Basic Elements of Vocal Artistry for Young Singers
The Author Sharon Pesenti
The Publisher AuthorHouse
Release Date2011-11-01
Genre Music
Pages 36
ISBN 9781467061438
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Teach Yourself to Sing
The Author Karen Farnum Surmani
The Publisher Alfred Music Publishing
Release Date1995
Genre Music
Pages 64
ISBN 0882846655
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Learn at your own pace with this proven course for beginners. Learn proper breathing, posture, and warm-up techniques that will keep you singing for a lifetime with confidence and in a variety of styles. Includes practice exercises, demonstrations by professional singers and motivating accompaniments to sing along with.

The Book The Management of Voice Disorders
The Author M. D. Morrison
The Publisher Springer
Release Date2013-11-11
Genre Medical
Pages 266
ISBN 9781489929037
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: There has been a tremendous growth of interest in the human voice and its disorders during the past decade. This has led to the development of a variety of 'voice labs' or 'voice clinics' that are able to offer unique interdisciplinary assessment and treatment facilities. To cover aJlthe bases, the voice care team requires input frorn laryngology, speech-language pathology, psychiatry, neurology, voice science, music pedagogy, biomedical engineering and other peripheral fields. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of voice dinics there have been a number of books written that address our subject from different professional perspectives. These tend to be multi-authored works that draw on expertise from around the world, such as alaryngologist frorn New York, a speech pathologist from Toronto, etc. All are coJleagues that share similar interests but never actually share the management problems of the same patients. This book has been planned and written by the members ofa single 'voice clinic'iIt is our hope that it willreflect a singleness of direction and purpose in the way it presents our approach to a complex topic. Because of our regular interactive meetings over problem patients inwhich we debate the meaning of our observations, the evolution of etiological dassification systems, and the rationale for particular therapy approaches, we feel that we have become a team that is greater than the sum of its parts, and that there is value in sharing our cumulative thoughts with others. This is not simply a laryngology text for laryngologists.

The Book Vocal Pedagogy for the Contemporary Gospel Singer Developing and Maintaining a Healthy Technique for Long term Performance
The Author Dorothy Julia Hill
The Publisher
Release Date2017
Pages 94
ISBN OCLC:1050339478
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "This thesis will provide additional information to the limited resources available regarding the vocal performance and pedagogy of gospel music. Included is a brief description of the elements of gospel music and singing, a section on the development and understanding of the technique for Gospel singing for both the singer and vocal pedagogue, a short history of gospel music exploring the early stages of the style through its present and ever-evolving form, an explanation of basic vocal technique, as well as its components and application to gospel singing, which are introduced for further study. Most importantly, there is great detail provided regarding the most distinctive characteristic of gospel singing which is the use of ornamentation incorporated into songs, how to use it, why use it, and the appropriate placement within songs. There are other important factors discussed including the importance of maintaining health and hygiene of the voice to aid in the longevity of singing. There are many pedagogical resources readily available and easily accessible for the development of vocal technique for the classical art form, however, there is much less that exists for the gospel genre. Utilizing the author’s experience and research, this thesis has compiled a number of much needed tools to build the knowledge of understanding the gospel style, incorporating ornamentation into the singer’s performance, and achieving successful results through consistent practice."--