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The Book Barefoot
The Author Sharon Garlough Brown
The Publisher InterVarsity Press
Release Date2016-11-07
Genre Fiction
Pages 373
ISBN 9780830898831
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The spiritual journey takes unexpected turns for the women of Sensible Shoes in this third book of the series, continuing on from the events of Two Steps Forward. Having been challenged to persevere in hope, can they now embrace the joy of complete surrender? Mara: With two boys at home and a divorce on the way, can she let go of her resentment and bitterness and find a rhythm of grace in her "new normal"? Hannah: With Nathan by her side, can she let go of expectations—and even her reputation—as she charts a new course? Charissa: As her approaching due date threatens to collide with new professional opportunities, can she let go of her need for control and embrace the unknown future with trust? Meg: With disappointment over broken relationships and unfulfilled dreams, can she let go of her fear and worry in the face of even greater challenges that lie ahead? Join the women of the Sensible Shoes Club in a poignant story that reveals the joy that comes from laying our lives at the feet of God and standing barefoot on holy ground.

The Book Barefoot in the Park
The Author Neil Simon
The Publisher LA Theatre Works
Release Date2014-05-10
Genre Man-woman relationships
ISBN 1580814115
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A brand new lawyer and his young bride have returned from their honeymoon and are moving into their new high-rent apartment only to find that the place is absolutely bare of furniture, the paint job is all wrong, the skylight leaks, there is room for only one twin bed, and the wacky neighbors pop up at the worst times.

The Book Balanced and Barefoot
The Author Angela J. Hanscom
The Publisher New Harbinger Publications
Release Date2016-04-22
Genre Family & Relationships
Pages 240
ISBN 9781626253759
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In this important book, a pediatric occupational therapist and founder of TimberNook shows how outdoor play and unstructured freedom of movement are vital for children’s cognitive development and growth, and offers tons of fun, engaging ways to help ensure that kids grow into healthy, balanced, and resilient adults. Today’s kids have adopted sedentary lifestyles filled with television, video games, and computer screens. But more and more, studies show that children need “rough and tumble” outdoor play in order to develop their sensory, motor, and executive functions. Disturbingly, a lack of movement has been shown to lead to a number of health and cognitive difficulties, such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), emotion regulation and sensory processing issues, and aggressiveness at school recess break. So, how can you ensure your child is fully engaging their body, mind, and all of their senses? Using the same philosophy that lies at the heart of her popular TimberNook program—that nature is the ultimate sensory experience, and that psychological and physical health improves for children when they spend time outside on a regular basis—author Angela Hanscom offers several strategies to help your child thrive, even if you live in an urban environment. Today it is rare to find children rolling down hills, climbing trees, or spinning in circles just for fun. We’ve taken away merry-go-rounds, shortened the length of swings, and done away with teeter-totters to keep children safe. Children have fewer opportunities for unstructured outdoor play than ever before, and recess times at school are shrinking due to demanding educational environments. With this book, you’ll discover little things you can do anytime, anywhere to help your kids achieve the movement they need to be happy and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

The Book The Barefoot Home
The Author Marc Vassallo
The Publisher Taunton Press
Release Date2006
Genre Architecture
Pages 218
ISBN 9781561588077
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Showcasing twenty-three homes representing a variety of styles from around the country, an inspirational guide to decorating with a casual touch explains how to eliminate the clutter, emphasize informal rooms over formal living and dining areas, and create open, light-filled spaces that bring together the outside with interior decor. 25,000 first printing.

The Book Barefoot Gen Life after the bomb
The Author Keiji Nakazawa
The Publisher Last Gasp
Release Date2004
Genre Comics & Graphic Novels
Pages 257
ISBN 0867195940
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In this graphic depiction of nuclear devastation, three survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima--Gen, his mother, and his baby sister--face rejection, hunger, and humiliation in their search for a place to live.

The Book Barefoot
The Author Kevin Hart
The Publisher
Release Date2018
Genre Poetry
Pages 92
ISBN 0268103143
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Barefoot is Kevin Hart's eighth collection of poems; it is rich in elegies, meditations on lost love, and celebrations of new love. The title speaks of mourning, pilgrimage, and the direct sensuous contact of flesh with earth. Harold Bloom has long extolled Hart as a "visionary of desire," and in this collection we find that vision deepened and that desire extended. Never before has Hart stretched his range of inspiration quite so far; while continuing to draw from Christianity, he also responds to the rich heritage of American Blues, and reveals a wit as sharp as a razor's edge. The poetry is at once religious poetry and love poetry; indeed, the "religious poetry" is itself love poetry. Always, Hart speaks to us in words that seem inevitable in their simplicity. As he himself has written, "The best conductor of mystery is clarity. The true bearer of complexity is simplicity." Barefoot will delight poetry lovers everywhere"--Provided by publisher.

The Book Barefoot
The Author Michelle Holman
The Publisher HarperCollins Australia
Release Date2010-10-01
Genre Fiction
Pages 368
ISBN 9780730493921
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: When life decides to slamdunk you, it's hard to keep score. When Sherry slept with Glenn, she had a career and a future. Little did she know she'd leave them all behind in a motel bedroom. What was she thinking? In this blistering tale of two self-centred, headstrong high-achievers, Michelle Holman continues the story she began in her bestselling first novel, BONKERS. the brother- and sister-in-law - who famously met when she nearly arrested him for breaching bio-security with a banana - have three things in common. they're uncommonly tall, neither is anything like their married siblings, and they fancy each other something rotten. trouble is, Sherry can't stand the arrogant former American NBA star, while Glenn can't stand the aloof 'don't mess with me' policewoman. Ending up in bed together is a great surprise. Neither wanting to admit it was a nice surprise is a complicating factor. And then the fun begins. With Michelle's trademark talent for sizzling sex and the best one-liners you've heard in a long time, readers and characters alike are in for a treat.

The Book Barefoot Gen Without special title
The Author Keiji Nakazawa
The Publisher Last Gasp
Release Date2004
Genre Comics & Graphic Novels
Pages 284
ISBN 0867196025
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In this graphic depiction of nuclear devastation, three survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima--Gen, his mother, and his baby sister--face rejection, hunger, and humiliation in their search for a place to live.

The Book The Barefoot Baroness
The Author Joan Smith
The Publisher Belgrave House
Release Date
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9781610844727
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Laura Harwood reluctantly agreed to accompany her cousin Olivia, Baroness Pilmore, to London for the season. What did she know about nabbing a husband? But Olivia caught the attention of the famous artist Lord Hyatt, who decided to paint her barefoot. And Laura came along as chaperone. When his lordship’s attention shifted to Laura, she feared he would soon discover what a provincial miss she really was. Regency Romance by Joan Smith; originally published by Fawcett Crest

The Book Barefoot
The Author
The Publisher Ardent Media
Release Date
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Barefoot to Boardroom
The Author Dr. Leon Higgs
The Publisher WestBow Press
Release Date2017-08-18
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 168
ISBN 9781512792614
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book was written to encourage those whose hopes dwindle in the face of hindrances. I share with you my journey to success so that it might inspire others not only to dream but to make those dreams a reality! With God, all things are possible.

The Book Barefoot in the Boardroom
The Author Bill Purves
The Publisher NC Press
Release Date1992
Genre China
Pages 178
ISBN 1550210793
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book A Barefoot Doctor s Guide for Women
The Author Georgette Delvaux
The Publisher North Atlantic Books
Release Date2007-01
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 113
ISBN 9781556436659
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Providing an integrated, commonsense approach to women's hormonal health, this book brings together materials from diverse sources--alternative and conventional medical journals, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, and the personal experience of the author and her patients--into a single resource"--Provided by publisher.

The Book The Barefoot Way
The Author Dori Grinenko Baker
The Publisher Presbyterian Publishing Corp
Release Date2012-03-01
Genre Religion
Pages 144
ISBN 9781611641615
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This exceptional and innovative resource invites older youth, college students, and all who care about them, to participate for 21 days in journey and experiences of youth who have encountered God and told their story. Perfect for individual, small group, and workshop use, each day readers step "barefoot" onto the "Holy Ground" of these experiences in order to "L.I.V.E." the story themselves: To Listen, Immerse, View it Wider, and Explore Actions and "Aha" moments.

The Book A Barefoot Run Across North Carolina
The Author Matt Jenkins
The Publisher
Release Date2011-09
Genre Sports & Recreation
Pages 185
ISBN 9780557723492
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This is the story of a barefoot runner who wanted to make a difference. He ran 760 miles across North Carolina to raise money for non-profit organizations that work with children. Along the way, he had to dodge traffic, deal with the summer heat, and was even bitten by a poisonous snake. His journey is about him, but more so, it is about the people of North Carolina who befriended him on his journey.

The Book American Barefoot Doctor s Manual
The Author Accem Scott
The Publisher
Release Date2004-04-01
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 116
ISBN 9781411606333
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In mid twentieth century China, during the time of the Cultural Revolution, there was a great need for medical treatment and a severe shortage of medical practitioners, especially in the countryside. To remedy this situation, workers and farmers were trained in the prevention and treatment of disease. These people were known as Barefoot Doctors. The American Barefoot Doctor's Manual was created in the spirit of these original barefoot doctors. Strategies for using Chinese Patent Medicines, LM Homeopathics, and Flower Essences are found throughout the manual. Also included in this work is an integrated form of movement therapy which opens and increases the energetics through all 14 meridians. For a limited time I will provide 1/2 hour session of Chinese Energetic Method with each purchase.

The Book Barefoot to Billionaire Reflections on a Life s Work and a Promise to Cure Cancer
The Author Jon Huntsman
The Publisher The Overlook Press
Release Date2014-10-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 448
ISBN 9781468311457
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Billionaire entrepreneur, distinguished public servant, and father of a former governor and presidential candidate, Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. has been very fortunate in life. The company he founded in 1970, the Huntsman Corporation, is now one of the largest petrochemical manufacturers in the world, employing more than 12,000 people and generating over $10 billion in revenue each year. Success in business, though, has always been a means to an end—never an end in itself. In Barefoot to Billionaire, Huntsman revisits the key moments in his life that shaped his view of faith, family, service, and the responsibility that comes with wealth. He writes candidly about his brief tenure in the Nixon administration, which preceded the Watergate scandal but still left a deep impression on him about the abuse of power and the significance of personal respect and integrity. He also opens up about his faith and prominent membership in the Church Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But most importantly, Huntsman reveals the rationale behind his commitment to give away his entire fortune before his death. In 1995, Huntsman and his wife Karen founded the Huntsman Cancer Institute and have since dedicated more than a billion dollars of their personal funds to the fight for a cure. They don’t plan to stop giving until the battle is won. In this increasingly materialistic world, Barefoot to Billionaire is a refreshing reminder of the enduring power of traditional values.

The Book The Barefoot Bride
The Author Joan Johnston
The Publisher Dell
Release Date2009-01-21
Genre Fiction
Pages 400
ISBN 0307481956
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: From genteel Boston to the wilds of Montana, she is searching for a safe haven for her family—and finds unexpected love. Having lost her beloved husband, a whaling captain, to a watery grave, Molly Gallagher refuses to risk more heartbreak. Determined to keep her headstrong son from following in his father’s footsteps, she agrees to become the mail-order bride of a Montana country doctor. She tells her new husband that she can never give her love to another man; what she doesn’t tell him is that she has a young daughter and a rebellious teenage son. Molly’s ruse might have worked, but Seth Kendrick has secrets of his own: a willful daughter determined to end the marriage before it even begins—and a double life keeping his neighbors safe from outlaws. In an untamed land of vigilante justice, Molly has no choice but to trust this gray-eyed stranger whose stubbornness matches her own, whose kisses unleash flash floods of desire—and who may be the one man in a million who could win her fiery, faithful heart. “A book you will read and remember for a long, long time . . . Wonderful characters light up the pages.”—Rendezvous From the Paperback edition.

The Book Barefoot in Baghdad
The Author Manal Omar
The Publisher Sourcebooks, Inc.
Release Date2010-08-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
Pages 272
ISBN 1402237294
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Walk barefoot and the thorns will hurt you…" —Iraqi-Turkmen proverb A riveting story of hope and despair, of elation and longing, Barefoot in Baghdad takes you to the front lines of a different kind of battle, where the unsung freedom fighters are strong, vibrant—and female. An American aid worker of Arab descent, Manal Omar moves to Iraq to help as many women as she can rebuild their lives. She quickly finds herself drawn into the saga of a people determined to rise from the ashes of war and sanctions and rebuild their lives in the face of crushing chaos. This is a chronicle of Omar's friendships with several Iraqis whose lives are crumbling before her eyes. It is a tale of love, as her relationship with one Iraqi man intensifies in a country in turmoil. And it is the heartrending stories of the women of Iraq, as they grapple with what it means to be female in a homeland you no longer recognize. "Manal Omar captures the complex reality of living and working in war-torn Iraq, a reality that tells the story of love and hope in the midst of bombs and explosions."—Zainab Salbi, founder and CEO of Women for Women International, and author (with Laurie Becklund) of the national bestselling book Between Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny: Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam "A fascinating, honest, and inspiring portrait of a women's rights activist in Iraq, struggling to help local women while exploring her own identity. Manal Omar is a skilled guide into Iraq, as she understands the region, speaks Arabic, and wears the veil. At turns funny and tragic, she carries a powerful message for women, and delivers it through beautiful storytelling."—Christina Asquith, author of Sisters in War: A Story of Love, Family and Survival in the New Iraq "At turns funny and tragic…a powerful message for women, [delivered] through beautiful storytelling."—Christina Asquith, author of Sisters in War

The Book Barefoot in Arcadia
The Author Louis Booker Wright
The Publisher
Release Date1974
Genre History
Pages 175
ISBN UOM:39015027782286
Language English, Spanish, And French