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The Book Alkaline Herbal Medicine
The Author Aqiyl Aniys
The Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date2016-09-19
Pages 128
ISBN 1535431660
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Alkaline Herbal Medicine gives insight into many of the herbs used to reverse disease in Dr. Sebi's African Bio Mineral Balance. It covers scientifically supported properties, preparation, doses and dosages, and how to combine herbs. It addresses alkaline foods on the Dr. Sebi nutritional guide, and their chemical affinity with and support of the electric body. The natural order in life designed the body to be healthy and heal under the right conditions. These conditions are programmed into the DNA of Homo sapiens, whose base DNA makeup is the African genome. Diets centered on the consumption of natural alkaline plant foods and ample exposure to the sun supported the healthy expression of the African genome. The environment of Africa, and environments similar to Africa, produced life that developed with a complete and balanced electrical structure. The plant life that grew in these environments grew under optimal conditions in nutrient rich soil under year long exposure to the sun. The resulting chemical makeup of these natural alkaline plants protected them from environmental stresses. Africans originally ate diets centered on the consumption of these plants, like the great apes of Africa, and the programming of the African genome used the protective nature of these plants' nutrients to support its vibrancy. A scientific model supports the idea that Africans migrated out of Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago into the less hospitable environments of Europe and Asia. These environments didn't support the healthy expression of the African genome and resulted in the mutation of the gene and the development of the Neanderthal of Europe and Denisovan of East Asia. Science has linked diseases like lupus, Crohn's disease, and type 2 diabetes to the Neanderthal gene. The Neanderthals, who inhabited the Neandertal caves in Germany, ate a diet centered on the consumption of meat. The combination of their meat-centered diet and adverse relationship with the sun led to the development of dis-ease in the body. Now, the meat-centered diet is being globalized and is spreading disease throughout the world. An alkaline plant-centered diet and the use of alkaline herbal medicine naturally support the healthy expression of the African genome in all people, and reverses chronic disease. Pharmaceutical medicine is built on the power of medicinal herbs because around fifty percent of its drugs are derived from herbs. The issue is industry has strategically conditioned people to forget about the healing power of natural alkaline herbs. I dedicate this book in the memory of Alfredo Bowman lovingly known as Dr. Sebi. He helped us to remember that natural alkaline herbs and plant foods support the healthy expression of the African genome that is in all people. He did this by sharing his African Bio Mineral Balance methodology. Categories: herbal remedies, naturopathy, healing, herbs, herbal medicine

The Book ILL Alkaline herbal medicine reverse disease and heal the electric body
The Author 28 Jan 2018
The Publisher
Release Date
ISBN OCLC:1021411067
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest
The Author Charles W. Kane
The Publisher
Release Date2006-01-01
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 307
ISBN 0977133303
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This work details more than 210 medicinal plants. The majority are found throughout the Southwest, others have a wider western range, and then some are found country wide. Each profile discusses the plants identification, distribution, chemistry, medicinal and edible uses, and cautions. More than 250 color photos and 80 paintings further enhance the informations usefulness. Well researched, practical, and pertinent, this work serves as a resource for those who are interested in finding medicine from the land. Original.

The Book Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy
The Author Thomas Richard Joiner
The Publisher Hunter House
Release Date2001
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 416
ISBN 0897932757
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This comprehensive guide features alphabetical listings of more than 250 illnesses, information on their treatment in both Western and Chinese medicine, and more than 750 herbal formulas used to treat specific complaints.

The Book Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy Modern Herbal Medicine 2
The Author Kerry Bone
The Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date2012-12-28
Genre Medical
Pages 1051
ISBN 9780443069925
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The authoritative and comprehensive modern textbook on western herbal medicine - now in its second edition This long-awaited second edition of Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy covers all major aspects of herbal medicine from fundamental concepts, traditional use and scientific research through to safety, effective dosage and clinical applications. Written by herbal practitioners with active experience in clinical practice, education, manufacturing and research, the textbook is both practical and evidence based. The focus, always, is on the importance of tailoring the treatment to the individual case. New insights are given into the herbal management of approxiately 100 modern ailments, including some of the most challenging medical conditions, such as asthma, inflammatory bowel disease and other complex autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, and there is vibrant discussion around the contribution of phytotherapy in general to modern health issues, including health ageing. Fully referenced throughout, with more than 10, 000 citations, the book is a core resource for students and practitioners of phytotherapy and naturopathy and will be of value to all healthcare professionals - pharmacists, doctors, nurses - with an interest in herbal therapeutics. 50 evidence-based monographs, including 7 new herbs Rational guidance to phytotherapeutic strategies in the consulting room New appendices provide useful information on topics such as herbal actions, dosage in children and reading and interpreting herbal clinical trials Comprehensive revision of vital safety data, including an extensive herb-drug interaction chart.

The Book Alchemy of Herbal Medicine
The Author Spencer Garret
The Publisher PublishDrive
Release Date2018-03-03
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 274
ISBN PKEY:6610000056538
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Every day diseases. Herbal recipes. Your complete resource to start feeling your best, naturally Each time a cough, fever, headache or other regular ailment hits, several people quickly turn to ‘over-the-counter’ medications for help. But for those individuals who want to take herbal medicine, it can be a herculean task and confusing to get a trustworthy resource that is equally simple to grasp and understand. Join herbal medicine author SPENCER GARRET as she leads you on the journey towards knowing the appropriate herbal medicine practice for you. Here in her book ALCHEMY OF HERBAL MEDICINE – VOLUME I 600 NATURAL REMEDIES TO CURE DISEASES, offers an open, all-in –one anthology of herbal medicine therapies to use in the comfort of your own home anytime there is a need for it. Alchemy of Herbal medicine: Volume I 600 Natural Remedies to cure Diseases provides the most useful natural therapies that can used to treat common diseases, without the fear or risk of horrible or potentially dangerous side effects that pharmaceuticals can cause in the body. Inside the page of this book you‘ll find: Inside these pages you’ll find: 600 HERBAL MEDICINE RECIPES to relieve and heal everyday ailments and injuries naturallyPROFESSIONAL HERBAL MEDICINE ADVICE on basic ingredients and tools to set you up for success With easy organization and obvious, succinct instruction, Alchemy of Herbal medicine: Volume I 600 Natural Remedies to cure Diseases has you covered irrespective what ails you, such as: Allergies, Bee sting, Bronchitis, Canker sore, Constipation, Dandruff, bed sore, Eczema, Fever, Dog bite, Sun burn, Skin Cancer, Hair loss, Headache, Indigestion, Menopause, Poison ivy, Aging, Acne, Arteriosclerosis, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sore throat, Broken bones, Weight loss, and so on.

The Book Bartram s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine
The Author Thomas Bartram
The Publisher Hachette UK
Release Date2013-05-30
Genre Family & Relationships
Pages 160
ISBN 9781472111111
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Containing over 900 entries of general disease conditions and corresponding herbal treatments, this book covers: therapeutic action, 550 monographs of medicinal plants, and the properties of herbs and preparations such as inctures, liquid extracts, poultices and essential oils.

The Book Traditional Herbal Medicine Research Methods
The Author Willow J.H. Liu
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2011-03-29
Genre Science
Pages 448
ISBN 9780470922668
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book introduces the methodology for collection and identification of herbal materials, extraction and isolation of compounds from herbs, in vitro bioassay, in vivo animal test, toxicology, and clinical trials of herbal research. To fully understand and make the best use of herbal medicines requires the close combination of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, and clinical science. Although there are many books about traditional medicines research, they mostly focus on either chemical or pharmacological study results of certain plants. This book, however, covers the systematic study and analysis of herbal medicines in general – including chemical isolation and identification, bioassay and mechanism study, pharmacological experiment, and quality control of the raw plant material and end products.

The Book Stop Met Piekeren
The Author Colin Van Der Heiden
The Publisher Bohn Stafleu van Loghum
Release Date2009-10
Genre Psychology
Pages 96
ISBN 9031374253
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Stop met piekeren is een werkboek voor iedereen die kampt met overmatig piekeren. Dit werkboek wordt gebruikt door de cliënt naast een behandeling metacognitieve gedragstherapie (zie het protocol'Metacognitieve therapie bij gegeneraliseerde angst' isbn 9789031353118). Het werkboek bevat informatie, formulieren en uitleg die de cliënt tijdens de behandeling nodig heeft.Het werkboek Stop met piekeren is gebaseerd op metacognitieve therapeutische principes en is effectief in de behandeling van extreem piekeren. De nadruk ligt op wat de cliënt zelf kan doen om het piekeren te stoppen, waarbij veel aandacht besteed wordt aan de manier waarop de cliënt over het eigen gepieker denkt. De behandeling is niet direct gericht op het piekeren zelf, maar op de opvattingen die de cliënt heeft over piekeren, de zogenoemde metacognities, die een belangrijke rol spelen bij het ontstaan en de in stand houding van extreem piekeren.Aan de hand van het werkboek leert de cliënt hoe hij/zij anders over het piekeren kan denken en hoe hij/zij op een andere manier met moeilijke situaties om kan leren gaan in plaats van erover te piekeren.Het werkboek Stop met piekeren is onderdeel van de reeks Protocollen voor de GGZ. Elk deel geeft een sessiegewijze omschrijving van de behandeling van een specifieke psychische aandoening weer. De theorie is beknopt en berust op wetenschappelijke evidentie. Protocollen voor de GGZ is bedoeld voor psychologen, psychotherapeuten, psychiaters en andere hulpverleners in de geestelijke gezondheidszorg.

The Book The Herbal Medicine Maker s Handbook
The Author James Green
The Publisher Crossing Press
Release Date2011-03-09
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 384
ISBN 9780307779465
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: THE HERBAL MEDICINE-MAKER'¬?S HANDBOOK is an entertaining compilation of natural home remedies written by one of the great herbalists, James Green, author of the best-selling THE MALE HERBAL. Writing in a delightfully personal and down-home style, Green emphasizes the point that herbal medicine-making is fundamental to every culture on the planet and is accessible to everyone. So, first head into the garden and learn to harvest your own herbs, and then head into your kitchen and whip up a batch of raspberry cough syrup, or perhaps a soothing elixir to erase the daily stresses of modern life. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Book The Complete Idiot s Guide to Herbal Remedies
The Author Frankie Avalon Wolfe
The Publisher Penguin
Release Date1999-09-01
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 352
ISBN 9781101222164
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: You're no idiot, of course. You've heard it's possible to stave off a cold with echinacea, and St. John's wort is said to help lift you out of a funk. But when it comes to knowing which of the hundreds of herbal remedies are effective, you feel like you might as well go eat the daisies. Don't graze in your garden just yet! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Herbal Remedies is a comprehensive guide to the vast and varied herbs and natural agents that are purported to prevent everything from the sniffles to cancer.

The Book Herbal Medicines
The Author Md. Zulfeequar Alam
The Publisher APH Publishing
Release Date2008
Genre Herbs
Pages 254
ISBN 8131303586
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Herbal Medicine Healing Cancer
The Author Donald Yance
The Publisher McGraw Hill Professional
Release Date1999-10-02
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 456
ISBN 0879839686
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A guide to alternative cancer medicine from a well-known herbalist includes information on holistic and natural healing techniques, such as herbs, nutrition, homeopathy and acupuncture. Original.

The Book Diabetes voor Dummies
The Author
The Publisher Pearson Education
Release Date2005
Pages 356
ISBN 9043011045
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Medische en praktische informatie voor patiënten.

The Book Alkaline Herbal Therapy
The Author Pamela Ianson
The Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date2017-07-27
Pages 30
ISBN 1973830183
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion. Alkaline Herbal Therapy: (FREE Bonus Included) 15 Tutorials How To Combine And Use Medicinal Herbs To Heal Illnesses Without Pills Your body is actually a finely tuned machine; just as with any piece of machinery the performance of the machine is directly connected to the quality of the fuel you put in. This is evidenced by the modern diet which mixes all sorts of ingredients; the result is often a case of bloating and even irritable bowel syndrome. In fact these conditions are generally caused by mixing substances which require very different conditions to be digested properly. Your stomach is generally a PH neutral place, until you start consuming food; at this point your brain tells your stomach whether to produce acid or alkaline juices to best absorb the food. However, this can cause an issue. If you eat food which needs an alkaline base to be absorbed and food which needs an acidic base then you brain will tell your stomach to produce both types of stomach juice. The acid will be cancelled by the alkaline and the food you have consumed will not be properly digested; you will also not maximize your intake of nutrients from the food. The answer is to learn to combine your foods effective and discover the power of alkaline herbs to prevent illness and even reverse the progress of some diseases. This book covers the following topics: An introduction to the power of alkaline herbs and the dependence on modern medicines Five alkaline herbs which can improve your general health Five alkaline herbs which have been shown to reverse the effect of specific diseases. Five ways to combine your food to ensure you get the most from your food. Download your E book "Alkaline Herbal Therapy: 15 Tutorials How To Combine And Use Medicinal Herbs To Heal Illnesses Without Pills" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

The Book Nursing 2004 Herbal Medicine Handbook
The Author Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Staff
The Publisher Springhouse Publishing Company
Release Date2003
Genre Medical
Pages 625
ISBN UOM:39015056889440
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The second edition of the Nursing Herbal Medicine Handbook is designed as a reference for nurses who want to be educated on the herbal remedies their patients are using. Alphabetically organized monographs on over 300 herbs and supplements make information quick and easy to find. Each herb is listed by its popular name, and each monograph contains alternate names and common trade names. Information on uses, dosage and administration, adverse effects, and drug interactions is included. Life-threatening adverse effects are highlighted in bold italic type. New to this edition is an A-to-Z listing of non-herbal alternative remedies. Appendices include topics on supplemental vitamins and minerals, herb-drug interactions, monitoring patients using herbs, and a glossary. Continuing education tests can be found on

The Book Herbal Medicine
The Author Dian Dincin Buchman
The Publisher
Release Date1988-11-16
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 320
ISBN 0517320932
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Classic bestselling book on herbs, now completely revised and updated to include all the latest information and discoveries in the world of herbs. Learn how to use herbs to relieve headaches, flu, alleviate muscle pain, stop allergies and change the way you look and feel. And see why this book has sold over 220,000 copies.

The Book The women s guide to herbal medicine
The Author Carol Rogers
The Publisher
Release Date1995-11-13
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 217
ISBN 0241133475
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss and Wellness
The Author Marta Tuchowska
The Publisher Createspace Independent Pub
Release Date2015-01-07
Genre Health & Fitness
Pages 106
ISBN 1506124267
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss- The Practical and All Natural Solutions that Work!A Truly Holistic Approach to Guarantee Your Weight Loss and Wellness Success!From: Marta Tuchowska (Author, Holistic Wellness Expert and Coach, Nutritionist, Alkaline Diet Expert and Massage Therapist) Subject: How to stimulate massive weight loss with herbal remedies (phytotherapy) to feel and look amazing. Dear Friend, Have you heard all the hype about how certain natural, herbal remedies are extremely effective for weight loss? Do you believe the hype? If not, you should! I am just about to reveal to you why these natural remedies really do work, and to help you create a new, healthier version of yourself. Although phytotherapy herbs are not the ultimate weight loss solution (a healthy diet and exercise should be), herbal remedies have a range of healing properties for the body and mind and should be a part of everyone's daily lifestyle whether you want to lose weight or not. Even if you have the best diet and fitness plan around, some additional strategies should be applied to help you prevent emotional eating, detoxify your body, achieve a healthy pH balance (herbal remedies and the alkaline diet go hand in hand, and being an alkaline diet follower I know what I am talking about), reduce cellulite and stretch marks, increase your energy levels (so that you can carry on your fitness goals), reduce muscle pain and tension after working out, ease stress, fight insomnia (if you don't get enough sleep or don't sleep well, you are more prone to uncontrolled sugar cravings) and add to your overall wellbeing. It all starts from creating a healthy, balanced and conscious Iholistic wellness lifestyleI. In other words, you need to build up a strong foundation and a weight loss plan, and the power of herbal remedies, as a natural, holistic and complimentary therapy, should not be underestimated. • Are you looking for additional strategies to stimulate massive weight loss in a healthy way? • Do you want to discover natural solutions to help you fight unexpected food cravings? • Are you tired of fad diets? • Do you need some extra energy boost to help you stick with your workout plan? • Do you want to discover natural supplements to alkalize and detoxify your body and lose weight as a result? Phytotherapy Herbal Treatments can help you stimulate your metabolism in an all- natural way and shed off unwanted pounds faster. Here Is a Preview of What You'll Learn from “Herbal Remedies For Weight Loss and Wellness”:• The holistic view of the weight loss process • How to use natural phytotherapy remedies to lose weight effectively • The best supplements to aid you in enhancing your metabolism, controlling appetite and consuming fats for energy • The best energy revitalizing supplements that will support you throughout your strenuous physical activities and workouts. • Alkaline drinks for weight loss: delicious juices, smoothies and teas that speed up weight loss in a healthy way (MY SECRET RECIPES INCLUDED) • The body and mind benefits of the natural weight loss remedies • How to stay committed to your weight loss program and make wellness your lifestyle Use herbal remedies to maximize your weight loss results and give yourself the immense luxurious holistic health spa experience inexpensively at the same time!Grab your copy today and start creating a healthier and slimmer version of yourself. Don't put off health and wellness till tomorrow- it's today that you create your tomorrow! tags on productherbal remedies, natural remedies, weight loss, weight loss spa, lose weight with herbal remedies, phytotherapy, natural weight loss, metabolism, stimulate your metabolism, wellness, health, herbal remedies for weight loss

The Book A Guide to Evidence based Integrative and Complementary Medicine
The Author Vicki Kotsirilos
The Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date2011-01-28
Genre Medical
Pages 550
ISBN 9780729579087
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The must-have integrative and complementary medicine reference from experts in the field This exhaustive textbook is ideal for anyone with an interest in integrative and complementary medicine in Australia; including General Practitioners, medical students, integrative clinicians and health practitioners. A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine presents non-pharmacologic treatments for common medical practice complaints – all supported by current scientific evidence. These include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), asthma, insomnia, anxiety, depression and many more. This practical health resource profiles myriad approaches in integrative and complementary medicine, such as mind-body medicine, stress management techniques, dietary guidelines, exercise and sleep advice, acupuncture, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, and advice for managing lifestyle and behavioural factors. It also looks at complementary medicines that may impact the treatment of disease. A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine contains only proven therapies from current research, particularly Cochrane reviews, systematic reviews, randomised control trials, published cohort studies and case studies. • easy access to evidence-based clinical data on non-pharmacological treatments – including complementary medicines – for common diseases and conditions • instant advice on disease prevention, health promotion and lifestyle issues • chapter summaries based on scientific evidence using the NHMRC guidelines grading system • printable patient summary sheets at chapter end to facilitate discussion of clinical management • conveniently organised by common medical presentations