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The Book A Type Primer
The Author John Kane
The Publisher Laurence King Publishing
Release Date2002
Genre Graphic arts
Pages 196
ISBN 1856692914
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A guide full of practical hints to help build the confidence of graphics and typography students. Its aim is to bring the reader to the point where they understand the basic principles of typography and to strengthen the designer's eye through informed, direct observation.

The Book Getting it Right with Type
The Author Victoria Squire
The Publisher Laurence King Publishing
Release Date2006
Genre Design
Pages 176
ISBN 1856694747
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Typography is no longer the specialist domain of the typesetter: these days anyone who uses a computer has access to a wide range of typefaces and effects. This book offers an introduction to the basics of typography, including choosing which typeface to use; adjusting letter-, line-, and word-spacing for improved legibility; understanding kerning and leading; and mastering typographic details, such as italics, punctuation, and line endings. The book is illustrated throughout with practical examples demonstrating good and bad solutions. There are tips for specific design tasks, such as letters, charts, tables, and design for the screen, and a glossary explaining typographic terms.

The Book Type
The Author
The Publisher
Release Date1918
Genre Type and type-founding
Pages 35
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book The T T Clark Hebrew Primer
The Author A.A. Macintosh
The Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Release Date2015-01-29
Genre Religion
Pages 128
ISBN 9780567197337
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Learning Biblical Hebrew can be extremely difficult. Here at last is a book designed to work in conjunction with the many Hebrew Grammars available in order to break this complex language down into bite-size chunks for revision and consolidation of key aspects of grammar, as well as vocabulary. A.A. Macintosh and C.L. Engle combine insights from teaching Hebrew in both the United States and Europe, and between them bring some fifty years of experience of teaching Hebrew to undergraduate students to this clearly structured book.

The Book A Primer in Cartilage Repair and Joint Preservation of the Knee E Book
The Author Tom Minas
The Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date2011-02-10
Genre Medical
Pages 288
ISBN 9781437736328
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A Primer in Cartilage Repair and Joint Preservation of the Knee presents the full range of treatment options for a changing, increasingly younger patient population. Dr. Thomas Minas demonstrates each technique—from non-surgical to mini-incision total knee arthroplasty to the recent developments in tissue biologics—through a step-by-step approach. Surgical photographs and illustrations and procedural videos online at This highly visual, multimedia reference guides you in choosing the best treatment course for each patient. Get only the information you need through a technique-focused approach and the consistent style of a single author, Dr. Thomas Minas—a leading specialist in cartilage repair. Access the fully searchable text online at, along with videos. Incorporate tissue biologics into your practice and provide your patients with additional options. Clearly see the nuances and important points of each technique with surgical photographs and artists’ renderings of key situations in the operating room. Select the best treatment course for each patient through extensive coverage of options from non-surgical to mini-incision total knee arthroplasty. Master cutting-edge techniques through videos online that demonstrate each procedure.

The Book A Shock Fitting Primer
The Author Manuel D. Salas
The Publisher CRC Press
Release Date2009-12-17
Genre Mathematics
Pages 416
ISBN 1439807590
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A defining feature of nonlinear hyperbolic equations is the occurrence of shock waves. While the popular shock-capturing methods are easy to implement, shock-fitting techniques provide the most accurate results. A Shock-Fitting Primer presents the proper numerical treatment of shock waves and other discontinuities. The book begins by recounting the events that lead to our understanding of the theory of shock waves and the early developments related to their computation. After presenting the main shock-fitting ideas in the context of a simple scalar equation, the author applies Colombeau’s theory of generalized functions to the Euler equations to demonstrate how the theory recovers well-known results and to provide an in-depth understanding of the nature of jump conditions. He then extends the shock-fitting concepts previously discussed to the one-dimensional and quasi-one-dimensional Euler equations as well as two-dimensional flows. The final chapter explores existing and future developments in shock-fitting methods within the framework of unstructured grid methods. Throughout the text, the techniques developed are illustrated with numerous examples of varying complexity. On the accompanying CD-ROM, MATLAB® codes serve as concrete examples of how to implement the ideas discussed in the book.

The Book The C Primer
The Author M. T. Skinner
The Publisher Silicon Press
Release Date1992
Genre Computers
Pages 295
ISBN 0929306112
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book Primer on Cerebrovascular Diseases
The Author Louis R. Caplan
The Publisher Academic Press
Release Date1997-05-12
Genre Medical
Pages 823
ISBN 9780080539515
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Primer on Cerebrovascular Diseases is a handy reference source for scientists, students, and physicians needing reliable, up-to-date information on basic mechanisms, physiology, pathophysiology, and medical issues related to brain vasculature. The book consists of short, specific chapters written by international experts on cerebral vasculature, and presents the information in a comprehensive and easily accessible manner. The book also contains valuable information on practical applications of basic research. Key Features * Presents topics in a comprehensive and accessible format * Written by international authorities on cerebral vasculature * Provides practical applications for researchers

The Book A Primer in Biological Data Analysis and Visualization Using R
The Author Gregg Hartvigsen
The Publisher Columbia University Press
Release Date2014-02-18
Genre Science
Pages 160
ISBN 9780231537049
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: R is the most widely used open-source statistical and programming environment for the analysis and visualization of biological data. Drawing on Gregg Hartvigsen's extensive experience teaching biostatistics and modeling biological systems, this text is an engaging, practical, and lab-oriented introduction to R for students in the life sciences. Underscoring the importance of R and RStudio in organizing, computing, and visualizing biological statistics and data, Hartvigsen guides readers through the processes of entering data into R, working with data in R, and using R to visualize data using histograms, boxplots, barplots, scatterplots, and other common graph types. He covers testing data for normality, defining and identifying outliers, and working with non-normal data. Students are introduced to common one- and two-sample tests as well as one- and two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), correlation, and linear and nonlinear regression analyses. This volume also includes a section on advanced procedures and a chapter introducing algorithms and the art of programming using R.

The Book Forensic DNA Profiling Protocols
The Author Patrick J. Lincoln
The Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date1998-01-22
Genre Medical
Pages 309
ISBN 9780896034433
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In Forensic DNA Profiling Protocols, leading forensic experts from around the world describe in detail their time-proven methods for identity testing through DNA analysis. Their state-of-the-art collection of easily reproducible methods includes all of the major techniques of DNA analysis currently used in forensic identity testing. The book covers PCR-based test systems, the now widely used STR typing systems (complete with details of both manual and automated detection systems), repeat unit mapping (MVR), direct-phase minisequencing, capillary electrophoresis, and direct blotting. Also fully discussed are the recovery of DNA from a wide range of sample types (blood, semen, skeletal remains, and saliva), species testing, sex determination, and mitochondrial DNA testing. Forensic DNA Profiling Protocols captures and makes practical for all laboratories the whole array of new technologies and techniques that have revolutionized forensic science. The readily reproducible methods elucidated here represent the state-of-the-art for those scientists who want to introduce, establish, and perfect DNA identification techniques in their laboratories.

The Book Digital Typography Pocket Primer
The Author Ron Goldberg
The Publisher Windsor Professional Information
Release Date2000-01-01
Genre Computers
Pages 264
ISBN 1893190056
Language English, Spanish, And French
The Book C Primer Plus
The Author Stephen Prata
The Publisher Sams Publishing
Release Date2002
Genre Computers
Pages 931
ISBN 0672322226
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The new classic! C Primer Plus, now in its 5th edition, has been revised to include over 20 new programming exercises, newly improved examples and the new ANSI/ISO standard, C99. Task-oriented examples will teach you the fundamentals of C programming. From extended integer types and compound literals to Boolean support and variable-length arrays, you will learn to create practical and real-world applications with C programming. Review questions and programming exercises at the end of each chapter will reinforce what you have learned. This friendly and easy-to-use self-study guide will help you understand the fundamentals of this core programming language.

The Book Precies mijn type druk 1
The Author Simon Garfield
The Publisher
Release Date2014-04-24
Pages 368
ISBN 9057595184
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Achtergrondverhalen bij bekende lettertypen.

The Book A Primer of Population Dynamics
The Author Krishnan Namboodiri
The Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date2013-06-29
Genre Social Science
Pages 367
ISBN 9781475789942
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A Primer of Population Dynamics introduces to the basics of population studies. Author Krishnan Namboodiri utilizes a question-and-answer format that explores topics such as population theories and conceptual schemes, demographic data, mortality, fertility, migration, family and household, food production, and the environment and much more. Questions are accompanied by detailed explanations as well as references for additional information. An extensive index and glossary allow for easy retrieval of information. This introductory textbook is written for students studying demography, population, sociology, and public health.

The Book Primer on Kidney Diseases E Book
The Author Arthur Greenberg
The Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date2009-02-18
Genre Medical
Pages 624
ISBN 9781437721102
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This official publication of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) covers all aspects of adult and pediatric kidney diseases and is ideal for nephrologists and non-nephrologists alike. The full-color design, high-quality photographs, and outstanding graphs and tables make information easy to access and understand. The latest management techniques and pearls from leading clinical experts—including international contributors—offer practical and authoritative guidance. Edited by Dr. Arthur Greenberg and members of the NKF Scientific Advisory Board, this state-of-the-art primer provides consistent depth of coverage, balanced discussion of controversy, and a uniform focus of information. Incorporates the latest NKF Kidney/Outcome Quality Initiative (K/DOQI) guidelines on chronic kidney disease staging and management. Features a current and practical review of the anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of kidney disease, fluid and electrolyte disorders, hypertension, dialysis, and renal transplantation. Covers the whole field of nephrology in concise and well-illustrated, four-color chapters. Puts complex material and the latest developments into perspective for in-depth, yet succinct summaries in every area. Includes high-quality photographs, as well as outstanding graphs and tables for a varied approach to the subject matter. new chapters on Disorders of Magnesium Homeostasis and Thombotic Microangiopathies to reflect advances in management. Includes the most up-to-date management guidelines and pearls of wisdom to provide you with best practices. Presents new ideas and perspectives through 25% new contributing clinical experts.

The Book Pedagogy Primer
The Author Philip M. Anderson
The Publisher Peter Lang
Release Date2009
Genre Education
Pages 174
ISBN 0820481408
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The "Pedagogy Primer" raises questions and provides explanations that are central to the study and practice of teaching. Most educational research and policy, and even teaching practice, fails to recognize the complexities of pedagogy. This primer unearths the various histories, structures, and narratives that undergird teaching in U.S. schools. Modern teaching practice is revealed to be an uncritical historical layering of irreconcilable worldviews, intermixed with a craft or guild perspective, and undermined by cultural and political ideologies that promote one perspective at the expense of others. Understanding pedagogy requires sorting out these conflicting worldviews embedded in educational policy, research, and practice. Professionalism requires developing a personal schema for balancing the values of each worldview. This primer investigates the socio-cultural context and aims of teaching, pedagogical content knowledge, uses of disciplinary knowledge, and the epistemology and language of teaching. Aimed at new as well as experienced teachers, and innovative researchers and policymakers, the "Pedagogy Primer" is essential reading for those who study teaching and learning and those who engage in the profession of teaching.

The Book MetaSoft Primer
The Author Andrzej Blikle
The Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date1987-11-25
Genre Computers
Pages 140
ISBN 3540186573
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The book is devoted to a simplified set-theoretic version of denotational semantics where sets are used in place of Scott's reflexive domains and where jumps are described without continuations. This approach has emerged as a reaction to the sophisticated model of traditional semantics. It was also strongly stimulated by the applications of denotational semantics and especially by its software-industry oriented version known as VDM (Vienna Development Method). The new approach was successfully tested on several examples. Based on this approach the Polish Academy of Sciences created the project MetaSoft aimed at the development of a definitional metalanguage for software engineering. The approach has also been chosen in the project RAISE (ESPRIT) which aims at a similar goal. The book consists of two parts. Part One is devoted to the mathematical foundations of the future definitional metalanguage of MetaSoft. This part also introduces an appropriate notation. Part Two shows the applications of this metalanguage. There the denotational definition of a subset of Pascal is discussed with particular emphasis on Pascal types.

The Book The Theory Primer
The Author Mark A. Schneider
The Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date2006
Genre Social Science
Pages 343
ISBN 0742518922
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Aims to teach theorizing as a skill. After analyzing the process of theorizing into a set of steps, this book shows how the theories of Marx, Weber, Durkheim, and Mead were constructed following these steps. It links their theories with contemporary ones in the same research tradition.

The Book C Primer Plus
The Author Klaus Michelsen
The Publisher Sams Publishing
Release Date2002
Genre Computers
Pages 971
ISBN 0672321521
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "C# Primer Plus" is a tutorial-based introduction to the C# language and important parts of the .Net framework. Throughout the book the reader will be exposed to proven principles enabling them to write clean, high-quality programs. Object-oriented programming and principles are a cornerstone of the book.

The Book A Primer of Clinical Psychiatry
The Author David Castle
The Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date2010-03-01
Genre Medical
Pages 304
ISBN 9780729579032
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This is a text book of clinical psychiatry that is concise yet comprehensive, up to date, and readily accessible. It aims to be an easy entry to the pertinent facts of clinical psychiatry for medical students and students of mental health disciplines; a resource for established clinicians, including GPs; and also a brief yet thorough overview for the more advanced psychiatric trainee or mental health professional. There is a particular focus on providing simple clinical tips. Liberal use of fact boxes and summary lists ensures readers will have at their fingertips the facts required for undergraduate OSCE exams in clinical psychiatry (an appendix provides explicit examples), as well as equipping more advanced readers with the basic knowledge underpinning post-graduate exams in clinical psychiatry and related allied health disciplines. To effect coherence of approach and minimal overlap between chapters, the bulk of the text has been written by two authors who are experienced psychiatrists with expertise in a broad range of clinical and research areas. Introductory chapters cover the psychiatric interview and mental state and clinical investigations relevant to psychiatry. The second section is an overview of all of the major syndromes of psychiatry, covering epidemiology, aetiology and clinical aspects, and including discussion of specific treatment approaches. A separate section reviews more generally, biological and psychosocial aspects of treatment in psychiatry, with worked case examples. coherence of approach and minimal overlap with specialist material integrated clinical tips and skills covers clinical and written examination requirements referencing WHO, ICD and DSM V a glossary of terms fact boxes and summary lists