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The Book A Brief History of Ancient Greece International Edition
The Author Professor of Classics at Hunter College and Graduate School Sarah B Pomeroy
The Publisher Oxford University Press, USA
Release Date2014-07-03
Genre Greece
Pages 432
ISBN 0199981566
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: "Not for sale in the USA or Canada. Content has been changed for Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Adaptation with the author's approval"--Title page verso.

The Book De geboorte van het klassieke Europa
The Author Simon Price
The Publisher Spectrum
Release Date2011-08-30
Genre History
ISBN 9789000300600
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: In oktober 2005 werd voor het gebouw van het Europees Parlement in Straatsburg een imposant beeld onthuld. Het beeld, een gift van de stad Agios Nikolaos op Kreta, stelt de legendarische prinses Europa voor, rijdend op een stier. Op een dag werd oppergod Zeus verliefd op de mooie Europa. Om haar in te palmen nam hij de gedaante aan van een prachtige stier, waarna hij haar op zijn rug de zee over droeg naar Kreta. Het beeld in Straatsburg staat zo symbool voor de plaats die Kreta in de Europese geschiedenis inneemt: de mythische prinses zou haar naam aan het latere Europa schenken en zo staat de Minoïsche beschaving op Kreta aan de basis van de Europese geschiedenis. De geboorte van het klassieke Europa vertelt de Europese geschiedenis die loopt van de zogenoemde Minoïsche beschaving op Kreta uit het midden van het tweede millennium v.Chr. tot het Laat- Romeinse Rijk van de 4e en vroege 5e eeuw n.Chr. Centraal in deze beschouwing staan de oude volken uit het noorden van het Middellandse Zeebekken, de Grieken en Romeinen. De volken die rond de Egeïsche Zee, op de zuidelijke Balkan en op het Italiaanse schiereiland leefden waren verantwoordelijk voor de voornaamste ontwikkelingen die de geschiedenis zouden bepalen.

The Book Cause and Effect
The Author Don Nardo
The Publisher Referencepoint Press
Release Date2017-08
Genre Young Adult Nonfiction
Pages 80
ISBN 1682821528
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Learn about the fall of the western Roman Empire and how it marked the close of ancient times and set Europe on the path it would take through the medieval era and on into modern times.

The Book A Brief History of Ancient Astrology
The Author Roger Beck
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2008-04-15
Genre History
Pages 176
ISBN 9780470775370
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A Brief History of Ancient Astrology explores the theory and practice of astrology from Babylon to Ancient Greece and Rome and its cultural and political impact on ancient societies. Discusses the union between early astrology and astronomy, in contrast to the modern dichotomy between science and superstition. Explains the ancient understanding of the zodiac and its twelve signs, the seven planets, and the fixed circle of 'places' against which the signs and planets revolve. Demonstrates how to construct and interpret a horoscope in the ancient manner, using original ancient horoscopes and handbooks. Considers the relevance of ancient astrology today.

The Book A Short History of Ancient Greece
The Author P.J. Rhodes
The Publisher I.B.Tauris
Release Date2014-09-30
Genre History
Pages 240
ISBN 9781780765945
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Classical Greece and its legacy have long inspired a powerful and passionate fascination. The civilization that bequeathed to later ages drama and democracy, Homer and heroism, myth and Mycenae and the Delphic Oracle and the Olympic Games has, perhaps more than any other, helped shape the intellectual contours of the modern world. P J Rhodes is among the most distinguished historians of antiquity. In this elegant, zesty new survey he explores the archaic (8th - early 5th centuries BCE), classical (5th and 4th centuries BCE) and Hellenistic (late 4th - mid-2nd centuries BCE) periods up to the beginning of Roman hegemony. His scope is that of the people who originated on the Greek mainland and Aegean islands who later migrated to the shores of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, and then (following the conquests of Alexander) to the Near East and beyond. Exploring topics such as the epic struggle with Persia; the bitter rivalry of Athens and Sparta; slaves and ethnicity; religion and philosophy; and literature and the visual arts, this authoritative book will attract students and non-specialists in equal measure.

The Book Reizen met Herodotos druk 5
The Author Ryszard Kapuściński
The Publisher
Release Date2008-06
Pages 240
ISBN 9029566868
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Reizen in het voetspoor of in de geest van de Oudgriekse geschiedschrijver.

The Book Hellas A Short History of Ancient Greece
The Author C. E. Robinson
The Publisher Read Books Ltd
Release Date2013-04-16
Genre History
Pages 220
ISBN 9781446546970
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Pomona Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

The Book A Brief History of Ancient Greek
The Author Stephen Colvin
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2013-12-05
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
Pages 232
ISBN 9781118610725
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A Brief History of Ancient Greek accessibly depicts the social history of this ancient language from its Indo-European roots to the present day. Explains key relationships between the language and literature of the Classical period (500 - 300 BC) Provides a social history of the language which transliterates and translates all Greek as appropriate, and is therefore accessible to readers who know little or no Greek Written in the framework of modern sociolinguistic theory, relating the development of Ancient Greek to its social and political context Reflects the latest thinking on subjects such as Koiné Greek and the relationship between literary and vernacular Greek

The Book Mythos
The Author Stephen Fry
The Publisher Thomas Rap
Release Date2018-03-08
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9789400406650
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Losbandigheid, lust en liefde, moord en doodslag, triomfen en tragedies; de Griekse mythen en sagen zijn wilder en woester dan het leven zelf. Deze verhalen bieden alles wat een lezer zich kan wensen. De oude Grieken inspireerden onder anderen Shakespeare, Michelangelo, James Joyce en Walt Disney. In de handen van Stephen Fry komen de verhalen opnieuw tot leven. We worden verliefd op Zeus, we aanschouwen de geboorte van Athena, we zien hoe Kronos en Gaia wraak nemen op Ouranos, we huilen met koning Midas en we jagen met de even beeldschone als meedogenloze Artemis. Stephen Fry haalt deze verhalen op uit de oudheid en geeft ze hun welverdiende plek in onze moderne tijd.

The Book Lysistrata
The Author Aristophanes
The Publisher
Release Date1982
Pages 79
ISBN OCLC:230807461
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Komedie van de Griekse dichter (c.455-c.385 v. Chr.).

The Book Utopias
The Author Howard P. Segal
The Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date2012-03-02
Genre Religion
Pages 224
ISBN 9781118234310
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This brief history connects the past and present of utopian thought, from the first utopias in ancient Greece, right up to present day visions of cyberspace communities and paradise. Explores the purpose of utopias, what they reveal about the societies who conceive them, and how utopias have changed over the centuries Unique in including both non-Western and Western visions of utopia Explores the many forms utopias have taken – prophecies and oratory, writings, political movements, world's fairs, physical communities – and also discusses high-tech and cyberspace visions for the first time The first book to analyze the implicitly utopian dimensions of reform crusades like Technocracy of the 1930s and Modernization Theory of the 1950s, and the laptop classroom initiatives of recent years

The Book The Ancient Near East Greece and Rome
The Author Jack L. Schwartzwald
The Publisher McFarland
Release Date2014-02-27
Genre History
Pages 232
ISBN 9780786478064
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This book offers a concise survey of Western Civilization from the Stone Age through the fall of the last Western Roman Empire in AD 476. Each of the three sections chronicle a critical epoch in human history. Section I encompasses man's ascent from barbarism to civilization in the Ancient Near East; Section II witnesses the development of Western Civilization in Ancient Greece; and Section III catalogs the failed attempt to build the West's first "nation-state" in Ancient Rome. Human foibles are abundantly portrayed but so too is the ascent of humankind.

The Book Western Civilization A Brief History
The Author Jackson Spielvogel
The Publisher Cengage Learning
Release Date2013-01-01
Genre History
Pages 800
ISBN 9781133606765
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Put the world today into context by learning about the past through this brief, best-selling Western Civilization text that has helped thousands of students succeed in the course. Jack Spielvogel’s engaging style of writing weaves the political, economic, social, religious, intellectual, cultural, and military aspects of history into a gripping story that is as memorable as it is instructive. You will also be exposed to primary source documents--actual historical documents that are the foundation for the historical analysis you read in the chapter. These documents include letters, poems, and songs through history--documents that enliven the past. Throughout the book there are also helpful tools to help you digest the reading, including outlines, focus questions, chronologies, numerous maps, and boldface key terms with definitions. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Book Children s Books on Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology
The Author Antoinette Brazouski
The Publisher Greenwood Publishing Group
Release Date1994
Genre Literary Criticism
Pages 185
ISBN 0313289735
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: This reference begins with chapters on the history of children's books on classical mythology in the United States, and then presents an annotated bibliography of appropriate titles for children.

The Book Ancient Greece
The Author Marina Belozerskaya
The Publisher
Release Date2001
Genre Architecture, Ancient
Pages 143
ISBN UOM:39015058866545
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The ancient Greeks were one of the most important influences on the course of Western civilization. This book traces their lasting contributions in the visual arts, and places them in their historical and cultural context.

The Book Danubia
The Author Simon Winder
The Publisher Spectrum
Release Date2014-10-03
Genre History
ISBN 9789000340231
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Op reis door het land van de Habsburgers met de grappigste reisleider ooit! Eeuwenlang was Europa in handen van het eigenaardige Huis Habsburg, dat tot 1918 over grote delen van Centraal-Europa en Duitsland heerste en zich bemoeide met alles wat er in Europa gebeurde. Danubia is de verzamelnaam van de landen en gebieden rondom de rivier de Donau, de thuisbasis van de Habsburgers. Simon Winder reist met groot enthousiasme door dit uitgestrekte gebied met zijn uiteenlopende landschappen, steden en dorpen. Op zijn zeer persoonlijke manier deelt hij zijn kennis, verbazing en observatievermogen en legt uit hoe de complexe geschiedenis van deze dynastie in elkaar zit. En hij vertelt over de mensen en volken over wie zij heersten. Mensen die zich vaak opmerkelijk ondankbaar betoonden ten opzichte van hun excentrieke vorst in Wenen. ‘Winder is een reisleider met een uitzonderlijke hoeveelheid kennis. Hij praat maar door en haalt nauwelijks adem. En je wilt hem zeggen: “Vergeet dat ademhalen en vertel verder!”’ The New York Times book review Simon Winder werkt in de Engelse uitgeverswereld. Eerder schreef hij The man who saved Britain en het veelgeprezen Germania, de voorloper van Danubia. Over Germania ‘Zeer onderhoudende studie over “Germania”. Met vrolijke verbazing schrijft Simon Winder over Duitsland. Je hangt aan zijn lippen zoals vroeger aan die van je favoriete leraar geschiedenis.’ Bart Funnekotter in NRC Handelsblad

The Book A Brief History of Education
The Author Francesco Cordasco
The Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date1976
Genre Education
Pages 192
ISBN 0822600676
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: A concise overview of educational practices throughout history and the world.

The Book Ancient Greece
The Author Paul Cartledge
The Publisher OUP Oxford
Release Date2009-10-22
Genre History
Pages 288
ISBN 9780191571572
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: The contribution of the Ancient Greeks to modern western culture is incalculable. In the worlds of art, architecture, myth, literature, and philosophy, the world we live in would be unrecognizably different without the formative influence of Ancient Greek models. Ancient Greek civilization was defined by the city - in Greek, the polis, from which we derive 'politics'. It is above all this feature of Greek civilization that has formed its most enduring legacy, spawning such key terms as aristocracy, oligarchy, tyranny and - last but by no means least - democracy. This highly stimulating introduction to Ancient Greece takes the polis as its starting point. Paul Cartledge uses the history of eleven major Greek cities to illuminate the most important and informative themes in Ancient Greek history, from the first documented use of the Greek language around 1400 BCE, through the glories of the Classical and Hellenistic periods, to the foundation of the Byzantine empire in around CE 330. Covering everything from politics, trade, and travel to slavery, gender, religion, and philosophy, it provides the ideal concise introduction to the history and culture of this remarkable civilization that helped give birth to the world as we know it.

The Book SPQR
The Author Mary Beard
The Publisher Singel Uitgeverijen
Release Date2016-04-06
Genre History
ISBN 9789025300593
Language English, Spanish, And French

READING: Het oude Rome is belangrijk. De geschiedenis van het rijk, van zijn veroveringen, wreedheid en uitspattingen, is voor ons nog altijd een ijkpunt. Zijn mythen, verhalen, disputen en problemen houden ons nog altijd bezig. SPQR biedt een frisse kijk op de Romeinse geschiedenis door een van ’s werelds belangrijkste classici. Mary Beard onderzoekt niet alleen hoe Rome van een onbelangrijk dorp in Midden-Italië uitgroeide tot een wereldmacht die heerste over een gebied van Spanje tot in Syrië, maar ook hoe de Romeinen zichzelf en hun wereld zagen, en waarom dat van belang is tot in onze eeuw. Deze gezaghebbende geschiedenis omspant duizend jaar, en werpt een nieuw licht op veel aspecten van de Romeinse beschaving, van de slavernij en de religie tot het stromend water. Het is het definitieve boek over het oude Rome, verrassend en goedgeschreven.

The Book The Poets and the Poetry of the Ancient Greeks
The Author Abraham Mills
The Publisher
Release Date1854
Genre Greek literature
Pages 485
Language English, Spanish, And French